7 Best Elementor Slider Plugins πŸ₯‡ 2022 (Free & Pro)

What are the best & most favored WordPress plugins for Elementor Slider?

So, to assist you in choosing one of the best WordPress plugins for Elementor Slider that suits all your requirements, we showcase the best Elementor Slider WordPress plugins. A good decision is simple, quick, visually appealing, clean, and has great support. We considered all of these factors when we selected these WordPress Elementor Slider plugins, which are compatible with the top WordPress themes.

There are a few plugins listed below that are for the Elementor Slider. However, you can use these plugins for Image Slider, Split Slider, Elementor Thumbnail Slider, Elementor Range Slider, Elementor Dynamic Slider, and Elementor Testimonial Slider too.

The best WordPress plugins for Elementor Slider in 2022 are as follows:

Prime Slider Plugin

WordPress Addon for Elementor Slider

Prime Slider offers customization options, including editing subtitles, backgrounds, and social media share buttons.

This Elementor slider plugin is a fast and fully customizable slider plugin for WordPress that is SEO-friendly. It is ideal for use in blogging, e-commerce, and other applications.

Consider announcing an upcoming event using the Event Calendar slider on your website. This slider can display the event date prominently and direct visitors to other pages where they will find information about the event and ticket purchase information.

Further, suppose you are running a WooCommerce website. In that case, you will be pleased to know that the plugin includes an integrated WooCommerce slides. This plugin allows you to display product information as well as price information.

Using Prime Slider, you will have two sections: the header and the hero. Each unit is filled with customizable options to allow you to make all the changes you desire.

πŸ’΅ It is free to download the Lite version, and the $14.99 for Premium version can be purchased.

Key Features:

  • SEO-optimized with a breadcrumb link in the title, etc
  • Includes drag-and-drop page building functionality
  • It is RTL-compatible and translation-ready
  • A slider on the blog that highlights the most recent posts, etc
  • The performance of the server and web is highly optimized
  • Quickly build sliders for any kind of website with this Elementor slider add-on for WooCommerce
  • The event date is displayed on a slider within the event calculator

Random Reviews:

  • It was easy to use, no issues – I would recommend it! Thanks

    kperrowOct 2022

  • The sliders that can be created with this plugin are amazing, responsive, and super easy to use. I like the multi-scroll slider the best.

    karanzipSep 2022

  • Now that the logo and menu are gone, everything looks awful.

    americangeoSep 2022

PowerPack Plugin

The Fastest-growing Elementor Addon

PowerPack is not solely a slider plugin. It deserves mention in this list since it provides a wide variety of widgets to customize your sliders regardless of whether they are sliders.

Moreover, Elementor offers a range of slider widgets, such as a Magazine slider widget, which is ideal for displaying posts within sliders at the top of a blog.

It is possible to create horizontal, vertical, or split sliders and apply image slider effects to them. There are also set for slider dimensions, as well as templates for mobile friendly carousel layouts.

Using this plugin, you can create faded sliders that utilize Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface. Additionally, you will be able to create sliders with the featured image on the left or right bar and several slider variations.

Further, this plugin is updated regularly to maintain its highest level of functionality. For this reason, if you encounter a problem, you will receive the best support since it works with a team of experts to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

πŸ’΅ Free and premium versions are both available for download. It costs $49.

Key Features:

  • The slider should display a featured image either on the right or left side
  • With a range of advanced Elementor sliders, you can design in an entirely new way
  • Ensure that your slides have the desired effects and dimensions
  • A carousel layout is provided for the image slider
  • Access to the various video tutorials and documentation available on their website
  • Using the drag-and-drop functionality of Elementor
  • Presentation of cards with sliders

Random Reviews:

  • An amazing plugin, highly recommended

    andev80Nov 2022

  • Boost your WP site with this strong and helpful plugin

    whitingwebcozaNov 2022

  • The PowerPack addons plugin is the most powerful widget builder for Elementor.

