6 Best WordPress Hotel Booking System Plugins 🏨 2022 (Free & Paid)

Looking for the best WordPress Hotel Booking plugins for your site?

Throughout this article, we will share the best Hotel Booking plugins for WordPress. And at the very end, we will include some recommendations for unique scenarios. All of these WordPress plugins offer a range of features and functions.

We have rounded up a variety of Hotel Booking plugins to help you decide on the best one. Not the kind of plugin you were looking for? These plugins are also helpful for Booking, WooCommerce Hotel Booking, Multi-Vendor Booking Systems, and Room Booking. Pick the WordPress plugin that best suits your website and level it up.

Best Hotel Booking System Plugins for WordPress 🏨

The following is a curated list of the best WordPress Hotel Booking plugins for 2022:

Hotel Booking Lite Plugin

WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin

The Hotel Booking Lite is an extension of MotoPress, a WordPress plugin that allows multiple guests to be managed from one location, like the WooCommerce hotel booking extension.

Besides hotels, hostels, apartments, vacation rentals, and other properties can be managed with this plugin. With it, you can list an infinite number of other properties and services.

With this online tool, you are able to view an online availability calendar, set flexible reservation terms, create custom rates, and view the different rates based on the season.

There is one excellent feature of this hotel booking plugin: it displays the current booking availability on your website and on other online travel websites.

πŸ’΅ There is a $99, you will get updates for eternity, and you will get 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Automated synchronization of online travel platforms
  • This plugin has the disadvantage of requiring a significant amount of technical expertise on the back end
  • Transparent pricing with taxes and fees
  • Unique opportunity to sell extras on your website at any time
  • Payment gateways are available
  • Can create custom fields on the search form
  • Mobile-friendly property search form
  • Offers coupons for property promotion
  • Booking multiple properties at once is possible
  • Paid integration with WooCommerce makes it a great choice for WooCommerce owners

Booki Plugin

WordPress Booking Calendar plugin for reservations

By using the Booki room reservation plugin for WordPress, it is possible to create beautiful booking forms and calendars.

A seamless booking and cancellation process is provided by the plugin, which keeps everything in order from beginning to end, just like the Hotel Booking Lite plugin.

Reservations made through this system are available in real-time and are adapted according to the user’s local time zone. You also have the option to take payment through PayPal payment express.

Guests may select their trip dates, review accommodation offerings, book a stay, and manage their itinerary easily with Booki multi-vendor booking system.

You can book immediately with the option to pay later, and you can include personalized fields in the booking form and issue special discount coupons.

πŸ’΅ You can get this fantastic plugin for a very reasonable price.

Key Features:

  • Built-in reporting dashboard where you can see your stats
  • Booking forms can be placed anywhere on your WordPress website using a shortcode
  • Includes 24 color themes
  • Translation ready so you can change it to any language you need using the included
  • Unlimited properties and providers
  • To prevent early booking, you can set a β€˜minimum notice’
  • Advanced admin statistics (total bookings, amounts earned, discounts given, etc.)

VikBooking Plugin

Booking & Room Reservetion WordPress Plugin

VikBooking WordPress plugin offers you the ability to manage hotel rooms, hotel properties, available accommodations, and rates over a wide range of dates as well as access to advanced payment options.

This plugin allows you to view room availability in real-time, which enables you to book rooms accordingly, providing users with a powerful room booking system.

The free version of this plugin is capable of customizing the rates, viewing a calendar of availability, and browsing available room types. With this WordPress room booking plugin, you can download it directly from the WordPress admin panel, unlike some other alternatives.

The pro version of this room booking plugin provides you with helpful statistics, graphs, and PMS reports as well as the ability to generate business reports.

πŸ’΅ The Lite version of the plugin costs $0, while the Pro version costs $49.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for any pricing model: occupancy, nightly, LOS
  • Can set different pricing models: per day, per occupancy, and so on
  • Manage your bookings with added restrictions
  • User role permissions (so not just anyone can access your booking system)
  • 8 different views for the front-end
  • Can create different room types
  • Front-end customizable booking process
  • Language and translation functions
  • Feature-rich back-end section

Random Reviews:

  • He has everything that he serves for the daily management of the structure. Updates are coming, with new features, and support has been superb.

    nandoairoldiApr 2022

  • A plugin that deserves more credit than it gets. Well thought out.

    Jasper van der MeerJan 2022

  • It offers tons of great features. I recommend using it for your hotel booking website.

