6 Best WooCommerce Product Import Export Plugins πŸ›’ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Is it impossible to find the best plugin for WooCommerce Product Import and Export?

Here we have gathered the top WordPress plugins along with a review, so you can pick the one you like. Each of them offers a specific set of features and possibilities.

I designed the following plugins purely for WooCommerce Product Import and Export sites. Despite this, this wide selection of WordPress plugins also contained plugins usable for WooCommerce Import Products With Images, WooCommerce Export Products With Variations, WooCommerce Scheduled Import, WooCommerce CSV Import, or WooCommerce Order Export/Import.

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Best Products & Orders Import/Export Plugins for WooCommerce πŸ›’

Our choices and suggestions for the best WooCommerce Product Import and Export WordPress plugins for 2022 are as follows:

Product Import Export for WooCommerce Plugin

Quick Export/Import from Database Plugin

Among the freemium plugins for WooCommerce, the Product Import Export for WooCommerce plugin is at the top of the list when searching for such software. It allows you to transfer products, images, and meta data between WooCommerce sites.

It contains the ability to export and import data using CSV format with the free version and XML format with the pro version. Bulk updating your existing products is also possible with the plugin in addition to importing and exporting data.

To update the product data, enable the update feature in the plugin before importing it. With the CSV, you can edit products’ prices, quantities, and make other changes to their data in bulk.

The plugin also allows you to update your product data as it imports using the evaluation field feature, and have your existing product information replaced with the updated information.

Export filters are available in the import-export plugin that allow you to select only the desired data to export. Modules can be filtered by products, categories, tags, and status.

In addition to selecting which products need to be skipped and how many need to be exported, one may choose to customize the number of products exported.

It offers various advanced features, such as the capability to import and export product variations for WooCommerce stores, to apply additional export filters, to perform scheduled automatic exports and imports, to conduct product reviews, etc.

In addition to its other features, the Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to import products with images into your WooCommerce store as well as the rest of its functionality.

πŸ’΅ Free plugin. No costs apply.

Key Features:

  • Product categories, tags, selected products, stock status, and status updates are supported for WooCommerce import and export
  • Images can be exported and imported from WooCommerce products
  • WooCommerce products can be exported and imported with their attributes, taxonomies, prices, and stock
  • WooCommerce products can be exported to CSV
  • A product can be grouped, simple, or external/affiliated
  • The export and import of WooCommerce products reviews and ratings
  • WooCommerce products can be imported from CSV files

Random Reviews:

  • I now need to choose between two options: with or without update, which makes no sense at all. I have to import the same file twice and still don’t have updated and new products.
    In the past, I could import 1 file and it created new products and updated existing ones.

    spelenmeerMay 2022

  • CSV import and export plugin for WooCommerce products.

    johnnyrebelApr 2022

  • Several options for importing and exporting data. Easy to understand. A clean interface.

    niikevApr 2022

WP All Import Plugin

Products Importer Plugin for WordPress

The plug-in WP-All Import supports the importation of a wide range of WordPress and WooCommerce types of posts, including products, through a drag-and-drop interface, making the procedure simpler and more efficient for users. It claims that the import requires only four steps.

This plugin requires that your uploaded files are in CSV or XML format. You can import files from a URL, use existing files, or upload your own files in order to use this plugin.

Compared with other plugins for exporting and importing products with default filter options, WP All Import allows you to configure custom filter rules to meet your specific needs, allowing you to filter products according to your needs.

In addition to the free version, the premium version includes several premium add-ons which make it easy to import data into complex plugins.

These include the ability to import data into custom fields, images into the post media gallery, and to set up WooCommerce scheduled imports using cron jobs.

In addition to the advanced custom fields extension, the WooCommerce component, the import user extension, and the link cloak extension a variety of add-ons are available as well.

πŸ’΅ The premium version of this plugin costs $149.00, and a free version can be downloaded.

Key Features:

  • Regularly monitor the file for updates, and make any additions, edits, or deletions required
  • Technical support is provided by email
  • Data associated with posts is stored by many themes, especially those which utilize Custom Post Types
  • Media gallery images can be downloaded from URLs in XML or CSV format
  • Even password-protected external websites that use HTTP authentication can be downloaded and imported

Random Reviews:

  • If you cannot allow people to export simple things like categories, you should remove β€œall” from the name of the plugin.
    I just wanted to export the categories, I don’t even know if I ever need this plugin anymore, but I will have to pay for it! for such a simple feature?
    Total waste of time.

    ishtiak777May 2022

  • I like the plugin’s ease of use and power – it makes imported fields easy to map – has great support – fast and friendly!

    reneerushbrookMay 2022

WP All Export Plugin

Simple & Powerful XML / CSV Export Plugin

As a complement to WP All Import, the WP All Export plugin allows you to export your WooCommerce products and their data in either CSV or XML format.

With a simple three-step export procedure, and a convenient drag-and-drop interface, the WP All Export plugin simplifies the process considerably.

It is a well-built plugin that allows users to easily export product information that can be edited, back up products, migrate products to a new website, and create affiliate feeds in addition to exporting products.

The plugin can also generate WooCommerce affiliate feeds and helps in the transfer process. There are many import-export plugins available on the market, but this one is different because it does not impose a certain format on the users.

Instead, it is a plugin that gives the user the freedom to arrange the columns in the CSV file and rename the XML document elements.

The pro version of the plugin offers additional benefits, including automatically scheduled exports of data. You can also create custom export filters. You will also have access to Zapier to send data to over 500 third-party sites, including Dropbox and Google Drive.

