6 Best WordPress Inventory Management Plugins 👨‍💼 2022 (Free & Paid)

Looking for the best Inventory Management WordPress plugin for your website?

We have assembled a list of the best WordPress plugins for Inventory Management in this article to help you select the best option for you. You’ll undoubtedly find a large number of features in these plugins. These plugins also support the complete library of WordPress themes.

The following is a list of Inventory Management plugins we collected to help you choose a particular plugin. You can use these plugins for Inventory Management Tool, Atum Inventory Management, WooCommerce Stock Manager, Create Inventory System, etc.

Best Inventory Management Plugins for WordPress 👨‍💼

Let’s find out which WordPress Inventory Management plugin is the best for your needs:

WP Inventory Manager Plugin

Manages Products, Equipment, and More in Your WordPress Website

With the WP Inventory Manager plugin, you will be able to use a drag-and-drop builder interface. Still, you will also be able to customize your labels to display your inventory in the precise manner you desire from your WordPress site’s dashboard.

This plugin provides access to all the essential tools associated with inventory management software. Using this plugin, you can store and manage an unlimited number of items in your inventory.

With this plugin, you can add products, art, and more to your WordPress website. It is especially suitable for auto dealers, art collectors, and automotive parts suppliers.

Aside from these features, the app also contains several others that will assist you in managing your inventory and other business needs. This allows you to respond more quickly to any problems that may arise.

One disadvantage of this plugin is that it only supports the add-ons required for advanced inventory management systems.

💵 Lite is free, but Premium is $49.99.

Key Features:

  • Full customization of labels included
  • The capability of supporting multiple categories
  • Provides faster database access through the use of separate database tables
  • The capability of controlling who can add items and edit them

Random Reviews:

  • A few non-standard tools were necessary to use. The plugin support was excellent and prompt. I would give this a high rating.

    drgarAug 2020

  • The plugin is very impressive. Support responded quickly and answered my questions. * I did purchase the license as well.

    hackrepairJun 2020

  • It was easy to get started with the website and youtube video tutorials. Purchased Advanced Management, Advanced Search, Import/Export. All integrate well, but I needed Lightbox and Lightbox-2 (free) for looking at images in a new window. Fast response to issues (99% new users… ‘how can I’), good attention to detail. Highly recommend this team and product.

    rooster53Dec 2019

Z Inventory Manager Plugin

Inventory Tracking and Management Plugin

Using Z Inventory Manager, you can manage, track, and control your inventory online efficiently and effectively. A plugin that helps you keep track of receipts, purchase orders, shipments, and more is essential to your business’ success.

It is possible to manage stock and inventory information for the business and set up the inventory system with a WordPress Inventory Management Plugin, one of the most effective WordPress solutions to help you organize your business.

Furthermore, it also keeps track of stock levels in real-time, so you can replenish inventory when necessary. In addition, if you need to report sales, purchases, and shipments, you can do that instantly.

This plugin allows you to instantly monitor your inventory’s use or focus your attention on specific items you wish to monitor.

The plugin also includes a pro version, enabling additional functionality such as duplicating sales and purchases and displaying comprehensive inventory statistics and history. In addition, you will be able to receive updates for the plugin for up to 12 months.

💵 Additionally, the Free version of this plugin is available.

Key Features:

  • Provides a variety of configuration options to fine-tune your system
  • Allows instant review of inventory usage or focusing on specific items through reports
  • Having the capability of replenishing your inventory by ordering more supplies
  • Being able to automatically install and handle file transfers

Random Reviews:

  • It’s a lightweight plugin with great functionality. The support is excellent and responds very quickly. Thanks to the authors.

    vivegroupMay 2021

  • It was easy to use and it was easy to install, I found it! Thanks!
    This topic was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by paul.

    u88257Mar 2017

ATUM WooCommerce Inventory Management and Stock Tracking Plugin

The Most Powerful E-commerce Solution for Woocommerce

By using ATUM WooCommerce Inventory Management and Stock Tracking plugin, you can easily manage the inventory and prices of your online store and your Woocommerce location by utilizing ATUM technology.

The Atum inventory management platform allows you to manage suppliers, place reorders, create inventory systems and business reports, and even search by SKUs. Their ATUM screen dashboard is a significant step forward in providing a more accurate and practical view of your inventory.

It gives you complete control over your WooCommerce store’s stock, letting you manage it from a single dashboard.

Atum is not only an essential inventory management tool for online store owners but also a vital tool for those seeking a complete inventory management solution. This product offers a broad range of appealing features within an intuitive interface that is simple to use.

In the free inventory management plugin, you will find a wide range of features that can be utilized by any business website. These features include supplier management, reordering of products, goods search filters, business reports, and exporting purchase and orders as PDF files.

💵 It is FREE to download and install, and lifetime support is provided.

Key Features:

  • Using video tutorials and helpful documentation
  • Adding automatic packing to advanced searches
  • Suitable for both small and large businesses
  • Creating variable products in WooCommerce
  • The capability of creating PDF files from inventory

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin is great. It helps me a lot. Also, I really like the purchase price and supplier name.

    baslerDec 2021

  • I’ve already used this plugin on many sites and all of my customers love it. The support is great as well.
    Have you tried the flexible inventory add-on? It’s even better.

    afontanDec 2021

  • Works as expected and more.

    innovacompSep 2021

Smart Manager Plugin

WooCommerce Inventory Management, Bulk Edit & more

Smart Manager plugin has developed a comprehensive inventory management plugin that will save shop owners a considerable amount of time and increase their productivity significantly.

