36 Best WordPress Plugins Recommended by Crocoblock Community

WordPress is a flexible content management platform for building websites. One of its beauties is the ability to integrate with WordPress plugins. Essentially, these are pieces of software that add new functions to the sites or improve their performance in many ways. 

Plugins play a key role in forming a website’s appearance, user engagement, and even conversion rates. For this reason, web developers are extra cautious when picking the right plugins for their projects. 

There are nearly 60,000 WordPress plugins, and this number is increasing daily. Such a choice overload may seem confusing for someone starting to work with WordPress plugins, so here’s a list of 36 hand-picked plugins covering different aspects of websites’ functionalities. Many of them received approvals from Crocoblock community members.

Criteria for Choosing WordPress Plugins

When choosing WordPress plugins, it is important to consider three criteria.

  • Price. Is it free or paid? Is it worth the money, or do other plugins offer the same features for a lower price?
  • Is this a reliable plugin? Do developers who stand behind this software have a solid reputation? Check how popular the plugin is. Poorly-coded plugins may slow down the website and put its security at risk. 
  • What type of functionality does this plugin add to a WordPress site?

I attempted to address each of these questions when analyzing each of the following plugins. The ordering of plugins is not entirely random since I grouped them according to their functions. This way, it’s easier to compare the plugins with similar features, as they locate side by side.

Website Page Builders and Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

Elementor Free & Pro

🏆Elementor is the best drag-and-drop builder for WordPress.


It is one of the WordPress top-ranking page builders empowering over seven million websites. Its unique design tools and beautiful templates allow users with no coding experience to build professionally-looking websites. The paid version of this plugin, Elementor Pro, offers more professional tools that speed up site creation.

Key features:

  • drag-and-drop editor with a live preview of a web page on the right and a sidebar on the left;
  • inline editing;
  • 40+ widgets in a free version and another 50+ widgets in Elementor Pro;
  • website kits – themed packs of templates to build amazing websites fast;
  • Elementor creates pages that are mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly.

Elementor Free can do most of the things that Elementor Pro does. The paid version offers additional modules (such as Popup Builder, Theme Builder, and WooCommerce builder), an increased number of content elements, 300+ page templates, and some other premium features. The price for Elementor Pro for one site is $49 per year, $199 per year for 25 sites, and $399 per year for 1000 sites.

WordPress developers praise Elementor for its user-friendly interface with a responsive static sidebar. UI makes it a go-to solution for beginners, while the exceptional range of features will satisfy any WordPress professionals.


🏆This plugin offers a set of lightweight blocks for creating any WordPress design.

GenerateBlocks is a plugin that adds blocks to a page and functions as a page builder. Still, it integrates with the WordPress repository and interface. It’s perfect to use with GeneratePress, but it works with any WordPress theme.

There are six functional blocks added to the Gutenberg editor that, with enough persistency and imagination, can accomplish any task: Grid, Container, Image, Headline, Buttons, and Query Loop.

Key features:

  • Container block to organize content in rows and sections;
  • Grid block to create advanced layouts;
  • Image block to add static and dynamic images;
  • Headline block for creating text-rich content;
  • Buttons block for creating buttons;
  • Query Loop block to build lists of posts from any post type.

GenerateBlocks is free to download. A Pro paid plan offers advanced options, such as prebuilt templates, blocks’ effects, and many others. The paid version starts at $39 per year for one site.

This plugin is a great unorthodox tool for building websites in Gutenberg editor from scratch. However, it may not be the best choice for inexperienced WordPress users as it requires extra time and skills to build something unique and beautiful on the front end.

Kadence Blocks

🏆Extends Gutenberg editor’s capabilities by adding custom blocks and options.

kadence blocks wordpress editor

This is a Gutenberg blocks plugin that currently empowers over 100k websites. It includes 21 blocks: Tabs, Accordion, Advanced Button, Row Layout, Advanced Gallery, Icon, Info Box, and others. It comes with a prebuilt library, allowing the launching of a project with unique content right out of the box.

