4 Best WooCommerce Cost of Goods Plugins πŸ₯‡ 2022 (Free & Pro)

How do you choose the best WordPress plugin for WooCommerce Cost of Goods?

The article compares some of the best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce Cost of Goods with in-depth information and screenshots. These WordPress plugins are mobile-friendly and speed-optimized. They will also work impressively with all the top WordPress themes available.

These topics are all meant to be used with WooCommerce Cost of Goods. They are produced using a variety of plugins, including WooCommerce Profit Margin and Profit Calculator.

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This is the updated and ranked list of the best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce Cost of Goods in 2022:

YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce Plugin

Check Easily The Real Profit Margin

The YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce plugin makes it easy and practical to track costs and profits for your business.

When you use this WooCommerce expenses plugin, you can enter the cost of each product in the same way as when you enter its price. The β€˜Cost of Goods’ field can be found below the β€˜Pricing’ field.

With this WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin, the potential profit for each product can be determined following the entry of your product costs. A feature such as this is particularly useful when selling products online.

Maintaining an accurate record of your net profit will ensure that you do not over-discount any of your products at any given time. Additionally, the report allows you to include customs fees, shipping fees, and taxes.

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Key Features:

  • Your search can be facilitated by filtering your products
  • It is possible to determine if certain products do not generate the highest amount of revenue
  • Based on the stock in hand, you can view the cost, price, and profit of your products
  • It is possible to identify those products at a loss and remove them from your catalog
  • Identify and strengthen your marketing strategies for high-profitable products

Cost & Reports for WooCommerce Plugin

Add Cost of Goods and Profit for Your Store

The Cost & Reports for WooCommerce plugin may be useful if you search for something more advanced. This plugin allows you to access your dashboard detailed reports on product costs and launch dates.

With this plugin, you may edit the details of the table data, including the price, cost of goods, other costs, and stock price information.

Using the bulk editing tools provided by this plugin, you can adjust multiple products simultaneously. With each table scroll, this plugin displays the value at cost, the retail value, and the profit value for each product.

Furthermore, the data table will be accompanied by a report page that will show you cost and profit metrics based on actual orders, which is quite different from a normal report.

Aside from viewing your overall WooCommerce profit margin for all recent sales, you will also be able to view aggregate metrics for your sales total, average profit per order, and the average cost of goods.

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Key Features:

  • It is possible to calculate values as they are entered into the table automatically
  • Creates fields for the purchase price and cost of goods on your existing products
  • The cost of goods can be calculated by using the shipping cost
  • It is possible to control price mechanisms and negative profit margins
  • Every price field, markup field, and quantity of stock have bulk functions

Cost of Goods Plugin

Full-featured Profit and Cost of Goods Tracking

Using a single cost metric, the Cost of Goods plugin generates attractive reports with profit calculations so that you may keep track of all your expenses.

In this plugin, you can add the cost of every product to the Product Data section, where you normally enter the product’s price.

This profit calculator plugin offers a range of features that can be enabled through the instructions. Still, its greatest strength lies in its reporting capabilities.

Using this plugin, you will be able to generate a report of cost orders, profit, and tax, as well as stock transactions.

The sidebar of each report includes a graph showing your profit so far this month, including the net calculation. For example, you can view a chart showing your profit this month.

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Key Features:

  • Previously placed orders can be applied to costs.
  • Provides you with the ability to determine what your true top products are
  • Detailed visual reports are available for tracking product costs
  • You can view the total profit for any product category or multiple categories
  • The Product CSV Import Suite is integrated

Cost of Goods for WooCommerce Plugin

Save WooCommerce Products Purchase Costs

With the Cost of Goods for WooCommerce plugin, you can lower the price of WooCommerce products by keeping track of the purchase costs.

With this plugin, you can save the costs of variable products for each variation separately or for all variations simultaneously. Furthermore, with the WooCommerce product and order list, you cannot only sort costs and profits but also configure prices and discounts.

Using this plugin will allow you to import and similarly export product prices to the standard import and export capabilities of WooCommerce.

Additionally, you can impact your order by choosing the shipping method in your payment gateway or by selecting the shipping class for your product. It is also possible for administrators to include a notice on the order editing page if the profit falls below zero.

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Key Features:

  • Reports are available in the WooCommerce Analytics section
  • It is possible to calculate the average product cost automatically
  • Allows bulk editing of all products’ costs, prices, and stock on a single page
  • Your products can be configured with the costs of goods
  • Orders can be set up with extra shipping costs and payment gateway fees

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