    Darrel_WilsonSep 2021

WP Booking System Plugin

WordPress Booking Calendar for Your Rental Business

With the WP Booking System plugin for WordPress, you can create a custom booking form and calendar for your organization.

The plugin color codes each day’s availability and booked days so customers will be fully informed as to how many days are available and which days are booked, enabling them to make the appropriate reservations.

This plugin allows you to embed a booking system anywhere on your website using a shortcode. As soon as a reservation request is received, your WordPress dashboard will display a booking notification.

In the premium version, the user can select multiple months, making it more convenient to work with.

πŸ’΅ The Premium version costs $49, whereas the Lite version is Free.

Key Features:

  • The Dedicated Gutenberg block makes it the best choice for those using Gutenberg editor
  • The booking system can accept online and offline payments
  • Fully customizable booking form with personalized form fields
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Can install directly from the WordPress admin dashboard
  • The low cost makes it a good choice for beginners
  • Save extra booking information
  • Booking system widget
  • Add as many booking calendars as you like

Random Reviews:

  • It’s a good plugin, although it takes a while to become used to the structure and utilities. The support is great for small properties.

    pmatpalmaApr 2022

  • The best booking system of all WordPress, and above all the immediate response of the support is incredible. I recommend it to all WordPress users.

    ThePerezApr 2022

  • Thank you for your support. I recommend the new app to everyone.

    vjerami79Apr 2022

Booking Calendar Plugin

WordPress Plugin for Online Booking Service

The Booking Calendar plugin, available as a free download for WordPress, is one of the most popular booking calendar plugins.

Using this plugin, hotel reservations can be easily managed on WordPress. For a free plugin, it’s full of great features you’re sure to find useful. A key feature of this plugin is the ability to send auto-generated email notifications

You can customize the calendar with customized booking fields so that your guests can select dates from those listed on the calendar.

By using a special tool, you can open a window a number of days in advance, so that you can accept multiple double bookings at the same time, and turn it off again when the window expires.

πŸ’΅ The Pro version costs $47.40, and the Lite version costs nothing.

Key Features:

  • Custom colors are available, but the best styles are achieved with your own CSS
  • Calendar integration with tons of external calendar apps
  • Select available time-slots (optional)
  • The calendar shows what dates are available, reserved, and pending for the next month
  • Works in widgets for easy placement in sidebars
  • Options for blocking out certain times and dates throughout the year
  • Multiple languages are supported for reaching out to customers in other countries

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks – this is a great plugin!

    alexandredias1970Apr 2022

  • Extremely streamlined interface and experience. Mega fast support as well.

    528491Apr 2022

  • Simple installation, good manuals, and knowledge base. Fast support.

    sanstorApr 2022

WP Hotel Booking Plugin

Reservation & Booking WordPress Plugin

When using WP Hotel Booking, it is possible to design a complete hotel reservation system or a room reservation system.

The website provides web users with a considerable amount of flexibility in booking and making reservations through this highly useful and very dynamic product. Pages can be created using a custom post type included in the plugin that corresponds to those CPTs.

It is possible with this plugin to create an online booking website for hotels. Combining a simple user interface with PayPal’s worldwide online payment service, the online booking program will run smoothly on mobile devices, tablets, and laptop computers.

πŸ’΅ With all the above features and options, It’s Free!

Key Features:

  • 4 Payment gateways (Offline Payment, Authorize.net, Stripe)
  • Create a room gallery and a price plan for your online hotel reservation system to keep your guests satisfied
  • Block special date management
  • Extra packages management
  • Reports & multilingual ready
  • Coupon management
  • Check out, cart, and more custom hotel pages
  • Detailed pages for different rooms
  • Default currency type

Random Reviews:

  • Please add in your code this snippet:
    add_action( β€˜init’, function() load_plugin_textdomain( β€˜wp-hotel-booking’, false, β€˜wp-hotel-booking-booking/languages/’ ); ); so anyone could traslate the strings of your plugin with Loco Translate (Loco location: custom).
    Also, for wp-hotel-booking-booking-room plugin…

    Pexle ChrisJan 2022

  • By the back end you can tell the plugin is poorly written. On the front end, it does not accept themes at all, and a lot of styling needs to be done to fix it. Worse, it doesn’t even work. There is no booking functionality displayed on the front end. It just shows the room details, and prices.

    KingDingbatFeb 2021

  • Excellent plugin. Simple to use, fast and accurate support*br

    hanguyen032Aug 2020

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We have created a set of the best and most advanced Hotel Booking plugins for WordPress. These plugins are designed for anyone who has a website.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you found it useful.

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