6 Best WordPress Accounting Plugins 🧾 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best Accounting WordPress plugin?

Below, we have searched the internet, so you don’t have to, and introduced the best Accounting plugins functional for your website. This WordPress plugins list will assist you in choosing the plugin for your requirements perfectly. As an additional profit, the plugins work smoothly With all top WordPress themes.

In the end, all the following plugins are for Accounting. Nevertheless, the following plugins can also be used with WooCommerce Accounting Tool, ledger plugin, CRM & Accounting Systems, Manage Finances, Accountant Websites, and Cash Flow Management.

Best Accounting Plugins for WordPress 🧾

Let us begin with the most comprehensive list of best WordPress accounting plugins in 2022:

WP ERP Plugin

Complete WordPress Business Manager With HR, CRM & Accounting Systems For Small Businesses

Utilizing the WP ERP plugin, you can manage both your WordPress accountant websites and your business from the same platform, using the capabilities of an ERP Enterprise Resource Planning platform to manage both processes.

By using this plugin, you will get a unique and interactive experience of managing your business independently and storing and managing your information using WordPress’s most reliable information management system.

A free version of WordPress ERP provides all the features you need for some of the most essential aspects of managing your business.

This plugin consists of human resources, corporate CRM, and financial accounting modules that combine to create a comprehensive business ERP system. Its intuitive design makes this plugin easy to use and can be activated with just one click.

WordPress ERP consists of three core modules: WordPress accounting, WordPress human resource management, and WordPress customer relationship management. Unfortunately, sometimes there may be conflicts between plugins.

πŸ’΅ The Pro version of this plugin costs $12/month. The Lite version costs $0.

Key Features:

  • An accounting system pre-loaded with ledger accounts for assets, liabilities, expenses, earnings, etc
  • Provides various types of reports required by companies
  • A comprehensive review of revenues, expenses, receivables, payables, balances, etc
  • Establishing a financial or fiscal year
  • Accounts can be created for the ledger plugin or bank accounts in the software based on your organization’s needs
  • All of your accounts can have the same opening balance
  • There is a closing balance sheet at the end of the fiscal year

Random Reviews:

  • Quick support
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    sundas101Apr 2022

  • I had an issue with filtering options for customers and an email query was answered within a day to offer to help. The engineer spent a couple of days and came back with a satisfactory result. I highly recommend this product. It’s clean with a lot of options and the support is great. Really appreciate your help. Best regards John from Houesse Immo

    cobimexFeb 2022

  • Having worked with weDevs for some time, I cannot recommend this company more highly. The products offer perfect value for money. I also want to commend the support services of Arif and Andrew, they are always there for me when I need them. Thank you very much.

    SoleroFeb 2022

WP Ever Accounting Plugin

An Accounting plugin For Small Business

Similar to WP ERP, the WP Ever Accounting plugin manages your business’ earnings and expenditures, make it easy to send invoices to customers in different currencies, and allows you to monitor payments and spending in real-time.

There are several advantages to using this plugin from a small business perspective.

It offers a complete accounting solution to small businesses. Its primary objective is to give small businesses an easy but reliable way of keeping track of their financial activities, keeping detailed records of income and expenditures, and generating reports that help guide them financially.

You would have needed to be a professional accountant to maintain your income and expenses in the past. Now, you can keep your income and expenses without being an accountant, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Tracking your cash flow is one of the most essential tasks entrepreneurs need to perform as small business owners. This plugin makes it possible for them.

πŸ’΅ Free access to all progressive features of the WP Ever Accounting plugin.

Key Features:

  • Your server can be used to host these open-source projects
  • You can set fine-grained access controls through an integrated permissions system
  • Many of the accounting records you maintain can be exported to Excel
  • You can create and manage bills using a variety of tools
  • It is possible to bulk import customers, vendors, revenue, payments, and accounts from any 3rd party application
  • Several submenus are available in the main menu

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin is very helpful and has friendly support. Give it a try!

    festafotraMar 2022

  • An amazing plugin for accounting that can be used by any freelance business.

    mueedameenFeb 2022

  • If the developer can explore further, I am happy to pay for the premium.

    wssnetworkJan 2022

Finpose Plugin

An Accounting Plugin For WooCommerce

The Finpose plugin for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce accounting tool that manages taxation, billing, and orders all in one location. With the plugin, you can handle all your WooCommerce store needs without any difficulty.

Managing your taxes, expenses, and orders with Finpose can save you a considerable amount of time each week by eliminating the redundancy of mundane financial tasks.

This plugin will allow you to save transaction fees automatically as expenses. It will enable you to assign the costs and costs to custom categories, determine your major expenditure categories, and export the data to your accountant to keep track of your financial status.

Moreover, you will also find automatically calculated tax receivables on your purchases. The balance of the tax will be calculated every month.

There is an excellent benefit to filtering orders based on payment methods, statuses, and amounts of information about customers, along with detailed breakdowns of payment methods stored and exported. Unfortunately, it only works in the admin area.