Key features:

  • the Intelligent Load feature only loads JavaScript and CSS for the blocks that are present on specific pages;
  • Row/Layout blocks set no limits on the style and size of content layouts;
  • on-scroll animation features;
  • ability to upload custom icons.

Kadence Blocks’ free version has tons of valuable features. The paid version with a complete set of blocks and advanced features starts at $69 per year.

Thanks to a free live demo and video tutorials, users can quickly learn how to use Kadence Blocks. This plugin offers more functional blocks than other Gutenberg blocks plugins, making it better for quick project completion.

Disable Gutenberg

🏆Best for disabling Block Editor and restoring the classic WordPress editor.

Some users find block-based editors uncomfortable to work with. The easiest way to switch to the Classic Editor is by installing and activating Disable Gutenberg plugin by Jeff Starr. There are over 700,000 active installations of this plugin, so there are quite a few fans of the original WordPress interface.

Key features:

  • ability to disable Gutenberg altogether;
  • ability to disable Gutenberg for selected posts/pages, user roles, and theme templates;
  • lightweight and simple.

This free plugin provides the freedom to disable the Gutenberg editor and replace it with the Classic Editor without harming the website. Users can employ plugins and theme functions that extend the original WordPress editor once the Disable Gutenberg plugin is activated.

Dynamic Content Plugins


🏆The best all-in-one plugin for dynamic content.

jetengine wordpress plugin

JetEngine is one of the premium WordPress plugins (JetPlugins) developed by Crocoblock. One of its primary purposes is adding and editing custom post types, custom fields, and taxonomies to Elementor and Gutenberg designs. It offers elaborate functionality for creating dynamic, data-driven websites.

Key features:

  • CCT (Custom Content Types) with separate database tables, which saves server resources and improves the performance of content-heavy sites;
  • Query Builder with unlimited combinations of options;
  • 17 dynamic widgets for Elementor and 13 dynamic blocks for Gutenberg;
  • support of various listing grid layouts and listing items;
  • Profile Builder;
  • tools to make the website’s architecture dynamic.

JetEngine’s license costs $43 per year for one site or $88 for unlimited sites. It also comes in a bundle of 20 Crocobock plugins for $199.

JetEngine has too many premium features to list them all here. In short, this plugin creates and manages dynamic content with a range of tools usually offered by multiple separate plugins. Moreover, some features (like Custom Content Types) are unique and only available for JetEngine users.


🏆A great plugin that adds dynamic features to the Elementor Free/Pro.

dynamic.ooo wordpress plugin

Dynamic.ooo packs many nice features that expand Elementor’s capabilities regarding dynamic content and design. Some of the top creative widgets it offers are SVG Text Path, SVG Blog, Distortion, Relax Parallax, Before after, Tilt, and many more. 

Key features:

  • dynamically show or hide parts of a page;
  • Dynamic Tag Token extension;
  • dynamic posts;
  • 45 dedicated design elements, like animation, cursor tracking, background canvas, etc.

The Dynamic.ooo license price ranges from €49 per year for one site to €499 for a lifetime license on unlimited sites.

This plugin provides many developer-oriented elements and extensions for Elementor Free/Pro. It also works with other dynamic plugins such as Toolset, JetEngine, WooCommerce, and Pods.

Advanced Custom Fields

🏆Best at managing edit screens and custom fields data.

advanced custom fields plugin

The ACF plugin by WPEngine is called to extend WordPress features with 30+ new custom field types. The developers can add them anywhere on the websites, including posts, users, taxonomy terms, media, etc. It’s worth noting that this plugin is active on more than 1M websites. 

Key features:

  • simple user interface that focuses solely on custom fields;
  • over 30 different fields, including Google Maps, galleries, color pickers, and more;
  • many fields are AJAX powered for fast page loading;
  • ability to create custom post templates to be used on new posts.

The Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin is available in free and paid versions. The paid version with new features and field types starts at $49 per year. 

