25 Best About Me Page Examples for Inspiration 2023

Do you want to check out the best ‘About Me’ page examples? Or looking for inspiration to create an ‘About Me’ page on your website? If yes, then you’re in the right spot.

You must always add an ‘About Me’ page on your professional blog or website. This lets your customers and clients learn about you, your products/services, or your business. Ultimately, you’ll form a personal connection with them.

Hence, an About page is a common page for all sites. Further, it has great importance for you and your business. However, people neglect to create a compelling ‘About Me’ page.

Want inspiration? This article contains the best ‘About Me’ page examples. Delightfully, these examples can help you make a perfect About page.

So, let’s begin!

What is an ‘About Me’ Page? Why Should You Create an ‘About Me’ Page?

Before moving forward, let’s learn what an ‘About Me’ page is.

An ‘About Me’ page is a crucial page on your website that lets you build your business and audience. First, it conveys information about you, your business, and your work.

On top of that, it lets you promote your business and gain potential customers. Overall, an ‘About Me’ page helps your audience to know about your personality and business.

What is an About Me Page?
What is an About Me Page?

The list below shows what you can write on the ‘About Me’ page of your website. With that, you’ll know its significance on your website.

  • First, you can briefly describe yourself, including your background and personality.
  • Next, give information about your site. It means the mission, vision, and goal behind your website.
  • Plus, you can include a summary of your target market.
  • Add photos and videos to your page to make engaging content.
  • Also, you can link the page with your social media handles
  • Further, adding testimonials is also possible to make the readers trust you.
  • Lastly, help your readers to move ahead with your site after reading the About page. So, you can recommend your popular blogs or products.

Furthermore, you should make an ‘About Me’ page focusing on your reader’s needs. When you prioritize your readers, they’ll feel special and connect with you.

Hence, you must add an ‘About Me’ page to your blog or website to gain the trust and credibility of your audience. Also, it lets you convert your visitors into potential customers.

Therefore, you should create a compelling About page on your type of site. Want help making one? Then, here’s our guide on how to create an ‘About Me’ page on WordPress.

Now, let’s jump right into the list of About page examples.

25 Best ‘About Me’ Page Examples for Inspiration for 2023

Here are the best ‘About Me’ page examples you can find. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to add a converting ‘About Me’ page to your site. 

Check them out and collect the ones you’ll surely take help with when making yours. So, let’s get rolling!

1. Matt Mullenweg

About Matt Mullenweg Page

Matt Mullenweg is the founding developer of WordPress, the #1 most popular open-source platform for creating sites. The About Matt Mullenweg page on his site describes him and his work. Also, you’ll find a list of charities and organizations he supports regularly.

On top of that, this page has multiple YouTube videos. They are about his podcasts, press conferences, and speaking activities. Overall, it’s a simple yet informative ‘About Me’ page.

  • Things Mentioned: His professional work, WordPress career, social works, etc.
  • Target Audience: Those who are working or planning to work on WordPress.
  • Twitter: @photomatt
  • Visit Website: ma.tt

2. John Green Books

John Green About Website

Another ‘About Me’ page example is the About page of the John Green Books website. This personal site is of John Green, the #1 New York Times best-selling author. He has written popular books like The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, etc.

On this page, you can find a short description of him, his family, and his education. Plus, you can learn how he and his brother started video blogs and courses on YouTube. After that, you’ll find how he wrote his novels, with some having the movie adaptation.

  • Things Mentioned: Information about his YouTube channels, books, awards, review journals, etc.
  • Target Audience: His novel fans.
  • Facebook: John Green
  • Twitter: @johngreen
  • Visit Website: JohnGreenBooks.com

3. Josh Kaufman

Josh Kaufman - About Me Page Example

The About Josh Kaufman page is a clean and descriptive biography of Josh Kaufman. He is the bestselling author of books on business, entrepreneurship, creativity, and more. So, you’ll find all the information about him and his books on this page.

Moreover, it also has his career highlights, when he was a full-time researcher and writer. Plus, you can even learn about his current works. Subscribe to his newsletter to read his latest essays and research.

  • Things Mentioned: Information about his books, career, and current works.
  • Target Audience: Business students, entrepreneurs, and businessmen.
  • Visit Website: JostKaufman.net

4. Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische Website

Jessica Hische has a creative and eye-catching About page on her portfolio website. She is an artist and author of classic books, postage stamps, etc. Looking at her About page, you can see all her works and clients she has worked for.

