6 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins 📍 2022 (Free & Paid)

Can’t find the best plugin for Store Locator?

This article will share the best Store Locator plugins for WordPress. And then, in the end, we will provide you with recommendations for specific scenarios. These WordPress plugins offer good support, are quick, and are user-friendly. The plugins also work quickly with all WordPress templates.

We have selected the best plugins for the Store Locator. It may not be the Store Locator plugin that you are searching for? These plugins are also functional for Store Locator Custom Marker, Store Locator Shortcode, Store Locator Documentation, Store Locator CSV Manager, Jquery Store Locator, Multi-Location Map, and Store Locator Without Google Maps. Choose the plugin that follows your website and level it up.

Best Store Locator Plugins for WordPress 📍

The following are the best WordPress plugins for Store Locator in 2022:

WP Store Locator Plugin

A Powerful And Easy To Use Location Management System

WP Store Locator is a powerful and straightforward location management system for WordPress. It can be customized to show the map as you see fit and to display custom labels in input fields.

Within the admin panel, administrators can set the language to display driving directions to nearby stores, and users can sort the results based on a radius.

This plugin includes several premium add-ons, including a CSV manager, search widget, store statistics, and extension add-ons.

A CSV manager allows you to import, export, and update your locations from CSV files. A search widget lets users search for nearby store locations from anywhere in the theme and displays the results on the store locator page.

💵 It charges (Needs Quote) for the Premium version of the plugin. The Free version is also available.

Key Features:

  • Filters are available for adding custom metadata
  • Compatibility with WordPress multilingual plugins such asWPML and qTranslate X
  • The phone number, fax number, email address, URL, description, and opening hours of the store can be included
  • The ability to customize map styles is included
  • Nine retina-compatible marker icons are available
  • A limitless number of stores can be managed
  • You may choose to display driving distances either in kilometers or in miles

Random Reviews:

  • Does this plugin have the capability to sign-in to WordPress as ‘store’ from /wp-login.php?

    jrmhnrdoMar 2022

  • Does exactly what you want and can be customized to match your brand identity. Help is available quickly.

    monsterbk3kFeb 2022

  • I like it, but you need to make it possible to insert social networks into the pop-up text information.

    enriquefraquelliJul 2021

Agile Store Locator Plugin

A Google Maps Based Plugin

Like WP Store Locator, with the Agile Store Locator plugin, you can locate nearby stores by connecting to Google Maps, which provides visibility into all the stores nearby, making this the most comprehensive WordPress plugin for finding nearby shops.

You can combine an unlimited number of stores via category management, which helps you find the most suitable stores near a customer inquiry and their location in relation to the customer inquiry.

In addition to a location search, the plugin also includes other features such as Deals and Real Estate Maps; therefore, it serves as a one-stop location finder with numerous listing options. Unfortunately, the map appears to be experiencing some issues with either JS or PHP.

💵 Both the Lite and the Premium versions of this plugin are available.

Key Features:

  • The palette is used to select the UI colors for Google Maps Plugin
  • High-quality user interface
  • There are five beautiful themes for the store locator custom marker in the front-end
  • With an accordion template that contains a hierarchy of countries, states, cities, and stores
  • Managing categories through markers
  • Management of unlimited markers in stores
  • A beautiful info window with multiple tabs
  • There are multiple layouts with a listing and accordion option
  • Fields that can be customized

Random Reviews:

  • A wonderful product and a great support team! 5 STARS!

    DavidFeb 2022

  • I wrote them and they responded in less than 1 hour. They resolved my issue.

    nijatmursaliMay 2021

  • Store locator plugin does its job well. The free version offers a lot of options and the support is excellent.

    DaniellaApr 2021

Locatoraid Store Locator Plugin

A Lightweight, Easy To Use Store Locator Plugin

Like Agile Store Locator, the Locatoraid Store Locator plugin provides direct access to a number of stores, locations, hotels, restaurants, ATMs, and other types of locations.

Once your visitor arrives, the plugin will automatically detect the visitor’s location and provide you with the nearest location options.

They are immediately reflected on the map when you begin adding your locations. Once the coordinates are determined by the automatic geocoding function, the locations are added to the map automatically.

Various store locator shortcode parameters can be configured to customize the front-end view. These parameters include the default search text, the search radius, the layout of the view, and limiting searches to a state or country.

💵 This program is available in two versions: $79 Pro and Free Lite.

