7 Best WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Pro)

Want to get one of the best WooCommerce Point of Sale WordPress plugins?

We have compiled a list of the Best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce Point of Sale that will save you time and effort. They are mobile-friendly and speed-optimized. They will work with all the top WordPress themes.

This plugin list contains plugins for users looking for WooCommerce Point of Sale. If you are not searching for WooCommerce Point of Sale plugins, these plugins are also functional for WooCommerce Pos and Point of Sale System. Choose the WordPress plugin that best suits your site and levels it up.

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So, let’s see which plugin from the following list of best WordPress WooCommerce Point of Sale plugins is right for you:

wePOS Plugin

Completes the Missing Piece of WooCommerce POS

wePOS plugin offers a variety of customization options and is a popular point-of-sale solution for WooCommerce.

The WooCommerce point of sale plugin provides easy-to-use tools for managing orders, inventory, and tracking orders in real-time.

In addition to being able to integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce stores, WePOS simplifies order management at the point of sale by simplifying inventory tracking.

It is now possible to draw all the functionality on your WooCommerce shop in an optimized manner with the assistance of this new point-of-sale system.

Among the benefits of this WooCommerce POS is the availability of real-time inventory tracking through your store and the ability to accept orders through various channels.

By using this single-page plugin, you are able to process all of your orders and transactions extremely fast, therefore increasing your business’s growth and customer service quality significantly.

💵 Pro: $199, Lite: Free.

Key Features:

  • Front-end login option for cashiers
  • Easily apply discounts to products
  • Allow customizing labels and receipts
  • Multiple live cart management
  • Accept cards and cash, and support popular payment gateways
  • Custom barcode support
  • Super responsive and compatible with all sized devices
  • Provide excellent speed
  • Work with multiple printers and hardware
  • Taxes are calculated based on store setting

Random Reviews:

  • I received good support from the Wedevs team (Mr. Gausul Azam). The plugin meets my needs. Thank you so much.

    fitwebJul 2022

  • The plugin works great with WCFM, but I don’t yet have a payment method, so I can’t comment on the card processing; otherwise, it’s a great plugin. If the credit card feature were free, it would have been five stars.

    KwellzFeb 2022

  • I’ve been using WePOS (Starter) for four weeks. It allows me to process sales in the shop, but it’s nothing to write about. It’s too basic and lacks many core tools.

    ymaitreNov 2021

Point of Sale System for WooCommerce Plugin

Sell Your Products Online As Well As Offline

With the Point of Sale System For WooCommerce plugin, online sales can be seamlessly integrated with physical sales.

Using WooCommerce as a cashier interface, this point-of-sale system will convert your web browser into an interface that looks like a cashier and accepts payments.

When you have completed the sale on another device, you can print a receipt by selecting the items that you wish to sell and calculating the final price.

In the event that an offline store goes online, all sales and customer information can be synchronized between the offline and online stores through the use of POS systems both online and offline.

The design of your own coupons and discount codes will encourage your customers to visit your store or make more general purchases.

Due to its tablet-friendly nature, it is the ideal solution for outdoor businesses that require mobility, such as food trucks and market stalls.

💵 This is an advanced plugin with a price tag of $99.

Key Features:

  • Includes a PWA POS desktop application
  • Admins can allocate master stock to all goods
  • Includes a PWA POS mobile app
  • Apply discounts from the POS
  • Add customer details from the POS
  • Add products manually or with a barcode scanner
  • Switch between currencies
  • Hold a cart for later while managing multiple carts

Random Reviews:

  • I am thrilled with this plugin; the support is excellent, the installation is easy, and the setup is very straightforward.

    giantech2Aug 2020

  • Our customer support team is top-notch! They’re always on hand to fix your problems! However, the POS system is also a top-notch plugin; it is editable, efficient, and readily customized.

    endraadsJul 2021

FooSales Plugin

Sell Online and In-person Seamlessly

With FooSales, a secure and intuitive point-of-sale plugin, you will be able to manage your business and sell your products wherever you are.

If your physical store is integrated with WooCommerce, your WooCommerce store can be used to process orders for your physical store.

Using the POS interface, cashiers may scan barcodes on products and manage customer information directly from the interface, which is synced with WooCommerce in real-time.

The plugin enables cashiers to accept various forms of payment, including cash, credit cards, debit cards, and other methods. Coupons can also be applied to orders, and taxes are calculated at the time of placing the order.

With the WooCommerce REST API integration, FooSales integrates seamlessly into WooCommerce, so you won’t have to waste time and effort configuring it.

Aside from this, the backend user interface is highly intuitive, and all order information is readily accessible.

💵 A free version is available, and a premium version costs $15/M.

Key Features:

  • Payments can be made at any third-party cash machine
  • During billing, apply WooCommerce coupons
  • WooCommerce tax rates automate tax calculations
  • Customer invoices are sent automatically and printed if needed
  • Process refunds from the POS system
  • Customers’ data is stored on your web server, not third parties
  • One intuitive dashboard for inventory and orders
  • Keep track of inventory with barcode scanners
  • Creating customer profiles improves engagement

Random Reviews:

  • Their recent update disabled all our POSs across the network, resulting in chaos. This happened after we trusted this company, bought the mPOP station, canceled it, and migrated all of our systems. As a result, I am updating my original 5-star review and retracting any support I have received from the company.

    @ naturaw.caDec 2020

  • Ultimately, we purchased the subscription, hoping it would change the problem because we received an error message saying we needed a different subscription. The free plugin did not work with our iPad. When we bought it, we could still not use the iPad, so we set up a laptop with the web version.

    webservptyltdSep 2019

Hike POS Plugin

Empower Your Business with A Robust Retail Solution

By utilizing the Hike POS WooCommerce POS plugin, retailers can effectively manage and grow their businesses.