This is an excellent option for adding field types to content types, and its apparent advantages are a simple interface and a large number of field types. But this plugin must be paired with another one to create custom post types and taxonomies.


🏆Best at personalizing website content based on user profile and interaction with the website.

if-so wordpress plugin

This WordPress plugin allows personalizing the content for users based on many factors, such as their location, time and date, weather, and more. Moreover, If-So analyzes visitors’ actions (purchases, products added to the cart, steps done to complete the purchase) and displays appropriate content.

Key features:

  • works with every page builder;
  • offers User Self-selection Form for users to select different content versions;
  • built-in analytics to learn how different content versions impact the conversion rate;
  • changes website style depending on conditions;
  • redirects visitors to the pages based on their interests.

The free version of this plugin doesn’t include most of the dynamic features. The paid plans are $197 per year for a single domain, $297 for five domains, and $497 for 100 domains.

In a nutshell, If-So is a dynamic content personalization plugin that dynamically generates content in response to visitors’ profiles or their interactions with the website. It features a visual editor, so no coding skills are required. While there are many cases where If-So is helpful, it is a game changer for eCommerce websites. 

SEO Plugins


🏆Best for driving organic website traffic and search engine optimization.

seopress wordpress plugin

Based on 250,000 active downloads and over 800 5-star reviews on its official website, it’s safe to say that SEOPress is one of the best SEO tools as of 2022. Blogging websites need to get their traffic off the ground, eCommerce platforms look for ways to maximize their income, and SEOPress is the ultimate tool to accomplish both tasks.

Key features:

  • seamless integration with popular builders, eCommerce and analytics software;
  • managing default WordPress RSS feeds without a single line of code;
  • Google Snippet preview function;
  • automatic creation of Open Graph metadata for better social sharing on major platforms;
  • clean and modern user interface.

SEOPress is available as a free plugin with basic SEO features or a Pro version with advanced features at $49 for activation on unlimited websites.

It is an ideal solution for website owners looking to stay at peak performance and handle high traffic with tons of content. Considering the number of premium SEO features it offers, SEOPress Pro showcases the best price-for-value ratio.

SEO plugin by Squirrly

🏆Best lightweight all-in-one SEO tool for beginners.

The SEO plugin by Squirrly provides users with advice about ranking web pages high in search engines, just like a top SEO agency consultant would. It is a fast and efficient software with comprehensive keyword research and content optimization tools.

Key features:

  • detailed SEO content analysis via the Live Assistant tool;
  • keyword research functionality directly in the WordPress dashboard;
  • Google Analytics integration;
  • Focus Pages feature to break optimizing processes on each page into manageable tasks.

The plugin’s paid plans start at $71.99/mo. The free version features the same functionality but with a limited number of requests. 

SEO plugin by Squirrly is great for beginners who want to learn about SEO essentials. Its learning curve is gentle, and Live Assistant shares valuable insights about user behavior. The UI design is a bit outdated, but hopefully, it will improve with future updates. 

Rank Math

🏆The most affordable SEO plugin.

Rank Math offers built-in suggestions about content optimization, making it especially appealing to users who want to learn about SEO practices. This tool combines some of the best features found in other SEO plugins with instruments exclusive to Rank Math to easily multiply the website’s traffic.

Key features:

  • easy-to-follow setup wizard;
  • unlimited focus keywords optimization;
  • Google Analytics integration;
  • 18 pre-defined schema types;
  • 30 in-depth SEO tests;
  • SEO-optimized breadcrumbs.

The plugin’s free version packs an impressive list of free features for SEO content optimization. The Pro version costs $59 per year and can be used on unlimited personal websites.

Rank Math has a well-thought-out design and powerful features to easily control the website’s SEO settings. Considering that its Pro version can be activated on multiple sites, Rank Math is one of WordPress’s most affordable SEO solutions.

