6 WPForms Alternatives for Your WordPress Site

The easiest way to add forms to your website is to use a plugin. While there are plenty of options out there, WPForms is one of the most popular choices. However, most of WPForms best features are only available with the paid plugin. Therefore, you might prefer to look for WPForms alternatives.

Fortunately, there are tons of good WPForms alternatives to choose from. Better yet, you can find premium and free options. Plus, you can choose a plugin that prioritizes advanced fields, pre-built templates, or useful integrations.

👉 In this post, we’ll take a closer look at 🔎 why you might consider using WPForms alternatives. Then, we’ll discuss six of the best options for your WordPress site. Let’s jump right in!

Why consider WPForms alternatives

WPForms has been a favorite for many years, mainly due to its intuitive drag-and-drop editor that makes form-building super easy. Additionally, it comes with tons of useful integrations (like Mailchimp) and pre-built templates. Plus, you can accept payments via your forms, support file uploads, and enable conditional logic.

However, there are some limitations to the WPForms plugin. For example, with the free version of the tool, you’ll only get access to the simple contact form template. If you want to create surveys, polls, subscription forms, and more, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan.

Additionally, while WPForms offers advanced settings like payment options, digital signatures, and geolocation, you’ll only unlock these features with the Pro plan (which is the second priciest option). What’s more, you can only enable user registration and access Surveys and Polls with this same package.

Best WPForms alternatives for your WordPress site

Now that you know why you might like to consider WPForms alternatives, let’s take a look at some of the best options for your website.

1. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms as a WPForms alternatives.

Gravity Forms is an easy-to-use plugin that enables you to achieve super advanced forms due to its extensive list of features. However, it’s important to note that unlike other WPForms alternatives, there is no free version of the plugin. Therefore, it may not be the best option if you’re on a budget.

Having said that, Gravity Forms enables you to create powerful custom forms with its visual builder. Plus, the plugin goes above and beyond with security audits, certified Dev features, and its Build Your Own Addon framework.

Key features ⚙️

  • GDPR compliant
  • Spam protection
  • Security audits
  • Automated payments (including discount codes)
  • PCI compliant
  • Dynamic field values
  • File uploads
  • Quizzes, polls, and surveys
  • Digital signatures
  • Partial entries
  • Over 30 form fields
  • Paginated forms

Price 💳

To get started with Gravity Forms, it will cost $59 for the Basic License. But, to use the plugin on more than one site (and access addons like Trello, Dropbox, and Stripe), it will cost $159.

2. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the first modern form-builder plugins for WordPress. Better yet, unlike other WPForms alternatives, this tool is totally free. And, you can even access tons of useful addons free-of-charge, too.

However, it’s important to note that Contact Form 7 comes with a steep learning curve. Sadly, you won’t be able to build your forms with a drag-and-drop visual builder. This makes the task more complex for beginners. That being said, there’s a super active support forum where you can get help with your forms.

Key features ⚙️

  • Spam protection
  • Integrates with email marketing providers like Sendinblue (Brevo) and others
  • Accept payments
  • Fully translatable
  • AJAX-based
  • Personalized forms and emails
  • Conditional fields
  • Form management

Price 💳

Contact Form 7 is a completely free WPForms alternative.

3. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is one of the best WPForms alternatives since you’ll also build your forms using a smooth drag-and-drop interface. Better yet, you can design much more complex forms (even with the free version of the plugin).

For example, you’re able to design multi-page forms, conditional forms, support file uploads, and accept PayPal or credit card payments. You’ll also get access to way more pre-built templates than you can with WPForms, including registration forms, application forms, quote request forms, and more.

Key features ⚙️

  • More than 27 field types
  • GDPR complicance
  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited form submissions
  • Submission exports (PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets)
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Spam protection
  • Shareable public form links

Price 💳

The free version of Ninja Forms is packed with tons of useful features and will probably be sufficient for most users. However, you can upgrade to a paid plan from $49 a year.

4. 123 Form Builder

123 Form Builder is one of the best WPForms alternatives.

With over 2,000 templates, 123 Form Builder is one of the most versatile form builders on the market. You can design any type of form, including event registration, order forms, survey forms, quizzes, and more. Additionally, this plugin is jam-packed with cool features.

For instance, you can automate workflows, generate documents, use prefill functionality, and get live reports. What’s more, forms are completely customizable, so you can ensure that your forms fit in seamlessly with your website’s branding.

Key features ⚙️

  • File uploads
  • Conditional logic
  • Calculations
  • Spam protection
  • Over 2,000 form templates
  • Integrations with 4,000 other tools (like Shopify, Dropbox, and HubSpot)
  • GDPR compliant
  • More than ten payment gateways
  • Automatically generate invoices or contracts
  • Dynamic forms with form branching and pre-fills

Price 💳

123 Form Builder is another freemium WPForms alternative. However, the free plan limits you to just five forms and 100 monthly submissions. Therefore, if you run a larger website, you might prefer a paid plan. These start at $19.99 a month.

5. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is one of the closest WPForms alternatives thanks to its super smart drag-and-drop editor. You can also access useful form analytics, and you can export your form data in a CSV file.

Better yet, the plugin accommodates simple or complex forms, including surveys and polls, lead generation forms, order forms, user registration forms, and more. Plus, there’s a ton of advanced options like partial submissions, calculated fields, and payment fields.

Key features ⚙️

  • Spam protection
  • GDPR compliant
  • Partial submissions
  • Calculated fields
  • Payment fields
  • Extensive integration with WooCommerce orders
  • Quiz maker
  • Multiple file uploads
  • Progress bars
  • Conditional logic
  • Graphs and charts for data visualization

Price 💳

You can get started with the free version of Formidable Forms. Or, you can upgrade to a paid plan from $39.50 a year.

6. Form Maker by 10Web

The last WPForms alternative on our list is Form Maker by 10Web. Another drag-and-drop form builder, this plugin is super simple to use, whether you want to create contact forms, surveys, newsletter forms, or registration forms.

Additionally, you can collect payments and donations, track and export entries, and choose from over 43 different form fields. Form Maker 10Web also offers tons of extensions, including PDF integration, real-time notifications, and conditional mailing.

Key features ⚙️

  • Built-in PayPal and Stripe integration
  • Submission management
  • Conditional logic
  • Display forms as pop-ups, top bars, or scroll boxes
  • File uploads
  • Multi-page formats
  • 15 customizable themes
  • Spam protection
  • Save form progress
  • WordPress registration
  • Calculators

Price 💳

You can access Form Maker by 10Web as a free WordPress plugin. But, you’ll find more advanced features, unlimited fields, and more field types with a paid plan, starting at $30.

Conclusion 🤓

While WPForms is a popular option for WordPress users, there are some drawbacks to the plugin that limit its functionality. For that reason, you might be better choosing one of the WPForms alternatives that offer more advanced features, templates, and integrations.

👉 To recap, here are six of the best WPForms alternatives for your WordPress site:

  1. Gravity Forms: Best premium option, including a smart visual builder and useful features like partial fields and digital signatures.
  2. Contact Form 7: A completely free form plugin, best suited to more advanced users.
  3. Ninja Forms: Great overall WPForms alternative with unlimited fields, forms, and plenty more form types.
  4. 123 Form Builder: Enables you to create almost any type of form with smart features like prefill functionality and calculators.
  5. Formidable Forms: Great for simple and complex forms with useful form analytics.
  6. Form Maker by 10Web: An easy-to-use form plugin with tons of extensions like PDF integration and conditional mailing.

Do you have any questions about WPForms alternatives? Let us know in the comments below!

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