44 Best WooCommerce Themes for WordPress (2023)

Wondering what to consider when choosing the WooCommerce theme and how to make the right decision? Look through our list, which includes WooCommerce themes of all types.

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What to Look For in a WooCommerce WordPress Theme

A theme is a set of files responsible for displaying your site’s contents. Without a theme, your WooCommerce site will appear simple and dull. It will have content and features, but there will be no design.

The Internet is full of WordPress themes for almost any niche, and they can be both paid and free. Choosing a suitable theme is not always easy because of such a wide variety. However, there are some key points to pay attention to while searching.

  • Key features and functionality. When looking for a WordPress theme, consider the various features and capabilities your site will need. For example, an online store theme should support the integration with shopping cart plugins.
  • User feedback and ratings. Reviews of former and current users can give an impression of each theme, including its pros and cons. It does not mean that you should perceive each review as truth; consider them an opportunity to make more meaningful decisions.
  • Developer support and updates. Without proper support, the theme may become obsolete. Choosing a theme with frequent updates and constant developer support will guarantee the stability of your site.

To simplify your search, we recommend you review the features your site needs and then find themes that meet your expectations. Then, rate your possible choices according to two criteria — user feedback and developer support.

Gif Developer Support

The Difference Between WordPress Theme and Template

The difference between theme and template still doesn’t seem obvious. Yet, we will try to figure it out.

The WordPress theme is a complete design for the site. It covers everything you usually associate with web design — from colors to footers and button layouts on the sidebar. WordPress theme controls everything related to typography, including font, font style, margins and indents, and line spacing for titles, text, links, and more.

When you create a site and install a theme, its files are automatically uploaded to your web server. You will locate a theme in a zip file if you download it on your computer. The collection of the files and folders inside is the essence of your theme. Some of these files are WordPress templates.

So, the next question arises: what is the WordPress template?

In other systems, a template refers to the site’s overall design. However, in WordPress terminology, a template is a page layout available within a theme. Simply put, a template is just a single page layout, not the whole site design.

The formula is:

  • theme = design of the entire site;
  • template = single page layout on the site.

Some standard WordPress templates are common to almost all themes. For example, the Archive.php template displays a list of messages (within a category, tag, or date range). And the Single.php template displays individual blog messages. Check the template hierarchy to see which template WordPress uses on any page of your site.

In addition to standard templates, some themes have custom templates that include specific design solutions. You may have a particular template for the user contact section or a full-sized page template.

Zolden — Crocoblock Dynamic Template

🏆 Best for usage on WooCommerce websites with lots of dynamic content.

zolden woocommerce dynamic template

Zolden is a dynamic template for creating a WooCommerce store in Elementor. It allows you to design various pages and customize each and every element of them. For example, you can build a single product page with a reviews section and include related products. To make a page more engaging, Zolden offers four product gallery layouts, a pop-up with a size chart, and a bunch of sticky elements.

This WooCommerce theme can create product catalogs, insert advanced filters, and put discount badges. Besides, Zolden provides two archive templates, as well as compare and wishlist functionality, to improve the UX. With all the ready-to-use templates inside Zolden, building custom WooCommerce store pages, like My Account, Thank You, or Cart pages, is a breeze. Check the demo to try everything out.

Pricing: Zolden comes as a free add-on to any all-inclusive plans by Crocoblock that start at $199.

8 Best Free WooCommerce Themes

Nowadays, every simple WooCommerce theme provides enough possibilities to create full-fledged online stores to promote products/services. Free WooCommerce themes are the best way to stay on budget while launching a new website, project, or brand. So, I picked three free WooCommerce themes to accomplish the task and meet the budget.

Neve Shop

🏆Best for WordPress newbies who need e-stores optimized for search engines.

neve shop woocommerce theme

ThemeIsle is a talented team of developers constantly releasing high-quality themes and plugins. Neve is one of the latest ThemeIsle products on the market, and it is an ultra-fast, easily customizable, and multi-purpose theme. The creators claim it is ideal for blogs, business sites, startups, agencies, firms, e-commerce stores, personal sites, and portfolios.

Neve is a fully optimized and responsive theme. It is light and has a minimalist design, so users can easily avoid clutter and focus on the essentials of their future WooCommerce store. Neve is also SEO optimized, resulting in a better ranking of websites in search results. And it’s a great plus for those who have no SEO knowledge.

Besides, the Neve theme integrates with the most popular page builders, including Elementor, Beaver Page Builder, and others. Neve has a Pro version, yet, its free possibilities are also enough to create a functional online store. 

Pricing: a free version with basic features and Pro plans with advanced customization options for €99 per year.

Ocean WP

🏆Best multipurpose theme for designing various types of WordPress web pages.

ocean wp woocommerce theme

OceanWP is a modern and simple WooCommerce theme with great flexibility while not overloaded with code. Though it fits many tasks, we are only interested in WooCommerce integration, and OceanWP is here for you. Like many other advanced WooCommerce themes, OceanWP is fast, adaptive, and SEO-optimized. 