    AliAwwadOct 2022

Unlimited Elements For Elementor Plugin

Easily Add It Using Unique Widget Creator Framework

The Unlimited Elements of the Elementor slider plugin are among the best slider plugins for creating a professional-looking website as it contains a library of over 100 free widgets

This plugin can be used to create a simple slider for a professional website that wishes to make an impression. Using it, you can make a simple slider that will look great no matter where it is placed

Adding image and video sliders to your Elementor website allows you to create an attractive slider that enhances the depth of your content. For an additional layer of complexity, you can also create a slider with thumbnail navigation for your Elementor website.

Alternatively, testimonial sliders can be customized to display testimonials with many customization options, such as displaying images and quotes from your most famous clients.

This slider is ideal for displaying the logos of your brand’s endorsers and promoters. You can also display your most prominent customers and media outlets that have written about your company in recent years.

πŸ’΅ In the Lite version, it is free, while in the Premium version, it costs $39.

Key Features:

  • Sliders with animation effects can be created for posts
  • An image slider and a video slider are provided
  • The Slider for thumbnails is included
  • An image of the Slider is displayed inside the Elementor Builder
  • Using the extremely easy-to-use interface, you will be able to create stunning sliders
  • The testimonial quote slider shows testimonials

Random Reviews:

  • As an Elementor user, I have tried various add-ons for the page builder, and have found that this plugin surpasses all of them in terms of value and flexibility (the support is so good too).

    jsoutherlandNov 2022

  • Using Unlimited Elements For Elementor, I have created awesome layouts for my website.

    farhanhan173Nov 2022

Livemesh Addons Plugin

The Most Versatile Posts Addons Plugin for Elementor

One of the most useful free plugins for Elementor Page Builder is Livemesh Addons for Elementor. This plugin allows you to create eye-catching sliders and images to present your site in the most compelling manner possible.

You can create custom grids and carousels with Elementor’s dynamic slider and page-building capabilities. You can make data-driven grids and carousels in seconds through plugins such as ACF Pods and Toolkit.

There is also an option to load more videos. There is a Google Chrome plugin for displaying YouTube videos Videos can be sorted by Playlist ID, Channel ID, or Video ID.

In Livemesh Addons, you can add captions and thumbnails to your images and videos when adding them to sliders. This plugin includes a variety of other add-ons as well.

Due to its full customer support, it has managed to gain a place at the top of the list. If the customer requires assistance during any phase of the development process, they can receive it at any time.

πŸ’΅ It costs $37 for the Pro version, free for the Lite version.

Key Features:

  • Lightbox support for direct linking with touch/swipe controls, pinch-out/in, and double-tap keyboard navigation
  • has a quick view option to display product details in a modal window instead of using a grid of WooCommerce products
  • Customizable – Almost all display elements can be switched on and off
  • Integrated cache to improve filtering pagination performance

Random Reviews:

  • The β€œpremium” version of this plugin uses Freemius – the worst license provider possible – and my Livemesh license keeps getting knocked off from client sites without any explanation, which results in the elements not working. As far as I know, support does not exist since they already have my money.

    zwdtkNov 2022

  • This is an amazing plugin for the Elementor page builder.

    veenavinuJun 2022

Smart Slider 3 Plugin

The Most Powerful WordPress Plugin to Create Sliders

You can create what you want with the Smart Slider 3 live editor by dragging and dropping elements. Layers can be arranged with columns and rows to give your slider a unique appearance.

There is nothing complicated about creating sliders with it – drag layers on top of each other, arrange them by rows and columns, and you’re done.

In order to customize every aspect of your site, you can change headings, text, images, buttons, and even videos, as well as a slide library with ready-made designs that are available for selection.

The Smart Slider 3 lets you create content and canvas sliders, import and export slides, and create layouts with layers tailored to your specifications. You can also create a responsive design using layers and ready templates.

This WordpRess plugin is possible to go even further with the premium version. Still, you can create great slides just as easily with the free version or choose from dozens of templates if you upgrade.

πŸ’΅ The program is available in two versions: Pro ($49) and Lite (Free).

