4 Best Business Hours WordPress Plugins πŸ•’ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for Business Hours?

You will discover the best WordPress Business Hours plugins on the market and suggestions for different scenarios in this post. These WordPress plugins help you establish an online presence in a highly competitive field while providing a design aesthetic. We also guarantee the plugins are compatible with all popular WordPress themes.

The plugins below were compiled for readers searching for the Business Hours plugin. Additionally, there are plugins for Hours Indicator, Opening Hours, and Business Hours Indicator.

Best Business Hours Plugins for WordPress πŸ•’

So, have a look at this bundle of best Business Hours WordPress plugins in 2022:

We’re Open! Plugin

An Opening Hours For Your Business

We’re Open! Is a simple management plugin that allows you to easily manage your business hours. It features multiple display options and conditional text when open or closed.

This plugin also automatically updates content based on changes in status, enabling you to easily manage each aspect of your business’ opening hours.

The plugin can be customized to a high degree and integrated into almost any aspect of your website via shortcodes or widgets but it does not include a Gutenberg block.

Using the We’re Open! plugin, users can set regular opening hours and special holiday opening hours with a responsive interface. Also, this plugin provides you with the ability to specify the start and end dates for the temporary closure of your business.

πŸ’΅ All the incredible possibilities are contained in this plugin, and you can get all the updates by downloading this plugin for Free.

Key Features:

  • It is possible to create up to three groups of opening times per day
  • There is the possibility of setting 24-hour opening hours
  • The RTL (right to left) language is supported
  • Customization to an exceptionally high degree
  • There are HTML classes that provide a high degree of customization. (Ex.past, today, tomorrow, future, special)
  • A consolidated schedule may be possible for the weekdays and weekends separately or for the whole week
  • Opening hours can be refreshed or reloaded at the beginning of each day

Random Reviews:

  • You simply add a shortcode to your website and you’re done. The plugin has an easy-to-use interface to enter the standard opening hours and any exceptions.

    uwejacobsMar 2022

  • A very clever way to display custom messages based on opening and closing times is very clever, and something I did not know I needed or wanted. Well done, Noah! Simple, clean, and easy.

    kja03Jan 2022

  • I highly recommend this plugin. It has a lot of useful features!

    Kai Olav FredriksenDec 2021

Opening Hours Plugin

A Highly Customizable WordPress Plugin To Set Up Your Venue’s Opening Hours

Using the Opening Hours WordPress plugin, you will be able to edit your venue’s opening hours, display these hours with widgets, or implement shortcodes to display them.

Using the plugin, you can specify multiple sets of opening hours (for example, one for your restaurant and one for your bar) that can be used independently.

Additional features of the Opening Hours plugin include support for holidays, irregular hours (i.e., special holiday hours during the holiday season), and child sets that can override your normal hours during specific periods (i.e., holiday hours during the week).

In addition to the widgets and shortcodes included with the plugin, you will find four highly customizable widgets and shortcodes that will display information that is also contextual (e.g., β€˜We are currently closed but will reopen on Monday at 8 am’).

πŸ’΅ Free download is available for this amazing plugin.

Key Features:

  • The Irregular opening widget lists all the regular openings in a table or list
  • Each of the widgets can also be accessed as a shortcode
  • The Holiday Widget provides a list of all Holidays for display
  • The Schema.org Widget allows you to insert structured JSON-LD into your WordPress pages or posts
  • β€˜Is Open’ Widget Indicates whether or not the venue chosen is open or closed and optionally indicates when it will be available

Random Reviews:

  • As soon as I read the shortcode documentation and experimented a little, I discovered I could pretty much do what I wanted with it. It’s flexible and gives me the control I need to display content the way I want. It’s by far better than similar paid plugins.

    B EadesSep 2021

  • Excellent plugin! I used it with only shortcodes in DIVI-Builder and so much can be adjusted. It perfectly fits my needs.

    oliversaarJun 2020

  • Thanks to Jannik, I was able to move a site from editing three pages (according to three different languages and utilizing tortuous table HTML) to instead editing one easy-to-use panel. Users can do so much more. I needed to do a little extra coding to make things look exactly how I wanted, but he was patient and helpful. Thanks, Jannik!

    ElectricFeetJan 2020

Business Hours Indicator Plugin

A Business Hours Indicator Plugin For Businesses

The Business Hours Indicator plugin allows you to display your business’ opening hours and display a countdown timer to your next opening, as well as the ability to show or hide content related to your business.

This business hours plugin allows you to display your opening and closing times in different formats. Furthermore, you can use the shortcodes to indicate whether you are open or closed at any given time.

If you use this plugin, you will be able to display different messages when you are about to start or end your window.

This plugin includes shortcodes, so you can display certain messages only depending on whether the window is open or closed; you can also easily style the messages displayed by this plugin.

πŸ’΅ It is free for Lite. For Premium, $40.

Key Features:

  • More than one location may be entered for a business
  • Provides caching capabilities
  • Featured aspects of SEO
  • Displaying business hours using the widget

Random Reviews:

  • Even the Free BHI is great. But, I wanted a few more features to help me sell the service to a customer. This is a great Plug-In and BHI staff respond quickly to questions and suggestions.

    stevelayMar 2022

  • I was searching for a plugin to display a business opening hours, in a specific style. I downloaded and bought the Pro version of this plugin and after a few minutes (and with the help of the author) I had exactly what I wanted. I am using it in the footer block of my WordPress website using Elementor.

    dirkyNov 2021

  • Great plugin, I’ll probably use it for many projects in the future. Thanks!

    klaggyJul 2021

Woocommerce Open Close Plugin

Best Business Schedules Manager

The WooCommerce Open Close plugin facilitates the automatic time management of your business schedule. It automates the management of the business hours for your WooCommerce store. This plugin is available as an extension of the WooCommerce plugin.

In the administration area of your web store, you can determine whether or not your web store is open and closed based on the settings you create. You only need to specify when your web store is open and closed.

This plugin will handle the rest, so your web store will adhere to your established schedules, just like a real store. It allows your customers to understand the hours of operation of your business. In addition, they will not be able to place orders during the hours when your store is closed.

πŸ’΅ $49 for the Pro version, free for the Lite version.

Key Features:

  • Using a shortcode, you can display the schedule wherever you wish
  • During store closures, customers will not be able to place an order
  • When a store closes automatically, the cart will be empty
  • Creating unlimited schedules for your business
  • Specific products may ignore business schedules and continue to work as usual
  • It is possible to pre-order specific or all products when the store is closed
  • Schedules may be displayed in a variety of ways
  • Even when the shop is closed, the user can add items to their cart
  • Unlimited sub-schedules can be created on the same day

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks for the plugin. It has exceeded my expectations.

    tonysanMar 2022

  • This plugin is excellent. The service is fast

    rudifritzFeb 2022

  • The plugin has worked flawlessly for many years on my six websites. I highly recommend this.

    kaisneuronJan 2022

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