7 Best CSS & CSS Live Editor WordPress Plugins πŸ₯‡ 2022 (Free & Pro)

Are you searching for the best WordPress plugin for CSS Live Editor to use on your website?

Here we’ll show you the best WordPress plugins for the CSS Live Editor so that you can choose one that will appeal to you and the buyers of your site. Some plugins will fit your personality and suit your website needs the best. The plugins support the advanced WordPress themes library.

Moreover, all of the plugins listed below were created for the CSS Live Editor. There were also plugins for Custom CSS, CSS Editor, CSS Customizer, or Add Custom CSS Code.

Best CSS & CSS Live Editor Plugins for WordPress πŸ₯‡

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress plugins for CSS Live Editor in 2022:

CSS Hero Plugin

Intuitive Point and Click Interface WordPress Plugin

CSS Hero, an editor plug-in for WordPress themes, allows users to control virtually every aspect of a site’s design, enabling you to make any theme you create look like you want it to

As an example, you can modify the layout of your website by simply clicking a button to make modifications without touching a single line of code. The current version of the application allows you to do these things even if you are not familiar with the code.

The CSS Hero tool offers a few impressive features such as saving all edits along the way so you can go back to start your process at any time and undo any changes you have made. This will ensure that you do not make errors or damage your website during this process.

As another option, you can use CSS Hero themes and pre-designed layouts for free to construct an attractive website. CSS Hero offers hundreds of styles along with 29 unique layouts that will convince prospective clients to make a purchase.

This is one of the most impressive WordPress blog editor plugins created by WebCoding, which you can use to set and control all aspects of the appearance and performance of your website, regardless of whether or not you have any coding knowledge at all.

πŸ’΅ You will get 12 months of free support when you get this plugin for $14.00.

Key Features:

  • Animated on-scroll content
  • Create checkpoints and save them
  • Integrated with the Unsplash platform
  • Changes to the font style and typography
  • Edit the theme layouts as needed
  • The ultimate control during the inspection process
  • Your Code Can Be Saved and Exported

WP Add Custom CSS Plugin

Custom CSS Addition WordPress Plugin

WordPress Add Custom CSS was designed specifically for people who can program well. It allows users to manage the CSS of their website directly from the front end.

Users should possess some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, while those who are less familiar with such things should avoid using it.

Unlike many other plugins of this type, this one utilizes a CSS manager that enables the addition of custom styles to your site. The manager is accessible from the WordPress Dashboard.

It allows you to add custom CSS codes to every page of your site directly from the WordPress dashboard – it’s an easy-to-use plugin that should help you create the website of your dreams.

If you are comfortable adding themes through CSS, then this plugin will meet your requirements – it will ensure that your site looks exactly how you want it. If you are comfortable writing and editing CSS, then this is the plugin for you.

πŸ’΅ Download this plugin for free.

Key Features:

  • Using a code syntax highlighter to make it easier to work with code
  • Preview of Customizer Control in real-time
  • An error-checking process for code linting
  • The interface is based on WordPress’ UI, which is simple to use
  • The configuration does not need to be done

Random Reviews:

  • It’s been a frustration trying to add unique CSS to a line of products in order to make the layout different from the β€˜regular’ line of products. This allows me to add a field in each product and then copy and paste the code if needed. Working in WP 5.9 with WooCommerce.

    macpuppyFeb 2022

  • Excellent, please add product tags to the options!

    KVNHNFSep 2021

SiteOrigin CSS Plugin

Powerful CSS Editor for WordPress

The SiteOrigin CSS plugin offers its users a wealth of features, enabling them to build comprehensive websites regardless of their level of programming expertise. It is not only a powerful CSS live editor for WordPress but is also compatible with a vast number of themes.

Despite its simplicity, SiteOrigin CSS is equipped with a Visual Editor, which provides a set of controls that can be used to make simple changes to the design of your site. You will not require any coding knowledge whatsoever to make such changes.

The SiteOrigin is a CSS customizer plugin that provides a dynamic inspector that you can use if you have previous experience editing CSS by hand.

If you are unfamiliar with CSS selectors, this tool can help you locate the right selector for you to modify a specific element on the page. This can often be one of the most difficult aspects of editing CSS, and it can be of great use to those who are just getting started.

A powerful CSS editor is included in the SiteOrigin plugin, so you can fix any errors in your CSS before publishing it. You also have autofill features for selectors and attributes, which can be useful to those who are more experienced.

This plugin gives you the ability to view changes you make to your website in real-time as you edit it using any of the features you choose to customize it with since all of the modifications are made in real-time as you edit it.

πŸ’΅ Besides the premium version for $29.00, there is a free version as well.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with any WordPress theme, including custom ones
  • Provide a powerful inspection engine for your website
  • An editor for CSS which is powerful and yet easy to use
  • Automated CSS code completion by the web browser
  • Easily edit documents with the intuitive visual editor

Random Reviews:

  • Combine this with SiteOrigin Unwind or Corp and you’ll be able to build beautiful websites in just a few hours.

    Richard GatesApr 2022

  • The plugin is excellent. Support is top-notch. 100% Recommended.

    boutzeroOct 2021

Customizer Custom CSS Plugin

Theme’s CSS OverWrite WordPress Plugin

Customizer Custom CSS by Bijay Yadav, which was developed by an independent plugin developer, took the prize for the simplest CSS live-editing plugin for the first time, thanks to one of our sponsors.

Once you install the plugin and activate it, find your way to Appearance > Customize and you will see a Custom CSS tab has been added to the list of Customizer menu items.

The menu item will then open with a text box in which you can enter CSS rules in order to customize the appearance.

In step one, you selected the customizing text box that you would like to use to enter rules into the Customizer preview window which will automatically update as you enter these rules into the box.