OceanWP is one of the best free WooCommerce themes because of its versatility: it is suitable for e-commerce sites, businesses, blogs, and portfolios. OceanWP has several native e-commerce features, such as a cart pop-up, floating add-to-cart bar, and product quick view feature.

The theme also includes a static header for the entire screen width, a hero image on the homepage, 13 demo options, and an incredible number of extensions. Thus, OceanWP is perhaps the most flexible option on our list.

OceanWP works with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver, Brizy, Visual Composer, Divi, SiteOrigin, and others. 

Pricing: free.


🏆Best for users who like to have extra customization options.

deep woocommerce theme

Deep is a multipurpose WordPress theme with more than 120 demos and 160 templates. The best thing about Deep is that you can establish your website no matter what you want to do with it. Whether it is a blog or an online shop, Deep has prepared everything for you. 

Super-fast, SEO-optimized, and fully responsive, Deep is easily customizable with Elementor.

If you are planning to get your online shop up and running, Deep is what you should get. 

The new features of Deep are jaw-dropping. The latest version received a new function called Woo Builder, which customizes WooCommerce pages for online shops. 

The newest Deep theme features include a wishlist page, order tracking, product loop, new styling options, and more.

Pricing: free. A Deep PRO theme with premium support and advanced features is available for $39 per year.

Blossom Shop

🏆Best for designing feminine web shops.

blossom shop woocommerce theme

Blossom Shop is a feminine WordPress theme that supports the popular WooCommerce plugin. You can easily start an online store in different niches like fashion, cosmetics, accessories, furniture, and lifestyle products.

The theme boasts a clean, robust homepage design with responsive and mobile-ready layouts. It ensures your website adapts to all major devices with different screen sizes for optimal user experience. 

Moreover, the theme follows the best SEO guidelines to help websites secure higher ranks on search engine result pages. It also offers an eye-catching subscription form to reach prospects with offers and announcements and increase the email list. 

In addition, Blossom Shop supports localization so that users can set up the theme in their local language.

Pricing: free.


🏆Best for designing a performance-focused website.

rishi core vital optimized wordpress theme

Rishi is a Core Web Vitals-optimized WordPress theme compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. You can quickly kickstart an online shop and sell your products and merchandise using Rishi. 

The theme boasts a handful of starter demos for building websites effortlessly. The one-click demo import feature allows the import of the required files and settings with a single click. 

You can even design the layouts and elements of your website using powerful WordPress tools like Elementor and Gutenberg. Rishi offers over 1000 Google fonts, unlimited color combinations, and advanced typography for flexible customization. 

Rishi is a beast when it comes to speed and performance, and it lands a speed score of 100% with a load time of less than 500ms. Likewise, the theme has a fully responsive, mobile-friendly build that adapts to all devices and screen sizes.

On top of that, Rishi follows the best SEO practices for higher search engine rankings.

Pricing: Rishi is a free theme that also comes in a Pro package with extra features and extensions for $59 per year.


🏆Best for creating responsive, lightweight web stores.

Woostify free woo theme

Woostify is a powerful WooCommerce theme that is fast, lightweight, and highly responsive. It features an easy setup procedure and allows customizing each element of an e-store, improving the shopping experience and boosting sales.

Woostify includes functional designs, provides complete control over your store’s pages, and adds various features to make it more powerful.

Besides, the theme is mobile-first, which helps websites look great on mobile devices.

Without any third-party plugins, Woostify provides all the vital features for online stores, such as Ajax search and filter, Sale notification, Countdown timer, and Size guide. These features improve the site’s speed and protect it from security threats.

Furthermore, this theme is built with SEO in mind, making it easier and faster for your online store to rank high in the search results.

Pricing: the free version is available. Woostify Pro costs $49 per year.

Qi Theme

🏆Best for building WooCommerce sites using pre-built design demos.

QI Theme by Qode Interactive

Qi Theme, developed by the award-winning Qode Interactive team, is packed with tons of amazing shop features. The best part is this beautifully designed theme comes at zero cost. So, if you’re searching for a free, feature-rich, and stunning theme for your online shop, search no further. No matter which niche you cover, Qi gets you covered. Since it comes with 100 free demo options, many of which are crafted specifically for eCommerce sites, it can be used for any shop type. I recommend you to check out its Jewelry store, Fashion store, Interior design, and Toy shop templates to get an accurate impression of what this theme offers.

What is also great about Qi is its versatile selection of product lists for presenting merchandise in unique ways and an extensive collection of fully flexible single-product layouts ideal for any business niche. On top of this, this lovely theme fully integrates with the WooCommerce plugin to provide a smooth, enjoyable user experience to website visitors.

Lastly, Qi supports Elementor page builder, so anyone who likes this WordPress builder can use it easily.

Pricing: free.

Zigcy Lite

🏆Best free WordPress theme with deep WooCommerce integration.

