6 Best WordPress Rich Snippets & Schema Markup Plugins 👨‍💻 2022 (Free & Paid)

Do you want to find the best WordPress Rich Snippets & Schema Markup plugin?

Here’s a list of the best WordPress plugins for Rich Snippets & Schema Markup to help you. These plugins are selected by comparing the best WordPress plugins and we make sure that are working with the latest WordPress themes.

We have created a list of Rich Snippets and Schema Markup plugins to help you choose the best plugin. You can use these plugins for WooCommerce Rich Snippets, FAQ Rich Snippets, and Schema.org Markups.

Best SEO Schema Markup & Rich Snippets Plugins for WordPress 👨‍💻

Take a look at these impressive Rich Snippets & Schema Markup WordPress plugins for 2022 that will do you well:

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP Plugin

Adds Google Rich Snippets Markup According To Schema.Org Guidelines

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP plugin ensures that your site is search engine optimized and provides rich snippets of markup in sync with Schema.org guidelines. This plugin is also compatible with WordPress Google AMP plugins.

There are currently 35 schema types, including Blog Postings, News Articles, Local Businesses, Web Pages, Articles, Food Recipes, Products, and Video Object Views.

All schema types will be added in the next version. Request the schema type you want, and we will add it.

It also provides flexible options for including and excluding posts, pages, post types, taxonomies, and the ability to recognize content based on organization or individual data types. These options can be used to customize the presentation of the schema markup.

With this plugin, you can control the display of Rich Snippets data in the Google Search Console using an unlimited number of custom post types.

Based on Google’s latest updates, a rating value should not be less than 1. However, some users have given 0.8 ratings, displaying an error in the Google Search Console and Testing Tool.

💵 A free version and a premium version are available.

Key Features:

  • Using other schema plugins, you can import data
  • Product Reviews from 75+ platforms are retrieved
  • You can develop your own review rating box with pros and cons along with its schema markup
  • Providing priority support
  • The schema markup for plugins can be generated
  • The blocks and JSON schema markup allow you to create your own content
  • You can display your Google reviews and the schema markup for your business on your website

Random Reviews:

  • I appreciate your plugin greatly!

    umizen40Apr 2022

  • While it takes some patience to understand the settings, the result is well worth it, this plugin is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
    This topic was modified 2 months, 2 weeks ago by

    momiji40Feb 2022

  • Thanks! For the most part, the plugin was easy to set up and works well. Thanks for your support.

    UlfJan 2022

Schema– All In One Schema Rich Snippets Plugin

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

By utilizing the Schema– All In One Schema Rich Snippets plugin, you can leverage all the benefits of the most popular schema markup plugins. You will be able to easily implement schema types such as Reviews, Events, Recipes, Articles, Products, and Services.

In addition to the star ratings, photos, and author information displayed in the search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, when using this plugin, you will be able to create a short summary of the page that appears on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Additionally, search engines are supplied with only the most important and precise details to display in their search results snippets, ensuring that their results are accurate and relevant.

Further, this plugin can generate the correct information for your links to display when users share them on Facebook.

💵 To download this plugin you don’t need to pay anything. It’s free.

Key Features:

  • Supports a variety of schema types
  • Interactive rich snippets and schema markup allow you to stand out from the crowd
  • Displays the appropriate information on Facebook
  • There are plans to release breadcrumbs, local business listings, and books in the future
  • Enhances your ranking in search engine results

Random Reviews:

  • It could be a great plugin, but as always they had to mess it up. An ugly box appears in the left footer of the page, which otherwise does not adhere to the design of the page, making it look very ugly.
    It’s unfortunate since the only way to get rid of it is to buy it.

    posicionartemdJan 2022

  • Excellent customer service Schema pro is a great plugin for site rich results.

    devmecheleApr 2021

  • Is this function not working? It used to work properly but now it is not working
    I hope this will be taken into consideration
    Thank you,
    This topic was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by

    hafizfarhanJan 2021

Five Star Business Profile and Schema Plugin

Add Schema Structured Data To Any Page

Five Star Business Profile and Schema Plugin, a Rich Snippets Plugin, provide you with the ability to add structured data to your website’s pages and posts and create a contact card containing all the details about your business.

By adding Schema.org markup to your website, search engines can read your website more easily.

Having a database containing all organization types schemas and rich results types, you can easily create a new schema element and assign this new structured data type to a page, an individual post, an entire post type, or even the entire website.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can add the right schema to your web pages, regardless of managing a website for a local business, a corporation, a restaurant, a sports team, or any other organization.

In addition to adding the JSON-LD schema to your blog or website’s posts and pages, this plugin also supports schemas for different types of businesses. It also supports a large number of schema-rich return types.

💵 Free access to all the advanced features of the Five Star Business Profile and Schema plugin.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with WordPress with WooCommerce will
  • allow you to set defaults for any schema property
  • Enhance the post edit screen by customizing general/global schema data
  • FAQ rich snippets in your posts will automatically add full article schema.org markup
  • Automatically adds full structured product information and WooCommerce rich snippets to your store

Random Reviews:

  • 5.0 stars as the name implies. Install it and shorten your contact list by using it instead of the plug-in.

    zilliongoldAug 2021

  • Is exactly what it promises to be. Haven’t had the opportunity to use it enough yet to give it the full five stars it probably deserves.