WooCommerce Plugins


🏆Best for setting up e-stores for free.

woocommerce wordpress plugin

WooCommerce by Automattic (the same company that owns wordpress.com) is the world’s most popular eCommerce plugin, with 5+ million active installations. One of the main reasons why it is so popular is that beginner-friendly, enabling newbie WordPress users to create stores.

Key features:

  • the wizard that helps to configure new stores;
  • integration with payment providers like PayPal, Stripe, and credit cards;
  • set of features to run an online store (customizing the layout, adding tags, attributes, and reviews to products, etc.);
  • different built-in shipping options.

WooCommerce plugin helps build e-stores using WordPress for free. It is a popular solution for establishing a new business or migrating brick-and-mortar stores to the web. Users can add all types of functions to their sites using WooCommerce’s tools with no coding required. 


🏆Best for designing WooCommerce newsletters with Elementor within the WordPress dashboard.

This plugin uses a drag-n-drop editor to create email templates without HTML coding. It has all the necessary features to start an email marketing campaign, so it benefits beginner and professional marketers. 

Key features:

  • schedule marketing emails;
  • email tracking and statistics;
  • “unsubscribe” buttons added to emails;
  • a library with email templates that is updated monthly;
  • dynamic widgets reflect changes in the website content in emails.

Elemailer has a free version with essential emailing tools. Paid version with marketing features costs $33 per year.

It is one of WordPress’s most modern and innovative drag-and-drop email builders. With its advanced features, email marketing becomes hassle-free. 


🏆A set of instruments for creating and tracking sales funnels.

Entrepreneurs and marketers use this WordPress plugin to build sales funnels from scratch or use one of many niche-specific templates to start selling more quicker. The drag-and-drop editor lets you visually set all funnel steps and control the buyer’s journey. Detailed analytics provides real-time insights about buyers and different funnels’ performance, helping to choose the right one for your business.

Key features:

  • drag and drop canvas;
  • pre-made templates;
  • order bump, upsell, and downsell offers;
  • detailed funnel analytics;
  • opt-in form for creating lead generation funnels;
  • conditional WooCommerce Global funnels.

WPFunnels license sells for $97 per year for one site and comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee. 

This tool makes it possible to build beautiful landing pages and to create and track sales funnels in minutes. Its main purposes are to automate the sales process and analyze every step of the buyer’s journey. 

WP E-Signature

🏆Best e-signature automation tool for WordPress.

WP E-Signature plugin by ApproveMe allows producing legally binding PDF contracts with the possibility to sign them electronically. This plugin is used by freelancers, agencies, and tour operators to run their businesses online, and it has over 1 million active users. 

Key features:

  • add a saved signature to any document with one click of the button;
  • add unlimited number of recipients for the document;
  • send automated reminders about the signing;
  • require two-layer authentication from signers;
  • access reusable document templates.

WP E-Signature paid plans range in price from $199 to $349 for one year. A lifetime license for use on ten sites costs $599.

This simple, reliable plugin is perfect for small business owners like designers, photographers, freelancers, and anyone who wants to get rid of paperwork and run their businesses legally via WordPress sites. Compared to other WordPress e-signature plugins, it offers more enhanced security features.

Security & Backup Plugins

Hide My WP Ghost

🏆Best at hiding vulnerable paths to WordPress websites from bots.

The Hide My WP Ghost’s most significant function is to add security levels and filters to prevent brute-force attacks and script and SQL injections. It also provides other popular security tools, such as reCaptcha protection and IP address blocklisting.

Key features:

  • easy setup that takes less than five minutes;
  • changing and hiding common WordPress paths, plugins, and theme paths;
  • protecting WordPress admin area;
  • cross-site scripting protection;
  • compatibility with other security tools.

Most basic security features are available in the free version of this plugin. The paid version includes tools to hide common WP paths and premium support and starts at $30 for one site.

In general, the Hide My WP Ghost offers reliable security tools for free. It’s great for use with other security plugins to provide top-notch defense for WordPress sites, as it provides some unique features like hiding common WP paths.

