6 Best WooCommerce Role Based Pricing Plugins 💲 2022 (Free & Pro)

What is the best plugin for WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing?

This post will share the best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing. These plugins are mobile-friendly, speed-optimized, and compatible with all advanced WordPress themes.

Finally, all the plugins listed below are for WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing. However, they also support Discount Based On User Role.

📌 Note: Several advanced WooCommerce plugins can enhance your store’s appearance and functionality. You can also read more about themes in our article about the most useful WooCommerce themes.

Our selections for the best WordPress WooCommerce Role Based Pricing plugins in 2022 include:

YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Plugin

Set & Show Different Prices for Products Depending on The User’s Role

When YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices plugin is used, store owners can set different prices for the same products depending on their respective roles within the store.

As a result, the account owner displays different prices for different products based on the role of the customer. For vendors, managing prices is easy, and certain products can be hidden from specific roles. Prices will be displayed by each user’s role on the WooCommerce site.

Using this extension, it is also possible to create rules based on user roles so that any price adjustments are automatically applied based on the user’s role, regardless of whether it pertains to regular prices or sale prices.

Customers can visit any online store and purchase products according to their requirements in various quantities; in any online store, vendors can manage their prices and hide them from specific customer roles.

With the YITH WooCommerce role-based pricing module, merchants can turn off the role-based pricing feature for specific products.

💵 A $93.08 plugin comes with all the advanced features of a YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices plugin, plus 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Categorize and tag certain prices based on roles
  • Change product price by percentage value or fixed amount
  • The option of turning off the role-based pricing feature for specific products
  • Notify people who cannot see the price with a custom notification
  • Create and apply the rule to regular and sale price
  • Display product prices with tax included in them to define user roles

ELEX WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing Plugin Plugin

WooCommerce Role Based Pricing WordPress Plugin

The ELEX WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing Plugin is an excellent solution for WooCommerce store owners seeking a role-based pricing system.

With this plugin, you have the ability to customize the display options and price options for your WooCommerce store.

Aside from this feature, the plugin also permits you to customize your product page’s Add to Cart button.

You can also set up a wide range of pricing settings using this plugin and create custom roles.

As an added benefit, this plugin is compatible with WooCommerce’s import tool, which allows you to bulk import price variations for individual products based on their role.

To import the data into the product setup from the custom fields, you must use CSV files approved by WordPress developers. You cannot drag and drop the data fields into the product setup as with WP All Import.

💵 Free support and free plugin are included in this package just for $Free.

Key Features:

  • Offer discount based on user role
  • Use HTML content based on user roles instead of Add to Cart
  • Pricing rules can be created for separate products
  • Provides intuitive steps to create custom user roles
  • Differentiate price schemes according to consumer categories
  • Fixed prices for each rule
  • Import some fields via default WooCommerce importer
  • Change the Add to Cart button to Custom text

Random Reviews:

  • Despite having the full plugin version, ELEX has refused to respond to support queries. I will no longer buy products from ELEX in the future.

    styliseSep 2022

  • A particular user role should receive a specific price on a particular product. I watched their video and did what they said, but I couldn’t get it working. I spent an hour trying to make it work. I only wanted the most basic function to work. Nevertheless, I found the plugin quite complicated and entirely unintuitive for use.

    info2May 2022

Booster for WooCommerce Plugin

The Only WooCommerce Bundle You’ll Ever Need

Booster for WooCommerce plugin allows for setting custom prices based on user role within a virtual store, according to WooCommerce entrepreneurs.

It is possible to display costs depending on the user’s role by utilizing this feature. Additionally, you can select from various currencies and price settings to customize your WooCommerce pricing plan.

This product includes solutions for bulk currency conversion so that you can automatically update exchange rates on your website to increase sales and profits.

Creating a complete pricing strategy for your WooCommerce e-store will be easier with additional options for setting prices and currencies.

With the option, you can convert large amounts of currency in bulk so that currency exchange rates can be integrated automatically into your store.

💵 A Premium version of the plugin can be obtained for $97. A Free version is also available.

