7 Best WooCommerce Product Variation Plugins πŸ›’ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Do you want to find the best WordPress plugins for WooCommerce product variations?

Here we have selected only the best WooCommerce Product Variations WordPress plugins, along with a step-by-step review to assist in your selection. These selected WordPress plugins we provide here have excellent support, are speed-optimized, and are highly customizable. They also support a wide range of popular WordPress themes.

We created this list of WooCommerce Product Variation plugins to make choosing the best plugin easier for you. But this wide selection of WordPress plugins also offered plugins for WooCommerce Dynamic Variations, Product Variation Popup, WooCommerce Price Variations, WooCommerce Variation Swatches, and WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations.

Please refer to the article about the best WooCommerce themes for selecting a good theme for your store as well as to the best WooCommerce plugins for adding more functionality to your store.

Best Product Variation Plugins for WooCommerce πŸ›’

Following is the handpicked list of the best WordPress WooCommerce Product Variation plugins for 2022:

Variation Swatches and Photos Plugin

Color And Image Swatches For Variable Products Plugin

Variation Swatches and Photos Plugin for WooCommerce features image and color swatches to display the style, size, price, and any other information about your products. This replaces the old drop-down field method of showing products.

As a result of the plugin’s compatibility, you can display both the image and color of each product, giving you an advantage over the competition because customers can display their preferences as well as purchase options.

It is user-friendly, as well as robust enough to display the image and color of the product in addition to its ability to display the product details.

It is a plugin that gives you an extensive list of options, enabling you to achieve your desired results. This plugin allows you to generate color, size, style, and image swatches based on the available product attributes, including label, label size, and label style.

This plugin allows you to set image and color swatches, create unlimited color swatches, and use a circle or square as the swatch style. It will replace the existing drop-down boxes in WooCommerce with image and color swatches. However, it will only work when applied to variable products.

This product is available in a premium version which features additional features, such as the ability to display swatches on the shop page and the ability to create swatches using radio buttons as well as bicolors.

As well, you can select the swatch square style to display on the shop page, along with round or sharp edges, as well as set the minimum number of attributes to appear on the shop page, as well as zoom the swatch image while hovering.

πŸ’΅ With $99.00, you can get this plugin plus 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Customizing the drop-down menu for your variable product
  • Colors and images can be specified on an attribute or product level in the admin interface
  • Color and image swatches can replace dropdown menus for variable products
  • Display variations on your store in a more attractive manner
  • Creates an elegant look for your store’s frontend
  • Swatches can be configured at the attribute or product level

WooSwatches Plugin

WooCommerce Product Variation Plugin

WooSwatches allows you to display text, image, and color variation swatches with drop-down selection fields. This plugin also supports drop-down selection boxes and drop-down selection fields.

In order to offer a more convenient user experience, it displays and allows interaction with variable product attributes as well as the swatches associated with those attributes.

You can enhance the appearance of your attributes by adjusting the values of the images and colors on a global scale. You may select from various swatch sizes between small and large using the WooSwatches plugin.

You can display swatches in square or round formats, and you can choose whether you would like the name of each variation displayed under each sample, or whether you would like it visible on each individual product page.

With WooSwatches, you can display color and image swatches on your shop, category, tag, and archive pages, as well as retrieve unique links via the direct variation link feature.

Customers will notice that the image of the product will change when they hover over an archive or category page.

The plugin displays a β€˜Show More’ link when the number of color and image swatches on the product page exceeds the maximum number you have specified. The plugin provides shortcode-ready colored and image swatches that are compatible with product page shortcodes.

WooSwatches displays the swatches from the shop on a slider when the swatch number goes beyond the set value.

πŸ’΅ $19.00 allows you to buy the WooSwatches plugin.

Key Features:

  • A selection of swatches in various sizes
  • Highlight selected options on individual product pages
  • Swatches are available both as squares and rounds
  • Filtering of images and colors in the product
  • Displays option name beneath the swatch
  • Globally applying color and image values to attributes
  • Incorporate a variety of variable product attributes and attribute swatches with WordPress
  • Various color, image, and text swatches and drop-down selections are available

Random Reviews:

  • I had an issue with this plugin and it was quickly resolved by the author. I saved myself dozens of development hours by explaining the problem, and the author added the feature to make it work. Excellent support!
    Just make sure to sign up for updates using the Envato API.

    svaultsJun 2019

  • I have used this plugin a couple of times, and I have completely been satisfied with the support. I have received quick and efficient responses on both occasions. Keep up the good work!

    cpfusionMar 2019

Swatchly Plugin

Price Variation Swatches for WooCommerce Plugin

The Swatchly plugin can display multi-colored swatches on product detail pages as well as on product lists. This application is primarily used to display color swatches on product lists, as well as shop and shop detail pages.

