5 Best WordPress Related Posts Plugins 📝 2022 (Free & Paid)

Can’t you find the best plugin for Related Posts?

Listed below are the most comprehensive WordPress plugins for related posts, so you don’t have to look for them yourself. These plugins help you establish your online presence in the highly competitive marketplace, by providing features and aesthetics. We also ensure that the plugins work with all modern WordPress themes.

Here is a collection of WordPress plugins related to Related Posts, Content Recommendation, Related Posts by Category, Related Post Code, and much more.

Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress 📝

Check out our top list of the best Related Post WordPress plugins for 2022:

Related Post Thumbnails for WordPress Plugin

Thumbnails Creating From Videos Plugin For WordPress

The Related Posts for WordPress plugin is solid, but a lighter alternative to some of the plugins that dominate the market. You can display related posts using a cache to display them since related posts perform all the resource-intensive tasks in the admin area.

By using a cache, Related posts are able to stay quick, so your website will not slow down. In fact, WP Engine even recommends Related Posts as a way to display related posts for your blog.

Related Posts is not only able to provide you with this recommendation, but it comes with some other useful tools which I find to be quite handy as well.

Furthermore, Related Posts works as an automatic linker, but if you do not want it to automatically link your posts to the ones you want, you can manually link them (if you do not want it to link them automatically), and the plugin also offers a handy widget in your sidebar.

If you’re not satisfied with this, then it is always possible to upgrade to the Pro version if needed. Pro users have access to the ability to adjust the weights associated with related content so as to have certain tags or categories appear in the search results more frequently. You can also style your website in a variety of ways with Pro.

When you install the plugin, you will be taken to an Automated White Label Wizard that will analyze your articles and produce an algorithm for linking them to each other based on the content we believe to be related.

It is therefore possible to use Related Posts for WordPress on a website that contains thousands of posts and automatically creates related connections between those posts without having to do any manual work.

💵 This plugin’s price is $Free.

Key Features:

  • Use your email address for immediate assistance
  • Provide a variety of weighting options
  • Overwrite Templates for Custom Post Types
  • Provide taxonomy support for custom post types
  • Post types can be cross-posted using the custom post type feature
  • Ability to keep manually created links
  • Support for Multisite and WordPress Multisite Networks

Jetpack Plugin

Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth For WordPress

Jetpack is undoubtedly one of the most popular plugins you can use to customize your WordPress website. There are a surprising number of 35 different functions Jetpack offers, and with an impressive 18 million downloads, it is clearly one of the most versatile tools for website owners.

Jetpack analyzes your posts, tags, and categories, which is why it is able to suggest smart content choices for your website blog if there are more than 10 articles on it.

There is no need to worry about the Jetpack effect on the speed that your website loads, as their engineers, handle all the analysis on their own, allowing you to continue using the fastest possible options.

The plugin also comes with some customization options you can customize as well. If you would like to include your related posts in a different place on your blog, then you can do so either at the top or at the bottom.

Moreover, you can also determine how many related posts you want to be included in your list. There is even the option of excluding certain articles, categories, and tags from being read if it is felt they have nothing to do with the article being read.

If there is something you’re really thinking your customers should read, then you can include your own custom choices for related posts. You can choose the related posts plugin from Jetpack to achieve this.

💵 There is a Premium version of Jetpack plugin, which costs $6.00. The Lite version is free.

Random Reviews:

  • The Jetpack support has always responded promptly and thoroughly (the few times I have contacted them) and has always solved my problems!

    janecaroleMay 2022

  • I forwarded your message to the host administrator and the problem was solved. Thanks for your quick and efficient assistance.

    Parroquia Sto. Tomas Apostol. ValenciaMay 2022

  • My website crashed after adding WooCommerce. I had to restart it from scratch.

    aladm1May 2022

Contextual Related Posts Plugin

List of Related Posts For WordPress

Contextual Related Posts is a powerful WordPress plugin that displays a list of related posts on the website and in the RSS feed of your website, allowing you to make it easy to display a related post list on your website.

As the titles and/or content of each post are based on the content of the article and therefore make them more relevant and more likely to be of interest to your readers, the list is derived from that.

Therefore, this improves your visitor retention, reduces bounce rates, and re-engages readers in your older posts.

The Contextual Related Posts plugin is one of the best plugins on the market today, featuring features such as thumbnails, shortcodes, widgets, custom post types, and CSS styles. Several similar plugins exist today, but this one provides the most advanced features.

With the inbuilt cache, you can ensure that your server does not have to exert too much load on itself in order to display related posts.