WP Cerber Security

🏆Best security plugin with detailed guides and documentation.

WP Cerber Security has basic and premium features for protection from bots and hacker attacks. It shines out in presenting written reviews about past threats to educate users about websites’ vulnerabilities. 

Key features:

  • detailed documentation about hacks;
  • in-depth tutorials;
  • analysis of website features that might weaken its security;
  • automatic cleanup of suspicious files;
  • context-aware firewall for blocking suspicious HTTP requests.

There’s a free version of this security plugin with limited features. Paid plans start at $99 per year. 

WP Cerber Security keeps users alert about security issues through e-mails and scanner reports. It’s great for detecting spam users and spam comments. 


🏆Best plugin for WordPress site backup and restore.

backwpup wordpress plugin

This is an easy-to-use backup solution by Inside Agency. With over 12 million downloads and 600,000 users, it is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It enables users to back up entire WordPress sites to external services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Cloud, and others. Restoring WP files is accessible by using a single backup .zip file.

Key features:

  • WordPress XML export;
  • complete database backup;
  • ability to set up automatic backups.

There is a free version, and paid plans start at $69 per year. 

BackWPup packs more features than any other backup plugin, but still, it’s simple. The Pro version has tons of backup destinations and regular updates to increase the plugin’s functionality.


🏆Another option for automation of backup for WordPress sites.

BackupSheep is often used for backing up databases and servers. But it’s also a popular solution for WordPress sites because of its cost-effectiveness and simple automation. 

Key features:

  • flexible backup scheduling allows up to one-minute backup intervals;
  • timezone-aware schedule;
  • ability to configure WordPress node as the database only, files only, or fully (database and files).

BackupSheep’s free version has all the options for setting up automated backups but limits storage size to 50 GB. The business plan costs $25/mo and allows 1 TB of storage for 50 nodes. 

This backup plugin is a great free option for those who need an automated backup system. It’s easy to use, as once you set it up, it’s completely automated. 


🏆Best for securing WordPress websites from malware and bots.

Wordfence plugin is created by a team of security analysts, software engineers, and threat researchers focusing exclusively on WordPress security issues. These specialists are ready to deploy real-time threat intelligence whenever websites under their care are being attacked. Note that over four million websites use Wordfence.

Fey features:

  • new malware capabilities are updated in real-time;
  • endpoint firewall;
  • reports to show all changes made in the website files;
  • security templates to manage multiple websites hassle-free;
  • excellent support team with 1-hour response time;
  • malware scanner filters out requests with malicious code or content.

The free version of the Wordfence plugin includes basic security tools. The Premium yearly plan with a complete set of options costs $99.

Real-time malware signature updates and firewall rules through the Thread Defend feed make this plugin highly effective. Even though Wordfence packs a huge number of security tools, it is easy to use.


🏆The most popular free backup WordPress plugin with premium security features.

updraftplus wordpress plugin

UpdraftPlus is the most popular WordPress backup plugin, with over two million active installs. Its free version offers tools for complete basic backup and restores, while the paid plan includes some unique tools like instant cloning. Regardless of the chosen plan, the plugin has an easy-to-use interface allowing backup and restore with a single click.

Key features:

  • allows scheduled and on-demand backups;
  • creates temporary clones to the website instantly (the UpdraftClone tool), eliminating the need to test on live websites;
  • enables users to backup, update, and manage sites remotely from a central location;
  • works with all popular cloud storage services.

As mentioned above, the free version of this plugin is fully functional and used by many users. A personal Plan for two sites with extra premium features costs $70 per year.

UpdraftPlus offers a variety of basic and premium features for free while using simple UI. This makes it the most popular WordPress backup solution. It also features advanced security tools unavailable with most rival plugins (for example, the UpdraftClone tool).

Safe SVG

🏆Best tool for managing SVG uploads on WordPress sites.

