6 Best WordPress Telegram Plugins πŸ₯‡ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for one of the best WordPress plugins for Telegram?

We would like to present you with the best WordPress plugins for Telegram integration. These plugins were thoroughly evaluated and chosen to give you the best Telegram plugin for your website. Our team also ensures that these plugins work perfectly with all modern WordPress templates.

We have compiled a list of plugins that are the best fit for Telegram. The plugins may also be used for sites about Telegram Chat, Telegram Call Buttons, Telegram Widget, Telegram Bot, Telegram Groups, Telegram Channels, or Auto Post to Telegram.

Best Telegram Plugins for WordPress πŸ₯‡

Let’s then take a look at some of the best WordPress plugins for Telegram in 2022:

WP Telegram Plugin

Auto Post and Notifications

WP Telegram is regarded as one of the most popular WordPress Telegram plugins. It can be used for sending notifications and auto post to Telegram private chats, Channels, Groups, and Supergroups.

The developers developed a dedicated support group to assist website owners.

When a new message is published on the site or updated, this WordPress Telegram plugin will send a message to the channel, group, or private chat.

Using the Telegram posting module, you can compose your message using message templates, emoji messages, customized post types, and featured images.

Telegram can be monetized by integrating it with WooCommerce to receive orders in Telegram when you send an email, through Contact Form 7 or when you use WooCommerce to deliver orders via Telegram.

In addition, users will receive notices via Telegram whenever a new product is revealed, or a sale is announced. Another feature of this plugin is its proxy support, which allows it to work around Telegram bans.

Unfortunately, there is no way to disable hashtags in tags, as there is a way to disable them in categories.

πŸ’΅ The Premium version of the plugin costs $44. You can also get the Free version.

Key Features:

  • With Gutenberg editor, you may display the button anywhere you desire
  • Allows you to view public channels and group feeds
  • The AJAX widget can be used to encourage site visitors to join your Telegram channel
  • It is possible to embed messages from the public channel
  • Enables users to sign in and use their Telegram accounts from your website

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you for the support of the telegram channel. I contacted them early in the morning regarding an image issue and they stayed with me for a long time trying to figure out the issue. . First time I have ever experienced support like this Thanks support team in the telegram channel.

    thmthoomApr 2022

  • It works fine and has free basic features and filters which are just fine for my homepage.

    JanMar 2022

FS Poster Lite Plugin

a Social Media Auto Poster & Post Scheduler

With FS Poster Lite, you can schedule posts across multiple platforms, auto post to 15 social networks, and send notifications directly to your audience, allowing companies of all sizes to share content, grow their audience, and drive traffic to their websites.

With the post-order function, you can be sure that all website visitors will be able to see all of your posts. The dashboard tab shows the number of posts scheduled, and the number of clicks received for each social network.

With proxy support, and after enabling bulk posting through WordPress, you can hide your IP address and access any part of the world where you wish to present your content. Additionally, third-party integrations, like custom URLs, allow you to simplify the task of reducing duplicate content.

This plugin allows you to post to unlimited Telegram channels and groups by creating a Telegram bot, pasting the bot’s token into the administration panel, and assigning the bot to the channels and groups.

Unfortunately, the image cannot be processed when the server is overloaded or has insufficient resources.

πŸ’΅ Free Lite, premium $45.

Key Features:

  • Having a freshly designed feed is possible
  • It is possible to enhance your social media presence
  • Traffic can be driven to your website
  • The management of social media can be handled directly
  • It is straightforward to configure

Random Reviews:

  • The errors and restrictions imposed by the β€˜lite’ version were frustrating to work with.

    deeveearrMay 2022

  • The thing is a waste of time. Even if you can get it to work, it will all be errors in a couple of weeks.

    nwm2006Apr 2022

Replain Plugin

The Simplest Live Chat in The World

As a result of integrating the Replain plugin and omnichannel customer service, better customer service is available on websites. It is compatible with Telegram, WhatsApp chats, and Facebook Messenger to simplify customer service.

This WordPress Telegram plugin makes it possible to receive web chat messages directly within apps currently in use.

The unlimited operator option simplifies the customer service process regardless of where the customer is online. Users can be contacted in real-time through audio or video calls. The details of the communication can be shared inside Telegram without difficulty.

You may customize the chat buttons by taking advantage of the size and color options, placing them in a menu, etc.

A user’s name, phone number, and email address will be stored when sending a Telegram message. Moreover, you will be able to create ready-to-use templates and set up hours of operation, statuses, etc., to facilitate fast, efficient, and streamlined communication.

πŸ’΅ The Premium version of the plugin costs $11. You can also get the Free version.

