4 Best WordPress PWA Plugins ⚑ 2022 (Free & Paid)

What is one of the best WordPress plugins for PWA?

We will cover some of the best WordPress PWA plugins that you can use. You will see that many of them have advanced features, and some are designed for novice users and visitors. Furthermore, all popular WordPress templates are also powered by these plugins.

We built the following advanced WordPress plugins uniquely for the PWA. You can also use these plugins for WooCommerce PWA, Progressive Web App, and PWA Push Notifications.

Best PWA Plugins for WordPress ⚑

Let us begin with the curated list of the best WordPress PWA plugins in 2022:

PWA for WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin for Building a PWA Solution

PWA for WordPress plugin is one of the best options for turning your website into PWA along with the best options.

Furthermore, you will be able to change the website’s time and date, along with its URL restrictions, through this WordPress plugin. By utilizing this plugin, your WordPress site is transformed into a PWA through the creation of two files, β€˜Manifest’ and β€˜Service Worker’.

WordPress caches may be set to expire after a specified period of time, and old caches will be purged after expiration to ensure PWA data remains current. With this plugin, URLs, such as those used to track arrivals and data acquisition destinations, can be excluded from PWA data.

πŸ’΅ Free version can be upgraded to the Pro version for a $99.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to utilize modern browser’s background-process-managers
  • Multi sites are supported
  • Shows the user’s installed apps (homescreen)
  • JavaScript file that controls PWA’s functions
  • Adds your own installation button and ignores the browser’s default installation popup
  • Offers continuous development
  • The icon, splash screen, even full-screen is modifiable
  • Visitors analytics will make the data available even when the user is offline
  • Full Google AMP Compatibility (as with Progressive WordPress plugin)

Random Reviews:

  • I quickly had a chat with the plugin author and he made every effort to improve the plugin for the benefit of its users. Out of the 7 WordPress quiz plugins I tested, this was the only one that worked for my (relatively simple) use case: Show question with image > Show correct solution with image.

    chkworldwideJun 2020

Progressive WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce PWA Plugin for WordPress

Making use of Progressive WordPress plugin, you are able to create a web application website, enjoying all the necessary features you need, even for supporting PWA in WooCommerce.

Moreover, this WordPress Plugin allows your website to be integrated into your customer’s home screen. Additionally, this module allows your customers to be informed about your business with the help of pop-up messages.

This progressive web app will automatically create a web application manifest directly from your WordPress backend without you having to learn to code.

As well as supporting Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) and being integrated with OneSignal, this plugin offers a number of additional benefits.

πŸ’΅ There is a price of $89 for the Pro version and 0 for the Lite version.

Key Features:

  • Cookies are not used, nor does it collect any personal information
  • No need to update
  • Runs on top of React.js for even greater power
  • Send notifications from the WP Admin interface using the PWA Push Notification feature
  • Uses a shimmer effect for unobtrusive loading indicators
  • Controls the way your website is displayed
  • Modern web technologies deliver a seamless, app-like experience along with your web browser
  • Sets the text within the Splash Screen (as with PWA for WordPress plugin)
  • The resources are served from local storage if there is no internet connection
  • Like a native app, your website is shown without any browser components

PWA Plugin

Progressive Web App Plugin for WordPress

PWA WordPress plugin is for you if you are looking for creating a web application website with strong support for HTTPs.

The reliability of the product is excellent, and it stacks immediately and does not display downasaurus, even under dubious circumstances. Users will experience silky smooth animation that responds to user interactions and no janky scrolling.

When you are creating plugins or themes that include service workers, you might find it useful.

Users can choose to switch to offline browsing on the Reading Settings page, which by default is disabled. The feature enables a network-first cache, so that previously viewed offline content will no longer be displayed when the content is accessed again after being viewed offline.

πŸ’΅ This plugin is free to download. You can use it at no cost.

Key Features:

  • Simple to design
  • Gives the PWA building squares
  • Feels like a natural app on the device
  • Upload gets served stale while revalidating
  • Uses the trademark

Random Reviews:

  • Until I find options and a way to make changes to my site, this is not worth buying. It didn’t change anything*br

    beddtimemediaApr 2022

  • The Add to Home Screen function does not work on iOS devices, so it’s pretty much useless.

    crocoartJul 2021

Super Progressive Web Apps Plugin

WordPress Plugin for Converting a Website into a PWA

With the Super Progressive Web Apps WordPress plugin, you can easily modify your website to become an amazing web application.

By using this plugin, you can create the best possible mobile web experience by integrating the best mobile apps and mobile web technologies.

Your mobile user will see a notification that says β€˜Add To Home Screen’ when they browse your website using their smartphone. This will allow them to download your website to their smartphone’s home screen.

In addition to the fact that all of the pages viewed are saved locally on the device, if the user is offline, they will still be able to access every page they visit.

There is one drawback to this plugin, namely, that the price of buying the premium version is extremely high.

πŸ’΅ The Pro version is at a price, while the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Manually save your preferences since the default ones won’t be saved
  • Removing every database entry and file that it creates
  • Change the color of the browser address bar of Chrome
  • Takes less than a minute to set-up
  • Set accelerated mobile page version of the start page
  • Easy to configure
  • Added support for high-quality splash screen
  • Aggressive caching of pages
  • Set the start page of your PWA
  • Edit the application name and application short name

Random Reviews:

  • I want to modify the manifest file, for PWA like Twitter, this is because I want to add web app screenshots also and app shortcuts. Is this plugin provide manifest file editing or offline page editing? For more customization!

    GNM TeamMar 2022

  • I’m pleased with its performance.

    loldoll62Mar 2022

  • So it worked for me

    indeed174Feb 2022

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