6 Best Google My Business WordPress Plugins πŸ’° 2022 (Free & Pro)

We were recently asked which was the best plugin for Google My Business on WordPress? by one of our readers.

This text will share some of the best WordPress plugins for Google My Business. Google My Business WordPress plugins in this stack have all the features you need and are easy to use, have great support, and are fast. In other words, they work with all the top WordPress themes.

To help you choose the best Google My Business plugin, we have handpicked the following wide selection of Google My Business plugins. These plugins are for Auto Post to Google My Business, Business Reviews, and Google My Business Reviews.

This is probably the right and best Google My Business plugin for WordPress in 2022:

Post to Google My Business Plugin

A Google My Business WordPress Plugin

Today almost every company has a blog, with some for expressing themselves and others for building brand awareness. Still, most are simply looking for SEO juice. Using the Post to Google My Business plugin, you can easily convert website content into Google My Business content.

Using this plugin, you can easily update your WordPress website directly on Google My Business. This plugin also supports Gutenberg editor, so posts can be automatically published to Gutenberg Mobile and GMC. In the event you have multiple sites, you will be able to use this plugin on each website.

By utilizing the premium version of this plugin, you can take your Google My Business content game to new heights and save significant amounts of time.

With this plugin, you can schedule posts for automatic publication, create Google My Business posts from any WordPress post type, determine the location for each post, and post simultaneously to multiple locations.

πŸ’΅ It is $79 for the Premium version and free for the Lite version.

Key Features:

  • You can publish posts to multiple locations across multiple Google accounts at once
  • Provides support for publishing from external applications to GMB
  • Network- and site-level multisite support is provided
  • You can create, edit or delete posts without having to visit your GMB dashboard
  • Auto post to Google My Business is possible

Random Reviews:

  • Getting my website to appear in Google using easy GMB has been an outstanding achievement

    bongojobsAug 2022

  • As a result of Google’s new policies, having the API was a pain. It deserves to receive five stars.

    Alejandro FaicanAug 2022

Plugin for Google Reviews Plugin

Displays Google Business Reviews

If you see negative reviews on your Google My Business page, you should promote the positive ones. Customers can benefit your business the most if they generate content that flatters you and your business. The Plugin for Google Reviews plugin allows you to do this.

With this plugin’s help, you can embed a widget that displays your website’s Google My Business reviews.

Many functions are handled by this plugin, including extracting all reviews and storing them in your WordPress database, scheduling an automatic update schedule, and displaying up to five reviews per location.

With the free version, you can display Google My Business reviews alone; however, with the Pro version, you can combine Google My Business reviews with Facebook and Yelp reviews.

You can apply a minimum rating filter and select from various sorting options to determine which reviews are more relevant. Users can leave Google reviews directly on your website with the Pro version.

πŸ’΅ The Pro version costs $85 and the Lite version is free.

Random Reviews:

  • Out-of-the-box, easy-to-use solution.

    hessam61Aug 2022

  • It’s cool! It just made my WordPress website a lot more appealing to prospective buyers! I like it!

    danieluprealAug 2022

Reviews and Rating Plugin

A Powerful Google My Business Plugin

When connecting Google My Business with WordPress, ensure you do not have too many review plugins active simultaneously. Using a shortcode or widget, the Reviews and Rating plugin allows you to display Google reviews on your WordPress website.

The plugin allows you to customize the appearance of your columns. They will be responsive, and you can select from at least 96 different designs.

This plugin offers a great deal of customization; it goes beyond the standard rating range, and you can also customize the length of the customers’ reviews.

This plugin allows you to substitute your own icons; additionally, it will provide you with a live preview on the Settings page and allow you to hide reviews selectively.

Additionally, limiting the number of API requests you make daily is possible so that you do not exceed your free quota, which will still allow you to utilize it for free. You will need to provide your Google Billing Account to use this plugin, but it will still remain free.

πŸ’΅ This plugin is available for free.