Furthermore, there’s also a sidebar where visitors can find links to learn more about her work. Hence, you can go through her interviews, recognition, and more.

5. Erik Andersson Architects

Eric Andersson About Me Page Example

Erik Andersson Architects is another inspiring ‘About Me’ page about the award-winning architect Eric Andersson. He works for large infrastructure projects and small commissions focusing on designing bridges, buildings, interiors, and products.

Moreover, his About page has everything about his study, work, specialization, nomination, and awards won. Also, you can check out the list of clients he has worked for. Best of all, you’ll see the contact information of his business.

6. Amy Blaschka

Amy Blaschka Website

About – Amy Blaschka is a fun yet inspirational webpage of an aspiring social media ghostwriter. On this page, Amy Blashka mentions information about herself, her childhood, and the things she likes and dislikes.

In addition, you can find 3 versions of her biography with short, medium, and long-length descriptions. Overall, they tell you about her career offering ‘stories as a service’. Also, it gives you information about her popular ‘Illuminate Me’ newsletter.

  • Things Mentioned: Gives her introduction, details of her work, and newsletter.
  • Target Audience: Social media ghostwriters and potential subscribers.
  • Instagram: amyblaschka
  • Twitter: @amyblaschka
  • Visit Website: AmyBlaschka.com

7. Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk About Me Page Example

About Penelope Trunk is a simple and minimal About page of a blog. Its owner, Penelope Trunk, doesn’t only write blogs on her website. But also gives courses and coachings for writing blogs, personality consultation, and more.

To sum up, her About page explains her education and working experience. Also, she mentions information regarding her advice books, research, and blogs.

  • Things Mentioned: Explains how she became a full-time writer.
  • Target Audience: Blog readers and other bloggers.
  • Visit Website: PenelopeTrunk.com

8. Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield Website

If you want a well-structured example, then check out the About Amy page of Amy Porterfield. She is a popular marketing course podcaster with 50K+ students. Her About page has a timeline with details and cool pictures of her life and career from 2009 to 2022.

Plus, you can find out about her course to easily get started. Also, you can check out the recent releases plus get a personalized playlist of ‘Online Marketing Made Easy Episodes’.

  • Things Mentioned: Showcases her life and career plus information about the course.
  • Target Audience: Anyone working or planning to become an expert in marketing.
  • Facebook: Amy Porterfield
  • Twitter: amyporterfield
  • Visit Website: AmyPorterfield.com

9. Joe Payton

Joe Payton About Me Example

Do you want creative and artistic ‘About Me’ page examples? Then, look at the Joe Payton site, a personal portfolio of Joseph Payton. He’s a designer and front-end developer.

Once you open this page, you can see an animated character of him. Also, you’re given 2 options to choose from. One to read his history from school, college, and work. Another is to check out his resume to learn more about his career.

  • Things Mentioned: Information about his education and work.
  • Target Audience: Designers, front-end developers, animators, and other workers.
  • Visit Website: JosephPayton.com

10. Madison Butler

Madison Butter Website

Another inspirational site you should check out is the About Me page of Madison Butler. She’s known as the Blue-Haired Unicorn who works to provide psychological safety. 

Moreover, the About page introduces her and her work. Within a few paragraphs, it explains how she uses storytelling, data, and empathy to drive conversation about mental health. Also, her experience working for companies and organizations for promoting safe work.

11. Bright Water Accounting

Bridgewater Accounting Business Website

Bright Water Accounting is a business website of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and financial planner, Cathy Derus. On the About page of this website, you can find information about her business and work.

In addition, it mentions the problem, obstacle, and solution on taxes and your personal or business finances. And in case you have a question or issue, you can get support via chat.

12. The Beast is Back

The Beast is Back Website

Christopher Lee owns a clean yet attractive website, The Beast is Back. He’s a designer and illustrator in the US who kickstarted his career working for various companies. In the end, he’s independently working on his own.

Additionally, his About page describes him, his education, and his work. Plus, you can find a list of clients he has worked for. Some big names are Facebook, Adobe, Nickelodeon, etc. Also, there are some images of his own work area.

13. Adam Hartwig

Adam Hartwig About Me Page Example

If you love to interact with your audience, then take inspiration from the About page of Adam Hartwig. He’s a web designer and developer with an immersive portfolio site. On this page, you can hover and click the options to see the effects and information about him. 

