5 Best Places and How to Choose a Seller

One of the most important aspects of setting up a new website is choosing a great domain name. However, actually, the very first question you need to answer is where to buy domains.

Fortunately, there are plenty of sites that sell domain names, with options to suit every budget. For instance, some web hosts include them with their hosting plans. Alternatively, you could purchase them from a domain registrar.

👉 In this post, we’ll explore some key factors to consider when choosing a domain registrar. Then, we’ll discuss where to buy domains for your website. Let’s get started!

How to choose a domain seller (key factors to consider)

Your domain is the web address that users will type into the search bar in order to visit your site. You’ll need to use a domain seller (aka a domain registrar) to register and purchase a domain. However, not every such company works in the same way.

Here are some key factors to look for when considering where to buy domains:

  • Price. You can find companies that offer very low prices for the first year of registration. However, upon renewal, these prices can be much higher.
  • Registration period. Domain names are valid for at least a year. While this can be good if you’re purchasing a new web address, more established businesses might choose a domain name that lasts longer.
  • Domain transfers. If you’re unhappy with your domain registrar, you may want to transfer your domain to a different company. While you might not be able to do this within the first 60 days of registration, most registrars make the process easy, without charging additional fees.
  • Expiration policies. You can enable auto-renewal for your domain so that it doesn’t expire, but not every registrar will offer this service. While some registrars provide a grace period where you can renew an expired domain, others auction off domains as soon as they expire.
  • Additional services. You can find domain registrars that also offer web hosting or email hosting services. Plus, some companies provide domain privacy and extended expiration protection.

Knowing what to look for should help you find a domain registrar that meets your exact needs.

Where to buy domains (top domain sellers)

Now that you know a bit more about domain sellers, let’s take a look at where to buy domains for your website.

1. Domain.com


Domain.com is a multi-service provider. It offers reliable web hosting with a free domain, unlimited storage, and a free SSL certificate. What’s more, you can use the smart website builder, and access design and marketing services.

However, Domain.com is also plenty effective as a domain registrar. It provides access to premium domains including extensions like .com and .net. If you’re on a budget, you can opt for lesser-used extensions like .us or .space.

To get started, you can either transfer an existing domain or enter specific search terms into the search bar. Then, simply add your preferred domain to the cart:

Domain.com is one of the best places where to buy domains

Additionally, you can purchase domains that last up to five years. You’ll also get privacy protection for this length of time. It’s important to note that your first year is often cheaper, with renewals coming at a slightly higher price point.

⚙️ Key features:

  • Provides extra services like web hosting, email hosting, and a website builder
  • Supports domain transfers
  • Enables you to register domains for up to five years

💳 Price:

You can find domains from $1.99 to $47.99 depending on the domain extension you choose.

2. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is a great option for new website owners. It’s a full-service solution, providing SSL certificates, web hosting, professional emails, and more. Plus, it offers live chat support, so you should be able to reach an expert if you need assistance.

One of the first things you’ll notice with GoDaddy is that the prices are insanely low. For instance, .co.uk extensions start at a penny. However, the heavily discounted domains require a multi-year purchase at a higher price point.

When you search for your domain, GoDaddy will try to offer an exact match, but it also presents some alternatives and tells you what’s great about them:

GoDaddy domains

All domains include free privacy protection forever. Plus, if you manage multiple websites, you can bundle domains together to save money.

⚙️ Key features:

  • Additional services like WordPress hosting and emails
  • Very low prices for your first year
  • Ability to purchase multiple domains together for lower costs
  • Privacy protection forever

💳 Price:

GoDaddy’s domains range from a single penny to hundreds of dollars for the first year. You should expect a price increase upon renewal.

3. Namecheap


If you’re not sure where to buy domains, Namecheap has got you covered. It’s a super flexible service that supports domain transfers, email transfers, and website migrations. You can also purchase a Content Delivery Network (CDN), set up different types of web hosting, create a business email, and more.

Start by visiting the domain marketplace, where you can place bids on available domains. Alternatively, you could use Namecheap’s Beast Mode to search for domains and filter the results based on specific criteria:

Namecheap Beast Mode.

For example, you can find domains according to a certain price or within a particular industry. So, you could end up with a domain that ends in .agency or .accountant.

Namecheap also highlights domains that are currently being discounted, enabling you to secure the best offer. You can register domains for up to five years, add domain privacy, and enable auto-renewals.

⚙️ Key features:

  • Provides plenty of add-ons like hosting, emails, VPNs, DNS, and domain privacy
  • Enables auto-renewals
  • Lets you search for domains according to specific criteria
  • Gives you access to a domain marketplace to bid on your preferred options

💳 Price:

Namecheap’s domains vary in price. You can find domains for just a couple of dollars to a few hundred dollars. Renewals are also more expensive.

4. Bluehost

Bluehost domains.

Bluehost is mostly known for its web hosting services. However, you can also use it to find and register your ideal domain name.

All you need to do is enter your key terms into the search bar. You can also select your preferred extension using the dropdown menu:

Bluehost domain extensions.

Bluehost provides a ton of useful domain services. For instance, you can enable auto-renewals and domain privacy. Plus, if you ever want to move to a new domain, you can utilize the domain forwarding feature. Meanwhile, domain lock prevents the unauthorized transfer of your domain.

What’s more, Bluehost will recommend “Featured Domains” that may be a good match for your key terms. Additionally, with every domain purchase, you can get a free web hosting trial and a Google Workspace Starter plan for a discounted rate.

⚙️ Key features:

  • Search for domains by extension
  • Get domain privacy and protection
  • Access useful services like domain forwarding and domain lock
  • Get a free web hosting trial with your purchase

💳 Price:

Bluehost’s domain prices are competitive, starting at $1.50. Premium extensions don’t tend to exceed $20 in the first year.

5. Hostinger

Hostinger domains.

As we’re discussing where to buy domains, we cannot leave out Hostinger. Primarily known for its web hosting plans, Hostinger also provides a website builder, emails, and domains.

While you can purchase top-tier premium domains, you can also register domains for free when you sign up for one of Hostinger’s hosting packages. Better yet, you’ll get free privacy protection with your domain, and you can transfer existing domains in just a few clicks.

To get started, you’ll need to choose an extension. Hostinger gives you some advice on each option:

Hostinger popular domains for sale

For instance, .com extensions are a great way to build trust, while .live is an ideal choice for sites that publish content in real-time.

Typically, you’ll get a heavily discounted rate for your first year, with some domains priced under a dollar. However, these domains may then renew at $34.99 next year. Also, you’re only able to register domains for three years at a time.

⚙️ Key features:

  • Gain insight into certain domain extensions
  • Access heavily discounted first-year rates
  • Register domains for free with a web hosting package
  • Get free privacy protection with your domain

💳 Price:

Hostinger tends to offer the lowest first-year prices for domains. These prices vary between $0.99 to just over $100. However, renewals are more expensive.

Conclusion 🧐

Even though they are an important part of building a website, you might not know where to buy domains. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for registering and purchasing a domain for your site.

👉 To recap, here are five of the best places to buy domains:

  • Domain.com: You can register domains for up to five years.
  • GoDaddy: This registrar offers low prices for the first year and you can save costs by purchasing multiple domains at once.
  • Namecheap: It comes with auto-renewals and add-ons like web hosting, emails, and VPNs.
  • Bluehost: This hosting provider offers useful features like domain lock, domain forwarding, and privacy.
  • Hostinger: You’ll get heavily-discounted first-year domains and a free domain with a web hosting package.

Do you have any questions about where to buy domains? Let us know in the comments section below!

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