Zigcy Lite WooCommerce theme

Zigcy Lite is an elegant and stylish WooCommerce theme. Use it to create stunning online stores and eCommerce sites because this responsive theme features speed, optimization, and usability.

It provides three unique ready-to-use demo versions — Zigcy Fashion Store, Zigcy Furniture Store, and Zigcy Electronics Store, which can be imported with one click. It also includes two WooCommerce layouts with four unique pages and publication designs.

Besides, Zigcy offers an attractive call-to-action section, slider, and customizable home page. Zigcy Lite is fully optimized for SEO, and fast loading makes it an ideal e-commerce theme. Also, this WooCommerce theme has a built-in customizer for setting up and previewing the site online.

Pricing: free.

6 Minimalistic and Lightweight Themes

A minimalist and straightforward WooCommerce theme probably is the best for beginners. They are easy to install and use and require minimum or no coding skills. So, if you’re not tech-savvy, you can still launch the website. Besides, minimalistic and lightweight WooCommerce themes lack clutter and excessive content, which provides a more satisfying UX.

Virtual Store

🏆Best for simple, readable, and stylish Internet stores.

Virtual Store WooCommerce theme

Virtual Store is a modern, clean, fully responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme to create a simple and elegant online store. It has a built-in responsive and mobile-friendly slider, with featured text and a featured product in a grid-based layout on the home page.

Virtual Store is super simple to set up, and add your products to a slider or under the featured products section. You can add as many products as you like.

The theme is built with speed in mind: it loads very fast, and your potential clients will see your products immediately. You can add your products in specific categories, so it’s easy to navigate; it also has blog sections where you can write blog posts about your store and products.

Pricing: $59 one-time fee with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


🏆Best for large e-stores with minimalist designs.

botiga woocommerce theme

Botiga is a WooCommerce theme ideal for creating eCommerce stores with minimalist designs. It comes with pre-set color palettes to ease the designer’s work. If you’re the owner of a beauty products store, you’re in luck because Botiga offers a beauty online store demo in the free version. Go Pro if you’re in the apparel, furniture, jewelry, or electronics business. Other Pro features include advanced layouts and styles, review forms, CTAs, video/audio galleries, and more. 

Minimal design is appealing to customers and contributes to fast loading speeds, making Botiga one of the best WordPress themes for e-stores with more than 10,000 products.

Pricing: free. Botiga Pro costs $69 per year.


🏆Best for creating unique business brands.

Toucan is a carefully designed WordPress theme that suits the needs of businesses, from small personal shops to large retail stores. WooCommerce WordPress plugin is fully supported so that you can easily create or redesign your shop.

Every visual aspect of this theme is designed with flexibility in mind, enabling users to set their logo, brand colors, and fonts to match their brand. Toucan helps you increase conversions with special features such as the floating checkout button that reminds the customer to complete the purchase or the sticky header that keeps the “Add to cart” button always at hand.

To make sure this theme is a good fit, you have the option to create a fully functional test drive copy of the demo website, completely free and with no credit card needed. Log in to the WordPress dashboard and play around with theme options before purchasing.

Pricing: $69.

Corporate Plus

🏆Best for professionally looking websites.

Corporate Plus WooCommerce theme

Corporate Plus is a minimalist and attractive solution for business sites. This theme allows you to add a slider along the entire width of the screen, as well as the sections “About Us,” “Services,” and “Contacts” to the main page of a full-featured single-page site. If you like multi-page sites more, you can design each section as a separate page.

If you want to expand the site’s functionality — and this is exactly why we are here — you must know that Corporate Plus is compatible with WooCommerce. You can turn your website into a full-fledged platform for selling physical or digital products.

Corporate Plus offers a variety of advanced widgets and customizable side menus. Also, you will find custom CSS, advanced slider options, multilingual support, and an adaptive layout.

Pricing: Corporate Plus is a free theme. The Corporate Plus Pro with more WooCommerce features costs $69 per year.


🏆Best for starting a new website using premade Elementor layouts.

Airi WooCommerce theme

Airi is a modern and minimalist responsive theme for WooCommerce. This flexible theme for business card sites is used both by companies and freelancers. You can create a site from scratch or customize one of the existing demos — change the color scheme to match your brand and use widgets for services, feedback, or portfolio to make your site more attractive.

The theme’s official documentation contains all necessary instructions for starting work. If you encounter any problems in the process of using the theme, check Airi’s online forum.

The best feature of Airi is the attractive full-screen banner on the first scroll that you can adapt for sales or other campaigns. Airi supports the “sticky” navigation menu and social network buttons. Besides, it provides access to Google Fonts and is multilingual.

Pricing: free.


🏆Best for small and medium-sized businesses.

Spacious WooCommerce Theme

A clear and minimalist layout can impress site visitors and potential customers. A distinctive feature of the Spacious theme is a clean, professional-looking design, although this theme has other benefits.