Key Features:

  • You can lift important reviews to the top.
  • GMB allows you to display all of your Google reviews and keep them up-to-date automatically
  • You can upload your own Google business photo.
  • Some of the reviews can be hidden using pagination
  • You can include/exclude words filter to show or hide certain reviews

We’re Open! Plugin

Control All Aspects of Your Business Opening Hours

As a result of so many communities having been closed for so long, people miss seeing familiar faces after a business closes. However, your customers can easily determine when your business is open by using the We’re Open! plugin.

In this plugin, the widgets and shortcodes enable you to display opening hours in various formats. You may choose from various options.

This plugin offers several excellent options, including the ability to set up three groups of openings per day. For example, you could set up two lunch breaks. There is also the option to set a temporary closure date.

This plugin should be used for many reasons. It is free, and you can customize it however you wish. Most importantly, it can be integrated with Google My Business so that your website will display the hours you have configured there.

πŸ’΅ Free download of this plugin is available now.

Key Features:

  • Google My Business is used to populate the current opening hours
  • Extensive day and time formatting is possible
  • There are shortcodes and widgets to display your opening hours
  • A responsive interface is available to set regular opening hours quickly
  • You can set a date range for a temporary closure of your business

Random Reviews:

  • Adding a shortcode to your page will ensure that the plugin displays the standard opening hours and any exceptions.

    Uwe JacobsApr 2022

  • The logic to display custom messages according to opening and closing times is very clever and something I hadn’t thought of. Well done, Noah!

    kja03Jan 2022

Revive Old Posts Plugin

A Social Media Auto Post and Scheduling Plugin

It does not matter what type of business you run; whether the business is online, small, or large, you should try the Revive Old Posts plugin.

Using this plugin, you can share your content quickly and seamlessly across Twitter and Facebook. With the Pro version, you can also share through Google My Business.

This plugin has a unique characteristic: You must purchase the Pro version to use it as a Google My Business plugin. This will allow you to post on other social media websites such as LinkedIn, Tumblr, and VKontakte, in addition to Google My Business.

By using this version, you will be able to share your social media posts on up to 50 accounts at one time and set the interval between your posts.

πŸ’΅ A pro version is available for $75, and a free version is available.

Key Features:

  • Creating common hashtags for sharing posts is possible
  • You can choose the time between social media post shares
  • You can share different content variations on your social networks
  • Your post can be prefaced or followed by predetermined text
  • Shares posts on social media automatically

Random Reviews:

  • In June, the plugin stopped working for me. I tried updating PHP, reinstalling, testing for conflicting plugins, etc., but it wouldn’t work.

    danny1245Aug 2022

  • Any changes that I make to the settings, such as changing the minimum interval between shares to 1 hour, return the following error message

    ictdeskMar 2022

WP Google My Business Auto Publish Plugin

Lets You Publish Posts, Custom Posts and Pages

You can automatically publish custom posts and gallery posts from your WordPress website to your Google My Business page using the WP Google My Business Auto Publish plugin for WordPress.

The content on your Google My Business business page must be more complete if you wish to achieve a higher ranking. Unfortunately, creating new content on Google My Business is difficult and easy to forget.

Using this plugin, however, you can create more content without doing any additional work, enabling you to add additional content to your or your client’s Google My Business pages.

The plugin is lightweight and free to use as well. It will enable you to set a default share message and action type for all of your posts, which can be altered for each individual post.

Moreover, you can filter the items to be published based on the categories chosen in the plugin settings page and publish custom posts and pages.

πŸ’΅ The plugin is free. It doesn’t cost anything.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes Google My Business’ official API
  • It is possible to select a checkbox to stop sharing a particular post
  • It is possible for you to create a new post manually
  • Event posts can be created with start and end dates
  • Multiple Google My Business locations can be added

In conclusion,

Overall, you have probably already gotten an idea of what plugin you need. You might end up having a fantastic website after investing a few hours.

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We want you to make a confident decision based on that decision and be able to think clearly.

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