5 Best WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugins Β© 2023 (Free & Pro)

Are you worried about protecting your product images from being stolen or misused online? Then, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will share with you the 5 best WooCommerce product image watermark plugins to help you in safeguarding your unique artwork from image thieves.

As an online store owner, it is crucial to make sure that your product images are safe and secure from online infringement. According to The Global Brand Counterfeiting Report, the global economic value of counterfeiting and piracy reached USD 2.3 trillion in 2019.

This indicates the significance of having a proper watermarking system in place. In this article, we will provide you with an ultimate guide to protecting your product images using the most reliable WooCommerce product image watermark plugins.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top 5 WooCommerce product image watermark plugins that will help you enhance the security of your online store in an effortless manner.

Best Plugins for WooCommerce Product Image Watermark

Protecting your online store’s product images is essential, and there are various WooCommerce plugins you could use for that. Check out our list of the five best WooCommerce product image watermark plugins, both free and pro, to find the perfect fit for your needs.

YITH WooCommerce Watermark is a plugin that protects your product images from illegal use. By adding a watermark to images, you can prevent unauthorized use of your product’s image.

Using this plugin will allow you to add a logo or a text string as an image watermark to your images. What’s more, you can choose the position of this watermark whenever you want.

Moreover, with with the plugin, repeated watermarks can be activated to provide full protection for your product image. The watermark is applied throughout the entire image, making it impossible to remove.

However, the only drawback of the plugin is that it’s not free. But, with its many features, the price is well worth it (and it’s exactly like WooCommerce PDF Watermark).

With this plugin, you can watermark both images and text. The position of the watermark can be precisely adjusted, and it can even be disabled for pictures with retina displays.

Other great features of the YITH WooCommerce Watermark include the ability to add different watermarks to different products and categories and WPML compatibility.

Key Features:

  • Protects product images from illegal use
  • Customizable watermark position
  • Compatible with WPML
  • Multiple watermarks can be applied
  • A logo or text string can be used as a watermark.

Easy Watermark Plugin

Automatically Add Watermark to Images As They Are Uploaded to WordPress Media Library

Easy Watermark is a plugin designed for WordPress users that adds a watermark to all of your images. It applies a watermark automatically to JPG, GIF, and text images in your WordPress media library.

You can customize the plugin according to your individual needs, for example, you may wish to add watermarks manually for specific images instead of using the automatic feature. The plugin supports up to two watermarks per image, and you can use TTF fonts to add text watermarks.

One of the limitations of the plugin is that your images are not restored after deactivating or removing the plugin. To restore your images, you will need to reinstall the plugin.

Another feature of this plugin is that backups for images can be easily created, and images can be restored as well. You can also set the opacity for text and images, and watermarks can be applied to thumbnails, medium, large, full-size images, and additional sizes registered by themes or plugins.

Easy Watermark fully supports alpha and transparency channels for GIF and PNG files. You can have complete control over the position and size of your fonts accordingly. Overall, it’s an easy-to-use plugin that efficiently adds watermarks to your images on your WordPress website.

Key Features:

  • Automatic watermarking for JPG, GIF, and text images
  • Customize watermark settings
  • Ability to add up to two watermarks per image
  • Supports TTF fonts for text watermarking
  • Easily backup and restore images
  • Opacity settings for text and images.

WooCommerce PDF Watermark is a powerful plugin that allows website owners to protect their PDF files by adding custom watermarks with just a few clicks. This plugin ensures that your PDF files remain safe and secure from unauthorized users.

With this plugin, you can add a watermark to either the first or last page of a PDF or the top or bottom of every page. You have complete control over the look of the watermark. You can add a logo, image, or even custom text to brand your PDF files and promote your website.

Using the plugin, you can control how PDFs are printed, modified, and copied. This plugin adds a higher level of security so only authorized users can see and print them. You can also password-protect PDF files with this plugin, so you can choose who can see them.

You can select which PDF files to watermark, so you have the flexibility to apply watermarks to specific PDF files and not others. Also, you can customize the position of the watermark and the font size and style. This plugin allows you to apply the watermark to either product or variation or both.

Key Features:

  • Customizable logo or image watermarks to brand your PDF files
  • Control over position, font size, and style of the watermark
  • Prohibits PDF files from being copied, modified, and printed
  • Selectively watermark PDF files
  • Control over which PDFs should be watermarked
  • No limitations to the number of PDF files that can be watermarked.

Image Watermark is a free, open-source WordPress plugin that automatically positions watermarks on all images uploaded on your website.

You can choose to add a watermark to every image or select specific post types. With three options – original, custom, or scaled – you can also determine the size of your watermark.

Using the plugin, you can easily add watermarks to previously uploaded images. You can even create translations and adjust the opacity of the watermark. Additionally, the plugin helps prevent images from being copied via drag and drop or disabling right-clicking.

With this plugin, you can choose between a baseline and a progressive image format and set the image quality. The offset of the watermark can also be customized. Additionally, you have the ability to set the transparency and opacity of the watermark.

Key Features:

  • Supports different image formats
  • Adjustable image quality
  • Customizable watermark positioning
  • Controllable opacity and transparency.

Watermark Pro for WooCommerce is a plugin that adds a unique watermark to product images. It sets itself apart from other watermark plugins by providing users with extensive customization options.

With the plugin, the possibilities are endless. It allows you to create watermarks that include text or logo along with the option to add lines, creating an X pattern.

Also, you can blur the watermark logo, similar to how stock photo sites offer such an option. It even enables you to adjust the watermark’s height, width, spacing, and opacity, and resize it.

All your existing product images can be watermarked with the bulk edit tool. It even adds watermarks to future images automatically, saving you time and effort, by automatically applying watermarks to product images, catalog thumbnails, and everywhere else.

The plugin allows you to opt for plain or striped watermarked backgrounds, with an option to add either a text or image watermark. It’s easy to customize and personalize your watermark to create a professional look for your brand.

This plugin has many great features and is easy to use. You will probably find this plugin very helpful, especially as it is user-friendly and easy to install.

Key Features:

  • Easy bulk editing tool for watermarking existing product images
  • Automatic watermarks on images throughout your store
  • Enables auto-watermarking for future images
  • Plain or striped watermarked backgrounds with customizable text or image
  • Customizable logo size, spacing, height, width, opacity, and blur
  • Multiple lines enables creation of an X pattern watermark.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Product Image Watermark Plugins?

Product Image Watermark Plugins are plugins used to add custom watermarks or logos to your product images on WooCommerce. These watermarks help protect your product images from theft or unauthorized use by adding a visible mark to your images.

Why do I need Product Image Watermark Plugins?

Product Image Watermark Plugins are essential for eCommerce businesses as they help protect the images of your products from being used without authorization. By using watermarks, you can ensure that the product images displayed on your WooCommerce store are authentic and not stolen.

Are there any free WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugins available?

Yes, there are several free WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugins available. These plugins offer basic functionalities for adding watermarks to your product images for free.


To recap, we discussed the top five WooCommerce product image watermark plugins, both free and pro. Each of these plugins can help you protect your product images from being copied and distributed without your consent, which is essential for online business owners.

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