5 Best WooCommerce Product Feed Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you searching for the best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce Product Feed sites in 2022?

This list is composed of the most useful WordPress plugins for creating WooCommerce Product Feed. These plugins are all carefully evaluated and chosen to help you choose the best WooCommerce Product Feed plugin for your website. We also ensure that they are compatible with all popular themes for WordPress.

We hand-picked a list of WooCommerce Product Feed plugins to help you choose the most impactful plugin. These plugins could also be used to power Google Shopping and Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce sites.

📌 Note: In order to improve the appearance and functionality of your store, we recommend that you use a modern WooCommerce theme with both features and a nice design. You may also want to read our article on advanced plugins for WooCommerce to learn more.

Best Product Feed Plugins for WooCommerce 🥇

We have compiled a list of the best WordPress WooCommerce Product Feed plugins that will enable you to add product feeds to your WordPress website.

Woocommerce Google Feed Manager Plugin

An Extremely Powerful Google Shopping Feed Manager for WooCommerce Web Shops

The WooCommerce Google Feed Manager offers an excellent means of creating Google Shopping Feeds for WordPress. This plugin comes with preconfigured Google Shopping Feeds for WordPress

In the WordPress repository, you can find a plugin that allows you to create a custom product feed for WooCommerce stores that will integrate up to 100 products. This plugin conforms to the Google Merchant Center requirements when making the feed.

The plugin can customize and display any further details regarding the product within the feed if you so choose. The plugin features an intuitive interface and is an excellent choice for WordPress users who aren’t familiar with coding.

If you want to make your products stand out, you can use the advanced options. You can use different titles from your shop, and you can change the Google categories of your products so that they are consistent with your labels.

This plugin can display your products on comparison shopping websites, product aggregators, affiliate networks, and selling channels. It uses the WooCommerce product feed manager, which supports all shopping channels.

💵 A Lite and Premium version is included for $69.

Key Features:

  • The ability to schedule periodic updates
  • To create Google Shopping Ads, you will need to create an accurate feed file
  • FTP allows automatic uploads of feeds
  • Providing HTTP access and HTTPS access

Random Reviews:

  • No matter how often the feed is regenerated, stock levels won’t update correctly.

    thirst4tilesMar 2022

  • Thanks to all the team for providing a great plugin, and very responsive support.

    eliotspyceezMar 2022

Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce Plugin

Generate WooCommerce Product Feeds for All Your Marketing Channels

Using Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce, you will be able to create high-quality feeds that can be featured on ALL marketing channels. Marketing channels include Google Dynamic Remarketing/Shopping Merchant Center, Facebook Remarketing, PriceRunner, Billigerde, etc.

Plugins enable users to filter their feeds to ensure that only profitable and popular products are fed into each marketing channel. You can exclude products with low margins and low stock from being fed into each marketing channel by filtering the feeds.

It also includes more than 100 templates, making it easier for you to create feeds. Moreover, it allows you to customize the products you use in your feeds and use advanced filters to narrow them down. Furthermore, this plugin does not restrict the number of product feeds accessed.

This plugin offers advanced features such as Google Shopping support and shipping classes. They indicate how much to charge for shipping in your product feed, product variations, multilingual support for WooCommerce, etc. It is the ideal plugin for your WooCommerce store.

💵 Plugin Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce is ultimate Free.

Key Features:

  • Enhances Yoast’s feature of primary categories
  • No limitation exists on the number of product feeds
  • Support for version 41 and later of WPML is provided
  • You can exchange data in the following formats: XML, CSV, TSV, and TXT

Random Reviews:

  • I cannot fault Eva or the product. I highly recommend it. EVA is the most helpful and responsive plugin I have ever encountered.

    amandaenchantedMay 2022

  • As of this writing, it is almost impossible to determine if it is a paid product before it is installed. You should consider whether or not the source of the tactic is a reliable product source.

    yaron_elhMay 2022

CTX Feed Plugin

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Plugin

CTX Feed is a product that facilitates sharing of product feeds across multiple marketing channels, including Google, Facebook, and Instagram. It allows you to easily manage the product providers sent to each of these channels.