    CosmicrayJan 2021

  • This plugin has the most annoying admin nag ever, which displays on every admin page no matter what you do. Turn off the nag!!

    Chris LangilleOct 2020

Easy Schema Plugin

Structured Data & Rich Snippets

With the Easy Schema plugin, WordPress users can integrate multiple schema types into their website, ensuring that the search engines are provided with all the information they need to accurately analyze and display your website.

You can easily integrate Schema.org structured data markup into your WordPress website using this ultra-fast and easy-to-use WordPress Schema plugin.

Installing this plugin will improve your site’s search engine optimization and user experience by adding schema markup, which helps search engines understand your content and provide more accurate results.

This plugin will help you optimize your local search engine by adding important structured data about your local business to your website. Google can utilize this information to prominently display your website in search results.

This plugin allows search engines to understand your website’s content more easily by using properly structured data. Google claims that properly structured data will lead to higher rankings for your website in search results and identify what type of business you have.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that the plugin caused a fatal error when it was activated, most likely due to a theme conflict or plugin conflict.

💵 Free limited support is available in the WP.org forum for this plugin.

Key Features:

  • The product’s full description is given in the product description
  • Name of the product: Specify what the product’s name is
  • The business name is the trade name of the organization
  • The legal name of the business: This is the business’s legal name
  • Use the main image of your product that will appear in the SERPs and on Google Images

Random Reviews:

  • When I test without Google, I get the following error: Parsing error: ‘,’ or ‘]’ is missing.

    luismoskoOct 2021

  • I use this plugin on all of my projects. I only learnt about schema a couple of months ago and the value it can add to sites that I am developing. I was really struggling to find a free plugin that allowed me to add the local business schema but this ones really easy to setup. Great job guys!
    This topic was modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago by

    janick74Jul 2021

  • I found this to be by far the best Schema plugin I have found online, within about 15 minutes I had set up all the local business schema that passed the Google test!

    mattwpdevJul 2021

Schema App Structured Data Plugin

Automatically Creates Schema.Org Markup

Similar to Easy Schema, the Schema App Structured Data plugin automatically references schema.org on every page, post, author, and category of your website, allowing you to access data already marked up.

When you activate the plugin and add your logo and business name to your content, you will have your content understood by search engines, which will, in turn, lead to more visitors, a more significant percentage of click-throughs, etc.

Breadcrumbs, Sitelinks Searchbox, and Your Site Name in Results are also available in the plugin. All of them are highly functional enhancements to the Google Site structure.

Suppose you wish to customize the schema markup for Pages and Posts. You can either use default settings (for example, posts can be marked as NewsArticle by default) or modify the JSON-LD files generated for each page directly.

💵 Free Lite, and Premium: (Needs Quote).

Key Features:

  • Schema markup allows you to optimize a website’s entire content
  • The powerful video features of Google have been applied automatically to all YouTube videos
  • Provides ongoing schema markup maintenance in response to Google’s changes in recommendations
  • Schema.org provides the complete vocabulary
  • Provides marketers with the capability of creating custom schema.org markups for various websites
  • Neither JSON-LD nor XML coding was required

Random Reviews:

  • Schema App helps me implement the right schema on the right pages. Great plugin!

    blmbmjJun 2021

  • It’s not worth your time to use this plugin.

    rosenmargaret12Apr 2021

  • A ‘free’ 14-day trial is required to sign up, then if you don’t cancel you will be billed every month.

    webstproSep 2020

FAQ Schema WordPress Plugin

Best FAQ Rich Snippets Plugin

In light of your needs, you may wish to consider a plugin that permits you to create and display FAQs on your WordPress website regarding your products or services. Like Schema App Structured Data, the FAQ schema WordPress plugin may provide you with the capability you require.

The primary feature of this WordPress plugin is its support of FAQ Schema. This allows you to configure your FAQs in a schema format to generate rich snippets.

Using the WordPress FAQ schema plugin, you can easily create customized FAQs that share product information with users in a concise and well-organized manner. Additionally, you can adjust the color and style settings to suit your needs.

The plugin includes a responsive toggle feature that integrates with the collapse effect. It is suitable for both SEO plugin users and novices. The user can also ask and answer questions related to the plugin.

💵 The Lite version is free, and the Pro version costs $29/lifetime.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Rank Math and Yoast SEO
  • The color of the expand and collapse icons
  • Providing Schema Markup support
  • Color of the description text and background of the accordion
  • API with drag and drop functionality
  • A color scheme for the title of the accordion
  • A variety of colors and styling options are available

Concluding all discussion

In this text, we helped you find the WordPress plugins stack for Rich Snippets & Schema Markup purposes. You can make a big difference by using these plugins. They are helpful.

We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress plugin for Rich Snippets and Schema Markup websites. You might also want to check the best WordPress blogging themes if you’re looking for a new plugin for your site.

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