4 Best WordPress Christmas Plugins πŸŽ… 2022 (Free & Pro)

What is the best Christmas WordPress plugin for your website?

In this text, we feature the best WordPress plugins for Christmas. You can use them to create a site today without wasting time searching and detecting a crowded list of plugins. Despite all this, all the plugins here are feature-rich, with good support, and easy to use. These plugins also work great with all the top WordPress themes.

It was hard to decide which Christmas plugin to choose, so we picked the absolute best. But this plugin listing includes plugins related to Christmas Decorations, Holiday Spirit, and Christmas Countdown.

The following are the best top WordPress plugins for Christmas 2022 that have been examined and ranked:

SantaPress Plugin

A WordPress Advent Calendar Plugin & Quiz

The SantaPress plugin is available if you are looking for a plugin that allows you to add the Christmas effect to your website.

This plugin allows you to display advent calendars on your WordPress website, giving visitors a small gift every day until Christmas.

This plugin has eight beautiful layouts to choose from and several valuable features that will make your website look its best.

Options for customization include a snowfall hidden mode option, external link integration, WooCommerce integration, quiz hidden mode options, custom Javascript click tracking, WPMU compatibility, WPML compatibility, and GDPR compliance.

This Christmas countdown plugin allows you to select the number of days that will appear on your calendar to decide whether you need 24 doors or 25 doors, or whatever number is appropriate for your project.

πŸ’΅ Buying the SantaPress plugin is easy for $51.

Key Features:

  • Integrated with GDPR
  • There is a clean and commented code
  • You can upload your door images and use your layout
  • Your site may contain multiple calendars
  • Compatible with WPMU

Random Reviews:

  • A fantastic little plugin that does exactly what it is claimed to do – and then some πŸ™‚ The support is beyond what is expected, unique in speed, quality, and the suggested solutions in a matter of minutes in some cases – impressive! If you want to implement any sort of advent calendar thingy on your WP-driven website, SantaPress is the way to go!

    tbenjaminsenDec 2021

Weather Effect Plugin

A Christmas Santa Snow Falling

With the Weather Effect plugin, you can add falling objects to your website, such as snowflakes, candy stars, etc.

There are many occasions you can use this plugin other than Christmas, but it is advantageous at this time of year.

This Christmas decorations plugin can also display other events such as Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer, Rain, Halloween, Thanks Giving Day, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, and the Holidays.

Furthermore, you can create a unique display by displaying different falling objects according to the season and the occasion.

As part of this holiday spirit plugin, you will have access to the options panel, where you will find the weather seasons, occasions, a few falling objects, and a live preview button, among other things.

This plugin will enhance the appearance of your website to your visitors and make them feel as though they are on a new site.

πŸ’΅ The Premium version costs $15 and the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • There are multiple kinds of weather available
  • Few falling objects are available
  • There is a setting panel included
  • There is a live preview button included
  • A variety of seasons and occasions are available

Christmasify Plugin

An Easy-to-use Christmas Plugin

Using the Christmasify plugin for WordPress, you can add snow decorations, Christmas music, and beautiful Christmas fonts to your website so that it will look beautiful during the Christmas season.

You will find this plugin to be extremely useful if you require customized effects for your work. It is also compatible with CSS3 animations, another feature of this Christmas plugin.

This plugin is not only handy, but it can also be used through a JavaScript snippet as well. Aside from these features, this plugin also permits users to use excellent animated gifs.

As part of this plugin, participants will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of Christmas music.

You may choose from various songs, such as β€˜Deck the Halls,’ β€˜Jingle Bells,’ β€˜Silent Night,’ and the classic β€˜We wish you a merry Christmas.’

πŸ’΅ Free access to all the features of the Christmasify plugin is provided.

Key Features:

  • It is possible to choose from a variety of Christmas music
  • You can decorate your images with lovely Christmas Holly
  • You can update your page headings to use the brilliant β€˜Mountains of Christmas’ Webfont
  • There is a snowfall effect on your website
  • There is an excellent animated Santa gif you can add

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you very much for developing this type of open-source plugin! Kudos!

    Margot BaileyDec 2021

  • Great plugin with all the features I need, and it is easy to configure. Congrats!

    gmuradJan 2021

Rocket Fireworks Plugin

a Celebration Plugin for Your Website

Rocket Fireworks could greatly assist you if you want a Christmas celebration plugin on your website. There are a few simple fireworks animations available in this plugin.

It is a handy plugin that can be used when you wish to encourage your website visitors to celebrate important occasions such as Christmas by providing them with a memorable experience.

This plugin utilizes multicolor technology to create an image that is both attractive and attentive at the same time. This plugin is perfect for those moments you would like to celebrate with your customers.

πŸ’΅ There is no better plugin for free than this one!

Key Features:

  • There is a simple design available
  • Perfect for celebrating essential occasions
  • Comes with pretty primary fireworks animations
  • There is a variety of colors available in the fireworks

Random Reviews:

  • It is integral to Milwaukee’s summertime culture to have Fireworks in Milwaukee. There is no summer without fireworks! In the City of Milwaukee, there are many fireworks displays to attend, the 4th of July, and festivals taking place across the city.

    fireworksmilwaukeeSep 2022

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We have also listed WordPress plugins you should use. Using these plugins will boost your site’s design and functionality.

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