Moreover, this page lets you explore 3 parts of his life. In the Love section, you’ll learn about his personality. While the Core option contains his core values. Lastly, the Work section points out all the areas of work he’s been doing.

  • Things Mentioned: Information about his love, core, and work values.
  • Target Audience: Designers and creators.
  • Twitter: @ImAdamTM
  • Visit Website: AdamHartwig.co.uk

14. Melanie Daveid

Melanie David About Page

As a User Interface designer and art director, Melanie Daveid has a pretty colorful About page on her website. There, you can find a brief introduction about her, her interests, and her work. 

Plus, you’ll see a list of points that describes her aim, values, and work preference. If any of those points meet, then clients can look at her mini CV to work together. Also, you can find the link to her detailed CV on LinkedIn to know her.

15. Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday Website

Ryan Holiday is a writer and media strategist. His portfolio website has a detailed About – RyanHoliday.net page. There, he mentions his early working career after dropping out of college. Also, you’ll know about his books and blogs from this page.

Furthermore, there are multiple testimonials about his work to learn his dedication. Plus, you can subscribe to get new posts and have conversations in your inbox.

  • Things Mentioned: His work, books, blogs, testimonials, and newsletter.
  • Target Audience: Existing and potential readers/subscribers and entrepreneurs.
  • Facebook: Ryan Holiday
  • Twitter: @RyanHoliday
  • Visit Website: RyanHoliday.net

16. Marc Ensign

MarcEnsign About Me Example

About Marc Ensign is another inspirational ‘About Me’ page example. The site owner, Marc Ensign, has a branding and marketing agency called ‘LoudMouse’. You can find his works with his books and stage speaking on his About page.

However, it also tells us his backstory on how he graduated with a degree in music performance. Then, ended his music career after multiple years to start an online marketing company. Hence, you’ll learn his overall work story with captivating pictures.

  • Things Mentioned: Shifting his career from music to owning a global branding and marketing agency.
  • Target Audience: Entrepreneurs and people interested in marketing. 
  • Facebook: Marc Ensign
  • Twitter: @MarcEnsign
  • Visit Website: MarcEnsign.com

17. The Everywhereist

The Everywhereist

Yet another one of the best ‘About Me’ page examples on our list is The Everywhereist. This personal travel website is of Geraldine DeRuiter, an acclaimed author and public speaker. Her About page is full of warm colors highlighting the major topics about her.

In addition, you can find information about her, her favorite things, press releases, videos, and podcasts. On top of that, it showcases a testimonial from Times Magazine. And also lets her audience know about her popular book available for sale.

18. Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal About Page

Ali Abdaal, a doctor turned YouTuber turned entrepreneur, has a stylish About page to check out. On this page, you can find a short description of him. After that, there’s a list of quick facts about his studies, YouTube channel, newsletter, podcast, blogs, etc.

Additionally, you can also find a list of other interests he has. Moreover, he also mentions the different ways to get in touch with him. They are through his Twitter account and email.

  • Things Mentioned: His education, YouTube channel, podcasts, blogs, etc.
  • Target Audience: Subscribers of his YouTube channel, newsletter, etc.
  • Facebook: Ali Abdaal
  • Twitter: @AliAbdaal
  • Visit Website: AliAbdaal.com

19. Florence Given

Florence Given About Me Page Example

Florence Given is a bestselling feminist author, award-winning podcaster, and illustrator. Her website has a simple yet captivating About page. There, she introduces herself with her work, education, and mission.

Moreover, you can also find a link to her podcast episodes. Redirecting to the podcast, you’ll learn how she uses her platform to unite women.

  • Things Mentioned: Her work, education, podcasts, and mission.
  • Target Audience: Feminists, illustration/product buyers, followers, etc.
  • Instagram: florencegiven
  • Visit Website: florencegiven.com

20. The Blonde Abroad

The Blond Abroad

The Blond Abroad is another one of the top fascinating ‘About Me’ page examples. The owner of this travel website, Kiki, is a solo traveler. On her About page, she explains how she left her career in corporate wealth management and started solo traveling.

In addition, she mentions her travel tips and personal journey that she shares with women through this site. Also, you can find all her favorite destinations for 15+ categories. Best of all, it’s filled with many photographs showing her beautiful moments.

21. April Dunford

April Dunford Website

The About page of April Dunford is one of the simplest yet professional examples. First, she’s a consultant and motivational speaker on marketing and sales. If you look at her About page, then you can find her brief introduction, including her career, books, etc.