The plugin can create styles depending on viewport breakpoints with the help of media queries, so smaller devices can be targeted even when automatic presets are not available, as long as you use the plugin to target those devices.

πŸ’΅ Free plugin. No cost involved.

Key Features:

  • Change the WordPress login page according to your preferences
  • A live preview is available
  • Keeping track of the changes in the system
  • An interactive HTML and CSS editor
  • The ability to edit margins and padding visually
  • A CSS selector that automatically selects content

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin makes my site more user-friendly

    hmedramyJan 2017

  • I use this little plugin whenever I need a quick fix. It is lightweight and does not obstruct anything else. Try looking under Appearance > Customize to find it.

    RushMayoSep 2015

Yellow Pencil Plugin

Visual CSS Style Editor Plugin

Visual CSS Style Editor is included in the Yellow Pencil plugin, along with a code-free plugin; however, the plugin also contains a CSS editor for those who prefer to work manually with the stylesheets.

A major benefit of using the plugin is that since it is web-based, it will allow you to view and edit your website in real-time.

The plugin has been enhanced to allow you to customize any element of any theme or plugin within minutes. You can now edit your theme within minutes or completely redesign your website.

You can identify individual CSS selectors in your theme with the Yellow Pencil, which facilitates easier and more efficient theme changes by enabling you to identify CSS selectors in your theme easily and directly.

Over 300 different backgrounds, 600 different font families, and over 50 animations make it possible for you to completely customize your theme for the look and feel of your business.

A new user of the WordPress Live CSS Editor plugin may be unfamiliar with this powerful plugin; however, there is extensive documentation for Yellow Pages.

Although its free trial version has limited features, it’s the perfect way to test out the software before committing to it. However, Yellow Pencil’s platform is an excellent one for novices and veteran web designers alike.

πŸ’΅ The price for this plugin is $26.00.

Key Features:

  • Approximately 60 CSS properties are available to you
  • Create a custom look for any page and any element on it
  • Managing the changes that may have to be made
  • Using a visual drag and drop to move items around
  • An easy way to edit the visual margins and padding of a document
  • Make your WordPress login page stand out from the crowd
  • Selectors for CSS that are automatically generated

Random Reviews:

  • Very helpful customer support, who solved my issue quickly and correctly.

    donpooperDec 2021

  • Bravo Team! Keep adding new features and improvements.

    shukrullah-niaziApr 2022

  • My web projects would never begin without this tool, and there has been outstanding support over the years.

    corpor8chicFeb 2022

Custom CSS and JavaScript Plugin

Custom Site-wide CSS Styles and Javascript Code Addition Plugin

CSS codes can be added or edited using the Custom CSS and JavaScript WP CSS editor plugin. In addition to CSS, you can also include Javascript code, as with the other plugins listed above.

Rather than serving your customized CSS and JavaScript code from a database, the application is capable of serving them directly from the file system to ensure the highest level of performance possible.

In addition, our CSS editor features syntax highlighting functions, which makes it possible to highlight code and automatically save your changes with AJAX, thereby eliminating the need to reload the editor after saving your changes.

What is even more impressive is the fact that the plugin reduces the size of your custom CSS and JavaScript files in order to make them download faster.

This plugin makes it easy to add custom CSS code and also Javascript codes to your WordPress website and makes it easy to change your WordPress website the way you want to.

It is common for us to not like the changes we make to a document, and we wish to go back to a previous version of the document. The module allows us to view and restore our previous versions.

The plugin is available with a Developer Edition, similar to a premium edition of the plugin. It provides a range of advanced features, including SCSS code support, live previews for CSS, and uploading and downloading of individual CSS and JavaScript files, among others.

πŸ’΅ It is free to download the plugin.

Key Features:

  • Minimizes the CSS and JavaScript codes
  • Save and preview your CSS and JavaScript as a draft so that you can improve them if necessary
  • Edit CSS and JavaScript code with a CSS and JavaScript editor
  • The syntax highlighting and the AJAX saving features
  • Organize CSS and JavaScript into several separate files
  • The ability to view and restore past revisions of an application

Random Reviews:

  • It’s impossible to save or publish, and there’s no documentation – only ads for developer versions. Oh well.

    Antti KoskelaAug 2021

  • No idea where all the good reviews came from. I installed the plugin, but it is not showing any code editors in javascript or CSS.

    ullikahJul 2020

Themeover Plugin

Live CSS Editing with HTML Inspection Plugin

Themeover is a versatile, intuitive, and powerful visual front-end premium WordPress CSS editor plugin for the front-end that enables you to customize the design and appearance of your website.

This editor also implements lightweight technology so your website loads quickly. Not only can non-programmers customize color schemes, fonts, backgrounds, and the site layout, but the editor also enables you to add and edit content.

There is of course the option for developers to code in CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript with the live preview mode, but this option is not available for JavaScript.

Themeover lets you select a Draft Mode whenever you create a new website theme to experiment with different designs without altering the user experience.

When you are delighted with your final design, you only need to publish it once the theme has been fully developed and polished.

In addition to the plugin itself, Themeover comes with a comprehensive set of tutorials, documentation, and a support forum detailing more information about Themeover. Themeover can be purchased as a one-time purchase of 78 dollars plus free upgrades for its lifetime.

πŸ’΅ This plugin includes free 12 months of support. The price is $19.99.

Key Features:

  • A page builder integration with WordPress
  • The Autosave feature and the Revision History feature in the Work
  • Editing SaSS and JavaScript with the SaSS editor
  • The Draft mode provides a safe editing environment
  • An overview of the element inspection process
  • The ability to export designs between domains
  • Controls for dragging and dropping in a CSS grid

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