6 Best LearnDash Add-ons and Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Pro)

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for LearnDash Add-Ons?

To save you time and effort, we have compiled a list of the Best WordPress plugins for LearnDash Add-Ons that are superbly designed and work. With this list, you will find only quick plugins which are speed optimized, simple and have exceptional designs and features. These plugins can also integrate seamlessly with all the top WordPress themes.

All the plugins listed below are Add-Ons for LearnDash. Additionally, you can use the following plugins for LearnDash Extensions, LearnDash Certificate Plugin, and LearnDash and Salesforce Integration.

Check out the top 10 WordPress plugins for LearnDash Add-Ons in 2022:

LoginPress Plugin

Quickly & Easily Customize Your Login Page

LoginPress WordPress plugin allows you to customize your login pages, personalize them and secure them without the need to be familiar with HTML or coding.

If you want to customize and rebrand the default WordPress login page, LoginPress is an excellent alternative.

In addition to adding security features, your website can also be customized in terms of size, color, and content of login logos, buttons, and backgrounds to prevent spamming and bots from accessing it.

This is one the most popular Learn Dash extensions and can even customize error messages, integrate Google ReCaptcha, and add Google Fonts to your e-learning site.

As well as this, you will receive 20 different pre-built templates straight from the box. This is all handled through the WordPress customizer, so you will not need to worry about writing code.

Using social login, you will be able to allow students to register and log in using Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites.

💵 In Version Lite it is free, in Version Pro it is $79.

Key Features:

  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Customize login page footer
  • Login Form, Login Redirect, etc
  • Online course users can be directed to specific pages
  • Provides you with a live editor to preview the changes
  • Supports Custom CSS & JS
  • Custom Login Backgrounds
  • Use magic URLs instead of username/password combinations
  • Button Customization
  • Google reCAPTCHA

Random Reviews:

  • Professionally and easily accomplishes the task

    maxfactionOct 2022

  • A quick and easy-to-use plugin, Custom Login Page Customizer is the best I’ve seen, and I have used it on multiple sites for some time. Kudos and a big thanks to the developers who made it!

    varmark2000Oct 2022

  • The Pro version is beneficial for me to adjust connections to my different needs.

    osunOct 2022

Design Upgrade for LearnDash Plugin

Improve Your LearnDash Design Today

The Design Upgrade add-on allows you to make changes to your LearnDash website’s design so that it is more visually appealing to users.

Aside from 90+ customization options, Design Upgrade will also allow you to make numerous changes to your Learning Management System.

There is no charge for using this add-on; you can customize your LearnDash pages in 30 different ways. In addition, you do not need to write any code.

This add-on provides additional navigation options on the learning grid design and custom progress bars on the LearnDash Profile page.

This LearnDash Certificate Plugin is also available in a premium version titled Design Upgrade Pro, which offers a wide variety of customizations and enhancements. You can customize your LearnDash website in nine different ways with the LearnDash Pro version.

This add-on allows you to access various animations, fonts, and button login setup options.

💵 Pro version is $39, Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • No additional coding required
  • Includes tons of powerful features
  • All buttons have matching rounded corners
  • Login and Registration Pages can be customized
  • Built to work with popular themes, including Astra
  • Larger clickable areas for all course content
  • Improved sidebar tray design
  • Improved styles for the new LearnDash registration
  • Improved styles for Focus Mode comment
  • Unified styles for all form fields

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin is a lifesaver and makes LearnDash look 1000 times better than the free version.

    arikaJan 2022

  • My free and pro versions offer more advanced options for improving your Learndash site, but the support goes above and beyond.

    rhartlandMay 2021

  • This plugin offers great advanced styling and layout functionality that LearnDash should have included.

    clayrayApr 2021

Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash Plugin

Build Better LearnDash Sites

With the Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash add-on, which consists of 25 powerful modules, LearnDash can be extended in a variety of ways.

With everything from a course dashboard to time tracking to automatic material completion, this course management system is an excellent choice.

This LearnDash and Salesforce Integration is the one-stop solution for all the tasks you wish to accomplish through LearnDash, but that you would be unable to accomplish without one.

This Add-on is known for improving the learning experience by providing login redirects, resume capability, and content visibility, among other benefits.

It provides several useful tools, such as auto-logging and auto-logging out, showing and hiding content, changing user accounts, and improving certificate management.

Make a clean, modern login form available for all pages displaying your branding and replace the default WordPress login form.