Because SVG is an XML-based format, servers open to SVGs also open themselves to XML-based attacks. The Safe SVG plugin by 10up allows uploading SVGs to WordPress sites while ensuring they are sanitized and don’t cause SVG/XML vulnerabilities. 

Key features:

  • forbids uploading unsanitary SVG files;
  • allows previewing SCGs in the media library.

This plugin is free.

While SVGs offer benefits over rasterized image files, the scalable vector images post security threats to WordPress sites. For this reason, it is best to use the Safe SVG plugin to protect the sites against XML-based attacks that hazardous SVG files may cause. This plugin also allows seeing all vector images in the WordPress media library like any other images.

Performance & Cache Plugins

WP Rocket

🏆Premium cache plugin with an easy-to-use interface.

This is an all-in-one performance plugin delivering improvements in loading times right after activation. WP Rocket packs some powerful automatic optimization features that allow even inexperienced WordPress users to use it.

Key features:

  • sitemap preload feature generates a cached version of the page for visitors;
  • GZIP file compression;
  • eCommerce optimization feature excludes sensitive pages from the cache;
  • delay the execution of JavaScript until interactions with website visitors;
  • LazyLoad option to control if the media files are loaded automatically.

WP Rocket license costs $49 per year for one site, $99 for three sites, and $299 for unlimited sites.

Despite using cutting-edge technologies, its intuitive interface and excellent customer support make it a great choice for WordPress professionals and beginners. It has many unique features that other performance plugins lack, such as LazyLoad and GZIP compression.


🏆Best at optimizing a website’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes.

This is strictly an optimization plugin that does several things to make the website run smoothly. Things like aggregating, minifying, caching scripts and styles, and optimizing images and Google fonts will most likely result in better website performance that can improve the site’s SEO and user engagement.

Key features:

  • compatible with all website hosts;
  • automatic optimization of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code;
  • condensation of files using minifying and concatenation;
  • regular updates with new features and bug fixes;
  • integration with other cache add-ons for further WordPress website optimization.

Autoptimize is free to use. It’s a good option for developers who want to boost their websites’ performance but setting it up properly requires certain programming skills and an in-depth understanding of how caching works. If misused, it can slow down the website. 

EWWW Image Optimizer

🏆Best at image optimization.

This is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the Internet when it comes to image compression and resizing on WordPress websites. And, with over 900,000 active installations, it’s probably the most popular. EWWW Image Optimizer resizes all images without sacrificing their quality. 

Key features:

  • works with any size of images;
  • offers the best compression/quality ratio for JPG, PNG, and PDF files;
  • optimizes even images outside of the WordPress Media Library;
  • skips previously optimized images;
  • stores original images for 30 days.

EWWW IO has a free functional version and a paid plan that starts at $70 per year and comes with extra tools for non-image optimization.

This WordPress plugin uses unique algorithms for resizing images while keeping their quality virtually untouched. Images can also be converted to different formats using the appropriate options. Increased download speeds will result in increased user engagement and better results in search engine rankings. 

Async JavaScript

🏆Excludes specific scripts to improve WordPress website performance.

This is a straightforward plugin made by the creators of Autoptimize. It may help optimize unsuitable websites for work with caching plugins. 

Key features:

  • allows quickly deferring website scripts;
  • ability to turn on the plugin for logged-in users only;
  • ability to exclude selected scripts, plugins, and themes from deferring.

This free plugin has only a few customization options, so it’s easy to use. However, it shouldn’t be used if plugins like WP Rocket or Autoptimizer are already in use, as it just doubles the same functionality.

Asset CleanUp

🏆Best at unloading unused styles and scripts for better site performance.

This performance WordPress plugin by Gabe Livan scans WP websites for unnecessary elements and gets rid of them. It strips off useless files, plugins, and code snippets, reducing the site’s bloat. Asset CleanUp shows the best results when combined with catching plugins, like WP Rocket.

Key features:

  • reduces the HTML code of the page;
  • minifies CSS files;
  • defers combined JavaScript files;
  • combines all Google Font requests into one request
  • “test mode” functionality allows testing the site’s optimization before making irreversible changes.