This plugin allows you to sync your accounts so that the products you enter in WooCommerce will also appear in Hike.

Since it can function even in the absence of internet connectivity, this is rather a unique feature. Many stores tend to become crippled if they do not have access to the internet.

Currently, Hike POS is available for iPad PCs and Macs, but no Android tablet app is available. It features an intuitive interface and barcode scanning and works online and offline.

When the cashier is able to apply discounts, he or she can process credit card payments. Gift vouchers can even be offered at the checkout.

Due to its reliability, it can be used by stores of all sizes, and all of the data will be able to be imported once the outage has been resolved.

💵 There will be all of these features included in the plugin, and the price will be $59.

Key Features:

  • Accept major payment gateways
  • Support multi-store management
  • Work both online and offline
  • Robust product management
  • Run smoothly on all devices
  • Hike account can sync automatically with WooCommerce
  • Provide reports for both in-store and online sales
  • Orders synced automatically
  • Accept cash, cards, and cheques
  • Support returns and refunds

YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce Plugin

Turn Your WooCommerce Installation into A Powerful Cash Register

The YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce plugin provides a simple solution to create a WooCommerce point-of-sale system regardless of the nature of your business.

As an additional benefit of the WooCommerce REST API, you will be able to create infinite locations, each with an unlimited number of registers. This will allow you to sync the inventory and orders between your website and WooCommerce.

In addition to accepting payments from multiple channels and locations, you will not be required to invest in expensive equipment and installations.

A POS system allows cashiers to look up products and add new products directly from the system, instead of consulting spreadsheets.

You can pay using a variety of methods during checkout, including debit cards, credit cards, and cash. Transactions can also be split among a number of different methods of payment.

💵 There is a $189.99, including 12 months of free support and updates.

Key Features:

  • Cashiers can apply discounts, and coupons
  • Print or download customized sale receipts
  • Engaging POS interface
  • Create unlimited stores and separate registers
  • Provide access to your team members to the cash register
  • Centralized dashboard to help you track orders
  • Accept payment through multiple methods for a single order
  • The option of creating a variety of receipt types

ConnectPOS for fashion stores Plugin

Best WooCommerce POS System for Omnichannel & Retail Store

You really can’t go wrong with WooCommerce POS by ConnectPOS if you’re looking for a highly trusted and reliable POS plugin for WordPress.

A number of platforms, such as Android and iOS, are supported, allowing the software to operate both on PCs and mobile devices.

Furthermore, it can be integrated with more than 30 third-party applications, including inventory refunds, orders, and payments from within the application.

The POS ConnectPOS plugin for WooCommerce allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their online and offline operations in order to facilitate seamless fashion retail operations.

It is possible to synchronize data between the WooCommerce and POS systems in real-time. The POS system can keep track of product orders, customer tax information, and a variety of other settings.

This plugin has a number of handy features, such as 20+ reports related to the performance of your sales team and your products, as well as the ability to use ConnectPOS offline without the need for an Internet connection.

💵 Free ConnectPOS for fashion stores plugin developed by powerful author and costs $Free.

Key Features:

  • The 24/7 customer support will assist you with any query
  • Accept many currencies
  • 3-step checkout process
  • Customize your boutique’s platform
  • Work well in both online and offline modes
  • Support barcode scanning and barcode printers
  • Offer multiple payment options & payment gateways
  • Provide 20+ comprehensive reports on sales and store performance
  • Real-time synchronization

Random Reviews:

  • Despite the availability of an extensive range of POS systems that integrate with WooCommerce, very few of them offer such support to customers with only a single subscription. Chris and his colleagues helped me with hardware selection, installation, and setup. I am not an IT specialist, so I encountered some problems. Chris and everyone involved demonstrated expertise and willingness to serve customers.

    finayangOct 2022

  • My company has used this software for one year with over 3000 product variables (clothes). I highly recommend it. Support is always available if you need it.

    mavmatisSep 2022

Square for WooCommerce Plugin

Accepting Payments is Easy with Square

The Square for WooCommerce plugin directly integrates your WooCommerce store with your Square account, making it one of the most popular point-of-sale solutions.

By utilizing this plugin, you can handle inventory sales, customer relations, and inventory management efficiency. As a Square customer, you will be able to accept all major credit and debit cards as well as digital wallets.

There is a greater probability of making a sale if several payment alternatives are available. Customers can choose from Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other payment methods.

Getting a Square account is very easy, and it can be integrated into your store quickly with the help of this plugin.

With this plugin, you are able to seamlessly connect Square with your online store in order to manage inventory, sales, and customers in a variety of sales channels. Download the plugin, and you can connect to Square within minutes.

💵 Here is a link where you can download this plugin for free.

Key Features:

  • Efficient risk management and security tools
  • Multiple channels can be managed on a single platform
  • Accept payments through major credit cards
  • Efficient risk management and security tools
  • Detailed reporting features
  • Provides a portfolio of risk management services
  • No need to duplicate item setup
  • Detailed reporting features are included
  • Customers can save their payment details for future purchases

Random Reviews:

  • As it was my first time using this forum, I submitted an issue, received an immediate response, and was provided with several possible solutions. I was able to find help and resolve my problems quickly.

    cpham2Oct 2022

  • Over the years, I’ve tried several payment processors and different website builders. After rebuilding my existing website using WooCommerce and WordPress, I connected this Square plug-in to it. After a couple of weeks, everything was running smoothly. I was flagged as potential fraud on my first few transactions, but it was quickly resolved.

    torybSep 2022

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