7 Best GDPR Cookie Consent Notice WordPress Plugins 🍪 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best and most popular WordPress plugins that comply with GDPR Cookie Consent?

in this post, we will share the best WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent plugins. As you will see, a couple of them have advanced features, and some are easy for beginner readers or usage! You stay right at the top of things! In conclusion, all modern WordPress themes are also compatible by these plugins.

Further, all of these best WordPress plugins aid with GDPR Cookie Consent. You can also use them for Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, EU ICO, DSGVO, PIPEDA, Consent Cookie Banner, ePrivacy Cookie Consent, and Cookie Declaration.

Best GDPR Cookie Consent Notice Plugins for WordPress 🍪

Let’s look at the list of GDPR Cookie Consent WordPress plugins in 2022:

CookieYes Plugin

GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice

CookieYes is a powerful GDPR plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows you to place a WordPress cookie notification with two tabs, ‘Accept’ and ‘Reject,’ in an active toolbar and visible to visitors.

The appearance of this toolbar can be customized according to your taste. You can also choose to display this notice as a sticky popup or as a banner. You can also interfere with where to display it.

There are various options for personalizing cookie satisfaction that you can customize based on your site theme. With this plugin, you can disable all unnecessary cookies on your website unless the user consents.

Please note that this plugin is not able to block all cookies automatically. Therefore, you need to list the specific cookies that the plugin can block.

This plugin has a timer for cookies to appear and disappear on the site. Note that installing this plugin alone will not make your site comply with GDPR. You must configure it with a support cookie notification to make this match.

💵 Check out the Free Lite Version and the Priced Premium Version.

Key Features:

  • Providing a timer for cookies to appear and disappear on the site
  • Ability to choose the banner position on your site
  • Ability to display this notice as a sticky popup or as a banner
  • Ability to disable all unnecessary cookies on your website unless the user consents

Random Reviews:

  • Great installation and configuration, thanks a lot!

    Suzy CollinsMay 2022

  • It was not easy to comply with GDPR. This plugin made things easier for me

    elenis r.May 2022

Complianz Plugin

GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent For WordPress

Complianz is also one of the other powerful GDPR plugins that you can use to set a cookie declaration for your site and display it in a convenient place on your site.

Easily display a cookie banner with two Accept/Dismiss options. You will find templates for notice banners to choose the most suitable one for your site. It also gives you several options to change the templates according to your taste.

Complianz has the feature to scan cookies periodically and blocks third-party cookies such as Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, AdSense, Recaptcha, Twitter, and ActiveCampaign. An exciting feature of this plugin is that you can create a cookie policy from scratch.

This plugin displays cookie notifications for EU countries based on your location. This plugin has complete control over the cookie notification that it creates for itself. It also provides excellent management for the cookie list.

This plugin provides you with a complete and unique privacy suite for WordPress. Also complies with GDPR, CCPA, DSGVO, and PIPEDA.

💵 Lite version is free; Pro version is $45.00.

Key Features:

  • Ability to create a cookie policy from scratch
  • Provide various notice banners templates
  • Displaying cookie notifications for EU countries based on your location
  • Provide a complete and unique privacy suite for WordPress
  • Scan cookies periodically and blocks third-party cookies such as Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram

Random Reviews:

  • Those who designed it put a lot of effort into it, I recommend them, and I appreciate their hard work!
    Many free-of-charge features
    This topic was modified 7 hours, 23 minutes ago by

    navarrosplastic98May 2022

  • Two thumbs up for the ease of use and automation of this plugin.

    yavuzyaylaMay 2022

EU Cookie Law Plugin

European Cookie Law For GDPR & CCPA

EU Cookie Law is one of the best plugins for creating a customizable banner to declare cookie satisfaction on your WordPress site.

Or this plugin will be blocked if the script visitor is not satisfied. It complies with GSPR and CCPA. It gives you options to change the message text, background, and cookie popup position.

