4 Best WooCommerce License Manager Plugins πŸ₯‡ 2022 (Free & Pro)

Is your goal to find the best WordPress WooCommerce License Manager plugins for your site?

Here we have hand-selected the most popular and best WordPress plugins for the WooCommerce license manager. All of the plugins listed here have out-of-the-box features, and they are also compatible with all of the top WordPress themes.

In conclusion, all of the following plugins are for WooCommerce License Manager. You are looking for a WooCommerce License Manager-related plugin, but It’s not the same as the exact WooCommerce License Manager plugin? In the end, these plugins can be used for WooCommerce Software License Manager, Sell and Manage Software License Keys By WooCommerce, WooCommerce Serial Numbers, and WooCommerce License Delivery. select a plugin for your site that will give it a level up.

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Best License Manager Plugins for WooCommerce πŸ₯‡

These are our top picks for top WordPress WooCommerce License Manager plugins in 2022:

Software Add-on Plugin

License Key Activation For WordPress

The Software Add-on plugin provides you with direct access to license management and serial key management directly from your store website and is considered presently to be one of the most reliable, capable, and powerful license management plugins available today.

Further, the Software Add-on gives you the option of updating software directly from your store. You can also sell and manage software license keys and activations by WooCommerce.

In the event a customer purchases products from your online store, the plugin automatically generates and sends to you the license key and order completion email that is generated as soon as the order is completed.

It is common to send customers a confirmation email following their purchase. In addition to the confirmation email, the activation email, the license key, and any remaining steps to activate the software are included in the email sent to them.

It is possible to resend the activation email directly from the WooCommerce shop if necessary by selecting the Send button on the orders page. This is because the plugin has excellent and easy-to-use functionality, which makes it a good choice for all kinds of stores.

This extension offers an easy-to-use report feature that allows you to see how software sales are and how your list is activated. You can find this feature within the WooCommerce Reports section of the extension.

πŸ’΅ Software Add-on plugin price is $129.00, including all features + 12 months of support + all plugins + 1 year of updates.

Key Features:

  • Use a single API Key for all API Resources purchased
  • Labels with the sales count can be added
  • A portion of the data is cached using SmartCache at key points during the processing of the data
  • Removing the number from a particular product
  • Display listing statistics and product statistics
  • Display the counter only if the count is less than a certain number

WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro Plugin

Serial Number Generator & License Key Manager Plugin

With WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro, you have the ability to manage license keys and serial numbers for your products with ease. The plugin also lets you conveniently and instantly sell your licensed products, even if the product has more than one license key.

Basically, the plugin is set up to sell not only lottery tickets but also secret keys, e-books, and other forms of software and programs to WooCommerce users, in addition to lottery tickets and license keys.

This WordPress plugin is primarily designed to provide store owners with an extremely simple way to manage license keys purchased from their customers. One of the things that makes this plugin stand out is WordPress Serial Numbers Pro, the excellent extension supplied by this plugin.

WooCommerce Serial Number Pro works with existing product license keys in your store, in order to prevent the creation new products if you already have products with license keys.

There is a key generator built into the plugin that gives you a choice of hundreds of different codes to use as you like. Because the plugin works with the flow instead of creating new products, there are fewer bug reports.

πŸ’΅ With this progressive plugin you will have access to many features and 12 months of free support. You can purchase it at $79.00.

Key Features:

  • Manage license keys manually through the order page
  • Specify which products you would like to export from the β€˜Export’ page, and they will be exported as CSV files
  • Serial numbers are automatically generated
  • Serial numbers can be manually added
  • Support for a variety of products
  • Generate serial numbers according to your specifications
  • Data in the database is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access
  • Several file formats are available for bulk import of pre-existing license numbers, including CSV and TXT

License Manager for WooCommerce Plugin

License Manager for WordPress Plugins

With License Manager for WooCommerce, you can manage licenses generated for your stores, such as those for software, themes, or plugins.

In addition to adding license information to WooCommerce products, this plugin is also capable of adding licensing information to variations.

In addition, License Manager for WooCommerce allows you to automatically generate licenses as orders are completed.

This plugin provides a high level of customization. You may, for example, specify the length of the key, prefix, and suffix. Furthermore, you may choose a unique key pattern from a drop-down menu.

License Manager for WooCommerce provides a comprehensive solution to product licensing concerns for WordPress products. With the global license settings and local variable product settings, the license can be automatically generated following order completion.

As WooCommerce License Manager allows you to add license-specific information to your products, you can upload the information necessary for each product.

Since each product is unique, you can include details such as the software ID, version, author, URL, etc. for each product/product variation, as well as other information such as compatible WordPress versions, date of the most recent maintenance, etc.

πŸ’΅ There are several features included in this exceptional plugin, as well as 12 months of free support. You can purchase it at the $69.00.

Key Features:

  • Displaying product variations can be overridden with license-related data
  • Users with valid licenses will be notified and delivered product updates
  • Automatically generate license keys after an order is placed
  • Older licenses can be renewed
  • Licenses can be set to expire and to be activated only if they meet the product requirements
  • Use custom license formats to customize your product licenses

WooCommerce License Manager Plugin

License Keys, Pin Codes, Gift Card Selling Plugin For WordPress

WooCommerce License Manager enables you to sell license codes, pin codes, gift cards, etc. You can generate license keys or use existing license keys. The license keys are generated automatically when the license key is activated.

The WooCommerce Software License Manager can be thus relied upon by those who wish to sell products that have license keys as part of the payment process.

The plugin makes it possible for you to access a wide range of features such as automated license delivery for WooCommerce, encryption of database data, backorder support, and encryption of image license key encryptions, in addition to bulk import functionality.

Once you have installed the WooCommerce license manager software, you will be able to assign a variety of license keys to different products and you will also be able to track these license keys on your dashboard once you have installed it.

The license keys in WordPress are now synced with the available keys, as well as additional license keys that have expired will also be automatically restored.

It is now possible to replace licensing keys on the order page, and likewise, you have the option to either replace the license key separately or to add it to an existing purchase.

πŸ’΅ Purchase this plugin for $59.00.

Key Features:

  • Provide assistance with backorders whenever possible
  • Plugins for product bundles are compatible with it
  • Export or import of generated license codes or keys for text or images can be performed in bulk
  • License keys can be delivered completely under your control
  • A license key is sent as an image, similar to a physical Steam card, a recharge card, or a gift card
  • Using encryption, the license codes and keys within the database are protected

Random Reviews:

  • Good plugin, although I have been using it for 2 years, and I am experiencing some issues with fraud. I would really appreciate it if the developers could include a feature where the code would be sent after 10-30 minutes. Thanks for your interest.

    gameshopbdMar 2021

  • Firass has been extremely helpful during the implementation of the serial keys right in the downloads area of user accounts. I appreciate his customer service as well. Overall, the purchase was well worth the admission price.

    gorangroovesMay 2021

WP License Manager Roundup: Best Plugins

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