5 Best WordPress Wedding Plugins 💍 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you trying to find the best WordPress plugins for weddings?

In this article, we look at some of the best WordPress Wedding plugins available to set up a website without wasting a lot of time finding and discovering a cluttered list of plugins. All the plugins listed here come with out-of-the-box features and possibilities. They also work with all popular WordPress themes.

To help you select the excellent WordPress plugins, we have handpicked the following bundle of Wedding plugins. It’s not precisely the Wedding plugin that you are searching for?

These plugins are also functional for RSVP Forms, Event Registration Plugins, Wedding Guest List, Gift Registries, Wedding Invitation, Wedding Themes, Wedding Website Examples, and Wedding Website Templates. Select the WordPress plugin that fits your website and level it up.

Best Wedding Plugins for WordPress💍

Check out some of the best Wedding WordPress plugins for 2022:

NM Gift Registry and Wishlist Lite Plugin

A Solid Gift Registry Plugin

NM Gift Registry and Wishlist plugin enable customers to create and add items to several types of gift registries and wishlists. These can be used for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

This plugin was initially designed to serve as a gift registry plugin. Still, when used as a wishlist plugin, it enhances that functionality.

As part of the plugin, customers will be able to create the perfect shopping list and purchase their items, increasing the number of sales generated by the store as the application is specifically tailored for them.

NM Gift Registry and Wishlist Lite users can create and manage gift registries, wish lists, partner information, and other profile information and add shipping information to gift registries or wishlists, using Woocommerce shipping fields that integrate well with your website’s shipping setup.

💵 The software is available in two versions: Pro ($99) and Lite (Free).

Key Features:

  • There are featured and background images associated with each wishlist or gift registry selected using a variety of display styles
  • Every customer has the option of having multiple wishlists or gift registries
  • Possibility of marking a wishlist item as a favorite and sorting the things according to the status of that favorite
  • Possibility of excluding individual wishlists from search results
  • Multiple wishlist items can be added to the shopping cart at once
  • From the checkout screen, you may send a message to the gift registry owner or wish list

Random Reviews:

  • I am very pleased with the product and support you provide. The developer is very responsive. The product has a lot of features out-of-the-box. If you are outside of Africa, you may want to consider creating a PayPal virtual card to pay with if you run into problems. Otherwise, I recommend the product and service.

    mateus8Feb 2022

  • A perfect gift registry plugin*

    mrgraphJan 2022

  • I highly recommend this plugin for gift registries and wishlists. Support is quick and responsive. Thank you!

    paulspprojectOct 2021

Simple Wishlists for Weddings Plugin

Lets You Add Gifts To Your Wishlist

You may be interested in installing the Simple Wishlists for Weddings plugin on your website if you need a practical and easy way to display a wedding gift registry or simply want to create a wishlist for your birthday or other special occasions.

Thanks to this plugin, you can easily add gifts to your wishlist and embed them wherever you like using shortcodes.

There is a picture, a description, the price, and a link to the product with each gift. Most importantly, it is possible to indicate whether you have already purchased the gift so that no one else can acquire it.

The plugin can work well on most mobile devices with its attractive design and responsive features. Unfortunately, as this is a free plugin, some of your product links will be converted into affiliate links.

💵 Free plugin with advanced features!

Key Features:

  • The gift comes with a picture, a description, the price, and a link to the product
  • Creating a wishlist and embedding it wherever they like utilizing shortcodes
  • Customers have the option of creating multiple wishlists or gift registries
  • Compatible with the majority of mobile devices

Random Reviews:

  • Nice, works as expected to create a wishlist. Yeah, would be cool to have some kind of notifications too, but that sounds like a lot of coding to me. Thanks for coding this.

    AmaravatiSep 2020

  • The creator isn’t active and doesn’t respond to issues. They’ve added in code to change all your links to affiliate links with their own affiliate code, which half of the time breaks the links.

    netriscsMay 2020

  • It’s simple to use, and it looks nice. However, it is difficult to style the elements, because everything in the style has been set too! important. It would be nice if they were removed. Furthermore, it would be useful if the users could edit the gifts sent in case they made a mistake or changed their minds.

    peterspliidAug 2019

WeddingPress Plugin

Best Suited For Wedding Website Owners

In addition to being a powerful WordPress plugin, WeddingPress, like Simple Wishlists for Weddings, is perfect for owners of wedding websites who hope to create unique wedding website examples and wedding website templates. It also works well with wedding themes.