With access to premium options, Spacious allows you to quickly create a professional site for the business, company, freelance, online store, etc. It is a multifaceted and versatile theme with ready-made page layouts and 13 customizable areas for widgets.

In addition, you can use the online customizer to add a brand logo, links to social networks, and even set up a slider on the home page. And, of course, as it supports WooCommerce, you can create a well-managed store with a friendly UI.

Pricing: Spacious Pro plan with advanced features costs $69 per year, while the free version is also available.

3 Fastest WooCommerce Themes

Page speed is one of the most important SEO factors. Additionally, site speed influences sales and visits, so it is reasonable to pay some attention to this issue. It is challenging to evaluate a theme performance honestly, and I am here to help you find the fastest WooCommerce theme for your next shop.


🏆Best premium-grade theme for zero dollars.

Bento WooCommerce Theme

Bento is a free universal WooCommerce theme that features powerful functionality yet, is quite easy to use. Bento offers customizable templates and a drag-and-drop page composer. So, to customize the theme, no technical knowledge is necessary.

The theme allows you to create both a multi-page and a single-page website. Moreover, it provides a library with advanced font settings and more than 500 vector icons. As a result, you get a fast-loading adaptive site ready for SEO promotion and suitable for retina displays.

Being compatible with WooCommerce, Bento includes page templates and widgets that allow for customizing the checkout process on the site fully. The theme also offers a child theme template for changing the main theme without damaging the source code.

Bento supports a “sticky” navigation menu and infinite scrolling; it supports different post formats: images, videos, quotes, and blog posts. It can be translated into other languages and has complete documentation available online.

Pricing: free.


🏆Best for users who want to use a speed optimization wizard.

Porto WooCommerce Theme

Porto is one of the most popular themes and can be recognized as the fastest WooCommerce theme, and rightly so. The developers offer multiple design variations specifically created for online stores. All of them are divided into niches, which simplifies the setup. For example, if you want to open an online gadget store, clothing store, bicycle store, or something else, Porto is always at your service.

Along with the design, Porto provides extra WooCommerce features that expand any website’s capabilities. You get a lot of control over small design details. Headers are fully customizable (adjust them manually, or choose from the library of ready-made headers). Apply various layouts, customize the mega menu, quickly view the product item using a lightbox, customize your product pages, use shortcodes to add items to pages, translate with WPML, adjust parallax scrolling, and much more.

Pricing: $59.


🏆Best for building any layouts using blocks.

Kadence WooCommerce Theme

Kadence is the theme that offers high-end performance, fast page speed, and multiple visual builders for customizing the site’s header and almost all its other elements. Initially, it is based on the Gutenberg block editor that makes this theme light, clean, and fast. Kadence theme includes almost all the tools needed to create a professional website.

Kadence features advanced integration with WooCommerce that allows you to: customize product pages, design a pop-up cart, add a cart icon in the header, apply markers on the product page, play with My Account page settings, and more.

An AJAX search makes this theme even more attractive. Besides, Kadence offers breadcrumbs to guide customers through the shopping process, multiple columns and dropdown menus for designing mega menus, etc.

Pricing: the Kadence theme with WooCommerce add-on costs $79 per year.

5 Best Converting WooCommerce Themes

Spoiler: choosing the right theme isn’t a golden ticket to sky-high conversion rates. However, it can help you create a solid foundation to maximize sales. So why not consider this parameter? I picked several converting WooCommerce themes for you.


🏆Best for its extensive library of pre-built websites.

astra woocommerce theme

Astra is a super-fast, light, fully customizable, and beautiful theme. The theme is suitable for any type of website. Yet, we are interested in the WooCommerce integration, and Astra provides it entirely.

The main advantages of Astra are the loading speed, the ability to customize any element, a large template library, and many plugins to expand the functionality. Besides, it is created with SEO in mind and designed to uplift conversion rates. It comes with an integrated Schema.org code and is ready to use AMP. So, search engines will like your site.

Even without coding skills, you can easily change the site’s design using the WordPress Customizer. Astra is compatible with popular page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, Gutenberg block editor, etc.

Pricing: Astra offers three premium plans from $59 to $249 per year, with costlier plans including more templates and plugins.

Th Shop Mania

🏆Best for creating advanced designs for e-stores.

woocommerce fashion store theme

Th Shop Mania is a page builder-based eCommerce WordPress theme for shopping websites. It is a lightweight and cleanly-coded fast theme, and Search Engines will love your site. The theme allows you to showcase products beautifully using widgets. Best suitable for designing websites like fashion, electronic, medical, cosmetic, grocery, watches, furniture, shoe, jewelry, multivendor stores, etc.

The theme has many advanced options and very attractive demo templates, giving lots of opportunities to welcome customers, introduce them to your business, and sell site products. It is highly compatible with Elementor, Brizy, Pagelayer, WPBeaver Builder, Divi, Getwid blocks, Contact Form 7, Lead Form Builder, Dokan Multivendor, WCFM, Loco Translate, WPML, Polylang, YITH Wishlist, TH All in One Woo Cart, TH Advance Search, TH Product Compare, TH Variation Swatches, Mailchimp, Yoast SEO, WP Popup Builder, and many more plugins and builders.