Asset CleanUp is available in the Lite (free) and Pro ($41 for one site) versions, with extra features and premium support.

This plugin offers an easy way to optimize large websites and make them significantly faster without spending much time. It prevents useless CSS/JS from loading on web pages, making it easier for catching plugins to minify the remaining files and cache the pages.

Broken Link Checker

🏆This plugin fixes broken links on websites.

broken link checker plugin

Broken Link Checker by WPMU DEV scans the website content and provides detailed information about internal and external broken links. Users can find the links labeled as broken in the WordPress admin panel and edit their URLs.

Key features:

  • detects broken links and missing images;
  • categorizes links according to URLs or anchor text;
  • allows editing links directly from the plugin’s panel.

Broken Link Checker is a free plugin that runs quietly in the background and scans web pages for bad links. It’s a simple tool with some settings to customize it. Broken Link Checker negatively affects SEO and user experience.

301 Redirects

🏆This plugin creates 301, 302, and 307 redirects for WordPress sites.

This plugin comes from WebFactory Ltd., a team of specialists that created over 150 plugins for WordPress sites in the past ten years. The 301 Redirects ensures that people get redirected to new locations where they can continue browsing after clicking on broken or outdated URLs. 

Key features:

  • scans and verifies every link;
  • makes redirections to posts, pages, custom post types, and archives;
  • redirections don’t work for bots.

301 Redirects lifetime license costs $49 for one site and $99 for 100 sites.

This plugin is helpful for users who migrated to WordPress and need a fast and reliable way to scan all links. It also comes in handy when users decide to change existing pages’ URLs but don’t want to lose visitors who use old URLs. 

Code Snippets Plugins

Code Snippets

🏆Code Snippets allow easy custom code addition in WordPress.

This plugin by Code Snippets Pro provides a clean and easy way to add and manage code snippets on WordPress sites through a graphical interface. No other solutions can offer a number of customization features and ease of use similar to the ones provided by Code Snippets, and 4.4M+ downloads testify about that.

Key features:

  • custom fields for code description for easy tracking of code snippets;
  • tags available for snippets’ categorization and grouping;
  • activate/disable snippets via a graphical user interface similar to plugin menus;
  • impressive library of code snippets to use instead of single-function plugins;
  • running snippets globally across multisite WordPress networks;
  • simple shortcodes to embed code snippets in posts.

Users can download Code Snippets for free at wordpress.org. To get full access to all premium features, one must download paid version at $29 for two website activations, $139 for six websites, or $189 for 200 websites.

With over 50 advanced features, Code Snippets helps save time using custom code or CSS. This plugin eliminates the need to download many single-function plugins to save money. Instead of adding codes to the functions.php file manually, the graphical interface handles code snippets with easy-to-use toggle buttons.


🏆Best for saving code snippets to the Cloud and using them on other projects.

This is a new alternative to the popular Code Snippets plugin. Instead of letting users save code snippets to a local work network, WPCodeBox allows exporting snippets to the Cloud and pulling them out for use on other projects.

Key features:

  • save snippets to the Cloud and deploy anywhere;
  • snippets that contain errors are automatically disabled;
  • ability to organize snippets in folders;
  • constantly updated Code Snippets Library;
  • condition builder sets where and when snippets are executed.

WPCodeBox’s cheapest license costs $39 and is for use on one domain.

As a relatively new tool, WPCodeBox constantly expands its functionality and offers outstanding customer support. The ability to export code snippets to the Cloud sets it apart from similar plugins.

Other Content Managing Plugins

User Role Editor

🏆This WordPress plugin is best for creating new user roles and modifying the default user roles’ permissions.

user role editor wordpress plugin

With over 700,000 active installations, this is one of the most popular WordPress user roles plugins. Enabling and disabling functions for each user role is as easy as checking/unchecking boxes from the list and clicking the “Update” button, even with the free version. The pro version allows restricting pages, posts, and menu options from non-registered users, which goes beyond the capabilities of average user roles plugins. 

