5 Best WooCommerce Barcode and QR Code Plugins πŸ“² 2022 (Free & Pro)

What are your website’s best WooCommerce Barcode and QR Code WordPress plugins?

With that in mind, we will help you find the best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce Barcode and QR Code plugins for your website. These plugins are mobile-friendly and fast-optimized. They are also compatible with all the top WordPress themes.

All of these plugins help with WooCommerce Barcode and QR Code. However, you can also use these plugins for Barcode Inventory, Barcode Generator, Barcode Scanner, Order QR Code, and QR Code Generator.

πŸ“Œ Note: Several advanced WooCommerce plugins can enhance your store’s appearance and functionality. You can also read more about themes in our article about the most useful WooCommerce themes.

Take a look at this collected list of the best WooCommerce Barcode and QR Code WordPress plugins for 2022:

YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes Plugin

Generate and Apply Barcodes and Qr Codes

It is common for WordPress website owners to utilize the YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes plugin to display barcodes and QR codes on their websites.

With this WooCommerce barcode and QR code plugin, generating QR codes and adding them to your online store in seconds is easy. Your eCommerce website can easily integrate these into its products and orders.

With this plugin, you can also create a product label that incorporates a barcode or QR code. Barcodes can be created for all your products if you want to generate them simultaneously. Clicking a single button completes the process.

Furthermore, the barcodes can be displayed on the product page and in the email confirmation of the order. It is even possible to search for barcodes on products or orders. All of these barcodes can also be generated using a variety of barcode protocols.

πŸ’΅ With this plugin, you receive 12 months of support for $94.99.

Key Features:

  • It is possible to print a list of barcodes
  • Barcodes can be generated and assigned
  • Barcodes can be used for searching products and orders
  • Barcodes can be displayed on product pages or in order emails
  • It is possible to create QR codes by using the URLs of products

WooCommerce Order Barcodes Plugin

Generates a Unique Barcode for Each Order

Using a barcode plugin for your website, such as WooCommerce Order Barcodes, will allow you to utilize barcodes for your business.

With this plugin, an order will generate a barcode each time the customer places an order on your website.

Therefore, this QR code generator plugin will be useful to website owners who generate e-tickets, e-reservations, packing slips, or other documents electronically.

Additionally, this plugin allows you to create five different types of barcodes, including QR codes.

In addition, if you are interested in integrating a barcode or QR code plugin into your WooCommerce store, this plugin should be considered. You may also email your customers the barcodes to allow them to print them if necessary.

Additionally, the store owner can view and print barcodes anytime if they satisfy the requirements. Moreover, it is available on the official website of WooCommerce and is fully compatible with it.

πŸ’΅ With the plugin price of $47, you will get one year of updates free of charge.

Key Features:

  • Orders placed through WooCommerce can be barcoded
  • Five different types of barcodes are available, including QR codes
  • Customers and store owners can print barcodes
  • Compatibility with all major WooCommerce plugins is provided
  • The customers are provided with barcodes that can be emailed

Order Barcodes for WooCommerce Plugin

The Best Selling Order Barcode Plugin

Consider ordering the Order Barcodes for WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to add barcodes or QR codes to your website easily.

Furthermore, if you have an order form on your website or existing orders, you can scan them for barcodes or QR codes.

In addition, when the QR code is scanned, the order status for your WooCommerce store will be automatically updated.

A barcode will automatically be generated for all orders in the store and orders in order emails when this plugin is used. Additionally, this plugin allows you to choose from seven barcodes.

There is also a QR form that can be scanned by a smartphone and an Easy Scan form that can easily be scanned.

Because of this, the barcodes and QR codes generated by this plugin are compatible with mobile and desktop devices.

πŸ’΅ This plugin costs $51.

Key Features:

  • There are seven various types of barcodes
  • You can place the form anywhere on your website by using a shortcode
  • Emails and store messages include barcodes for all orders
  • It is possible to use a QR mobile-friendly form
  • Includes an easy-to-use scanning form

Random Reviews:

  • It’s super easy to set up and works well on mobile devices. I’m impressed with the mobile scan and landing page for checking in visitors. Gr. thetube.nl

    BrunomuseumDec 2018

  • This plugin is excellent! It meets all of my needs for my project; it is straightforward to use.

    manurodriguescoSep 2020

Print Barcode Labels Plugin

Print Barcode Labels for Your WooCommerce Products/Orders

The Print Barcode Labels plugin permits creating and printing of barcode labels for WooCommerce products.

A barcode may also contain other information, such as a price, product name, and SKU, in addition to the barcode itself. Other options include barcodes, QR codes, EANs, and UPCs.

Maintaining an effective inventory management system in a rapidly expanding store can take a lot of work. Through the use of this barcode generator plugin, you can enhance the efficiency of your workflow and improve your productivity.

This barcode/QRcode generator plugin allows you to produce barcodes and QR codes manually or import them from product categories, orders, or forms.

With this barcode inventory plugin, you can print labels with customized designs tailored to your brand. There is no limitation on the design elements that can be added to labels, such as logos, texts, attributes, and custom fields.

πŸ’΅ Lite is free, and Pro is priced at $99.

Key Features:

  • A product can be duplicated in any number of copies
  • Barcodes can be created automatically or manually
  • Barcode scanners and smartphones can read barcode labels
  • β€˜Contact Form 7′ and β€˜Flamingo’ form fields are fully supported
  • A text field can contain SKU, price, name, attributes, etc

Random Reviews:

  • Despite the plugin’s $49 price, it is asking for $279year for a full version. That’s insane. Even a more reasonable price would get you more than 1,000 active installations.

    Kyle TSep 2022

  • I am pleased with the plugin, but it is important that Dmitry answered our questions and resolved our issue quickly when we ran into trouble. I can’t express how grateful we are.

    pkjamesAug 2022

Payment QR WooCommerce Plugin

A Simple Payment Method

Suppose you are interested in using a freemium plugin that allows customers to pay directly by QR code. In that case, Payment QR WooCommerce can greatly assist you since it allows you to enable QR payments easily.

Through this free order QR code plugin, your customers can make payments directly to you using QR codes.

This plugin is straightforward to set up since it is similar to transferring money. It does not require paying any commissions to third parties if you use this plugin.

Reducing these commissions will allow you to improve the effectiveness of other parts of your website, such as your sales pages.

As a further benefit, this plugin allows you to attach payment details directly to orders to prove the payment has been made.

πŸ’΅ There are two pricing options: Free Lite and Pro. It costs $40.

Key Features:

  • QR codes can be used to make direct payments
  • Ensures that third-party payments are not subject to commissions
  • Payment proofs accompany the purchase orders
  • You can preview and select the QR code and define the amount of the payment
  • A configurable icon represents the payment method

Random Reviews:

  • In addition, it is important to provide the possibility of selecting a language for users from different countries or allow customizing the text.

    twinklringcollJun 2022

  • Dear friend, I would appreciate it if your plugin was compatible with the Dokan multimodal. It would be great, and your plugin would be perfect for the job.

    keygo31Apr 2022


Hopefully, now that we’ve reached the end, you’ve already got an idea of what plugin you’re looking for. Choose a ready plugin and improve your site.

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