Pricing: a free version with limited functionalities is available. The full version costs $59 per year.


🏆Best easy-to-use free WooCommerce theme.

Zakra WooCommerce Theme

Lightweight but powerful, Zakra is one of the best free WordPress themes created for optimal performance and high speed. This theme will undoubtedly impress your visitors by combining a visually attractive design and a multifunctional toolbar.

Zakra is an SEO-friendly and RTL-enabled responsive theme with simple settings. It also works well with major page builders and is easy to configure. Zakra is ready for AMP. It is compatible with Gutenberg, WooCommerce, GDPR, and WordPress plugins and improves website SEO.

The theme includes 20+ ready-made demo sites for various purposes: real estate, education, dentistry, online stores, cafes, spas, etc. Other notable features include advanced font and text settings, color customization, free multi-language support, mobile optimizations, multiple headers, and detailed documentation.

Pricing: free.


🏆Best for WooCommerce sites with elaborate product layouts.

Shoppe is an ultralight, mobile-ready WooCommerce theme employed on many e-stores, fashion, and lifestyle websites. One of the distinct features of the theme is the abundance of layout options for headings and footers and nine post layouts (masonry, overlay, polaroid, and more). The layout options are flexible, so you can choose different post setups for different pages.

This theme provides a great user experience with impressive shop features: image zoom, quick look lightbox, wishlist, and AJAX cart. Besides, users can share the products on social platforms with easy-to-access share buttons next to the buy button.

Large e-stores can use a convenient multi-column mega menu. It can display multiple product categories, subcategories, latest additions, and popular choices to catch prospects’ attention. 

Pricing: $59.


🏆Best for creating professional one-page websites.

Allegiant WooCommerce Theme

If you’re a small business owner or agency looking for a functional WooCommerce theme, consider Allegiant — a versatile and flexible solution.

The theme gives complete control over the layout, as well as various page design options and five side menu templates. In addition, it is possible to add social network buttons, price tables, message windows, etc., using shortcodes.

The full-screen slider on the home page gives the option to add effective CTAs, sales announcements, etc. Users will also appreciate the ready-made blocks and widgets for showcasing services, team members, reviews, partner logos, portfolios, and more.

With an unlimited color palette and access to Google Fonts, Allegiant is easy to personalize. The template is adaptive, making your site look great on any device.

Pricing: $59 per year for one site.

2 Best Themes for Mobile

Finding the best WooCommerce theme for a smooth mobile experience is quite a challenge. The increased usage of smartphones nowadays accelerates the growth of the online market. So, it is imperative to choose a mobile-friendly eCommerce theme. Consider the following options.


🏆Best for building a multi-vendor marketplace for electronics.

Electro is optimized for any device and is updated regularly. Besides, it is flexible, highly customizable, and has straightforward and understandable code. The most distinct feature of the theme is the YITH Ajax Filter.

The theme was designed specifically for electronic stores. So, if you want to sell gadgets, Electro is a good option. It provides more than ten widescreen demos and multi-vendor marketplace pages. Besides, you can customize the headers, personalizing them by changing the typography, colors, menu position, etc.

Electro features unique WooCommerce layouts to showcase your gadgets and provide advanced reviews, accessories, and product characteristics for quicker checkout.

Pricing: $59.


🏆Best for making mobile-friendly designs.

Avada Theme for Mobile

Avada is probably the best WooCommerce theme for a positive mobile experience. It contains interesting features, ready-made layouts, settings, and even third-party plugins. If you are looking for a flexible solution to create a WooCommerce store and display it on the smartphone correctly, then you should try Avada.

The complete list of features is very long. Here are some of the functions that Avada offers:

  • all demo content is presented as individual ready-made templates;
  • Full-Screen Background Video feature;
  • side headers;
  • blur and scroll effects for background images;
  • built-in styles for popular plugins (WooCommerce and Gravity Forms).

All features can be easily customized to suit your needs, making Avada an extremely flexible tool. The best thing about it is the Advanced Responsive Image Setup option that allows users to load the correct image size based on the size of the screen or container.

Pricing: $69.

5 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Themes

If you decide to design your own e-commerce marketplace, consider some options I picked for you and choose the best WooCommerce marketplace theme. They can build a store where vendors can sign up and sell their products.

Reign MultiVendor Theme

🏆Best for creating an all-in-one trading platform.

Reign - a multi-vendor marketplace theme

Reign is the best WooCommerce theme that enables sellers to create their own multi-vendor marketplace. It works well with the WooCommerce plugin, ensuring smooth transactions. Users with vendor capabilities can set up stores, create products, sell them and start earning.

It is suitable for all the popular multi-vendor plugins with dedicated Reign Design Addons, for example, Dokan multivendor marketplace, WC Vendor, and WCFM. You can sell anything, including clothes, electronics, furniture, or even services.