Additionally, a custom email verification can be enabled in conjunction with front-end password resets if administrator approval is required for every registration.

💵 The lite version is free and the pro one is $149.

Key Features:

  • Lazy Loading Course Navigation
  • Adds all-important e-learning modules
  • Multisite and translation ready
  • Course Dashboard offered
  • Enhances the learning experience as well as the development workflow
  • Autocomplete Lessons & Topics
  • Adds up to 16 modules and the Pro up to 25 modules
  • Enhanced Course Grid
  • Group Login Redirect

Random Reviews:

  • If the developers of this plugin had made LearnDash, I would have given it a tryout. There isn’t a lot of user-friendliness in Learn, and it is unattractive.

    SteveSep 2022

  • Several elements are essential to our LearnDash sites that are included in this plugin.

    dleaserJul 2022

  • Uncanny’s support is responsive and willing to continue the conversation by email to clarify. I use several Uncanny products and find them incredibly helpful.

    JonathanMay 2022

WISDM Instructor Role Plugin

Course Creation Dashboard for Non-Admin Instructors

With the WISDM Instructor Role, you can add more than one instructor or teacher to your LearnDash online school, college, or training site.

Therefore, administrators can assign course management responsibilities to instructors, who can create new courses, edit them, and manage them.

The result is that a single-teacher website can be transformed into a multi-teacher website or even into a marketplace such as Udemy or Coursera in which instructors can sell their courses independently.

The Instructor dashboard allows Instructors to view their courses and earnings, but they are not permitted access to the backend due to security concerns.

In addition to customizing the dashboard, it is also possible to integrate it into your LearnDash dashboard to make it look more fun and professional.

Admins may also make payments directly into Instructors’ PayPal accounts, so they do not have to deal with anything.

WISDM Instructor Role also includes a professional and customizable Instructor Profile page where instructors can add all the necessary information about themselves.

💵 The price of this plugin is $99.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee
  • Option to track and manage learner progress reports
  • Automatic calculation of instructor commissions and payouts
  • Contact information can be shared on the profile page
  • Personalized dashboard for admins and instructors
  • Allow Instructors to Create Courses
  • Add details such as their photo, bio, expertise
  • Retain control of the admin dashboard
  • Share Course Revenue with Instructors

Zapier Plugin

Automate Yourbusy Worksales

No doubt, Zapier is the most robust automation plugin available on the internet; however, you will need to take some time to learn how to use it.

By utilizing Zapier, you are able to connect two applications without having to know any coding in order to perform simultaneous actions across more than 300 applications.

You may use this add-on to automate tasks such as adding users to a mailing list, notifying them of upcoming courses, and updating their social media accounts.

It requires some time and investment to set up Zapier, but it is well worth your effort due to the fact that it integrates with thousands of services and is capable of handling almost everything you need.

By using this plugin, you can automatically create WordPress posts from email newsletters, and RSS feeds. Adding new WordPress users to your email marketing campaign is also possible.

💵 The lite version is free, but premium costs $19.99/M.

Key Features:

  • Email newsletters automatically created for WordPress
  • Boost your email marketing with WordPress users
  • Multistep automation
  • Simple to use, but includes advanced features
  • Connect more tools than you would otherwise be able to do
  • Saves an immense amount of time by automating nearly everything

GamiPress Plugin

The Easiest Way to Gamify your WordPress Website

The GamiPress plugin adds score badges, achievements, and leaderboards to your courses in order to enhance their enjoyment and engagement.

Considering this might be a good idea for making your online classes more engaging and enjoyable.

By creating custom badges, you can reward users for their progress in various courses and implement automatic reward points programs based on their progress.

Adding a leaderboard and badges to your LMS can create an engaging learning environment for your learners. It is also a great way for them to be motivated by earning badges and points.

In addition to allowing users to upload assignments, GamiPress allows you to create interactive games for your website, for example, games that students may play.

With its compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, ease of use, and WPML compatibility, you do not need any programming experience to use this theme.

💵 It is available in two versions: Free Lite and $2,000 Premium.

Key Features:

  • WPML compatible
  • Optional leaderboard for students that like to compete
  • Award points when a user finishes a course
  • Automated emails for every reward
  • Unlimited ways to define achievement for different activities
  • No coding required
  • Update profile description
  • Change profile photo

As a result,

We discussed the best WordPress LearnDash Add-Ons plugins in this article. You can construct a big difference by using these plugins. They are handy.

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We hope you find this selection of the best WordPress plugins useful. Thanks for reading.

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