5 Best WordPress Plugins for Writers ✍️ 2022 (Free & Pro)

Are you searching for the best & most top-rated WordPress plugins for Writers?

Here we have accumulated only the best WordPress plugins for Writers, with an extensive review to help you pick the right one. Also, the plugins are nicely designed, mobile-friendly, with good support, and speed optimized. Another reward is that the plugins are compatible with all the top WordPress themes.

Final thoughts, all of the following plugins are for the Writers. Although you can also use these plugins for Authors, Writing Plugins, Content Writer, Content Management Plugin, Spell Check, and Bloggers.

Therefore, we present you with the best WordPress Writers plugins in 2022:

Nelio Content Plugin

Best Content Marketing Tool

By using Nelio Content as one of the best writing plugins, you will be able to prepare, share, and manage your content relatively quickly. It is possible to keep your blog posts organized and categorized with this plugin.

With the plugin’s drag-and-drop functionality, you are able to shift publication dates around easily. With the calendar, you can view what is scheduled each month.

This content management plugin is not limited to a content calendar but provides many other features. In addition, this plugin provides you with the ability to preview your posts before they are published.

Additionally, this plugin allows scheduling social media messages across all your social media channels. This plugin allows you to extract the most important sentences from your blog posts, resulting in a marketing strategy that will attract more visitors to your site.

This plugin includes metrics from your Google Analytics profile and other social media accounts, enabling you to re-promote content that has previously been successful for you.

💵 Download the Free Lite Version and the $5/month Premium Version.

Key Features:

  • Editorial tasks and comments can be added for the writing team
  • You can get external reference suggestions while writing your content
  • Messages can be scheduled for social media
  • You can get blog post quality analysis
  • You can get access to a drag-and-drop content calendar

Random Reviews:

  • auto-publishing doesn’t work… do not install…

    bobolabJun 2022

  • I’m using Nelio Content for five sites at the moment. The features work as intended. Also, when there is an issue with Facebook, the support acts fast and provides a working solution for me. I’m the best plugin for automatic(ish) social media posting.

    benbeeeJun 2022

Yoast SEO Plugin

The First WordPress SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin offers writers and authors tools, such as readability analysis and SEO analysis, that can be used to improve the quality of their writing. This plugin prompts you for a focus phrase at the time of installation.

With this plugin, you can ensure that your chosen keyword appears in key locations in your blog post, including the meta description, title, headings, and body copy.

Furthermore, this plugin checks whether consecutive sentences contain passive voice, the length of paragraphs, spell check, and the number of subheadings within the paragraph.

This plugin allows you to optimize your articles based on word forms, such as singular and plural, as well as verb forms, synonyms, and key phrases. The result is a more natural-looking website with better readability.

You can find the word complexity feature in this plugin that provides actionable feedback about the use of difficult words.

💵 Lite and Pro versions of this plugin are integrated. The Pro version charges $99, whereas the Lite version costs zero.

Key Features:

  • The schema.org standard can be used to describe your pages
  • It is possible to analyze your content to identify its most famous words.
  • You can improve the readability of your content and analyze SEO
  • You can mark essential and extensive articles as cornerstone content
  • You can Get internal linking suggestions

Random Reviews:

  • Are you looking to enhance your SEO? Look no further than Yoast Plugin. This review explains how you get the most out of its functions.

    Grace NinsiimaOct 2022

  • I am using the Yoast SEO Premium plugin with the WooCommerce extension for my logo store. I can say it’s straightforward to use and has been doing an excellent job for six years now. When I needed support, the response was always fast and very professional.

    onlinelogomakersSep 2022

Yoast Duplicate Post Plugin

Allows Users to Clone Posts of Any Type

Many plugins indeed allow you to duplicate a post. Still, the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin has one unique feature that content writers will appreciate: the ability to rewrite and republish the content.

This plugin can assist you in creating a temporary clone of your article so that you do not lose your original post while you draft your update.

When you have updated your article and enhanced its readability and SEO using the Yoast SEO plugin, you can compare the revised article with the original one by using this plugin.

Using this plugin, you will be able to keep track of any changes you make. This plugin can be useful when multiple writers contribute to a blog.

Upon completing the publishing process, simply click the republish button. This plugin will automatically update your content as necessary.

💵 The Yoast Duplicate Post plugin is Free.

Key Features:

  • Once you update a post, you can keep all your readers’ comments
  • Using the block editor, you can update your content without editing live content
  • Content updates can be scheduled to go live at a later time
  • Users can clone and copy posts of any type for further editing
  • It is possible to track and compare changes before updating content

Random Reviews:

  • Hi, doesn’t work duplicating navigation menus, doesn’t show the duplication tool on the menus config page.

    curroguebAug 2022

  • I’ve only used the clone post feature; I’m not sure about other features. I’m not sure how this compares to other page post duplication plugins, but the plugin has been reliable.

    BrendanJul 2022

PublishPress Authors Plugin

Allows You to Show an Author Box

A single author can only be added to a single post in WordPress. However, with the PublishPress Authors plugin for WordPress, you can add as many authors as you wish to your posts. This is one of the best plugins for authors.

Additionally, this plugin enables you to add guest authors to your website. In addition to displaying your author’s profile on your blog, this plugin allows you to let readers learn more about your author.

The plugin allows you to add Guest Authors to your site who do not currently have a user account. This is important as not every writer requires a username and password.

By using this plugin, you will be able to assign multiple authors to your posts. When you write a post, you will see a box on the right sidebar where you can designate one or more users from your site as authors.

💵 It’s a Lite and Pro plugin. The Pro version is $69, and the Lite version is $0.

Key Features:

  • It is possible to add more than one author
  • The option of adding guest authors is available
  • Your site can be displayed with five different author profiles by default
  • Adding custom fields to the author profile is possible
  • Provides a customized layout for author profiles

Random Reviews:

  • Keep this PlugIn updated… Very useful with no trouble or issues…

    CObra21Oct 2022

  • This plugin works dependably, as promised.

    BrettDOkcSep 2022

Newsletter Glue Plugin

Write Your Email Newsletters in WordPress

You can edit and similarly publish newsletters to blogging using the Newsletter Glue plugin. Therefore, it is perfect for bloggers. With the integration of MailChimp, SendinBlue, or Campaign Monitor, you can directly send emails from your WordPress blog using this plugin.

Thanks to this plugin, all your content is easy to share with all your subscribers with one click. Thanks to the post-embed block, a beautiful list of links can be created using this plugin in just a few seconds.

This plugin allows you to customize your newsletter by adding subscriber names, unsubscribe links, and links to free online reading resources.

This WordPress plugin will automatically connect your email service provider to WordPress, so you do not have to worry about it. With this plugin, your website can be easily integrated with a sign-up form with just a few clicks.

💵 With $99, you will get all the exceptional features of the Newsletter Glue plugin plus 12 months of support time.

Key Features:

  • Your newsletter or blog can easily be configured to hide content
  • You can grow your audience with the subscriber form block
  • You can publish directly to your blog or newsletter subscribers from WordPress
  • Editing and designing your newsletter is easy with Gutenberg
  • You can create an SEO-friendly newsletter archive

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