It is lightweight and adaptable, allowing for developer-level customizations. Furthermore, Reign provides marketplace demos and a one-click demo installer for easy setup.

Pricing: $69.

RetailMarket WordPress Theme

🏆Best for building sites using a drag-and-drop editor.

Retail market theme

RetailMarket is one of the best marketplace themes, and it is a one-time purchase with lifetime access and support. With this theme, you can create a marketplace effortlessly by following simple steps. A developer-friendly theme with an impressive and ready-to-use demo, RetailMarket supports all the popular multivendor plugins available in the market, like Dokan, WC Vendors, and WCFM. 

RetailMarket is retina-ready and responsive. It has different header and footer layouts, allowing you to pick any of them. Additionally, it integrates a mega menu for easy navigation and provides full control over every aspect of the website. It is also compatible with the Elementor page builder, so even users with no coding skills can make customization changes.

Pricing: a lifetime license costs $69.


🏆Best for designs with complete flexibility and compatibility.

Urna Multi Vendor Theme

Urna is a WooCommerce theme designed specifically for creating multi-vendor marketplaces. The flexible and responsive multi-user WooCommerce marketplace theme establishes and changes any element within several minutes by means of powerful parameters.

To set up the multi-vendor platform properly, Urna works with the leading eCommerce solutions, for example, Dokan, and some other multi-vendor add-ons for WooCommerce, such as WCFM and WC Vendors. 

The theme includes many settings to customize the primary color, fonts, widgets, and widget areas. It is also incredibly responsive, suitable for Retina displays, and optimized for higher search engine ranking. Urna is also compatible with other page designers, such as Beaver Builder or Elementor.

Pricing: $59.


🏆Best for modern, eye-catching e-shops.

Martify Marketplace Theme

Martify is a WooCommerce marketplace theme that provides five different demos to help you quickly launch a multi-vendor eCommerce store. Each demo in the Martify theme package focuses on various types of products, like gadgets or furniture. 

Martify provides a mobile-responsive design, sliders to showcase discounts or best-sellers, and interactive product displays with hover-activated tooltips and icons. Also, the theme offers the Deal of the Day option for any store to promote a particular product. The Deal of the Day widget has a countdown timer to let your customers see exactly when the deal will expire and a ticker that displays how many deal items are in stock. You can define the deal deadline and even include the options from various categories.

Pricing: $59.

Woo Auction

🏆Best for building secure and catchy car auctions.

Woo Auction is a WordPress theme designed for building WooCommerce online marketplaces, but mainly for car auctions. It features ready-made templates for running various types of buying processes: simple, reverse, silent auctions, and proxy bidding. 

Users can employ one of many pre-made inner pages for displaying auctioned items in the best way possible. The Woo Auction developers remembered that most web browsing happens on mobile devices now, so this theme truly shines on smaller screens. 

Woo Auction theme provides secure services to car dealerships and private vendors, offering plenty of protection features for user authentication, fair auction bitting, and more.

Pricing: $47 per year.

3 Best Elementor WooCommerce Themes

Elementor is a multifunctional page designer. It is used for the layout of landings, longreads, articles, and everything you want. It requires no code and no programming from users. Thanks to such visual builders, life has become much easier for people who want to create websites individually. Here are the best Elementor WooCommerce themes to launch sales.


🏆Best for establishing stable and efficient eCommerce services.

Generate Press WooCommerce Theme for Elementor

GeneratePress is a responsive WooCommerce theme with optimized loading speed. The modular approach allows you to connect the necessary add-ons. You can deactivate the plugins you don’t use, so they don’t upload scripts to your site.

The theme integrates with Schema.org micro-data, which improves the website’s SEO.

GeneratePress provides a standard Live-customizer from WordPress to adjust all the elements and control the settings. The theme includes a library with more than 600 Font Awesome icons.

The theme uses multiple WordPress hooks and filters, so you do not have to break your head for a long time to figure out how it works under the hood.

Pricing: premium plan costs $59 per year, and a free version with basic features is also available.

Jupiter X

🏆Best for websites with unlimited customization options.

Jupiter X WooCommerce Theme for Elementor

Jupiter X is a versatile platform for creating websites quickly and easily with the perfect pixel design. It is a highly configurable WooCommerce theme with Elementor integration. A brand-new store customizer adjusts every aspect of an online store, including the checkout and shopping cart page. Moreover, users can personalize headers and footers using Elementor.

Jupiter X supports SVG images, provides a developer mode that cuts off caching, and does some other theme tricks to ensure code clarity. Also, it connects with CSS Analytics, Adobe fonts, and third-party tracking codes. Lastly, Jupiter X integrates with APIs, Twitter, and Google Maps.

Pricing: $59.


🏆Best for users who need a lightweight easy-to-adjust WordPress theme.