You can display the complete list of cookies. It is compatible with other WordPress plugins and has a very high loading speed. Allows you to block embeds, iframes, and objects as well. In addition, it is very lightweight to use with your WordPress site.

Specify your cookie policy using this plugin; you can set it as a popup on your website and block scripts if the user is unsatisfied.

This plugin gives your visitors the right to choose what happens to their data. Also, you have the choice to display the list of all cookies on your site. A good experience by using a powerful plugin for GDPR Cookie Consent Notice.

💵 A Free Plugin.

Key Features:

  • Providing different ways to declare your consent (by clicking, scrolling, and navigation)
  • Ability to specify your site’s cookie privacy and declare it as a popup to visitors
  • A complete set of shortcodes, PHP functions, and PHP filters are provided for users
  • Option for setting cookie expiry
  • Set your page, popup, or custom URL for Cookie Policy
  • The cookie consent dialog blocker automatically blocks iframes, embeds, scripts, and objects with an overlay alert

Random Reviews:

  • Installation and operation were both straightforward without any difficulty!

    jeanclaudesFeb 2021

  • Because you have to do it, I was happy to find this little tool. Thus, the law was quickly satisfied and the problem was resolved.

    mirikwidiFeb 2021

Cookie Notice Plugin

Cookie Notice & Compliance For GDPR / CCPA

Cookie Notice for GDPR and CCPA is a powerful plugin complying with GDPR and E-Privacy. This plugin notifies visitors when they visit your website about the use of cookies on your site, and they can accept or reject this use of cookies.

It has custom messages for use as cookie items. It also provides several options for personalizing these notifications to the users of this plugin.

You can add links to the cookie notification page, displaying sub-options that guide users on policies. You can customize the opening of these links, which open in a new tab or window or go directly to the page.

It can also enable visitors to accept or reject cookies responsible for checking and analyzing their movements on the site.

You can specify where the cookie notification is displayed on your website. It also allows you to determine the storage time of a cookie. Also, it provides another option for your site; when a plugin is deactivated, you can remove all the plugin data.

💵 Free download of the Cookie Notice plugin is available without payment.

Key Features:

  • Accessible for personal and commercial projects
  • Ability to active Read more button/Link
  • Providing the ability to accept the cookies just by scrolling down
  • Ability to redirect the visitors to the pages for more information
  • Ability to refuse third party nonfunctional cookies
  • Cookie expiration date

Random Reviews:

  • If you want to sell a premium service, okay. But don’t you have a place where we can see the prices, etc?
    You have to install it to know what the prices are. It just looks like you are collecting our data without our consent.

    sirojuntleMay 2022

  • There is no real cookie banner, rather only an option or display. Not what I expected.

    leiikunMay 2022

Real Cookie Banner Plugin

DSGVO (GDPR), ePrivacy & TTDSG Cookie Consent

Real Cookie Banner is a user-friendly plugin and an excellent option for cookie satisfaction plugins. This plugin displays a notification as a banner for visitors, and after knowing the use of cookies, the user is satisfied or dissatisfied.

This plugin also allows you to view the history of satisfaction, cancellation of consent, and other features. Visitors are also encouraged to check additional personal information.

It is elementary to work with this plugin, and also the description provided for this plugin is well understood. It also has a robust support unit. Consent expressed by the visitor can be documented to preserve the document.

The created banner can be displayed anywhere on your website. It also gives you many options for changing text, fonts, backgrounds, and many more.

In the paid version of this plugin, there is also a geographical restriction feature, and with this feature, the banner display can be limited to selected countries only.

It also offers more than 20 designed templates to visitors that can be used according to your taste and changes to the grenades you provide.

💵 This plugin is free to use and does not charge you anything.