Key Features:

  • File uploads and exports in bulk
  • Default Parameters for Shortcodes
  • Your locations can be categorized according to Products
  • A custom map style is available
  • Worldwide activities
  • Create your own custom map icons
  • Designed to be mobile-friendly
  • You can get started in minutes
  • APIs that implement REST
  • Fields that can be customized

Random Reviews:

  • It’s the easiest plugin to use with Google Maps. I had a problem with the Icon Marker, but it was resolved within 24 hours. Thank you very much for this nice plugin.

    sandev20Dec 2020

  • The developer provides excellent support for this plugin.

    lesinge72Oct 2019

  • I use it to display circus maps in Italy, and for us it works perfectly.

    fabimontMay 2018

Store Locator Widget Plugin

A Fully Featured Store Locator Plugin

Store Locator Widget is an easy-to-use store locator plugin that has an array of features such as easy installation, easy addition of locations, and easy embedding on a WordPress website.

Using this plugin, you will be able to locate a store quickly and easily, integrate it into your WordPress site, and then add locations as desired.

You can easily customize it with custom Google Maps and Map Markers and different layouts for all themes. The rights for unlimited use and unrestricted use come with all plans.

It is possible to design the location locator to suit the specific needs of your business, so you are not limited to specific locations.

💵 Pro version costs $15, while Lite version is Free.

Key Features:

  • When the store locator loads, choose whether customers will be geolocated automatically
  • Any type of location requirement can be supported
  • One click will provide directions to your location from the location of your customers
  • Your store can be customized with clickable search filters
  • You are not restricted by your chosen plan in terms of the number of views or traffic your store locator receives
  • A built-in distance calculator displays the distance to each retailer in miles and kilometers in real-time

Random Reviews:

  • As an average user of Excel, my Excel problems were solved. Beyond that, I’m clueless. The support I received from store locator support was important and outstanding – fast and efficient…..and friendly! I’m very excited to activate my store locator account once the platform we’re working on launches……cacan’t wait to impress my clients/members!

    sitebuilderreviewJan 2020

WP Multi Store Locator Plugin

Provides Numerous Functionalities

You can implement smart location-based search capabilities for your online store by using the WP Multi Store Locator WordPress plugin. This plugin comes in very handy for anyone operating an online store.

Aside from managing their respective franchises, the admin can also manage their Stores, Categories, and Sales Managers from the back-end.

You can use this plugin to find stores nearby, manage Snazzy Maps styles, manage store tags, display search maps anywhere within a post or page, search stores by region, and more!

A variety of features are provided in the free version of this plugin, such as the ability to manage stores, manage map styles, manage sale managers, manage store tags, and utilize the shortcode [wp_multi_store_locator_map ID=1] to display a store locator.

It also can manage custom markers, store locator documentation, store locator CSV manager, jquery store locator, multi-location map, store locator without Google maps, etc.

💵 For the Premium version, this plugin charges $51.

Key Features:

  • To embed the code into your site, you can copy it and paste it into the source code
  • In addition to the overall total number of searches, users can view the Store name
  • Insights into commercial enterprise statistics can be valuable to business owners
  • Each cluster is indicated by a number indicating its number of markers
  • It is possible to import and export Sales Manager data to a comma-separated values (CSV) file

Random Reviews:

  • My heartfelt thanks go out to the team at WP Multi Store Locator. The support is amazing, even though I do not have the paid version of the plugin yet. They kept testing code changes on my site until the issue was resolved.

    owenzelMar 2022

  • Every aspect the other users from 2017 – 2018 complained are fixed as far as I see. I had no search problems, the translations worked well, no bootstrap-overwriting, and so on. It works perfectly with Elementor page builder as a shortcode. So, I think the developers deserve a second chance, because they fixed the bugs but didn’t get a positive review for it.

    hardyzbestMar 2021

  • Thank you so much for the WP store locator, I was able to do exactly what I wanted for a client’s site. You saved me so much time.

    Saad IqbalJan 2021

Bullseye Store Locator Plugin

A Leading Provider Of Store Locator

The Bullseye Store Locator plugin provides both store locator software and dealer locator software. Since more than a decade ago, Bullseye has provided enterprises with SaaS (Software as a Service) services.

The platform has grown into one of the most robust and feature-rich store locator solutions available today, with more than 5,000 customers using it.

This is a WordPress plugin that can be used to generate and configure dedicated site-specific store locator pages and a standalone store finder interface, both of which can be installed within minutes.

Through Bullseye Locations, all of your location information is managed centralized in the cloud, enabling you to store and manage all your location information.

💵 The free version is available for download, while the pro version costs $225 / Monthly.

Key Features:

  • Based on your WordPress theme’s styling
  • A hosted solution allows upgrades to be carried out automatically
  • Instantly create, customize, and embed on any website
  • Non-technical users will find it easy
  • A cloud-based solution for managing location data
  • Capturing, routing, and managing leads in one integrated process

Review of the Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins

We analyzed the best WordPress Store Locator plugins for 2022 in this post. If you want your site to grow, you can use them.

Thanks for checking out this list of Store Locator plugins. We hope it has been helpful.

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