Yatri Theme for Elementor

Yatri is another multi-purpose WooCommerce theme with Elementor integration. It is suitable for personal blogs, online stores, agencies, or restaurant sites, and its main feature is a simple, flexible, and customizable design.

Fonts, colors, layout styles, spacing — you can customize all these elements. In addition, ready-made Elementor templates and blocks allow you to create a full-featured site without wasting much time and effort and with no coding skills.

You will like Yatri’s incredible download speed, adaptive layout, and various configurations. 

Pricing: free.

2 Divi WooCommerce Themes

Divi is a WordPress builder that, depending on the type of page, allows users to customize page elements through the backend page editor or the front-end interface, where modules and elements are inserted and configured visually. Let’s look at some WooCommerce themes that will work with Divi flawlessly.


🏆Best for its visual editor qualities.

Divi Theme for WooCommerce

We can’t talk about Divi WooCommerce themes and not mention the Divi theme itself. 

Divi is a multi-purpose theme with a rich set of features. It allows you to design and customize almost any aspect of your site and download individual posts and pages. 

With the Divi theme, you will get a page builder, a convenient WordPress Customizer, and easy testing capabilities. Divi also features dedicated WooCommerce modules for adding, removing, and styling the various WooCommerce elements that form product pages.

Besides, you can design custom product page layouts without writing a single line of code. Divi includes the set of modules required to create and design a WooCommerce store, so you won’t have to install some third-party plugins. Also, it features global elements and styles, offers about 800 pre-coded website layouts, and provides custom CSS controls.

Pricing: $89 per year.


🏆Best for creating WooCommerce websites using modules.

Artisan WooCommerce Theme for Divi

Artisan is a Divi eCommerce child theme with custom Divi page layouts, which include about, blog, single post, shop, product, account, cart, and checkout pages. Using the built-in slider, lightbox, and full-width gallery styles, you can show off your products in the best way possible. 

The artisan theme features a clean and minimalistic design, which will impress even the most demanding customer. Its uniqueness retains on mobile screens without losing quality or distortion of the layout.

You will not need third-party add-ons to create a WooCommerce shop because Artisan provides 25 unique widgets for building any type of page. Each widget provides content sections like related posts, shop items, CTA, subscription forms, etc.

Pricing: $129 per year.

2 Beaver WooCommerce Themes

Beaver Builder uses the foreground editor. It means you can make changes directly on your website using a visual editor and view the changes on the front end. Beaver Builder has always been easy to use as it provides a user-friendly experience that other drag-and-drop builders try to match.


🏆Best for one-page websites.

Hestia WooCommerce Theme for Beaver

The pure minimalist single-page Hestia theme design can make a strong first impression on any user. Designed specifically for professionals, Hestia offers a modern design that is perfect for corporate and startup sites, firms, and creative agencies.

Hestia comes with basic designs, so you don’t need to create a site from scratch. Regarding performance, Hestia is very responsive, SEO-optimized, and compatible with Beaver Builder, WooCommerce, and Gutenberg. Finally, it includes a mega menu, allowing full control over the design and structure of all menus.

Pricing: €69 per year for a single website.

Page Builder Framework

🏆Best for providing a simple user experience and great functionality.

Page Builder Framework Theme for WooCommerce

Page Builder Framework theme is a fast and easy-to-configure WordPress theme, compatible with WooCommerce, Gutenberg, and SEO requests, so it is ideal for creating any commercial project. The theme does not require writing complex codes, so anyone, even the most inexperienced user, can handle it.

Page Builder Framework includes a clean base or framework on which you can use Beaver Builder to build WooCommerce websites. With this theme, you get full support for Beaver Builder, including the Beaver Themer add-on.

You can apply countless customization options using the Theme Customizer. The theme weighs less than 50KB, providing superfast performance and loading speeds. Try out the impressive Premium version to expand the functionality using some advanced features.

Pricing: the free version has a limited number of features. The Pro Plan costs $58 per year.

3 Dropshipping WooCommerce Themes

Dropshipping is a way of selling goods when you fulfill the customers’ orders without stock of the products. After customers make orders on your website, all products are shipped directly from another supplier. Fortunately, dropshipping WooCommerce themes are abundant, and you can read about some of them below.


🏆Best free theme with deep WooCommerce integration.

It’s never too late to launch your own online store, and Storefront will help you do that. Since WooCommerce developers created this theme, it easily integrates with the WordPress site, turning it into a sales tool.

Using a huge quantity of WooCommerce extensions, you can add any functionality to the site: the ability to subscribe or add a product to a wishlist, create a table for dynamic pricing, and much more. And you can build an excellent parallax background on the home page and create customizable product galleries to showcase many options.

Pricing: free.


🏆Best for e-stores with elegant design.

Ashe theme for WooCommerce

Ashe is an elegant option that deserves special attention on this list. Although it’s a nice theme for content-oriented sites, blogs, or others, it works flawlessly with WooCommerce so that you can create a shop page for your merch or other goods.

