5 Best WooCommerce Local Pickup Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Pro)

What are the best WordPress plugins for local pickup?

Our selection of the best WordPress plugins for Local Pickup comes with a comprehensive review of each one so you can pick the right one for you.

Lastly, we built this list for Local Pickup plugins as a final point on these WordPress plugins. These plugins are also functional for Multiple Pickup Locations and Local Delivery Plugins and support the top WordPress themes. Pick the WordPress plugin that suits your site and level it up.

📌 Note: There are several advanced WooCommerce plugins available that can enhance your store’s appearance and functionality. You can also read more about themes in our article about the most useful WooCommerce themes.

Here are the best WordPress plugins for Local Pickup in 2022:

WooCommerce Delivery Slots Plugin

Delivery and Pickup On Your Customers Schedule

Using the WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin, you can establish a timetable for when your delivery personnel may arrive with shipments.

As the customer checks out, they can select when they would like the product to be delivered. In particular, this plugin is useful when shipping heavy items, such as furniture, in which the customer needs to be present at the time of delivery to receive the goods.

With the settings menu, you can select the delivery days and hours that work for you. You can choose between same-day delivery and next-day delivery, and there is a fee for each type of delivery.

Your customers can also specify how long they must wait before delivery can be expected, in addition to setting the maximum number of deliveries per time slot.

It is also possible for the customer to choose a time slot before they check out if that time slot is critical for the customer to complete the purchase.

💵 $153 lets you purchase the WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin.

Key Features:

  • Your website can be customized to incorporate a reservation table
  • A modern design is available to complement any online store
  • A higher level of customer satisfaction is provided
  • You can earn more by shipping costs and stay organized
  • All upcoming deliveries are available for viewing

YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugin

Allows Your Customers to Choose a Specific Delivery Date

The YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date plugin allows you to track all deliveries within your local area. It offers a wide variety of customization features to manage how your deliveries are handled best.

In addition, it is possible to add all of your carriers, select their availability days, select the number of days that the shipments will take, and select how far in advance you would like to schedule the shipments.

Collecting data about your products can provide your customers with accurate delivery dates for their shipments. Customers can have the option of selecting their own delivery date during checkout.

By creating time slots for each delivery, your customers can choose when their packages should be delivered.

This plugin’s features allow dynamic notices to be displayed on product pages similar to those found on Amazon, which is one of its most exciting features.

The stylish notices under the prices inform customers of the time they should expect to receive their items if they order within a certain number of hours and minutes.

💵 With this plugin, you get 12 months of support time for $99.

Key Features:

  • Gives your customers the option of selecting a specific delivery date
  • The number of days required for delivery can be calculated
  • Users can place more orders for the products they need later
  • Time slot limits can be set for deliveries
  • Customer-specific purchasing processes can be offered

Orderable Plugin

Helps You Manage Your Restaurant

You can schedule local pickups and deliveries through the Orderable plugin in WooCommerce. In addition to its beautiful design and powerful scheduling capabilities, you will find this plugin to have a lot to offer.

This plugin allows you to set your business hours and determine how many orders you will accept for each day of the week. Moreover, you can set up an unlimited number of service hours or time slots according to your needs.

There are several use cases for a slots system, including setting the time interval between deliveries and collections and setting up time-cut-offs, maximum order frequencies, and other settings.

Furthermore, depending on the product, you can set preorder dates, holidays, and lead times for orders.

Furthermore, all of the above features are packaged in a mobile-friendly food-order plugin optimized for mobile checkouts, resulting in an immensely user-friendly application.

💵 You can download a free version of this plugin and a premium version for $149.

Key Features:

  • You can make delivery or pickup appointments on your schedule
  • Enhances average order value by suggesting additional side dishes
  • Your checkout can be customized to include optional tip prompts
  • It is possible to offer a smooth ordering experience to your customers
  • You can create great-looking menus quickly and easily with the layouts

Random Reviews:

  • If you want to order food online and get it delivered, Orderable is the way to go. I highly recommend Orderable if you’re looking for a restaurant plugin that handles food ordering and delivery. Orderable works alongside Woocommerce, so everything is easy to manage and control.

    alnetidJun 2022

Local Pickup Plus Plugin

Let Customers Buy Online and Pick Up in-store

The Local Pickup Plus plugin allows you to customize the WooCommerce settings page by adding or excluding stores available for in-store pickup locations.

It is also possible to import the addresses of in-store pickup locations using CSV if you already possess a formatted file. Additionally, this plugin allows you to specify which products are available at each pickup location.

You can select the products displayed there when you edit a location. Additionally, the Product Editor allows you to assign specific pickup locations to your products.

Also, you can make specific locations unavailable for pickup if you wish. Moreover, you can specify the hours of operation for package pickups and mark certain days as holidays to prevent packages from being picked up at those times.

In addition, you may want to consider setting up email alerts for your warehouse and store personnel to notify them whenever a product you purchase becomes available for pickup.

💵 You’ll get the plugin and 12 months of support for $79.

Key Features:

  • Each product and category can have its pickup requirements or restrictions
  • You may set charges or discounts for packages that are picked up
  • You can set up multiple pickup locations so customers can choose one at checkout
  • Compatibility with several WooCommerce plugins is provided
  • A time slot can have a maximum number of pickup appointments

WooCommerce Delivery Plugin

Delivery Date & Time Slots

Web admins are highly satisfied with it due to the comprehensive features the WooCommerce Delivery plugin offers.

Even though this plugin appears to be small at first glance, it can provide various delivery options, including delivery times, dates, time slots, and radius shipping options.

This local delivery plugin can be used to set your opening hours first, so you can determine when delivery will be available. The customer could then be notified when their order is placed outside the delivery window using a custom notification.

While this may not be appropriate for some products, it can be helpful for food delivery services. This way, orders will not be completed after your kitchen has closed for the day.

You also have the option of specifying the exact times and dates on which you wish for deliveries to take place. When you wish, you can charge extra for same-day deliveries.

💵 You can purchase this plugin for $51.

Key Features:

  • Deliveries can be scheduled by weekday
  • You may exclude holidays and off days from your calculations
  • You can delete checkout fields and disable mandatory fields at checkout
  • Opening hours can be set per day using two-time frames
  • A start and end date can be set
  • Notifications can be customized for all types of information

Random Reviews:

  • Exceptional communication, great plugin, and so far, very promising.

    numero7Jan 2021

  • Personalize and use it easily

    labaguettedigitaleSep 2021

  • Excellent support for fixing bugs. A great plugin.

    mrbronxJul 2021

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It was a list of the best WordPress plugins for Local Pickup. This list can help you enhance your site.

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