7 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins 🤖 2022 (Free & Paid)

Trying to find the best WordPress plugins for your WordPress Chatbot website?

Well, allow us to take this opportunity to present you with our collection of the best WordPress plugins for integration chatbots. We have ensured that every plugin you find here works with any popular WordPress theme.

It was decided that the plugins we selected were the best options for the WordPress Chatbot. There were also plugins for Live Chat or AI Chatbots available.

Best Chatbot Plugins for WordPress 🤖

Let’s check out this compiled list of the best WordPress Chatbot plugins in 2022:

WP Chatbot Plugin

The Best WordPress Chatbot Builder

With WP Chatbot, you can build an interactive chatbot for your WordPress site with various features. It is powerful, intuitive, and the most popular plugin for WordPress chatbots.

There is a changelog at the bottom of the page that you will find in your WordPress admin area. The plugin is multilingual, easily translated, consistent with WPML, and updates can be performed from your WordPress admin area.

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, chatbots for WordPress will end this issue for good. Therefore these chatbots can all be customized using CSS if you desire to correspond to the rest of your website.

Additionally, chatbots can serve multiple purposes, such as sales and customer service, depending on how they are used in your strategy.

The Quick Access Widget lets you display the bot on all pages of your site so that your users can tell you what they want. Also, You will receive an email, a phone number, a message, or anything else you desire.

💵 Enjoy all the modern features of the WP Chatbot plugin for $31.

Key Features:

  • Analyze how people communicate with your bot by looking at what they already do
  • Provide you with a transcript of each conversation
  • Automate the display of advertisements on your chat screen to earn income
  • Ability to import chatbots to another computer for use at a later tim

Random Reviews:

  • I was very disappointed with the system. It doesn’t save the chat conversations, and it doesn’t email the emails. The support doesn’t respond, and it’s a very good product.

    kemp1Aug 2018

  • The plugin works great on my clone site, but when I install it on my live site, the idle CPU on my server drops to zero and I have to delete the plugin and restart my server. Are you able to answer my question?

    grosirimporcomApr 2019

Landbot Plugin

The Most Powerful No-Code Chatbot Builder

The Landbot WordPress chatbot plugin provides a platform that allows businesses to engage with their visitors at the point of sale.

The builder interface is very intuitive if you are accustomed to this type of work. If you are familiar with this type of work, you will probably enjoy it.

Also, you can add custom CSS and customize elements such as the robot avatar, the fonts, and the personal fields. This plugin helps you select one of four formats, including total landing pages, pop-ups, embeddable sites, and live chats.

With Landbot’s drag and drop creator, you can design advanced conversational flows easily, quickly, and with little knowledge of coding.

With this plugin, you can quickly lunch chatbots with just a few clicks. This bot helps you use popular messaging channels or integrate chatbots into your website as pop-ups, widgets, landing pages, or embeds. You can quickly launch chatbots with just a few clicks.

With this plugin, you will be able to reduce response times and customize the journey of the customer from the very first touchpoint to the last touchpoint, thereby optimizing conversion rates.

💵 There is free 12-month support from this awesome team. Purchase this plugin at $30 /m.

Key Features:

  • Creating a custom logo that reflects your organization’s image is possible
  • Ability to deploy conversations through any channel that supports APIs, such as the web, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc
  • Increase your conversion rate by reducing your response time
  • The ability of chatbots to respond to elements such as second-visit messages, fonts, and personal information

Botsify Plugin

Build Conversational Flows With No-Code Chatbot Platform

Botsify provides automated customer service through live chatbots integrated into many platforms and seamless live chat integration between platforms.

This plugin can easily be integrated with Google Docs, Slack App, or email tools. Emails help you simplify the transfer of information to your preferred intake method if you are looking for something simple to collect lead information.

Using AI chatbots can help your business automate customer interactions and give your customers a better customer experience than ever before.

When the notification chatbot cannot meet a visitor’s needs, it immediately transfers them to a human assistant, who can provide assistance.

The plugin can be modified to meet your needs. The system can be used for two weeks without charging on your website to evaluate its performance. After two weeks, if you decide not to continue using it, you will be billed.

Botsify allows you to customize chatbots with logos and brand colors to correspond with your business regardless of the channel on which they are deployed.

Moreover, this chatbot includes pre-built templates for specific industries, so restaurant owners and travel agents can still create clean and easy-to-navigate conversations without spending any time making them.

💵 The Botsify plugin price includes All Features + 12 months of Support + All Includes Plugins + 1-year updates.

Key Features:

  • Includes both analysis and reporting
  • Managing the message scheduling functionality
  • Having the ability to communicate in a foreign language
  • The history of the chat session is available
  • Integrated RSS feeds are available in the application

Tidio Plugin

Combines Live Chat and Chatbot Tools to Help You Provide Superb Customer Service

The Tidio WordPress chatbot plugin lets you create a chatbot with various customizable templates for resolving abandoned carts, offering promotions and discounts, and collecting contact information.

Tidio has various features, including a bot conversation template, live chat, an email tool, and a social media tool. You can use our drag-and-drop interface to create your own custom bot conversation template or choose from one available pre-designed template.

It’s all about providing solutions for customer problems. Tidio offers a widget with a customizable design and Android and iOS apps that can be obtained free from both the Play Store and App Store.