Ashe offers simple and responsive WooCommerce templates with stylish designs making all content attractive and unique. With ready-made page demos, an adaptive layout, and the ability to add images to the navigation menu, the only thing left to take care of is publishing your materials and adding some products.

Ashe’s configuration allows displaying up to three linked images for site navigation. The theme is also compatible with the most popular search engine optimization plugins.

Pricing: Ashe is free to use but lacks many WooCommerce features. Ashe Pro costs a $30 one-time fee.


🏆Best for building websites with multiple shipping and payment options.

Soma WooCommerce Theme

Soma is another WooCommerce dropshipping theme that offers a flexible customization process and focuses on a clean and minimal design. It has an off-canvas mini cart and multiple shipping and payment options.

You can easily change fonts using advanced typography settings. The theme also includes many unique drag-and-drop widgets to use with the visual builder. Besides, Soma supports the “sticky” menu feature, which improves user experience, and RTL texts to broaden the website’s audience. 

It works well with Gutenberg and integrates with popular page builders, such as SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, and Elementor. 

Pricing: $59.

4 Best Premium Themes

If money is not a problem, consider purchasing a paid WooCommerce theme. These themes provide demos and advanced tools for any project to help visualize your design ideas better. Here are a few themes that will help your site to stand out and help increase conversion.

X Theme

🏆Best for creating e-stores using drag-and-drop visual builder.

x theme woocommerce theme

X is a powerful paid WooCommerce theme that can help you create an online store with minimal effort. It provides four main categories of pre-coded demos, and you can start using one of them by adding elements and templates you need for your site. The Drag & Drop tool allows you to develop a user interface quickly, and modules allow you to create unique designs with several clicks.

With the help of Role Manager, you can configure the functionality for each client or team member. For example, enable editing posts or provide access to specific site tools. V2 Elements module offers a bunch of variable settings for the site fine-tuning, and Global Blocks offers convenient blocks for designing and compiling site content.

Pricing: $59.


🏆Best for users looking for fully customizable designs.

This theme offers a lot of ready-to-use section templates and multiple options to customize their looks. With Mesmerize, you can simply click on any element of the page, be it a text, heading, background image, borders, or anything else, and modify it while seeing how it looks in real-time. You can relocate any elements in a similar manner using drag-and-drop techniques.

Mesmerize includes many predesigned pages and sections for e-stores, including user accounts, product details, cart, etc., and users can install them with just a few clicks. The paid version offers many WooCommerce-ready website demos for businesses in different spheres. 

Pricing: a free version with basic features is available. Mesmerize Pro costs €79.


🏆Best for an immense library of unique demos.

Uncode is one of the most popular multi-purpose premium WordPress themes because it offers an impressive list of features. The latest version of the theme comes with a huge library of unique ideas and fantastic website demos. It comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which allows you to customize demo content using the Drag & Drop visual editor.

Uncode combines high performance with good page dynamics. It features a powerful Visual Composer for creating unique pages, various types of carousels, and a premium Slider Revolution plugin for designing catchy sliders for the hero page.

Uncode adapts to any screen size, provides smooth CSS animation and SEO optimization, and integrates with Contact Form 7. Also, it supports a sticky menu and makes it possible to set a unique menu on each page.

Pricing: $59.


🏆Best for users who need a flexible and easy-to-use theme with pre-made designs.

SeedProd is a robust WordPress theme that includes many WooCommerce templates for building various shopping pages. Users can modify most page elements, including layouts, backgrounds, fonts, colors, headings, and more. Creating unique carts, shopping lists, and product pages are straightforward with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

You don’t have to be a designer to create beautiful websites with SeedProd, as it comes with 59 professionally built designs that don’t require additional work. Use one of the 20+ color palettes and font combinations to get a quality kick start at creating your signature style. 

Pricing: SeedProd Basic license costs $79 per year, while the Elite license with WooCommerce support sells for $599 per year.

WooCommerce Themes FAQs

What is a WooCommerce theme?

WooCommerce theme is a set of files, settings, and templates activated on WordPress sites to control the appearance and functionality required for e-stores.

How to choose a WooCommerce theme?

The main criteria for choosing a WooCommerce theme are design features, functionalities, user feedback, developer support, and updates.

What is the best free WooCommerce theme?

OceanWP is considered to be the best free WooCommerce theme.

What is the best minimalist WooCommerce theme?

Virtual Store is one of the best minimalist WooCommerce themes.

What is the best dynamic WooCommerce template?

Zolden is the best template with advanced dynamic features designed specifically for creating a WooCommerce store in Elementor.

Which WooCommerce theme is the converting one?

Users report Astra to be the best converting WooCommerce theme.

What is the best dropshipping WooCommerce theme?

Storefront is the free dropshipping WooCommerce theme.

Instead of Conclusions

A WooCommerce theme doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Many free themes on our list are no less efficient than paid ones. Review them, choose the one that has the functionalities for your business and the design that resonates with you, and build an online store that rocks. Good luck!

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