4 Best WordPress Forex Market Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Pro)

In 2022, are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for Forex Market websites?

With this post, we will share the best WordPress Forex Market plugins. Aside from the design of these plugins, they can be easily integrated into any theme on WordPress.

Our hand-selected Forex Market plugin list can assist you in choosing the right one. Forex Widget, Real-Time Forex Charts, Forex Chart Widget, Forex Ticker Widget, WordPress Forex Trading Plugin, Forex Ticker, WordPress Forex Plugin, Currency Quotes Widget, WordPress Commodities Plugin, Forex Live Price Widget, Forex Live Chart Widget, WordPress Trading Plugin, Forex Signals Plugin for WordPress, and WordPress Stock Market Plugin can all be used.

In our previous article, we introduced the 10 best WordPress stock market plugins. However, in this article, we would like to focus on introducing the best WordPress Forex market plugins.

Additionally, we recommend checking out our selection of WordPress stock market plugins as well as WordPress cryptocurrency plugins.

Now let’s dive into the best WordPress plugins for Forex Market in 2022:

Premium Stock Market & Forex Widgets Plugin

Best Selling Stock Market Plugin

The Premium Stock Market & Forex Widgets plugin lets you view FOREX quotes and stock market data from numerous worldwide exchanges.

There is a wide range of sectors where this plugin is valuable, such as news media, financial blogs, asset management firms, and publicly traded companies.

As part of the plugin, you can access the following Forex markets and various stock exchanges: the NASDAQ, Toronto Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange.

Several features are available in this currency quotes widget, including the ability to configure colors for seamless integration into your website, search widgets, equity options, etc.

It is possible to translate static text strings into any language using this WordPress stock market plugin. Numbers and dates can also be displayed in any format according to your preferences.

💵 Pick up the template for $66 to have an updated plugin at all times.

Key Features:

  • There are several asset classes available
  • There is multilingual support available
  • Markets are available in a variety of formats
  • A widget builder is included that is easy to use
  • Pages dedicated to virtual assets are included

Random Reviews:

  • An excellent plugin that’s easy to integrate. The support is quick, friendly, and effective. Thank you!

    OfrikaNov 2021

  • The help I received from someone I’ve never met was appreciated.

    shermanchooJul 2021

Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets Plugin

Displays Stock Information On Your Website

Like Premium Stock Market & Forex Widgets, the Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets plugin allows you to display stock information on your website.

Multiple exchanges are supported by this forex live chart widget, including the NASDAQ, NYSE, SSE, JSE, NSE, and LSE.

You can fully customize this WordPress commodities plugin and select from various design options to create the widget of your choice.

Various widgets, stock widget links, glossy effects, a huge collection of stock market information, and many other features are included in this forex signal plugin for WordPress.

This WordPress forex plugin allows adding a glossy background to your widgets when the Glossy option is enabled. This is very effective when used in conjunction with the right combination of background and theme colors.

💵 You can take advantage of all the features offered and 1-year updates for $69.

Key Features:

  • Provides stock information on your website
  • Provides a variety of options for customizing widgets
  • A stock website or a stock page may be enhanced with buttons
  • You can link to the specific page of a stock
  • Eleven widgets are available, ranging from a ticker to a news section

Random Reviews:

  • Great plugin, works with no issues, and is easy to set up; one suggestion for future updates is to be able to create a second format for the same currency; for example, some stocks are measured in local currency, but others are indices that are measured in points or other units, I could use another currency and remove the symbol however the app converts the value to that currency. Please accept my sincerest thanks.

    hbschillerMar 2022

Financial Stocks & Crypto Market Data Plugin Plugin

A Financial Plugin for Stocks Prices, News & Fundamentals

The Financial Stocks & Crypto Market Data Plugin plugin for WordPress can be installed using a simple add-on wizard and configured to provide intraday delayed, real-time, and option prices for stocks, ETFs, funds, bonds, indices, options, and forex pairs.

Using this WordPress forex trading plugin, you can convert Forex currencies to cryptocurrencies in real time for your WordPress users. A cryptocurrency can also be converted into a Forex currency.

In addition, this forex live price widget can convert Forex currency into any other Forex currency. Additionally, this plugin allows you to convert cryptocurrencies into any other cryptocurrency of your choice.

This forex ticker plugin allows you to add fundamental stock and cryptographic data to your website without writing a single line of code.

This WordPress trading plugin allows you to integrate financial information into your websites, such as earnings balance sheets, equity stock shares, significant cash flows, and income statements.

However, to use this plugin to its full potential, you must subscribe to the EOD Historical Data Service and obtain a personal API key.

💵 This service is FREE of charge.

Key Features:

  • The fundamental data for stocks and cryptocurrencies can be added
  • You can convert Forex currency to any other Forex currency
  • It is possible to convert Forex currency into cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrencies can be converted to Forex currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies can be converted into any other cryptocurrency

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin added an element style to all newly created headings.

    BernhardAug 2021

  • This plugin adds live stock data to your website; no coding is required. It supports more than 60 exchanges and more than 120 000 symbols worldwide.

    alexbelMay 2020

  • An easy way to stay up to date on the stock market. Large database.

    katebush1May 2020

Stock Market & Forex Charts Plugin

Allows to Easily Embed Fully Customizable Interactive Stock Charts

Like Massive Stock Market & Forex Widgets, using the Stock Market & Forex Charts plugin, you can embed fully customizable interactive stock charts on your WordPress website.

Using this forex ticker widget’s native WordPress admin interface, you can customize the charts and add them to a page or post by copying the chart shortcode and pasting it into the page or post.

Additionally, this forex chart widget provides five chart types, daily & intraday data, trading volume graph translation ready, unlimited charts on one page, asset search and historical performance comparison, etc.

This real-time forex chart plugin does not require manual creation or editing of HTML or PHP code; no technical knowledge is required.

Unfortunately, there is no free version of this plugin.

💵 The plugin comes with 12 months of support time when you buy it for $32.

Key Features:

  • Customization of the look and feel is possible
  • It is possible to search assets and compare historical performance
  • There is an available graph of the trading volume
  • The data is provided on a daily and intraday basis
  • A single page can contain an unlimited number of charts
  • Charts can be categorized into five types

Random Reviews:

  • When I had an issue with changing purchase codes from my staging site to my live site, the support team answered me within 12 hours and fixed the issue immediately. Thank you!

    Error_UntitledFeb 2022

  • A custom application was created to match my needs and the site’s aesthetic. Customer support was excellent.

    WildwoodApr 2022

  • There is far more data here than on the market, and the developer is beneficial. A top-notch plugin!

    zfirstJun 2020

Finally, let me draw a conclusion

Here are some WordPress plugins that you should use. You can select one of these plugins to improve your website.

We hope this article is helpful to you.

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