There is also the option to switch between displaying gorgeous thumbnails with rich related posts or presenting the posts as text similar to how they are displayed by default.

This plugin is probably best suited for smaller websites, so make sure to check it out. This plugin has a simple setup procedure, and you can use it immediately if you only have text-based posts.

In addition to searching within your post, it will also be able to use an image from that post as a thumbnail, when it is not found within your post.

A plugin such as this helps to improve the relevancy of your blog by contextually matching posts to each other based on the topics they discuss.

💵 Free of charge! This plugin and its support are offered to you without any charge.

Key Features:

  • During a visit to your site, related posts are automatically cached
  • A block with a configurable set of options is called Related Posts [CRP] which can be found in the footer section
  • Organize your theme so that related posts appear in a widgetized area
  • Posts, pages, attachments, and custom types can all be added to the related posts list
  • After you activate the plugin, the related posts will automatically appear on your site and feed
  • Posts related to the current post can be found using the title or content

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin is awesome, I use it all the time

    marceldolaMar 2022

  • This is a superb piece of work, straightforward and excellent. Thanks so much!

    marbella_fanMar 2022

  • I used the related plugin and I found it to be the best I have found.
    Thanks for the free download.

    dimalFeb 2022

AddThis Plugin

Turning Visitors into Engaged Customers Plugin For WordPress

AddThis, a popular social sharing and following button provider, will be familiar to you because of its success. AddThis has created a great plugin that shows related content based on their experience, and we are delighted that they have done so.

Adding Related Posts by AddThis to WordPress allows you to present more relevant content that is more engaging and has a higher chance of getting noticed. There are several options to customize the way related posts are displayed to your visitors.

On the Homepage, there is an option for real-time scrolling. At the Bottom, hovering suggestions are also available. What makes Related Posts stand out from its competitors is its design.

Using this plugin you will be able to make sure that your related posts stand out from the rest of your content on a page. Additionally, it comes with in-depth analytics regarding related posts and how many shares they have received.

AddThis Related Posts does have one downside, however, and it is that it tends to slow down your website a bit as well as if you truly wish to take full advantage of the analytics, you need to install the AddThisAccount plugin for free or pro.

💵 You’ll receive updates for this plugin for 1 year with 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • The addition of website overlays on your site is a great way of promoting email subscriptions to the site visitors
  • Getting traffic from your website to your social media channels by this plugin
  • Increase sales with AddThis’s e-commerce tools by reducing shopping cart abandonment, increasing sales, and capturing leads
  • Create segments for your audience by segmenting them by new versus returning, devices, geo-location, & social sources in order to drive engagement

Related Posts Pro for WordPress Plugin

Related Content Plugin For WordPress

It is possible to download Related Posts Pro for WordPress blogs as a premium plugin. Using the same plugin, multiple different types of content can be added to a site, including custom post types, authoring on multi-sites, adding categories, terms, etc.

As part of Related Posts Pro, users will be able to filter recommendations in order to provide an extra layer of convenience. Various options are available for sorting posts including title, relevance, taxonomy, and post type.

Additionally, this plugin can help you with any type of content, such as post types, pages, and custom post types. Related Posts Pro’s only real downside is that it is a slightly heavier plugin that may take some time to load. This can lead to a slower site loading speed.

It also supports 3 types of layout options within the Related Posts Pro plugin. Introducing the ‘Isotopic’ content type, which can display up to 20 related posts in standard columns and rows. The carousel of related posts is included in the Slick and Slider plugins.

The feature of transitioning displays one single post at any given time and then transitions to the next with an animated transition. There are many layouts to choose from within each design and each one comes with 65 different templates to choose from.

Plugins that create custom post types include WooCommerce, WP ECommerce, bbPress, etc… it is also compatible with custom post types. It is a great option for displaying related products and for forum topics sliders.

💵 WordPress plugin with 1-year support and updates.

Key Features:

  • Posts, pages, and custom post types can be created and managed with this app
  • Possibility of configuring the meta box at the post-level for each post
  • On the front end of the application, there is a possibility of sorting by name and relevance
  • An intelligent image parser that parses images from six different sources: standard, rich media, excerpt, custom field, default, and screenshot of the page
  • Custom fields can be added to the fields of the title field to be able to sort by the name and relevance
  • Provide smart algorithms that automatically find and extract keywords

Random Reviews:

  • A very good quality product that can be customized.

    sebimmMay 2017

  • Great plugin, the best for related post

    AutoCultivoOct 2018

  • A great support team and awesome features.

    zOrgFeb 2017

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