Key Features:

  • Offline packing documentation and PDF invoices for WooCommerce
  • Set price based on product quantity
  • Set different prices based on user role
  • Set a dynamic price for your products
  • Add extra custom input fields to all items
  • Customize the add-to-cart button
  • Foreign currency presentation attracts clients

Random Reviews:

  • A plugin is a handy tool for creating PDF invoices and merging multiple order invoices. I thank the support and development team for quickly fixing my issue.

    soham12Oct 2022

  • It combines several premium plugins’ features, so it all works together seamlessly and costs less than purchasing them separately.

    wearehellowebSep 2022

Prices By User Role for WooCommerce Plugin

A WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing & Wholesale Plugin

By dynamically displaying the prices within WooCommerce based on the customer’s user role, the Prices by User Role plugin allows you to display customized prices to different customers.

Price tags for wholesale and retail are created and managed by the Pricing By User Role module in WooCommerce.

Furthermore, a special discount can be offered to your most loyal customers if you wish to maximize your profitability.

Furthermore, this plugin allows you to hide the Add to Cart button and associated prices from a specified user role. The plugin can also be used to give discounts or markups to specific types of users.

You may have different customer types on your websites, such as retailers and wholesalers, and you will need this plugin to replace the add-to-cart buttons and labels with ones that are more appropriate to each type of customer.

The savings percentage can also be displayed on your website when a customer logs in, enhancing the overall customer experience.

💵 You can purchase this plugin for $45.

Key Features:

  • Users with specific roles can hide expenses
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • User groups that you create yourself
  • Show the proportion of money saved
  • A percentage or fixed amount can be used to highlight the saving
  • Disable add to cart button
  • Offer different discounts and markup for each user role
  • Configure discounts and markup for each user role

Random Reviews:

  • Festi Team, thank you for the fast response when my website messed up!

    danb19866Jun 2019

  • I want to thank Oleksandr for his support in getting the plugin back and running after an update to our website.

    ribbonsdirectSep 2022

  • My previous review was followed up by Lana, who provided me with an updated plugin version, so everything is now working for me. I am very grateful for her help!

    StudioHitaMay 2020

Pricing Deals for WooCommerce Plugin

A Great Plugin to Offer Discount Pricing

A plugin such as Pricing Deals for WooCommerce can be extremely beneficial for setting up Pricing Deals with WooCommerce.

This plugin offers users the ability to set rules regarding how different groups of users, such as retailers and wholesalers, receive price information.

The inclusion of this plugin will enable you to configure dynamic pricing rules as well as wholesale pricing based on roles.

As well as showing wholesale prices based on product categories, locations, and other criteria, merchants can also display wholesale prices based on their user role and other criteria.

The Woocommerce platform permits multiple promotional deals with pricing, such as a Buy One Get One BOGO offer, a percentage discount package deal, a fixed amount discount, etc.

There are BOGO and category pricing options available at the same time, as well as the ability to schedule sale prices at predetermined times. There is also bulk pricing available and the ability to schedule a sale price at a predetermined time.

💵 A Lite version is free, and a Pro version is priced at $97.

Key Features:

  • Import product prices in bulk
  • Schedule sales time
  • Offers an option to apply the discount directly
  • Frontend display of available deals
  • Display catalog pricing
  • Set wholesale prices based on user role
  • Set multiple discount types of discounts

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent service, I sent an email in the evening, and within an hour, I received an exact answer to what I needed. Also, the plugin works wonderfully.

    hananel792Sep 2020

  • There is one product that I don’t want to be included in the 30% off promotion for the entire store. How can I exclude that product from the discount rule?

    Bene MotaSep 2020

Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce Plugin

Add User Roles & Customer Specific Pricing

In the Role-Based Pricing for the WooCommerce plugin, customers are charged in accordance with their roles and individual requirements.

Prices can currently be discounted or marked up by a specified percentage or by a specific amount. Customers or users assigned specific roles will only see the new prices when they are changed. The rest will continue to see older prices.

With the use of your user roles, you can set prices for customers and groups of customers. You can also create discounts and markups based on your users’ roles in your store.

The plugin allows you to manage product pricing in bulk, thereby enabling you to adjust product prices for a category or subset of items in bulk.

Additionally, this plugin allows you to bulk update the prices of selected products and categories. In addition, you can offer your customers the option of purchasing items from your online store by setting minimum and maximum order quantities.

💵 A 12-month support period will be included when you purchase the plugin for $97.

Key Features:

  • Replace the pricing with your own words
  • Modify product prices based on products and categorie
  • Set minimum and maximum order quantity limitations
  • Make price changes based on user roles
  • Customers can see the price difference
  • Set up rules to alter prices in bulk

This is a round-up of the best WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing WordPress plugins

The above plugins are the best you can find for WooCommerce Role Based Pricing. These plugins will extend your website’s functionality and design.

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