6 Best WordPress Order Tracking Plugins πŸ₯‡ 2023 (Free & Pro)

Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep track of customer orders on your WordPress website? Managing and keeping track of everything can be a hassle with many orders. Fortunately, some excellent WordPress order-tracking plugins are available to help streamline the process.

Almost 40% of small businesses use WordPress for their website. Due to such a high number of businesses using this platform, the demand for order-tracking plugins has soared in recent years. You also have more options since the number of plugins has increased.

We’ll examine some of the best WordPress plugins for order tracking available today to help you choose the right one for your company. A small business owner, e-commerce retailer, or anyone interested in improving order tracking will find this article helpful. These plugins also work with top WordPress themes.

Order Tracking is a plugin developed by SendGrid, which enables you to track orders for your site much easier and faster than you have ever done before.

In order for a retail business to retain customers and provide them with an enjoyable shopping experience, they need to consider integrating this technology into the business.

Your tracking information must reflect on the front-end of your website as well when you add/change it in the backend in order to make sure it’s accurate. If you change tracking information in the backend, it’ll change in the front-end as well.

In addition to allowing you to create custom order statuses, this plugin allows you to generate a searchable database of orders placed by customers; you can also email your customers whenever an order is created, updated, or deleted.

The user’s experience can be improved even more by incorporating their email address when updating orders, hiding it when deleting orders, or asking for their names when editing orders by using custom CSS.

Key Features:

  • Information is provided regarding order updates
  • There are searchable orders available
  • There is a responsive CSS template
  • Automates adding new orders
  • Orders can be hidden or deleted

Using the Qi Addons for Elementor plugin, you can add over 40 premium widgets as well as 60 free widgets to your website, making it stand out from the crowd.

The plugin comes with an Order Tracking Form widget anyone can use. You can let your customers know when their order is on its way.

It is easy for you to track the status of your order if you enter the Order ID into the box and click the Track button. Moreover, after the purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that contains your Order ID along with a tracking link.

The plugin lets you personalize the input fields on your order tracking forms so that you can increase conversions.

In this plugin, you are able to enter title information, pick whether to display the form text or not, change the typography or colors, add more fields, or add labels to the form.

Key Features:

  • Lets your customers know when their orders are arriving
  • An order-tracking widget is included
  • Adding input fields to order tracking forms is easy
  • A wide range of customization options is available
  • You can choose between two predefined input fields

Regarding the best order-tracking WordPress plugins, you should consider the Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce plugin.

Among the many features that make this software unique, it is able to track and manage all orders across your website and all the pages under your store all in one place.

For example, you could use this WordPress plugin to inform your customers how their orders are progressing through your website so they can maintain contact with you about the progress of their orders on your website.

The tracking number can be attached to multiple orders or you can choose to email the tracking information directly to the customer as long as the tracking number is created within the order itself in the first place.

Additionally, this plugin has another benefit that assists you in choosing the right carrier for your project, as you can choose from more than 300 shipping providers, ensuring that you are checking as many options as possible.

Apart from this, the shipment tracking API endpoint will also allow you to update tracking numbers that have been generated by third parties with the same ease as if they were your own.

Key Features:

  • Tracking API for shipments is included
  • Tracking numbers can be added to orders
  • A tracking information widget is included
  • Sends the customer’s shipping information to you
  • More than 300 shipping providers are available

Tracking orders placed through your WooCommerce store is made easy with the Orders Tracking for WooCommerce plugin.

This free plugin lets shop owners manage tracking numbers and URLs for items in their WooCommerce stores and for orders placed through them by adding, editing, importing, and exporting.

As a result of this plugin, not only are email and SMS messages tracked, but also PayPal transactions are tracked so that they can be scrutinized and further investigated.

Likewise, this plugin can also be used to integrate the tracking information for an order with other tracking services in order to enhance the tracking of the order after it has been placed.

Your customers will be able to have a detailed overview of the ordering process by using this plugin, so that they can keep track of their orders more easily and know what to expect from the process at every step.

Additionally, the plugin lets you pick specific carriers based on your preferences – and it supports over 80 carriers, so you get a lot of options.

Adding custom shipping carriers to WordPress is easy with the help of this plugin. Just enter the company names and tracking URLs.

Key Features:

  • Provides you with the option of selecting a carrier
  • Support for tracking emails is provided
  • You can enter the carrier name and tracking URL
  • Support for PayPal Sandbox is provided
  • Displays the names and order IDs of customers

It is important to take special note of the YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking plugin, as it ranks as one of the best WooCommerce order-tracking plugins on the market.

You can add tracking info to all orders with this plugin, like carrier information, delivery dates, tracking codes, courier website URLs, etc. When the customer places their order, you can show their shipping info can track it.

The plugin does the rest for you; you only have to select the carrier and tracking number, and the plugin will do the rest.

If your customers want to get tracking information themselves, you may want to give them the option to go to the carrier’s website where they can get that information if that’s their choice.

Key Features:

  • Tracking info text can be moved around
  • Shortcodes let you make custom order-tracking pages
  • Default carriers can be set for your shipments
  • Users can view tracking information on their Orders page
  • Integrations YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce

When using WordPress shipping tracking plugin for WooCommerce, you can assign up to three carriers for tracking your shipments.

You can now assign tracking numbers to your orders, as well as get the cost, delivery date, and estimated arrival time.

We’ll send the customer an email with details a few days after placing the order. A dispatch notification will follow with the carrier’s name, dispatch date, and tracking number upon dispatch.

The content of the email as well as the order details can be customized based on your requirements by using HTML snippets in your code.

Additionally, this plugin is compatible with over 40 different shipping companies, which means you can choose the one that is most suitable for your specific needs from the list available.

Key Features:

  • The URL tracking feature is included
  • Customer emails will contain detailed order information
  • Customizable emails and order details are available
  • Allows you to assign shipping orders to several companies
  • More than 40 shipping companies are supported


How do I find an excellent WordPress order-tracking plugin?

Look for features like real-time tracking updates, shipping delivery notifications, automated tracking, and integration with popular shipping carriers when choosing WordPress order-tracking plugins. It’s also essential to choose a plugin that’s easy to use and customized.

Are there any free WordPress order-tracking plugins?

Yes, there are several free WordPress order-tracking plugins available. Some popular options include TrackShip and AfterShip. Remember that while these plugins are free, some features may require a paid upgrade.

Is a WordPress order-tracking plugin necessary?

With WooCommerce, you don’t need a separate order-tracking plugin. A separate plugin might be a good choice if you need more advanced tracking features or great customization options. WooCommerce offers order tracking as part of its suite.


Do you want to track your orders and deliveries for your WordPress site? We have covered some of the best WordPress order-tracking plugins so that you can do that.

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