Contrary to the plugins listed below, Swatchly offers three different swatch shapes rather than only two. These include squared, rounded, and circular swatches.

This WooCommerce variation plugin allows you to align your swatches either to the left, the middle or the right of the product display.

gives you the option to toggle between drop-downs and labels for different types of a swatch, or vice versa, as well as change the width, height, and font size of the swatch.

It offers the possibility of setting global product settings separately on product lists and individual products. The settings for individual products can also be modified with Swatchly.

Through the WooCommerce dynamic variations feature, you may return any individual product swatch to its original settings.

The plugin provides tools to disable or enable attribute types with cross signs, blurring and crossing, blurring only, and hiding.

It provides you with the option of configuring the image size for Tooltip images and the threshold for Ajax variations by default.

A swatch preview column can be added to the admin panel, and shoppers can deselect variations by clicking on them once more. Swatchly supports shape inset size control, and shoppers can print variation previews.

πŸ’΅ The Pro version of this plugin costs $49.00 as opposed to the Lite version’s Free.

Key Features:

  • Adding swatches to the shop, product listing, and product details pages
  • Each product can be configured individually in Swatch
  • Multicolored Swatch wristwatches are supported
  • Providing 3 different Swatch Styles: Squared, Rounded, Circle
  • The global settings for single products and product lists can be adjusted separately
  • Swatch types include a label, color, and image
  • Variation dropdowns automatically converted to buttons/labels of Swatch type

Random Reviews:

  • This is an excellent plugin with great support

    marendMay 2022

  • Astra theme didn’t change the product images when selected. I gave them access for a few days and then they fixed it within one day.
    Excellent customer service. Keep up the great work!
    Lukas Herbst
    Thanks a million Lukas Herbst

    herbstlukasMay 2022

  • This is a great little plugin. It offers a lot for new entrants and startups. Thank you so much, keep rocking!

    lefemi4231Oct 2021

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce product attribute drop-downs into stylish swatches Convertion Plugin

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce provide your customers with a more pleasurable shopping experience. This plugin displays product variations based on various factors, including size, color, and even texture.

Displaying product attributes is done primarily through color, image, radio, and label swatches. Additionally, you are able to design swatches that are circular or square in shape.

With the Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin, your shoppers will be able to see tooltips with attribute terms when hovering over your product swatches. With this plugin, you can configure swatches that reflect specific product attributes.

Using three types of swatches and their properties, you can develop your own default attributes using the swatch icon. By hovering over the swatch icon, users will be able to view the attribute name and the display color of their choice.

In addition, you are able to select font size, background color, and icon height and width, and the plugin will display the variant name following the label for the particular attribute.

Given that it is Ajax-compatible, you are able to easily set a threshold value so that your application can check the availability of products using Ajax or JavaScript.

The premium version includes custom tooltips to remind users of descriptive information, images, or other info when they hover over swatches. It also includes an out-of-stock alert so that there is a sense of scarcity and therefore, more sales.

πŸ’΅ The plugin is available for free download.

Key Features:

  • Using the lazy load option, you can significantly reduce the time required for the web page to load
  • A tooltip with a custom color displaying the term name of attributes when hovered over a swatch icon would be useful
  • Select a swatch and mark it with a checkmark
  • Multiple attributes can be created with different designs, and they can easily be switched between
  • Display the variation name as well as the attribute label
  • Swatches can be arranged either in a round or square format
  • Customizing swatches for product attributes

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin is super simple and easy to work with. Support was very helpful and quick to respond.

    ntechwpFeb 2022

  • The plugin was great, very customizable, and just what I was looking for

    onduJan 2022

Product Variation Swatches for WooCommerce Plugin

Attributes Selection And Displaying for Variation Products Plugin

In order to display price variations of your Woocommerce products, you can use the Product Variation Swatches for WooCommerce by VillaTheme. Using this plugin, you can select dropdowns and swatches as options.

You can change the way global attributes are displayed in either horizontal or vertical format, as well as search for existing global attributes by using the search bar.

It is possible to display five types of global attributes through the Product Variation Swatches for WooCommerce, such as a button, an image, a radio button, a variation image, and a color button.