This plugin uses live online chat and bots to provide the best level of stability if you do not have the time to provide support to your clients 24/7. It comes with a widget that supports 180 languages.

The tool lets you see who is visiting your website and what they are viewing and engage them more efficiently to increase conversions.

💵 A small price for the Pro version; a free version for the Lite version.

Key Features:

  • The ability to conduct live chats on desktops, laptops, and smartphones
  • Customized mail marketing enhances marketing campaigns
  • Ability to manage all your chat requests, email messages, and Facebook Messenger notices from a single panel
  • Ability to collect and tag emails using its CRM system and send the data directly to your CRM system

Random Reviews:

  • We recommend chatbots. They are the best.

    fatix11Aug 2021

  • I think it’s the best plugin I’ve ever seen. I love it.

    rubyroseaccessoriesJul 2021

  • The chat plugin is highly recommended! Good live support.

    manjushaa123Jul 2021

ChatBot eCommerce Plugin

A Simple and Native WordPress ECommerce Chatbot With Zero Configuration

The ChatBot eCommerce plugin, or WoowBot, is a simple but powerful native chatbot for WooCommerce that does not require any exercise or configuration.

The plugin allows you to connect chatbots and conversational eCommerce shopbots without requiring the integration of third parties.

It is a simple eCommerce ChatBot that allows your WooCommerce customers to quickly search for the products they are looking for and find the right one. They can contact the shop manager directly from ChatBot if they cannot find the products they are looking for.

Customers can use this shopping bot to identify what products they want to purchase or contact the seller directly through the conversational chatbot. This technology helps you to boost store sales and convert more customers.

This ChatBot plugin can work in any language by selecting the appropriate drop-down box in the control panel’s language drop-down list.

In addition to the free version, the pro plugin also offers many features that allow you to automate customer service and integrate Google’s artificial intelligence into your chatbot.

💵 Besides the premium version for $39, there is a free version as well.

Key Features:

  • Linking to found products and displaying their product pages
  • The ability to choose where to place the button according to their preferences by users
  • Provides support for custom CSS boxes
  • Includes access to Live Chat and product searches

Random Reviews:

  • This is a must-have for any WooCommerce site. It is a great value for the price.

    shomeeApr 2021

  • Is a wonderful bot, but there is no close button, so users are leaving since they cannot click on the icon again to close.
    So please add a close button too.

    sanmathirajAug 2020

  • Upgrade to professional once you’ve used this one, awesome

    gimoriFeb 2020

Drift Plugin

Give Your Customers That Personalized Feeling With Every Conversation

Drift allows smaller businesses to convert the visitors to their website into leads rather than relying on opt-in forms. Additionally, larger companies can convert the visitors to their website into leads by utilizing live chat sessions rather than opt-in forms.

Using this tool, you will have more chances to find sales leads and make sales connections more quickly, resulting in an increase in conversions and sales.

You can improve your productivity rate in customer service by using Drift. This plugin includes a live chat feature and a chatbot. It is also integrated with Salesforce CRM and email marketing software, making it possible to improve customer service.

You can use this product to start a conversation with your customers who express an interest in your products and services. The discussions are designed to convert customers and create sales scenarios to improve customer satisfaction and sales.

The advantage of using Drift is that you can communicate with your customers in real-time. You can send targeted messages and distribute answers to common questions to customers in real-time. Unlike ChatBot eCommerce plugin focus on customer support.

💵 #ProductName is a $Needs Quote only product that includes All Features + 12 Months of Support Time + All plugins + 1 Year of Lifetime Updates.

Key Features:

  • Using artificial intelligence to sell virtual assistants
  • Notifications are synchronized with Slack in real-time
  • Qualifying prospects and scheduling meetings
  • Testing conversions is an integral component of A/B testing

Chatbot with IBM Watson Plugin

Help Your Customers Get Stuff Done Quickly, Easily On Any Channel

The ChatBot with IBM Watson plugin, previously known as Watson Conversation, will be available to you if you create an IBM Cloud Lite account for free.

If you want to improve your website’s customer service, Watson for artificial intelligence can provide you with helpful information and make navigation easier. If your customers prefer to speak to someone, you can use the IBM Chatbot tool to connect them to a live representative.

In comparison with Tidio, IBM Watson Bot plugins offer rich responses with rich response features, enabling users to include images and clickable replies to their chatbots, and 1-to-1 voice communication, which allows customers to speak directly to a live agent from within the bot.

Users can enter personal information through the chatbot dialog, such as their names, via a VOIP call powered by Twilio. If required, users can also reach out to real people via the service.

Your website visitors may benefit from using the plugin to streamline the first contact between them and your customer support representatives and direct them toward your website’s appropriate support page.

💵 There are two levels of service: Lite: $0, and Premium: $140/m.

Key Features:

  • Communicate with the chatbot based on the information contained in the user’s account
  • Adding rich responses to your chatbot allows you to add images, pauses, and clickable responses
  • Pick the pages and posts on your website where the chatbot should appear
  • The ability to customize the chatbox to suit your needs

Random Reviews:

  • It works well, but it would be better if there were an option to add a typing animation to show the bot is waiting for a response since it takes some time to connect with IBM

    wyg5107Nov 2019

  • An improvement could be allowing users to customize more CSS properties of chatbots beyond basic font and icon sizes. For example, creating a custom CSS box specifically for the chatbot design? Overall, this is a great feature.

    drvtch0091Aug 2019

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