Key Features:

  • You can send data directly to the most popular analytics platforms
  • Calls can be made in both audio and video formats
  • You can set up your logo within the chat window
  • Adding and using response templates will save you time
  • Operators are available in an unlimited variety

Random Reviews:

  • I’m grateful for the great work and many options to customize the chat window (color, welcome message, time online/offline, voice callback, chat reviews, and many more…). Also, thanks for looking after all the details through Telegram.

    dexusOct 2021

  • Excellent integration with Zapier! Please do more!

    tmpaccFeb 2019

Telegram Bot & Channel Plugin

Create Interactive Autoresponders for Users

Like WP Telegram, in the Telegram Bot & Channel plugin, AI capabilities are demonstrated. It functions without human supervision and is operated by a computer without human oversight.

The bot can be used for several purposes, including teaching, reminders, connecting, and integrating. This plugin allows users to create unlimited automated replies and send them to several recipients.

Telegram groups, supergroups, and private chat rooms can receive content through Telegram broadcast capabilities, including webpage content, custom pages, and channels.

The Post-Scheduling feature allows you to schedule posts to be published on Telegram at a specific time and date. Additionally, the WordPress Telegram Plugin can provide you with data regarding your bot subscribers.

Using haversine algorithms provides users with exact location information and location-based content. Additionally, you can use Zapier to automate actions between different web applications.

πŸ’΅ Free WordPress plugin.

Key Features:

  • Messages can be sent to your channels and bots
  • Provide support for scheduled post-broadcasts
  • Templates can be used to send content
  • There are keyboards and inline buttons available
  • It is possible to create interactive autoresponders for users and groups

Random Reviews:

  • It’s a nice plugin, simple to use and configure. However, for someone, it may not be enough, but for a small WordPress Page, it’s perfect. Automatic replies and bot function great. But I stopped using it because of an issue with the plugin Einsatzverwaltung. Please note that every message was posted twice. This topic was modified 2 months, 2 weeks ago by abbs.

    JanJan 2022

Chaty Plugin

a Floating Chat Widget

The Chaty plugin allows you to enable your visitors to communicate with you via their favorite social networking system. It will allow you to integrate Telegram and Slack into your communication management system, TikTok app, Snapchat, Vkontakte, and Twitter.

This plugin differs from conventional messaging. You respond to inquiries only through the company’s website. It responds to inquiries across all the channels the company administers.

Consequently, visitors can begin a conversation on one channel and continue it on another without remaining on just one.

With the live widget, you can alter the colors, sizes, and texts of the buttons and set the frequency of printing messages, add attention effects, and set display triggers if you wish.

You can choose between click-to-call and click-to-chat buttons with this WordPress Telegram plugin, so you can select the approach you prefer.

Also, using the Telegram widget, you can also display different channels of chat for other pages, categories of products, and business hours of your business.

πŸ’΅ There is a free version of the plugin as well as a premium version available for a $39.

Key Features:

  • It is possible to improve your customer service
  • You can increase your lead generation and call volume
  • It is possible to show specific channels according to a region’s geographic location
  • It is possible to allow your customers to chat with you via their preferred channels
  • You can direct customers to the location of your business

Random Reviews:

  • It’s well made, simple to use, and really helps improve communication between site owners and customers. Keep up the good work!

    ostonegiJun 2022

  • It’s easy to use and customize, and a great tool for capturing client contacts. Excellent customer service and quick responses.

    lisaspampinatoMay 2022

Bot for Telegram on WooCommerce Plugin

Give You an Opportunity to Sell Products Via Telegram

The Bot for Telegram on WooCommerce plugin, a specific extension for eCommerce websites, will also allow business owners to integrate their online stores with Telegram’s rapidly growing audience.

This Telegram bot plugin permits you to begin selling your products within Telegram. It supports simple, grouped, and affiliate products. Telegram is available for integration with the WooCommerce checkout system by registering phone numbers.

With WooCommerce native integration, webmasters can customize Telegram call buttons, translate Telegram channels from their WordPress websites, and select which categories to display on their bots. In addition, they can choose a notice that appears when their order status changes.

A consumer’s account area provides access to information about their account, order information, product search, and email notifications when their account status changes.

In addition to translating Telegram site buttons within the Telegram admin dashboard, you can also translate Telegram site buttons as part of a native integration of the WooCommerce settings.

πŸ’΅ A premium version is available for a $46, but it is also available for free.

Key Features:

  • A product catalog is available through the WP Rest API
  • An integration between Telegram and WooCommerce is available
  • Categories are available through WooCommerce
  • There is an automatic notification when the order status changes
  • It is possible to register automatically using a telephone number

Random Reviews:

  • The ticket I opened 2 months ago now has been resolved, and I also received a response via telegram non-responding. Therefore, it’s not legit.

    hellsbrigadeMay 2022

  • It was great and helpful support!!

    Thanks for everything. / I greatly appreciated your help.

    kysteinSep 2021

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