Key features:

  • assigning multiple user roles to a single user;
  • set limits on the number of posts and page views for specific user roles;
  • multisite configuration accessible through Network Admin settings;
  • “Export/Import” module for easy user role settings transfer to external websites;
  • hide selected front-end menus from not logged in and non-registered users or individual user roles.

There’s a free version available with basic user role plugin functions. The Personal Pro version with advanced options starts at $89 for a single site per year, and Business Pro with WordPress multisite support starts at $99.

The User Pro Editor plugin is an ultimate solution for expanding the WordPress user role option. One of the main advantages that it offers is its ease of use. At the same time, the advanced functionality that comes with the pro versions is superior to most other user management plugins.

Admin Columns

🏆A powerful solution for managing columns in the WordPress admin dashboard.

Post’s title, author, and date are the only details available in the default WordPress admin view. Admin Columns is the tool to enrich posts with meta fields and make finding and organizing WordPress content a breeze. Over 150,000 sites are using the Admin Columns plugin and give it overwhelmingly positive reviews. 

Key features:

  • smart filters that work on all post types;
  • inline editing without entering post content;
  • export WordPress content in SVG format after sorting it out;
  • create different column sets for different user roles and quickly switch between them.

Admin Columns plugin’s license for one site costs $89. The Agency license for unlimited websites costs $249.

Effective managing of the content for growing websites is a much-needed functionality provided by the Admin Columns plugin. With many custom field types supported, it creates neat overviews of the website content. Admin Columns works well with almost any external plugins with custom columns


🏆Best at organizing WordPress content into searchable folders.

HappyFiles WordPress plugin keeps media content organized, which helps developers to manage websites. For easy searching, users can create media folders as they do on computers. HappyFiles supports images and video files, posts, pages, CPTs, WooCommerce products, orders, and others. 

Key features:

  • intuitive drag-and-drop interface;
  • available SVG upload and sanitization;
  • ability to restrict folders’ management to selected user roles;
  • a single file can be assigned to multiple folders.

HappyFiles’ free version allows the creation of ten media folders but lacks some of the premium features. The paid version costs $59 and is a lifetime deal.

For a content-rich website locating a single image or a video file may take a lot of time and effort. HappyFiles eliminates that problem by letting site admins arrange all media into specified folders.

Simple Page Ordering

🏆The easiest method to organize pages on the WordPress site.

WordPress platform offers different ways to organize pages, but none of them use a drag-and-drop method. The default method is using the Page Attribute box. Changing one page’s order number doesn’t change other pages’ numbers. The Simple Page Ordering plugin offers a better alternative.

Key features:

  • no set-up is required – the plugin works right after activation;
  • drag-and-drop interface;
  • only user roles capable of editing pages and posts are able to reorder pages using this plugin.

Using this free plugin is very easy. Access a list of all pages in the admin panel; by default, these pages are organized in alphabetical order. Change their order by simple drag and drop action. 

Yoast Duplicate Post

🏆Best for cloning posts and pages.

This plugin by Enrico Battocchi and Team Yoast allows you to duplicate posts, pages, and custom posts in just a click and save them for future projects or for editing current ones. This is a reliable tool that is used on 3+ million sites.

Key features:

  • Clone and New Draft modes (the first one is for instantly copying a post, and the second one is for opening a duplicated post in an editor);
  • control over what user roles may use the duplication plugin;
  • clean UI.

This WordPress plugin is free. It is often used to produce sales pages for new products. Another popular way to use Yoast Duplicate Post is to copy, rewrite, and publish posts without taking the WordPress site offline. This contributes to a much better UX on busy websites.


These were the best WordPress plugins that were selected using recommendations by the Crocoblock community members. Remember that high-quality plugins extend WordPress capabilities and improve user experience, while poorly-coded add-ons slow down the websites and even put their security at risk.

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