5 Best Shopify eBay Apps 2023

Thinking about using Shopify or eBay apps? Is there anything you wonder how you can get the most out of them? If so, this blog post has everything you need to get set up for success with them! 

With over 1.5 billion active users, eBay now accounts for almost half of the global eCommerce sales. Integrating Shopify and eBay apps can help entrepreneurs boost sales on eBay.

In addition to streamlined order processing and inventory management, merchants can scale their businesses with Shopify and eBay apps. They can also tap into new markets and increase visibility quickly by taking advantage of eBay’s vast customer base.

Throughout this blog post, you will find a detailed look at the different Shopify and eBay apps available and how you can take advantage of them to the fullest extent of your capabilities with the help of this guide.

Using Shopify and eBay apps to manage product listings and optimize search engine rankings is key to small business owners’ success. So let’s get started!

“CedCommerce eBay Integration” is a great tool for Shopify store owners who want to extend their shop’s features. It simplifies the tedious process of listing, editing, and managing products and inventories on eBay.

Plus, it helps you manage orders by importing order details from eBay and creating them in Shopify. The app also allows you to sync fulfillment details from Shopify to eBay, making order management incredibly efficient. Best of all, merchants have the option to manage eBay’s Global Shipping Program.

The Shopify eBay Integration has straightforward navigation that makes it simple to use. You can customize your profile by adding templates and eBay business policies as well as create and apply templates to products for Price, Inventory, Category, and Title.

You can also customize settings for each eBay account, import eBay orders into Shopify, sync fulfillment details from Shopify to eBay, manage GSP, convert Shopify currency for the eBay website, and use meta fields as item-specifics.

We think overall the app offers shop owners a comprehensive collection of features that will streamline, organize, and improve their eBay operations in an easy and efficient way.

Shopify store owners can use this powerful app to manage product listings, inventory, shipping, and much more – all from one place. The user-friendly navigation and comprehensive features make this an essential integration.

Key Features:

  • Simplifies the tedious process of listing and editing
  • Helps manage orders by importing order details
  • Syncs fulfillment details from Shopify to eBay
  • Option to manage eBay’s Global Shipping Program
  • Straightforward navigation is provided
  • Customizes your profile by adding templates and business policies

You can list and sync your Shopify products on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart with Codisto Amazon, eBay, & Walmart, an all-in-one sales channel. Launch-ready, it doesn’t need any re-platforming or data migration, so it’s easy to use.

Your products can be instantly listed on multiple online marketplaces with no manual effort thanks to powerful automation and real-time inventory and pricing synchronization. Shopify store owners can connect with millions of potential customers in no time and increase their reach.

A single dashboard makes managing product listings across all marketplaces simple. You can keep track of sales, product availability, suggested prices, etc.

One of the best eBay apps for Shopify, it lets you manage orders across all channels, customize product descriptions and images per marketplace, and set up automated pricing rules.

It allows sellers to list and manage their products across multiple marketplaces easily using its automated features and real-time synchronization capabilities.

With the use of this site, store owners can take full advantage of the growing demand for products and services on the world’s leading online marketplaces and increase their sales by an exponential amountly.

Key Features:

  • Real-time inventory and pricing synchronization
  • Does not require re-platforming or data migration
  • Instantly list products on multiple online marketplaces
  • Connects with millions of potential customers in no time
  • Tracks sales, product availability, suggested prices, etc
  • Manages orders across all channels

Using ‘Professional Importer For eBay’, you can import eBay products into Shopify. Your eBay listings can be exported quickly and easily to your Shopify store that you manage yourself with just a few clicks of a button.

All of your product’s high-resolution images and multiple variants will be imported as well. The app also provides the ability to sync inventory in near real-time between eBay and Shopify.

With this app, busy shop owners do not have to manually add each product to their store. Instead, import them with a click and control what gets added to your store. Manual data entry is no longer necessary.

The application simplifies the process of setting up and maintaining an online store. Since it is one of the best Shopify eBay importer apps, you can always have peace of mind knowing that your store is always updated with the latest product information at all times, as well as saving hours of manual work.

We think this app will be of great value to any business owner who is serious about operating a successful business as well as wanting to maximize the productivity of his or her outlets.

Key Features:

  • Import eBay products into Shopify
  • Sync inventory in near real-time between eBay and Shopify
  • High-resolution images and multiple variants will be imported
  • Manual data entry is no longer necessary
  • Saves hours of manual work
  • Product information can be easily controlled


Streamline Your Sales With Ease

As the name of the app indicates, Salestio is a tool used to enhance the functionality of Shopify stores, helping Store Owners to take advantage of the various features offered by Shopify so that they can increase sales and propel the next level.

With the app, you can export your Shopify products to Amazon, eBay, and Etsy marketplaces via the Shopify UI, as well as import orders from these marketplaces.

Also included within this app is flexible stock and price synchronization, which allows you to keep an eye on your stock levels and prices in real time.

Furthermore, you will be able to access 16 Amazon marketplaces and 22 eBay marketplaces through the integration, as well as customize price lists using a template and automate processes such as product exports and fulfillment transfers.

As one of the best Shopify eBay apps for your eCommerce store, it allows you to streamline and automate your online shop in order to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently in order for you to have a successful online store.

Key Features:

  • Flexible stock and price synchronization
  • Price list customization using a template
  • Automate product exports and fulfillment transfers
  • Streamline and automate your online shop
  • Real-time monitoring of stock levels and prices
  • Easily control your listings in multiple marketplaces

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Shopify Ebay Apps?

An online store builder from eBay Apps allows users to create their own e-commerce store quickly and easily. They can alter the look and design of the store, add products, manage sales, and monitor inventory levels using an online store administration window.

How do I set up a Shopify eBay App store?

The first thing you need to do is create a Shopify eBay App store. Once you have registered with Shopify, choose a template and start adding products. You may customize the design of your store by adding images, themes, and other elements before connecting your eBay store to get started selling.

What features do Shopify eBay Apps offer?

In addition to being able to manage your eBay store more easily, Shopify eBay Apps gives you the option to automatically fulfill orders, process automated orders, and deal with returns from your eBay store so that you can get on with selling.

Do I need an eBay account to use Shopify eBay Apps?

It will require a Shopify account to take advantage of the full range of features Shopify eBay Apps offer. With an eBay account, you’ll be able to list and manage your products, accept payments, and handle customer inquiries directly from your Shopify store.


This article shows you how to set up an online store using Shopify and eBay apps. Steps were outlined for setting up a store, managing inventory, accepting payments, and what you should keep an eye out for when comparing different apps.

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