It is possible to see the latest stock update using WooCommerce stock management. This plugin enables you to bulk edit, update products, conduct an inventory search on the same day, and edit inline in seconds.

Smart Manager for WooCommerce and ATUM WooCommerce Inventory Management plugins offers the capability of bulk editing WordPress content, including custom fields.

As a result of Smart Manager, the performance and functionality of your e-commerce business are improved. The plugin offers you an intuitive interface that will allow you to batch edit products and keep track of the current status of your entire online store.

With this plugin, you can manage simple and variable products. This includes variations, subscriptions, bundles, and grouping WooCommerce product types and custom product types.

💵 $149 is the price of the premium version of the Smart Manager plugin. The Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Editing records can be done directly from the site
  • Editable fields for post types are not restricted
  • Allows you to edit post types by searching, filtering by dates, and filtering by columns
  • Provides smooth navigation by allowing infinite scrolling

Random Reviews:

  • This program saves me a lot of time!

    sellnet111Apr 2022

  • The learning curve is small at first, but after a while, it makes your life easier

    StavrosApr 2022

  • Thank you for your assistance with the smart manager plug-in.

    cynthiaaestheticianApr 2022

Stock Manager for WooCommerce Plugin

Allows You Manage Stock For Products and Their Variables from One Screen

The Stock Manager for WooCommerce allows you to manage the stock levels of all your products and their variables from one view for your WooCommerce store.

It allows one to manage the stock quantities, the stock statuses, the backorders, the prices, and weights for each product and variation. Its time-saving features make it an excellent investment.

When you use Stock Manager’s WooCommerce plugin, you may export stock information from your shop, edit it, and then import it back into your shop using a CSV file. This feature requires refactoring; therefore, use it responsibly.

This Woocommerce stock manager plugin has one major disadvantage, which is its ability to indicate negative reviews whenever they are present.

A simple, color-coded interface makes it easy to update products without changing the page. It clearly displays stock levels, warning you of critical concerns that must be managed immediately.

Stock Manager for WooCommerce and Smart Manager allows you to export data from all your posts in CSV format, edit them, and then import them back without requiring additional plugins.

💵 You can start using this plugin for Free.

Key Features:

  • Making columns visible and hidden makes it easier to manage
  • The capability of sorting by name is available
  • The ability to effectively audit multiple warehouses’ stocks and inventory
  • The capability of filtering products based on type, category, stock status, or stock manager
  • Displaying thumbnail images of products

Random Reviews:

  • It didn’t work when I tried to export existing product information. I increased the memory limit to 2GB then I was able to export. But the export file does not contain all the products. What should I do? Should I increase the memory limit even more so all the products will be exported?

    aneel55Apr 2022

  • The free plugin manages bulk stock quantity at once very efficiently.
    Their support is fast and friendly.
    However, I found it was faster to contact them directly for support than to use the WordPress plugin support channel.

    Robin DevittApr 2022

  • It’s great that this app shows the history of stock changes for each SKU.

    tom coadyApr 2022

WooCommerce POS Inventory Count Plugin

Allows You Do Physical Inventory Count for WooCommerce

A brilliant feature of the WooCommerce POS Inventory Count plugin is that it allows you to scan QR codes to import information into WooCommerce from your physical products. Despite being a simple plugin, many of its features can also be applied to your everyday online activities.

This inventory manager plugin helps you to integrate everything you need to run your business into one application called WooPOS, a Point of Sale tool for Windows.

As a part of WooPOS, the industry leader in point of sale software and inventory management, the plugin enables store owners to manage stock levels, track sales, maintain employee records, and much more.

With the WooCommerce POS Inventory Count plugin, you can manage your brick and mortar stores and your online WooCommerce store from a single website with this program.

With this special plugin, you can accept orders directly from your WooCommerce store, using your WordPress store’s Point of Sale system.

💵 There are no costs associated with the plugin. It is available for free download.

Key Features:

  • Gives you the ability to manage purchase orders
  • Working loyalty points may be possible
  • The ability to manage coupon codes and discounts
  • The ability to use the WooCommerce front-end manager
  • Provides the option of selecting which categories to physically count

Random Reviews:

  • As a paid add-on for a paid service, this product cannot be used by anyone who does not use the clunky WooPOS system. So it amounts to little more than free advertising – not sure it should even be on the repository without any functionality.

    ajammApr 2021

  • Very easy to use, does everything I need for WooPOS, and it’s great!

    xeolanceAug 2017

  • This is really useful and easy-to-use software. Thank you WooPOS! This topic was modified 4 years, 9 months ago by Rob Butler.

    Alex BranteAug 2017

What’s the bottom line

We sought to give you all the info you needed about the best WordPress inventory management plugins. Browse the list and select a plugin that suits your needs. These plugins are excellent.

We hope these plugins will aid your efforts in bringing customers’ attention to your website. We also have a post on the best WordPress hosting providers for your website that may be of interest to you. Likewise, we also have a post on the best WordPress security plugins for you to consider

Have an Inventory Management plugin to propose? Tell us about it below if you do! Please let your friends know about the list on Facebook and Twitter if you enjoyed it.

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