7 Best WooCommerce Wishlist Plugins ❤️ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the Best WordPress WooCommerce Wishlist plugins?

In this article, we will compare the best WordPress Wishlist plugins, highlight their key features, and explain why you might choose each one for your WooCommerce Wishlist. These plugins are very powerful and are compatible with all modern popular WordPress themes.

We collected these popular WordPress plugins specifically for WooCommerce Wishlist features, although you can also use them for WordPress Wishlist, Wishlist Shortcode, Add to Wishlist Icon, and Wishlist eCommerce.

If you would like to improve your store’s appearance and functionality, we suggest you use a modern WooCommerce theme that has features you need as well as a beautiful design. You may also wish to check out our article on the best WooCommerce plugins for additional information about advanced plugins for your store.

Best Wishlist Plugins for WooCommerce ❤️

Take a look at our top picks for WooCommerce Wishlist WordPress plugins in 2022:

WishSuite Plugin

Wishlist for WooCommerce Plugin

WishSuite is a plugin that makes it possible for customers to customize the button style, layout, and display of their wish lists if your website is powered by WooCommerce. With this plugin, customers are able to specify the button style, layout, and display of their wish lists accordingly.

You can personalize the Wishlist feature of WishSuite by typing a name over the wish list page and then removing the products once they have reached your cart once they have been added.

In addition, you will be able to create a Wishlist shortcode if WooCommerce has been added to your WooCommerce website so visitors can add items to their wishlist in one place.

Using the Wishlist screen, you are able to customize how the Wishlist icon button will appear, how many columns you wish to display, and how many columns you wish to see. Additionally, you can customize how many columns you would like to display.

Using the WordPress Wishlist plugin, customers are able to link their social media accounts to products they are considering purchasing, if they are using the service for free.

The user can also customize the button styles, table styles, and other details according to their preferences, ensuring that the WordPress list looks professional and that the users can manage their information from the dashboard easily.

If you use WishSuite, you will be able to customize the appearance and feel of the WordPress buttons, the table, and the style of the wishlist. WishSuite is a free wishlist WordPress plugin that provides numerous features to help increase sales, conversions, and traffic.

💵 Free lifetime updates and downloads are included with this plugin.

Key Features:

  • A Wishlist Table can be incorporated into any page of your website
  • A custom name can be assigned to the Wishlist Page
  • The shortcode allows you to add Wishlist buttons to your website on any part of the page
  • Adding the items to your cart, and then removing them from your Wishlist
  • provides the option to display or hide columns
  • Define the position of the ‘wishlist’ button on the product page as well as in the catalog (prior to/following the cart button, price, etc.)

Random Reviews:

  • Easy to use and intuitive. Excellent support from the developer.

    daniel17vMay 2022

  • This is a great plugin, and the support is excellent. I’m more than pleased to recommend it, and will continue to use it (and their other plugins as well). Couldn’t be happier with the plugin or the service.

    cheerfuldesigncoMay 2021

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

Advanced Management Of The Wishlist For WordPress

The YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin integrates eCommerce wishlist functionality with WordPress functionality to save customers and eCommerce retailers precious time.

Customers can simply create eCommerce WordPress wishlists, share them with their friends and family via social media channels, and even create their own wishlist shortcodes.

With the wishlist plugin, you can easily include your wishlists on any page of your website. The plugin includes support, as well as a wishlist page that displays your wishlists, and checkout redirect functionality that redirects your site’s checkout page to the wishlist section.

In addition to tracking the top products on your site, the premium version of this plugin also gives you valuable data regarding the top wish lists of your customers. The premium version of this plugin will give you essential data about your customers’ most popular wish lists.

In order to make the purchasing process simpler, customers can save all items they wish to keep at a later date and find them easily at a later date, as well as Save information about their own cart for future reference.

Sharing the wishlist with family and friends for their birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions will make for a great gift since they will be able to select a product from it to give them. Sharing the wishlist on social networks will also promote your online store indirectly.

Although the free version offers many of the advantages outlined above, renaming or deleting wishlists will not be possible.

💵 There are versions for $94.00 (Pro) and free (Lite).

Key Features:

  • A system for managing privacy and wishlists online
  • Users are allowed to create as many wishlists as they wish
  • Assisting customers with product variations
  • A wishlist of suggestions for page layouts and table layouts
  • Using wishlist tables, you can customize the columns to meet your needs
  • Allowing store managers to view a list of popular items on the wish list
  • User-friendly pages with the ability to create a single document
  • Adding or removing items from your wishlist is as easy as clicking ‘Remove from Wishlist’

Random Reviews:

  • When you need to customize something they are always willing to help. Answers are really fast too! Keep up the good work!

    kbeckingApr 2022

  • They have excellent support when you have an issue with the plugin!

