5 Best WordPress User Role Manager Plugins 🕵️‍♀️ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Looking for the best WordPress plugin for User Role to use on your website?

We have compiled a list of the best WordPress plugins for customizing users’ roles to save you from researching and testing. These plugins are beyond aesthetics as they offer plenty of features and plugins to improve the capability of your site. All best WordPress themes are compatible with these plugins as well.

The following list of User Role plugins we compiled will help you go with the best plugin to use for your website. These plugins will also benefit your website’s needs to handle Multiple User Roles, User Role Editor, WooCommerce User Roles, WordPress Custom Roles, User Access Manager, User Role Manager, User Permissions Manager, or User Management.

Best User Roles Extender Plugins for WordPress 👦

In this article, we are sharing our collection of WordPress plugins for User Role in 2022:

User Role Editor Plugin

Allows You to Change User Roles

The User Role Editor plugin is the best way to determine which roles should be assigned to different parts of your website. The plugin allows you to control who can access your site and its features and specify the activities users are permitted to perform on your website.

In this plugin, you can create roles on your website according to your company’s needs, customize positions to suit your needs, manage the workforce, and delete roles you no longer need.

With this plugin, you can edit all user roles except for those relating to the Administrator role quickly and easily, which only requires a few clicks. You can also create new roles and make specific capabilities available with this plugin.

This plugin is fully compatible with WordPress Multisite Networks, and all tasks are assigned to individual users. Users can also have front-end menu items hidden from others in this plugin.

Unfortunately, the plugin does not appear to offer the option of assigning WooCommerce user roles to the marketing/gift cards.

💵 For the Premium version, it’s $29 and for the Lite version, it’s free.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to block access to the administrator menu, widgets, and meta boxes
  • Import or export the user role configuration in one click using the synchronization option is possible
  • Allows you to show or hide specific widgets on the front-end when required
  • Allows for action to be taken on multiple sites using one WordPress admin panel
  • The process of assigning roles is straightforward

Random Reviews:

  • Because this plugin is useful, I did not want to write my own version. However, the Russian war in Ukraine has prevented my ability to renew my pro subscription. Thus, I am back to writing my own.

    multmediadesignsMay 2022

  • Did what I expected, easy to understand. The best part is there is no nagging to leave reviews or upgrade to the Pro version for features I don’t need (unlike some other capabilities plugins).

    marvistaApr 2022

Members Plugin

a Membership & User Role Editor Plugin

Like User Role Editor, Members is an extensive WordPress plugin that provides users with intuitively accessible User Roles. This article examines its features.

This plugin has an interface that makes it easy for users to assign roles to each other and to add additional roles as needed.

In this way, you can decide which roles to include on your site. Then you can customize its capabilities to meet the needs of your organization.

This user management plugin allows users to customize their roles to simplify configuration, and granting them access to defined roles has become much easier with this functionality. Adding capabilities to users, giving them roles, and giving them access to defined roles is easy as pie with this plugin.

Similarly, the plugin will allow you to restrict which types of content appear on the site and allow only certain types of content to be viewed by users once you have been granted permission by the site administrators.

Unfortunately, integrations should be implemented inside the plugin, and the pro version of this plugin is an expensive one.

💵 Price: $279, Free: Lite.

Key Features:

  • Roles and capabilities can be created, edited, and deleted
  • Shortcodes can be used to restrict content on your website so that it is private
  • Provides your users with access to multiple roles and their capabilities
  • You can edit or delete any role on the website at any time if it is not required
  • Provides the ability to deny certain capabilities to specific users according to their roles

Random Reviews:

  • With this plugin, you’ll have easy-to-use features and tons of resources

    pascalcrosnierMay 2022

  • Syncing roles from CiviCRM, assigning roles based on permissions… This should be done by default, which is why I’m glad this plugin exists.

    mikesafhMay 2022

PublishPress Capabilities Plugin

User Role Access, Editor Permissions, Admin Menus

Like Members, PublishPress Capabilities is a plugin that allows you to manage rights throughout all of your WordPress websites, seamlessly integrated into your site.