Key Features:

  • Video Vimeo for Layers Image Header Text Button
  • Sliders can be imported and exported
  • Backgrounds for slide presentations
  • A variety of customization options are available for heading text, image buttons, and video
  • Creating content and canvas slides
  • Various slider templates are available
  • Layouts that are unique and contain layers
  • Various animation and effect options are available

Random Reviews:

  • It’s amazing how well this media slider works

    austincodesDec 2022

  • This Black Friday deal represents a great one-time payment value over the free version.

    JamesNov 2022

  • This is a nice slider that is easy to use.

    lasitha851Nov 2022

Essential Addons for Elementor Plugin

Add Powers to Your Page Builder Using The Easy-to-use Elements

This addon for Elementor includes testimonial sliders, sliding effects, carousels with flip functionality, social media carousels, and Woo product sliders.

By customizing each element of this plugin, you can create the website of your dreams in almost any way you can imagine. This plugin allows you to create practically any visual design you can imagine

In addition to being one of the most popular third-party extensions available, Elementor Essential Addons also has the most significant number of active users of all third-party extensions. These widgets are tested across all popular browsers to ensure the slideshow is compatible with all of them.

Furthermore, Essential Addons for Elementor assists you with creating a content ticker using slide sway. It can also be used to create a testimonial slider that contains creative testimonials and simultaneously combines the two functions into one plugin. There are additional features of the plugin that are listed below.

πŸ’΅ Both a Lite and a Premium version of this plugin are available. The Premium version costs $49.97, and the Lite version costs nothing.

Key Features:

  • The data table can be inserted anywhere you wish
  • Design WooCommerce checkout pages that are attractive
  • Ensure that a password protects your content
  • Dynamic and custom content slide effect
  • Adding LearnDash courses to Elementor
  • The number of stars should be customized
  • Alignment can be controlled using multiple presets
  • It is possible to copy sections from one website in Elementor and paste them on another

Random Reviews:

  • It’s effortless to install and embeds directly into Elementor. I didn’t realize I was logged into the wrong e-mail address when I purchased. Once I contacted the support team, they were very nice.

    jtahaDec 2022

  • Support from EA is great. Very responsive and helpful. The option I needed wasn’t available in widget settings, so the support team provided a custom CSS, which was very helpful.

    lukaszradzikowskiDec 2022

Royal Elementor Addons Plugin

Parallax Image & other Free Elementor Widgets for WordPress

You can access 50+ widgets and 25 Elementor Template Kits, which are all growing weekly with Royal Addons for Elementor. This plugin includes Theme Builder, Popup Builder, Premade Widget Blocks & Extensions for Elementor.

This plugin has been developed by Royal Addons for Elementor for many years as one of the most versatile, intuitive, and easy-to-use Page Builder extensions. With this plugin, you can accomplish everything you need quickly and efficiently.

If you wish to beat your competitors, remember that this is not only a mindset but also a requirement. The best part is that you may design anything without touching a line of code.

There is a plugin that allows you to build any WordPress mega menu complete with icons and badges. It also supports embedding Elementor widgets to enhance loading speed.

It can be used for creating both Ajax multi-level menus and off-canvas menus for mobile devices and desktop computers.

πŸ’΅ The Lite version is free to download, and the Premium version costs $29.

Key Features:

  • Includes Sticky Section It can be used to create Sticky Header
  • Enhancement of the Parallax effect in Elementor
  • provide a GDPR Cookie Consent and Compliance Notice
  • Included is a Popup Builder
  • Apply custom CSS to any section with Elementor’s free custom CSS feature
  • Use Menu Badges and Icons to build any WordPress mega menu
  • Includes advanced sliders and carousels
  • Included is a WooCommerce product slider

Random Reviews:

  • Elementor’s custom post and page builder is the best

    arslankhurshiidDec 2022

  • This plugin provides great functionality that other Elementor addon plugins don’t have. Their support team helped me work out an issue quickly.

    chargeupDec 2022

  • Technical support is excellent, as is customer service!

    anquadrosNov 2022

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