As part of Product Variation Swatches for WooCommerce, you can customize the borders, colors, font sizes, and positions of the tooltip when you select variations from the variations swatches. You can also customize the terms used in the global attribute types.

The premium version of Product Swatches for WooCommerce PRO offers additional features in addition to those available in the free version. This plugin allows you to create unlimited swatch profiles; it even allows you to duplicate existing swatch profiles and create new ones.

It is possible to display or hide item attributes on the product list. You can also control the images for each term in the attribute list so that they change when the customer selects that term.

Additionally, you have the option of selecting whether to make out-of-stock product attributes clickable or not on that particular product page.

πŸ’΅ Free download of this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Find existing global attributes by searching the search bar
  • Adding custom attributes to the plugin settings
  • Select a swatch from the list of available profiles
  • The global attributes can be displayed either horizontally or vertically
  • An existing global attribute could be customized by modifying each attribute’s term
  • Swatches can be generated from any drop-down type with a few clicks

Random Reviews:

  • Very easy to set up, and this works perfectly! Thank you!

    guada07May 2022

  • It’s easy to set up, with lots of options, I had to make a few CSS changes but it’s better than most free options.

    agizzieApr 2022

  • This was the first plugin I used to make a membership site, and it worked as advertised with just the free version.

    miisterjmMar 2022

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Dynamic Variations Of Products Plugin

The Variation Swatches for WooCommerce by Woosuite allows you to display variable products together with a variety of options via a user-friendly interface.

By using this plugin, you are able to automatically convert drop-down menus into image swatch buttons by clicking on a button. Additionally, you have the option to convert existing menus into image swatches by using the toggle option.

On the other hand, you can set dual colors for product variations with dual colors if the variable contains an image, but the action is automatic only if the variable contains an image.

Swatches for WooCommerce let you feature your products on the archive or shop pages to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

Using the premium versions of the plugin, you can customize sizes for the swatches on the product pages, including blurring, crossing, and hiding out-of-stock variations, as well as customizing the shape of the swatch that appears on labels, text, and buttons.

With Variation Swatches for WooCommerce Pro, you are able to place swatches on your archive and shop pages, thereby improving your users’ shopping experiences.

The variation tooltip is provided with Variation Swatches for WooCommerce Pro which allows you to place product price variations on your store page, making it easier for the consumer to find their desired products.

πŸ’΅ It is a Free plugin, so you will get updates for free forever.

Key Features:

  • Edit product attributes to create new swatches
  • Dual-color is set for products that cannot describe themselves with one color
  • Organize the process for handling out-of-stock variations
  • Change drop-downs to β€˜Image Swatch’ if variations have images
  • The dropdowns can be converted to buttons and labels with a click
  • Swatches can be customized further by using advanced styling options

Random Reviews:

  • After spending $125 for nothing, they kept telling me to contact them but did not. After 30 days, they refused to give me a refund. I have no use for this plug-in.

    6poundshirtsukMar 2022

  • Because the plugin was never broken, it was rewritten in a way that broke every styling and functionality. Why should something works just fine be fixed?

    hakkowMar 2022

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Custom Fields for Variations Plugin

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce by Emran Ahmed provides one of the easiest ways to create custom fields for WooCommerce variations. It features a fantastic interface and offers many options for selecting variations of product attributes.

Using this plugin you can create product variation popups and add color, image, and label variations to a single product. You can view product variation images in Quick View, and the free version allows you to customize the size, color, and shape of your variation images.

The variation swatches for WooCommerce plugin provide a seemingly endless series of impressive tooltips when you hover over a variation swatch.

It is possible to control whether the hover effect will appear for each variation. There is a wide range of customization options. If you need to change the default plugin stylesheet, you may disable it.

You can include WooCommerce variation swatches plugin in your store to have your users view cross signs for out-of-stock variations, which can have as many as 30 different variations, as well as options to blur or hide them.

This plugin will allow users to avoid worrying about choosing the wrong variation since it’s possible to choose multiple variants at the same time.

With the variation swatches plugin for WooCommerce, you can display the selection variation name and label next to each swatch icon. In addition, tooltips provide additional information about each variation.

πŸ’΅ The premium version is free. The lite version is for sale.

Key Features:

  • Display cross sign for variations that are out of stock
  • Change global attributes into colors, images, and labels
  • The ability to select the ROUNDED variation swatches shape globally
  • Variations using drop-down menus are automatically converted to button swatches
  • Let labels, texts, and buttons be interchanged for variable product attributes
  • Incorporating color swatches for products with variable attributes
  • Adding image swatches to product attribute variations

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