The user permissions manager enables users to assign roles and capabilities to themselves. It is possible to give different kinds of permissions to different types of users on your website, such as editors, administrators, subscribers, authors, etc.

Creating a new role and cloning an existing one can be easily accomplished. Roles have flexibility in terms of who can post content for all members.

As needed, you can modify the roles for your team members based on the needs of your site and the protocol you use. You can choose which features of Gutenberg blocks to hide and which ones will be visible once your site has been published.

💵 Besides the premium version for $69, there is also a free version.

Key Features:

  • It is possible to display whatever information you desire for your authors
  • By granting permission, anyone can access the content while publishing, editing, deleting, and reading it
  • The same role can be assigned to different users on a website with additional capabilities
  • It is possible to check and add all the capabilities to a selected role
  • Provides accessibility across multiple sites

Random Reviews:

  • I use this plugin to customize many user capabilities. It allows many customizations and possibilities. And the support is even better. The developer helps me with all my queries.

    dcasti93Apr 2022

  • Ok, maybe so few stars are harsh but it does appreciate such responsiveness from plugin developers, which I think bodes well for plugins in general. This topic was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by

    wordcrunchApr 2022

WPFront User Role Editor Plugin

Allows You to Easily Manage WordPress User Roles

The WPFront User Role Editor plugin enables you to manage WordPress user roles across your websites, including adding, editing, and deleting roles among users.

The roles could be renamed and even copied. Default roles could be changed, and capabilities could be added and deleted.

Users can have multiple roles assigned to them, and roles can be restored after they have been deleted. User navigation menu permissions and widget permissions can also be altered.

The user role manager has several valuable features, including fundamental login redirection. It supports multisite installation and offers shortcodes for content restrictions. It is possible to restrict which posts can be featured on a given page.

The plugin can also migrate users to other sites as part of its premium options. This plugin provides users with customization options, such as management menus, shortcodes, content restrictions, custom post types, and WordPress custom roles.

💵 A Premium version costs $89, whereas a Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Users can be assigned capabilities based on their individual needs
  • Roles may be restricted from seeing specific posts and pages
  • Multiple user roles may be assigned to multiple users simultaneously
  • Roles that have been self-created but are not assigned to any users can be deleted

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin cannot automatically sync with a new subdomain created without permissions, and it cannot generate permissions immediately after creating a subdomain.

    wpsitessupportOct 2021

  • I’m in search of this plugin, but it needs to work with WordPress 4.7. Thank you.

    JakSep 2021

Advanced Access Manager Plugin

Help You Control Every Aspect of Your Website

Advanced Access Manager is a simple and powerful user access manager plugin that assists website administrators in controlling access to the website dashboard, menus, pages, posts, and widgets.

Additionally, it increases the performance and stability of websites by providing restricted access to these areas.

By providing maximum flexibility in functions and features, this plugin gives the most control to the user. Consequently, website administrators can restrict access to certain content for visitor roles, individual users, and taxonomies.

Visitors, visitors, and individual users can also set default access to posts, pages, taxonomies, custom post types, and custom taxonomies on the website.

The plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of hooks integrated with the WordPress Restful API. This plugin consists of numerous abstraction layers that facilitate the handling of access controls.

💵 The Premium version of the Advanced Access Manager plugin costs $39, and the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • The user interface enables the administrator to focus on only the most important tasks
  • Authentication can be carried out using the WordPress API
  • You will not be bothered by advertisements
  • Shortcodes can be used to filter and replace content parts

Random Reviews:

  • Plugin with high potential, with many features. However, support is very poor. No responses have been given in over two years.

    RickiMar 2022

  • Hey
    thanks for the info
    , but the post $ terms and capabilities sections shake
    what’s up?

    amir200520052005Dec 2021

  • This plugin made it super easy for coworkers to create accounts and to do a single task on a website.

    Pieterjan DeneysNov 2021

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