With this plugin, guests can select meals, drinks, highchairs, and much more according to their preferences, allowing hosts to provide a pleasant experience.

When guests fill out the online RSVP form, they will automatically receive an email confirming their choices as soon as the form has been submitted.

As this plugin can be easily customized, couples can make it their own by tailoring it to match their preferences uniquely. The plugin was created explicitly for people who were getting married to assist them in planning their special day.

💵 Contains all the features and plugins plus 1 year of updates for the plugin.

Key Features:

  • Provides insight into the type of event your guest will be attending and the kind of food and drink options and recipes offered
  • Makes it possible for you to create an online guest list by adding your guests to the events they have been invited to
  • A gift list with a PayPal payment feature allows you to create your own gift list by specifying costs, pictures, and descriptions
  • You may provide unlimited options for starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks in your RSVP form for your guests to choose from

Rsvp And Wedding Invitation Plugin

Allows To Send Email Wedding Invitation

By installing the RSVP and Wedding Invitation WordPress Plugin, you will be able to invite your friends and family members to attend your wedding.

With the wedding invitation plugin, RSVPs to your guests can be sent by email, so they can have as much fun as possible during the wedding.

You can plan the food accordingly for the wedding after you have confirmed the number of guests attending the celebration.

In your RSVP, you can indicate whether you are vegetarian or vegan or if you would like kids’ food so the menu can be arranged accordingly.

Using this plugin, you can send invitations simultaneously to multiple guests using the same form.

Besides being able to customize invitations, you can also send out different invitations to different individuals. Unfortunately, this plugin is also no longer freely available.

💵 #Price includes 12 months of free support and updates.

Key Features:

  • WordPress shortcodes can be used to create professional RSVP forms using CSS style, and they can be added to any page of your website
  • A broad range of menu options is available to guests based on given statistics for different menu types, such as standard, kids’, and vegetarian
  • An admin can do a matching check for email addresses on the RSVP form, so only those guests you invited may RSVP
  • Using the plugin, you can manage your guests easily, adding, editing, and sorting them according to your requirements

Events Planner Plugin

Helps You Manage Any Kind Of Event

The Events Planner plugin was designed to be the next generation of event registration plugins which incorporates standard features such as Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, and Options. It is a highly effective and flexible plugin.

The plugin allows you to plan, manage, and organize any type of event. In addition to providing a tool to handle any sort of event, it is also the ideal tool for weddings where receptions, rehearsal dinners, the wedding ceremony, and the after-party all coincide.

With the Events Planner plugin, you can manage your wedding guest list, keeping guests informed about your special day’s details.

The pro version of the plugin allows users to set an unlimited number of dates, prices, and timeframes, register individuals and groups, view their contact information, and send them emails regarding the event.

💵 For (Needs Quote), you can get Premium, but Lite is free.

Key Features:

  • Forms can be managed within the program with the help of its built-in form manager and builder
  • Registration for events is made easy through a simple form
  • All registrants will receive a confirmation by email as soon as possible
  • PayPal can be integrated if you need to accept payments

Random Reviews:

  • I haven’t found anything else that provides the same level of functionality for class registration as this plugin does. Sadly, support for this plugin seems to have disappeared about a year ago.
    So disappointed.

    croznestMay 2018

  • I wanted to love this plug-in so much. Both the free version and the test setup seemed so enjoyable. But I have been fighting it for days and can’t get any help from support. Events are duplicating out of nowhere and disappearing when I delete them. Other problems too. I wasted $56 and must go looking again.
    Someone please make a decent event plug-in!

    jmarkenSep 2017

  • I had the plugin installed, events, presenters, locations, prices, and discounts set up within an hour, and it was all displayed in an UpComing Training page on our site, with registration working.

    mctaylorFeb 2017

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The plugins above are the best around for weddings. Every website owner can use them.

We hope this article will be helpful to you. We have published a post on the best WordPress hosting providers that may be of interest to you. We have also put together a post on the best WordPress security plugins for your consideration.

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