    T.LibbrechtApr 2022

  • It is a great plugin. I bought the PRO version. I asked for help and the support team was extremely quick and helpful. I highly recommend it!

    jungleartApr 2022

WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce Plugin

Managing To-Buy List Plugin For WordPress

WPC Smart Wishlist allows users to manage their wishlists, save favorites for later purchase, and even reorder items they previously saved from the list.

This makes the purchase process easier and more fluid on your website, saving users quite a bit of time while searching for products and adding them to their shopping carts. Unauthenticated users can now view and control one’s wishlist.

They will be able to view product information including price, date of addition, stock status, product image preview, along with the number of the wishlist items. They can also add, remove, check out, or close one’s wish list as desired.

The wishlist is displayed using the shortcode provided on a page. You can also enable or disable the automatic removal of products that are in the cart.

There are options to enable or disable a wishlist sharing button. You can also enable or disable the ability to copy the links for sharing. You can choose between a button or link for sharing wishlists.

The extension allows you to customize the colors of the wishlist pop-up, control the destination of the Continue Shopping button, and select an action triggered when the wishlist window is displayed.

It enables you to add notes to each product, and it comes with lifetime updates and dedicated support. Themes can be customized to fit your existing design.

Despite YITH WooCommerce Wishlist, the free version of WPC Smart Wishlist offers many advantages, but there may be inconsistencies in the website that you create. Additionally, you may have to invest in the premium version in order to modify the website to suit your specifications.

💵 Because it is a Free plugin, you will receive updates forever.

Key Features:

  • Adding a wishlist menu is as simple as choosing one of the menus
  • Select the categories that allow wishlisting
  • Use the wishlist menu to trigger an action
  • Position of wishlist button on archived and single pages can be customized
  • Classify action buttons and links with extra classes
  • Add items to the wishlist to customize the text and the action triggered
  • A message is displayed or a product list is opened when the wishlist button is clicked
  • Activate the Continue Shopping button by editing the destination link
  • Easily customize the color of your wishlist pop-up

Random Reviews:

  • A simple, effective, problem-free integration of a wishlist into Woocommerce without all of the extra bloat that leads to a prone-to-conflict application. I have purchased 2 plugins from this company, and everything looks promising so far.

    arsmDec 2021

  • This plugin is very effective and useful, and with so many parameters of eCommerce involved, something could go wrong, but it’s important that someone very knowledgeable is available to help with such an event. This is one of those people. Excellent service and attention.

    acvbienDec 2021

Wish List for WooCommerce Plugin

Add To Wishlist Button For WordPress

If you need a simple wish list solution such as Wish List for WooCommerce or a complex, highly customized wishlist plugin, the outcome is the same. This practical, user-friendly tool provides the standard functionality such as allowing customers to create wishlists.

Suppose you are looking for a quick and convenient way of adding wishlist functionality to your site, this is a great tool to use. However, if you are looking for extensive customization and configuration options, you might be disappointed.

While the premium version does provide more advanced features, it’s still not as robust as the other premium tools on this list. Once an item has been added to the wish list, you will have the option of receiving a notification or not. Using Ajax, you will be able to add and remove items from your wish list.

As an administrator, you will be able to see everything your customers have added to their wish list, and have access to everything they added to their wish list. Custom icons from FontAwesome can be used for all your buttons and notifications.

💵 The Pro version is priced at $29.99, and the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Every item added to a Wish List will have a custom note field
  • Allow hiding/showing thumbs or default buttons by product tag
  • Wish list attributes can be saved
  • Your social icon colors can be customized
  • Send emails with images of products
  • Set where the thumbnail button will appear inside the product image, as well as its style
  • Create customized messages for users easily
  • Make this plugin as user-friendly as possible by providing tooltips
  • In case the product is purchased, remove it from the wish list
  • Create your own notification style

Random Reviews:

  • With some custom CSS knowledge, you can tweak it according to your liking. A good plugin that is easy to implement. Questionable split between the pro and free editions with options that should also be free.

    asperagraficaJul 2021

  • There is no way to translate notifications.

    vilizarnFeb 2021

  • It’s a nice, stylish cart plugin, with lots of customization options. I particularly liked Pablo’s support. Thank you!

    jelkommeJan 2021

Premmerce Wishlist for WooCommerce Plugin

Wishlists For Future Purchases WordPress Plugin

In conjunction with Premmerce WooCommerce, the Wishlist plugin allows users to add products to their wish list quickly and easily, as well as share their wish list with their closest friends and family, using an individual URL.

You can view the wishlists created by the plugin and run sales or promotions to offer special offers to your customers. You can take advantage of your customers’ existing wishlists in order to run sales and promotions designed to help you capture their attention and inspire them to buy.

The WooCommerce wishlist plugin is a great extension that will allow you to integrate your WooCommerce theme seamlessly with WooCommerce themes like Storefront. This plugin appears great on any screen size, including mobile devices.

In case you want an add to wishlist icon for your WooCommerce store that is straightforward without all the bells and whistles, then this is the right option for you.

Customers are able to create their own wishlists and share them via URL. Customers’ wishlists are available for viewing in the dashboard with a widget displaying the titles and descriptions of the wishlists.

