4 Best WordPress Employee Management Plugins 🧑‍💼 2022 (Free & Paid)

Do you need the best WordPress Employee Management WordPress plugin for your website?

We have chosen the best WordPress plugins you can find online for Employee Management for WordPress. We have made sure every plugin you find here works perfectly with the fresh WordPress. To finish, these plugins will work with all the best WordPress themes.

Here are the following WordPress Employee Management plugins that we have hand-picked for you. These plugins can be used for Employee Management System, HR Management, Team Management, and Employee Portal.

Best Employee Management Plugins for WordPress 🧑‍💼

in this article, we’ll share our gathered WordPress plugins for WordPress Employee Management in 2022:

WP-HR Manager Plugin

The Human Resources Plugin for WordPress

The WP-HR Manager plugin enables you to manage human resources directly from your website, ensuring you do not have to leave your site.

This WordPress employee management plugin offers free HR management software that allows managers to control employee data and perform typical HR functions. These features include monitoring attendance, sending employee announcements, recruiting new members, etc.

With the WP-HR manager plugin, employees can have a front-end view of their performance and a back-end interface. This plugin facilitates the tracking of employee holidays, leaves, and other administrative tasks.

The WP-HR Manager WordPress plugin allows you to tailor the functionality of your website for HR personnel, line managers, and employees.

In the pro version of the plugin, you can synchronize multiple holiday calendars, import and export data, and perform other functions.

An Employee Portal and Human Resources Management system can assist employers in managing employee records, tracking attendance and absence records, communicating with team members, and reviewing vacation requests, among other tasks.

💵 There is a premium version of the WP-HR Manager plugin, and a lite version for free.

Key Features:

  • Includes employee Self-Service features of ESS can reduce admin work and improve accuracy
  • Maintain control over your data to comply with GDPR requirements
  • Ability to update the site with new features and plugins as needed
  • Offer a free WordPress HR management plugin that allows you to manage unlimited employees

Random Reviews:

  • There are times when removing the plugin leaves traces in the database that become annoying when using other plugins for custom user roles.

    MVertrugerJun 2019

  • This was a great plugin. They provided very good feedback.
    If you’re looking for a useful plugin, this is it.

    fno721Oct 2018

WP ERP Plugin

Complete WordPress Business Manager With Hr, CRM & Accounting Systems for Small Businesses

The WP ERP plugin is a business manager developed to operate on the WordPress platform. It contains tools to manage human resources, customer relations, and accounting.

You can add and edit all of the information about your company on WP ERP the moment you access it for the first time, including its locations. You can create as many departments as you like and assign employees to each department based on their positional designations.

Using WordPress ERP, for example, admins have access to a CRM application that comes with an integrated email platform. This allows them to enhance their business relationships with customers and increase profitability.

The plugin enables you to manage employees, assets, holidays, sales, and financial accounts, including keeping track of revenues and expenses for your business. It also comes with an accounting module to audit revenues and costs.

💵 The Lite version is free to download, and the Premium version costs $12.99/ m.

Key Features:

  • Provide employees with editable profiles
  • Indicate which department you work for and what title you hold
  • Providing employees with the opportunity to request leave in advance is a good idea
  • Note the reports are tailored to the age, gender, number of employees, and salary of each employee
  • Manage the employee leave policies and leave requests

Random Reviews:

  • A support email was answered within a day on a filtering issue for a client. An engineer spent a few days and returned a satisfactory result. I recommend this product. It’s clean and has a lot of features and great support. Thanks for your help.
    Best regards
    John from Houesse immo.

    cobimexFeb 2022

  • I have worked with weDevs for some time and can highly recommend this company. Their products are unbeatable considering the cost-benefit ratio. I would also like to commend their support services. They are always there for me when I need them. Thank you for all your help.

    SoleroFeb 2022

Staff Directory Plugin

Employee Directory for WordPress

Staff Directory plugin allows you to create employee profile pages for your intranets and extranets.

The free version of the plugin lets you add new employees with their complete profiles to your website. We can also create individual employee profiles for each employee on your website.

You may also perform advanced searches by using the Staff Directory. You may enter a name or attribute or use the characteristics listed in each employee’s profile to search for employees.

If you wish to utilize more features, you may upgrade your Staff Directory account to the premium level. The premium features are time tracking, reminders, invitations, and other tools to help your staff communicate more effectively.

Plugins like this facilitate employee search, employee classification, and employee grouping within the employee management system.

💵 A Premium version of this plugin costs $999.99, and a Free/Lite version costs $0, respectively.

Key Features:

  • Sending emails and notifications to new employees during the onboarding process
  • Displays information about the employees and groups of employees by shortcodes
  • You can access your search results using the search function and sort bar
  • Recognizing and rewarding the contributions of your employees will make them feel valued

Random Reviews:

  • I would not use this plugin. There are tons of free ones available that are three times better. It’s a waste of time! This topic was modified 2 years, and 1 month ago by Apex.

    fahadmohammadApr 2020

  • Completely featured and has all the features I need for my mortgage lending company

    ajn1130Nov 2019

Employee And HR Manager Plugin Plugin

Provides Smoothly Integrated Essential Hr Time and Attendance Functionality

An ‘EHRM’ refers to an Employee and HR Manager Plugin. It is a system built to manage employee time and attendance and a wide variety of complementary HR functions, including scheduling, time tracking, and reporting.

The plugin comes with an excellent support team. You can seek assistance for any issues regarding the plugin within your team’s management system.

This plugin may also be customized to fit your needs. You can use the Employee and HR Manager plugin. This HR Manager plugin helps you generate some reports and manage payroll and shifts. You can calculate monthly and hourly salaries and do anything else you need for your employees.

In addition to managing employee departments and designations, this plugin allows you to manage leave requests and customize the Human Resources management system logo.

💵 By purchasing the theme for $19, you can have an updated plugin all the time.

Key Features:

  • It is possible to manage all options through a single interface
  • Allows you to mark your attendance and check if you are logged in with just a click
  • Organize an employee’s banking and personal information
  • Ability to create multiple departments and designations

Random Reviews:

  • A lot of bugs haven’t used this type of buggy HR Management System. If you’re willing to buy it only buy if you’ve got an extra amount of money. Non-Technical developers, resolve 1 issue after pointing them out and leave 2 or more bugs. Not Recommended. Although their support is good, in technical terms, they are not on the average line.

    DigitalMarketer786Oct 2021

  • I am very satisfied with the technical support I have received. They are very responsive.

    fizaljohariJan 2021

  • After installing the product, there were some issues, but support worked quickly to resolve them. Now everything is working correctly

    nbikashviliSep 2020

In conclusion, I will say

Lastly, we discussed the previous text’s best WordPress Employee Management plugins. If you want to increase your website, you can use them.

📌 Recommended: It is for this reason that we have posted articles about the best WordPress blog themes and the best WordPress plugins for bloggers.

It is my hope that you found this helpful.

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