πŸ’΅ In the WP.org forum, this plugin is Free and has limited free support.

Key Features:

  • Its repository offers many options for storing custom data
  • Any CSV columns and XML elements can be renamed and arranged however you like
  • Create customized CSV or XML files from WordPress data
  • Setup the WP All Import settings for you so that you can quickly, easily, and conveniently import your data into WordPress
  • With the drag-and-drop interface, you can easily select the data you want to export

Random Reviews:

  • The WordPress repo should filter out plugins that require paid functionality. I understand plugin developers need to make money. I really do. However, installing a plugin just to discover that it costs money is inconvenient. Warn users beforehand or compensate users.

    WPReadyMay 2022

  • One of the best plugins you can have. And support is fast and always helpful.

    tommy_parfumeMar 2022

WooCommerce Import Export Suite Plugin

CSV/XML Import Export Products Type For WordPress

With the WooCommerce Import Export Suite plugin, you are able to import and export all WooCommerce components, including product ratings and reviews.

A number of other features of the plugin are also supported, such as Users, Customers, Orders, Coupons, and Subscriptions.

With this WooCommerce order export/import integration, users can choose to export or import products in a variety of formats, including CSV and XML. The plugin has powerful filters, allowing for selective export and import of products.

The plugin supports the most commonly used filter formats, which include product categories, types, tags, statuses, capacities, etc.

Besides allowing you to import and export data, this tool also allows you to update all the product data in bulk, either using a spreadsheet program or by importing the data.

Importing and exporting mapping is made much easier by its simple interface, with the ability to reorder mapping columns by dragging and dropping. These mapping preferences can also be saved to be used for the future.

In addition to accessing FTP and scheduling imports and exports, the plugin also allows you to import files from URLs. As with all of our recommended plugins, it is a paid product that offers both features and support at no additional charge.

πŸ’΅ In $129.00, you buy this plugin and you get 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Facilitates the import and export of various types of products
  • Cron schedules, debug logs, and detailed history are available
  • Ease of migration from one location to another
  • Various options for FTP profiles and scheduling are available
  • Importing bulk edits is permitted
  • The ability to customize import/export through a variety of filter options
  • Import and export data in batches to ensure success

Import WooCommerce Plugin

Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin For WooCommerce

There is no complexity involved in using the Import WooCommerce plugin, it provides a very simple interface that allows you to import products from any kind of WooCommerce store, and the plugin can be installed from the plugin interface itself.

There are multiple product types you can import using this plugin, including simple, variable, grouped, and external. This makes it similar to the free plugins on the list.

This plugin offers a great deal of functionality that most free plugins lack. It allows you to import simple products, and therefore it would be an ideal plugin for those who wish to import multiple types of products.

If you are using this extension you will be able to store your images from any external URL that you have, as well as your product data from any file type, including CSV, TXT, XML, and ZIP files. You can also import any type of data into WooCommerce using this module.

This plugin is available both as a free version as well as a pro version, so you can import and export data from multiple sources, including FTP, SFTP, and URLs, and export data to a separate add-on.

πŸ’΅ It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or a developer. The Import WooCommerce plugin will be a huge benefit to you. It’s free!

Key Features:

  • Import logs can be viewed on web and admin views in real-time
  • Images from external sources are used as the featured images
  • Importing custom attributes from WooCommerce
  • Analyze post content and post title for duplicates
  • CSV headers are automatically mapped to WP fields
  • Importing pre-orders into WooCommerce
  • Importing WooCommerce returns and warranty requests
  • Importing products from WooCommerce retail stores

Random Reviews:

  • My process of updating prices worked perfectly, we only exported SKUs and Prices from WooCommerce products, we modified them in our numbers spreadsheet, and then we reimported the updated prices including the product variations.

    darioarteFeb 2018

  • At first glance, this looks nice but it’s a pain to use and there are no FAQs…
    One issue is that you can’t save your mappings, so you have to fill out a lot of boxes each time you import.
    It’s also tough to figure out how to do variable products.

    CharlieGorillaMar 2016

WooExim WooCommerce Export-Import Plugin

Easily Export and Import Products For WooCommerce

The WooExim plugin is a powerful tool for importing and exporting products from WooCommerce stores. It supports all types of products and all attributes, as well as custom fields and variables.

WooExim is undoubtedly one of the top WooCommerce import plugins that is available in the market, as it gives you access to import and export features for customers, products, tags, coupons, as well as categories.

Additionally, WooExim’s embeddable Ajax integration allows you to import products at a later time without having to use any CSV files directly from WooExim.

Moreover, as mentioned above, WooExim supports exporting product data as CSV files and importing WooCommerce data from CSV, XLS, or URL files.

With Just a Click, you can schedule multiple imports and send them to the appropriate email addresses. In addition, you are able to send multiple imports to different destinations at the same time. Sliding Imports are just another feature that makes WooExIm stand out from its peers.

πŸ’΅ The plugin is available for $39.00 and includes 12 months of support and free lifetime updates.

Key Features:

  • Rather than just exporting customers, you can export all types of website users
  • Data can be easily exported and imported using its easy user interface
  • Export archives are available for download at any time
  • While importing, you can view a preview of the data and choose options
  • Data can be imported not only through a CSV file but also through a remote file URL
  • It’s an Ajax-based system, so you just have to wait while it sorts out the files
  • Custom meta-information related to the products can also be exported

Finally, one last thought

Here is our final look at the best Import and Export plugins for WooCommerce. Use these plugins to make your site shine.

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We hope this post helped you decide on a WooCommerce Product Import and Export plugin.

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