In comparison with Wishlists for Woocommerce, the free WordPress version does not allow you to disable multiple wishlists through the admin panel. Plugins provide a shortcut called wishlist_page that echoes the results of the database query.

💵 There is no charge for this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Reviewing customers’ wish lists in the customer dashboard
  • An option to share a wishlist using a URL rather than an email address
  • On the Wishlists page, click the name of the wishlist you want to view
  • Add the item to a wish list and then move it to another wish list to move it from one list to another
  • Put your own ideas into a list to create your own wishlist
  • Clicking on the delete button will allow you to remove products from your wish list
  • With SalesWishlist, you can keep track of everything you want to buy with ease
  • Ability to change the name of a wishlist, delete wishlists
  • In the dashboard, the customer service staff requests can be viewed by viewing the wishlists of the customers

Random Reviews:

  • A shortcode called ‘wishlist_page’ is added to this plugin. It echoes the output rather than returning it. This breaks API REST and Blocks.

    Mário ValneyJan 2021

  • The fact that this is a free plugin does not mean that it is without features. Thank you very much!

    ostinbarnesMar 2018

WooCommerce Wishlists Plugin

Unlimited Number of Wishlists For WordPress

As a guest or customer, it is possible to add products to your own wish list with WooCommerce Wishlists plugin on your website where it is possible to create a wish list directly with the websites.

The WooCommerce Wishlists feature is very useful in creating Wishlists for special occasions, such as birthdays and weddings. But you can also create them for everyday purchases.

Providing your customers with the ability to manage and save their own Wishlists can prove to be extremely valuable to your business, increasing sales as well as conversions.

Offering the option of saving items for later viewing or allowing your visitors to create a wishlist on your website will encourage them to return to your site in the future.

In addition to building audiences of potential customers for our business, communication through social networking sites will also enable us to communicate with our friends and relatives in the future.

There are wishlist buttons on the website that allow users to create their own lists and store them for up to thirty days, or until the cookies have been cleared on their computers. Account holders may keep their wishlists for as long as they wish.

You may also create an unlimited number of Wishlists. For example, you might create one for a particular event in your life, such as a wedding, and another for your friends to use if you’re out and about together.

Customers are able to easily change the privacy settings of their Wishlists on their own. Public Wishlists are accessible to anyone, shared Wishlists are accessible only by those with a unique URL, and private Wishlists are only accessible to themselves

💵 Price is $79.00 plus 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even email may be used to share wish lists
  • Create, view, and manage wishlists in the administration area
  • An item’s addition to a wishlist can be altered from a button, to a star, or from an icon
  • Adding support for product variations, grouped products, simple products, product add-ons, and gravity forms
  • An onsite search will notify you if the item has already been added to a wishlist, along with which wishlist/s it belongs to
  • Add multiple items to wish lists in bulk, delete one or more items instantly, edit quantities, and move items to another list or create a brand new wish list
  • A link to any menu in the theme can be created with the help of WordPress Menus

MC Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin Plugin

Professional Marketing Options Wishlists For WordPress

MC Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin allows you to monitor user behavior based on their Wishlists and send recommendations based on their Wishlists automatically via email.

A Wishlist button can be easily added to your website from the product page to the shop page, which can be done anywhere on the page, regardless of where it is located.

Just edit your icon, your font, and the color, and decide how the wishlist button will behave after the first and second clicks. If you use the WooCommerce My Account page, you will already have a wishlist button.

Visitors can create Wishlists as guests on your website and then log in; later they can share those Wishlists on social media or share a link with their friends. This serves as a great way to increase word-of-mouth marketing.

Adding a wishlist icon to your website will help you increase the traffic to your website. Your users can share their Wishlists with friends or on social media. Over time, these new customers will come to your website and become your customers.

You can use seamless marketing to send your users smart offers. You can offer a discount code or free shipping for customers who have added products to their wish list. Customers who love a product and receive a promotion will be motivated to make a purchase.

💵 There is no charge for MC Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin, which is an advanced plugin.

Key Features:

  • Pop-ups and buttons can be styled according to your preferences
  • Setting Wishlists for guests and logged-in users
  • Wishlists can be added anywhere in the store
  • Display your wishlist’s current price and newly added price
  • An email automation system that automates the sending of personalized emails according to wishlists
  • Sharing through social media or linking
  • Coupons designed for each user are automatically created for him and sent in emails, and the coupons are automatically deleted after expiration
  • Increasing lead generation by sending invitations to register on the Wishlist page

Random Reviews:

  • It is very easy to use More Clever Wishlist. The backend and frontend are both very intuitive.

    sucostApr 2022

  • Congratulations! Ergonomically designed plugin, many options for creating the perfect wishlist, and the possibility to do marketing.

    micheletorreJan 2022

  • This is a fresh take on wishlist plugins, and there are quite a few of them. It comes with a lot of features.

    nknov12Dec 2021

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