5 ChatGPT Plugins for WordPress You Should Check Out

ChatGPT has taken the digital world by storm. As a content creator or marketer, you might be looking to explore this AI technology further by implementing it on your website. Therefore, you may be wondering if there are any ChatGPT WordPress plugins you could use.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best options on the market. Whether you run an online store or a busy blog, using the right AI tool can help you streamline your workflow and produce new content faster.

In this post, we’ll look at 🔎 a few scenarios where using ChatGPT WordPress plugins could be beneficial.

Then, we’ll review some of the best options for your site that help you implement ChatGPT’s OpenAI GPT-3 technology.

Let’s get started!

When to use a ChatGPT WordPress plugin

ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI. It uses the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) technology to interact with users in a conversational way.

GPT-3 is one of the largest AI language models available. It’s based on deep learning algorithms that make it capable of producing human-like content.

For example, GPT-3 can answer questions, write articles, translate texts, and more:

Asking ChatGPT a question.

If you produce digital content, you may be wondering how you can utilize this technology in your day-to-day tasks. As a content writer or blogger, you might use ChatGPT to generate topic ideas and outlines.

You could even ask it to create blog titles and social media posts for you:

An Instagram post generated by ChatGPT

Additionally, if you run an educational site, a ChatGPT WordPress plugin can help you produce informative articles. For example, you could use it to create beginner content, such as an introduction to a subject:

An article generated  by ChatGPT

However, you don’t need a blog to benefit from GPT-3 technology. If you have an online store, you could use a ChatGPT WordPress plugin to quickly create product descriptions or sales copy. Overall, the technology can be useful for any kind of written content.

What’s more, an OpenAI WordPress plugin can help improve customer satisfaction. For instance, if you use an AI-powered chatbot, you could answer queries and resolve issues in real time.

Five powerful ChatGPT WordPress plugins

Now, let’s look at five ChatGPT WordPress plugins that can help incorporate AI technology into your site and improve your workflow:

  1. AIomatic
  2. ContentBot AI Writer
  3. AI Mojo
  4. AI Engine
  5. ChatBot for WordPress

1. AIomatic

As the name suggests, AIomatic is an AI-powered content writer plugin that automatically creates blog posts for you. You could use it to write product reviews, provide topic ideas, update old posts with fresh content, and more.

You can select between AiomaticAPI or OpenAI, and the plugin will pull content directly from these services:

The Aiomatic plugin

🎯 Key features

  • Use the Keyword Replacer Tool to automatically create affiliate links for specific keywords.
  • Insert shortcode or a Gutenberg block into your posts and pages to create AI-generated content.
  • The tool automatically generates a featured image for the post, sourced from royalty-free image sites like Pixabay and Pexels.
  • Rewrite published posts according to your requirements.

💳 Pricing

A regular license costs $49 and includes six months of support.

2. ContentBot AI Writer

ContentBot AI Writer can be a powerful tool for bloggers. This plugin connects your site to the AI Writer web app so that you can generate ideas and content within your WordPress dashboard.

ContentBot uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 model. Once you’ve installed the plugin on your site, you’ll need to enter your API key to start using it. Then, you can utilize the AI Content block to generate different types of content:

Using ContentBot AI writer in the Block Editor

🎯 Key features

  • Summarize long content into digestible chunks.
  • Generate talking points, outlines, and topic ideas.
  • Change the tone of your copy.
  • Create a value proposition for your product.
  • Use the bullet point expander to create paragraphs.

💳 Pricing

The plugin itself is free, but you’ll need a ContentBot account. You can get started for free or select a premium plan. The Starter plan costs $19 per month.

3. AI Mojo

AI Mojo is another AI-powered writing tool you could use on your blog. This is a Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) plugin, and you can choose between OpenAI GPT-3 or AI21 Studio.

Once you’ve entered your API key, you’ll be able to access the AI Mojo panel within the Block Editor. Here, simply select a template and enter a prompt. The tool will then generate the requested content:

The AI Mojo panel is one of the best ChatGPT WordPress plugins and this is what it looks like in the Block Editor.

🎯 Key features

  • Generate article outlines, conclusions, introductions, and more.
  • Paraphrase, rewrite, or shorten existing content.
  • Use the AI Mojo Wizard to generate a complete article.
  • Source relevant images with a prompt.

💳 Pricing

The plugin is free. However, you’ll need to get an API key from OpenAI or AI21 Studio.

4. AI Engine

AI Engine enables you to create a ChatGPT-like chatbot and set behaviors for it. You can use the plugin to generate content and images, explore titles and ideas, fill out WooCommerce product fields, and more – you’ll just need an OpenAI key!

With AI Engine, you’ll also get access to other handy tools, including an SEO optimizer that generates titles, keywords, and excerpts:

AI Engine's SEO Optimizer is one of the best ChatGPT WordPress plugins available.

🎯 Key features

  • Add a ChatGPT-style chatbot with a shortcode, choosing from fullscreen, popup, and window modes.
  • Brainstorm new titles and content ideas.
  • Quickly generate WooCommerce product descriptions.
  • Access a variety of AI tools, including a text corrector, translator, and restaurant review writer.
  • Monitor your OpenAI usage with built-in statistics.

💳 Pricing

You can use the plugin for free with your OpenAI account.

5. ChatBot for WordPress

Finally, if you run an ecommerce site, a tool like ChatBot for WordPress can help you improve your store’s user experience (UX). It enables you to build conversational forms, collect customer details and user feedback, provide live chat support, and more.

Plus, you’re able to use ChatBot for retargeting campaigns. For example, in order to increase your conversions, you might show special offers to customers who are about to leave your website:

Chatbot for WordPress is one of the best ChatGPT WordPress plugins and this is what the interface looks like.

🎯 Key features

  • Access a plug-and-play chatbot that is integrated with Google’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI through Dialogflow V2.
  • Detect departing visitors and display a targeted offer.
  • Show a personalized welcome message with 24/7 live chat.
  • Integrate the tool with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, OpenAI ChatGPT, and more.

💳 Pricing

This is a premium plugin, with prices starting from $29.

Try these ChatGPT WordPress plugins today 🚀

ChatGPT is revolutionizing the digital world. This AI technology is capable of generating human-like content, including articles, reviews, social media posts, and more. As a result, it can help you streamline your workflow and produce more content in a shorter timeframe.

👉 To recap, here are some of the best ChatGPT WordPress plugins on the market:

  1. AIomatic: A tool that can generate articles, auto-link keywords, and rewrite old content.
  2. ContentBot AI Writer: An AI assistant that can create a wide variety of content inside the Block Editor.
  3. AI Mojo: You can use this tool to generate article sections, like outlines and introductions, as well as complete posts and images.
  4. AI Engine: This OpenAI plugin is packed with handy tools, including a text corrector, translator, and SEO optimizer.
  5. ChatBot for WordPress: An ideal tool for creating conversational forms, retargeting customers, and providing live support.

Do you have any questions about the ChatGPT WordPress plugins featured in this post? Let us know in the comments section below!

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