Other than that, there are logos of the clients she has worked for. To show how well she does her work, visitors can also check out the testimonials from some of those clients.

  • Things Mentioned: Information about her, her works, and the books.
  • Target Audience: Students or companies who want business consultation.
  • Twitter: April Dunford
  • Visit Website: AprilDunford.com

22. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo About Me Page Example

About Marie Forleo is another professional and inspirational About page example. Further, it’s a personal website page of Marie Forleo, an entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist. This page mentions her entire career, including her show ‘MarieTV’ and business school.

Apart from that, you can also learn about her business and target audience. Moreover, she encourages her fellow readers to subscribe and become an ‘MF Insider’. Also, you can start a free audio training to help you get confidence at your work.

  • Things Mentioned: Her career, show, business, target audience, and more.
  • Target Audience: Businessmen, entrepreneurs, and learners.
  • Instagram: marieforleo
  • Visit Website: MarieForleo.com

23. Charlie Marie

Charli Marie About Me Page Example

If you work in the creative field, then take reference from the About Charli Marie page. Charli Marie is a web designer, writer, speaker, and creative director. This page shows her childhood interests, career, and future plans.

Moreover, you’ll also learn about the companies she produces content for like Webflow, Figma, and ConvertKit. Plus, there are lists of her press conferences, interviews, awards, and acknowledgments. As a result, you can learn more about her and her work.

  • Things Mentioned: Her interests and work. Also, points out interviews and awards.
  • Target Audience: Podcast viewers, subscribers, clients, and customers.
  • Facebook: Charlie Marie
  • Twitter: @charlieprangley
  • Visit Website: CharlieMarie.com

24. Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl Website

Wandering Earl is an engaging ‘About Me’ page of a travel blog from Derek Earl. This page includes his quick introduction and elaborates on the beginning of his travel life. On top of that, it also mentions the places he has been to and how he started traveling. 

Best of all, you can find the purpose and mission behind this website. And if you’ve any queries, questions, or messages, then you can contact him. Or subscribe to his newsletter for endless inspiration.

25. ShaDrena

ShaDrena Portfolio Website

ShaDrena Simon is a marketing and art director. Her portfolio site has a black-and-white color scheme About page. There, you can see a brief introduction to her and her work. Also, she clearly mentions her current aim for future work.

Similarly, you’ll see lists of things she’s good at and quick facts about her. Lastly, you can connect with her through her social networks. Plus, it lets you submit your design inquiry if you want to collaborate with her.

  • Things Mentioned: Explains her work, future aim, facts, and things she likes.
  • Target Audience: Designers and other clients.
  • Instagram: shadrena_
  • Twitter: @shadrena_
  • Visit Website: ShaDrena.com

This ends our shortlist of the best ‘About Me’ page examples. But we’ve more to offer. Move ahead into the next section and learn the tips for creating your page now!

8 Tips for Creating an ‘About Me’ Page

We’ve already mentioned the things to add to your ‘About Me’ page before. To sum up, these are the 8 main tips when creating an ‘About Me’ page. 

Considering all these tips, we hope you can build the perfect About page on your website. So, let’s start!

  1. Select the Right Color Scheme: Choosing the right color impacts your conversion rates. So, it’s better to use the colors of your brand logo as your page colors as well.
  2. Use the Readable Fonts: Using a combination of quality fonts is also crucial. Hence, make sure your fonts are accessible and give a rich experience to everyone.
  3. Make Sure the Page is Responsive: Your audience can visit you from any device, like mobile, tablet, or laptop. So, your page should be responsive on all screen sizes.
  4. Add the Right Visual Elements like Photos: You should add multimedia on your page, like photos and videos. That can be related to your personal to professional life.
  5. Avoid Lengthy Paragraphs and Sentences: Reading lengthy paragraphs and sentences are boring. Thus, you must try to write paragraphs with 3-4 sentences, each sentence with a maximum of 20 words. 
  6. Explain About Yourself, Your Values, Vision, and Purpose: You should briefly explain yourself, your values, vision, and purpose to connect with your audience.
  7. Describe Your Brand/Products/Services: The About page must contain information about your business. Also, it’s ideal if you point out your products and services.
  8. Check Your Web Page Speed: The site speed is responsible for user experience and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Hence, optimize the page speed to be fast.

Are you a beginner trying to build your first site? Don’t know where to start? Then, here’s our full guide on how to make a website from scratch. Please have a look!


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