This product feed manager aims to complement your approval process, as it optimizes your product details, adds conditionally enhanced product information, and removes unoptimized products.

You can update product information across multiple channels to ensure your product information is visible to your customers. Also, With the pre-made Google Shopping feed template we provide, you can easily create the feed files in a few simple steps.

This plugin provides monitoring of more than 100 channels from around the world. Additionally, it offers scheduling via HTTP or FTP. Finally, it supports various file formats such as TXT, XML, CSV, TSV, XLS, etc.

💵 In addition to a free version of this plugin, there is a premium version for a fee $119.

Key Features:

  • Preparing Google Shopping Ads using pre-made templates
  • You can manage your feeds easily with Feed Manager’s user interface
  • Ensure that the feed file is created in the language you wish your feed to appear in
  • Creating feed files for an unlimited number of products is possible

Random Reviews:

  • It allows full customization of the feed and it comes with some dope templates. Highly recommended

    nickynick561May 2022

  • Excellent plugin, very well thought out. The support is excellent. Highly recommended.

    outletsalzmannMay 2022

XML Feed Generator for WooCommerce Plugin

Let’s You Add WooCommerce Product XML Feeds

The XML Feed Generator for the WooCommerce plugin allows you to create as many XML feeds as you require for your WooCommerce products, and these XML feeds are automatically generated by using crons.

Additionally, you can alter the XML product sorting options and the locations of XML files. You can create custom XML templates based on shortcodes for the feed so that you may select the template you wish for the header, the item, and the footer.

Also, you can set the updating interval, that is, the regeneration interval, to every minute, hourly, twice daily, daily, or weekly by default.

Furthermore, the plugin gives users the capability of specifying a custom XML file name and location, along with options for categorizing and sorting products. The plugin is WPML compatible, meaning separate feeds can be generated for different languages.

💵 This plugin is available in a Premium version by $29, as well as a Free version.

Key Features:

  • Identify the products that should be excluded and the products that should be included
  • Included/excluded product categories
  • Ability to remove or retain the tags from my product listings
  • Offer a variety of products and services
  • You can purchase a variety of products

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent customer support, easy to use, and well documented. Highly recommended!

    price4youAug 2021

  • I had an issue with Omar’s fast and friendly support. He immediately transferred the request into a feature. Thanks so much!

    charismekiAug 2021

Product Feed Manager Plugin

WooCommerce to Google Shopping, Idealo, Social Catalogs, Vivino & More

Products Feed Manager for WooCommerce is a plugin that can create product feeds for Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamics, eBay, and many other marketing channels.

The plugin also has preconfigured templates for 168 marketing channels. This plugin enables you to take advantage of them using the plugin’s preconfigured templates.

Furthermore, the Products Feed Manager for the WooCommerce plugin can automatically sync with Google Shopping so that your feed will constantly be updated. Additionally, it offers various filtering options if you wish to use them.

You can use the smooth filter options to include or exclude product categories and tags from your store’s product feed. You can also apply custom criteria based on any other criteria you wish.

💵 Downloading the Lite version is free, while the Premium version costs a $59.

Key Features:

  • Supports various file formats such as CSV, XML, and TXT
  • Possibility of creating custom fields for Brand, GTIN, gender, etc
  • Prepare a product feed for Google Merchant Feed and set an automatic schedule to update it
  • Using categories, tags, or custom attributes to exclude or include products
  • Compatibility with the most popular WordPress themes
  • Matching your store’s categories to those defined by Google

Random Reviews:

  • Customer support has always been extremely helpful with any issues I have encountered over the past 1-2 years.

    blueazure000May 2022

  • As the project progressed, Rafi has gone above and beyond to make sure I am happy with the final results.

    cayman191May 2022

  • It is not a bad plugin. I have encountered a few issues.
    This topic was modified 6 days, 11 hours ago by

    Kyle TMay 2022

To a conclusion

Below are the best WordPress WooCommerce Product Feed plugins we reviewed in this post. You should upgrade your website. Additionally, you can use them.

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