πŸ’΅ A Free version is also available for download for this plugin.

Key Features:

  • It is possible to display stock numbers provided by WooCommerce on your website
  • Cash flow Management is possible
  • In your user account, you can see all of your actions
  • Using this application, you can access all financial information about your store operations on a single web page
  • Management of vendor accounts, identification of each vendor’s balance, payment of each vendor, and tracking of costs is possible
  • Profit and loss information from the previous year is immediately available, and a breakdown by month

Random Reviews:

  • A very great plugin with a lot of features. Thanks to the developer.

    abdelmalek3dMar 2022

  • It is a great plugin, we have been using the paid one for months; we tested the free one recently as well. The author is very supportive and helpful, a must for any eCommerce website.

    WardSep 2021

Zero BS Accounting Plugin

The Most Flexible Accounting Plugin For Non-Accountants

Like Finpose, the Zero BS Accounting plugin is a straightforward tool. It does not require any prior knowledge of accounting or coding to operate.

In terms of flexibility, it is the best accounting plugin for users who are not accounting professionals since there are no calculations or data handling issues.

By selecting the type of income or expense, the calculation will be performed automatically, and the result will be displayed immediately.

As a result of this plugin, now you will be able to see a monthly income and expenditure chart at any time and a detailed breakdown for each day of the month. It is an excellent tool for managing your budget and all your household expenses.

Accounting records are always displayed on your task list with easy scheduling. There is no need for you to spend your time researching your accounting records as a non-accountant; it is straightforward to achieve your records with solid calculations each month.

πŸ’΅ Free installation is available for this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Documents can easily be duplicated, edited, and copied
  • The keeping of regular records of total expenditures can be very beneficial
  • Flexible in the most extreme sense
  • Since all data on the server is local, you do not need to be concerned about security
  • You are provided with the full support
  • Even individuals with little or no coding knowledge can utilize it

CBX Accounting & Bookkeeping Plugin

Gives Easy And Quick Solution For Book Keeping

With the CBX Accounting & Bookkeeping plugin, small businesses can quickly and easily set up an economic accounting system or CRM & accounting system that keeps track of their income and expenditures.

Therefore, this plugin was developed as a means of tracking expenses and income for small business proprietors who are not accustomed to managing finances in this way.

It should be clarified that this is not a double-entry accounting system. Still, it does maintain income and expenses and shows financial information.

Keeping in mind that it is intended for non-accountants without any accounting knowledge, it did not have too many features from the very beginning.

The best way to check the plugin features is the overview dashboard, plugin’s setting with multiple tabs and 100s of setting fields, log manager, and income & expense management. The income & expense category is to install the free core version on any dev site and explore.

πŸ’΅ In the premium version, the CBX Accounting & Bookkeeping plugin charges $99, while the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Export Logs in PDF and Excel formats is possible
  • Several features are included in StatementGenerate Pro
  • It is possible to add, edit, or delete any entry in the logbook
  • Clients and vendors may be added to your account without charge
  • WooCommerce Integrations is available (Pro features)
  • Managing the cash and bank accounts of an organization is possible
  • Frontend Account with all backend features is available

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks for the plugin, but after updating to version 5.4.2, no charts are displaying anymore.
    I have tried updating the PHP version to 7.4 but the same result. the plugin and the texts run fine, but the charts cannot be created.

    farzinsbJun 2020

  • Our small business has been greatly benefited by CBX Accounting plugin and addons. It has been a huge help.

    awambuaMay 2020

  • In my experience, this plugin works perfectly, it is what I was looking for. Support is fast, friendly, and very helpful.
    I highly encourage you to give it a try.

    juliambDec 2020

Akaunting for WooCommerce Plugin

An Online Accounting Software

The Akaunting for WooCommerce plugin provides various tools for managing your finances, including invoicing, expense tracking, and accounting functions.

By having a modular design, this plugin makes a great App Store plugin for both developers and users because it is simple to use.

The data entry plugin for WooCommerce integrates data from your WooCommerce store into accounting.

If you are spending time manually entering data from your WooCommerce store into accounting, are experiencing accounting errors, or would instead focus on growing your business rather than worrying about bookkeeping and accounting reconciliation, then this is the plugin for you.

Akaunting is the only option that can be found if you are interested in a modern accounting web application, such as Quickbooks Online, but would like it to be hosted on your own server and store your data there.

You can use this plugin, but there are a few disadvantages, including the complicated installation procedure and the ease of anyone being able to use it.

To make this plugin work, you require familiarity with Linux, IT, and server administration and the ability to create containers in Docker and manage them. If you do not possess these skills, do not use them, and do not complain that it is not working.

πŸ’΅ This plugin is free of charge!

Key Features:

  • Billable expenses are provided
  • Easy invoicing is available
  • Multi-currency is available
  • Inventory management is possible
  • Bank accounts are manageable
  • The management of customers is possible
  • Managing vendors is possible

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