Key Features:

  • Automatically scan your website for cookies
  • More than 20 pre-designed templates and more than 200 options to customize the templates
  • Provide users a complete guided configuration by a checkbox presenting the stages step by step
  • Solid supported team to help you with your problems
  • More than 100 services and 60 content blocker templates were provided for users

Random Reviews:

  • In response to a security question, we were quickly and competently assisted. What surprised us the most was that broad expertise was available and that it was shared with us which went well beyond the mere cookie banners. Thanks again!

    pir1May 2022

  • The response was fast and the support was good. Thanks for the great help.

    extrapixelMay 2022

CookieBot Plugin

GDPR/CCPA Compliant Cookie Consent and Control

Cookiebot is one of the most successful cloud-based cookie satisfaction tools. This plugin, like other plugins, displays a banner to visitors that can be selected with satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

In this banner, a link can be placed that for visitors, if they need more information, they can be directed to the relevant link.

This plugin scans site cookies monthly to evaluate and identify first-person and third-party cookies along with the origin, time, and place of sending the collected data.

This plugin can block cookies automatically. If you want to use this feature for your website, cookies will be blocked until the user agrees.

Also, visitor satisfaction and dissatisfaction documents are recorded as history in a cloud extension. This plugin supports 45 languages ​​of the world; you can display the cookie consent banner in any of these 45 languages.

The banner also displays an option that excludes the right to sell visitor information to a third party, according to CCPA rules. It also provides users with many options for customizing banners to capture a good experience working with this plugin.

💵 This plugin is free to use and does not charge you anything.

Key Features:

  • Cookie banners customized to your brand
  • Provide information links for visitors to get more information about cookies
  • Comply with GDPR, ePrivacy, and Cookie Legislation when using cookies on your website
  • Cookie declaration that is automatically created and updated
  • Support more than 45 languages
  • Completely automatically manage the cookies

Random Reviews:

  • Sites under 100 pages are free. Manager cookies preferences are top-notch.

    trattoastrattoMay 2022

  • A great topic to manage and customize
    This topic was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by

    jtknaufApr 2022

GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin

GDPR Cookie Compliance For WordPress

Another powerful cookie consent add-on is the GDPR Cookie Compliance. With this plugin, visitors have complete control over whether or not to use cookies on your site, and it is also possible to cancel their consent.

You can personalize the declaration of satisfaction with the many options provided to you and expose them to the visitors.

These banners are designed in two beautiful layouts that you can use according to your taste and business. You can place these banners anywhere on your website and customize them in terms of text, fonts, colors, backgrounds, and much more.

It is also compliant with WCAG/ADA regulations. It supports all caching servers and plugins and supports 16 different languages.

Other features such as displaying the banner on the full screen are also provided in the premium option. The user must declare his satisfaction or dissatisfaction before entering the site.

Allows users to express their satisfaction by scrolling down. In the event of a change in the site’s cookie policy, users will be asked to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction again.

It also allows you to hide the cookie notification banner for specific pages. It also gives you statistics about the number of users who noticed their satisfaction and those who have disagreed.

💵 Pricing: free for Lite and $69.00 for Premium.

Key Features:

  • Option to display the banner in full-screen or just in some part of the screen
  • Providing efficient banner templates for declaring visitors
  • Providing consent expiration settings
  • Available in more than 16 languages
  • Renewing visitor’s consent when a change is occurring in the site’s privacy policies
  • Ability to change the position of the banner

Random Reviews:

  • It works even with its own logo after a few seconds

    casesolverJan 2022

  • I would rate it as perfect. Does the job, respects all current legislation, even with local adaptations (a bad word choice in these days…), is easy to style, nice fit, handle GA (and other) script without reloading the page, which can affect statistics. Thanks.

    apiosysDec 2021

To sum it up

With this article, we evaluate several GDPR Cookie Consent plugins. Choose a plugin and improve your website. These plugins are impressive.

I hope you can now build yourself a robust GDPR Cookie Consent site. Each week, we publish articles that feature the best WordPress blog themes and WordPress plugins for bloggers and receive hundreds of votes, referrals, and shares from our readers.

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