7 Best WordPress Crowdfunding Plugins 🙋‍♂️ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Would you like the best WordPress plugins for Crowdfunding?

To get started, you need an excellent WordPress plugin. So, for your convenience, we have compiled the best crowdsourcing plugins for WordPress in 2022. We have opted out of plugins that weren’t mobile-friendly nor speed-optimized. The plugins also work seamlessly on all popular WordPress themes.

We developed the following plugins specifically for Crowdfunding. However, these plugins can be used for Kickstarter, Donation, WooCommerce Crowdfunding, as well as Fundraising.

Best Crowdfunding Plugins for WordPress 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

Following that, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress plugins for crowdfunding in 2022:

WP Crowdfunding Plugin

Empowers Anyone to Create a Crowdfunding Site Using WordPress Content Management System

The WP Crowdfunding plugin was developed by Themeum and is based on the WordPress content management system. Anyone can use this to set up a fundraising campaign website.

Thanks to its integration with the crowdfunding system, this plugin will help you create a platform like Kickstarter. This is the ideal tool for creating websites integrated with WooCommerce Crowdfunding.

This plugin is an excellent free WordPress plugin that you might learn about if you intend to turn your existing WordPress site into a crowdfunding site. It is comfortable to use, and is famous for fundraising and crowdsourcing initiatives.

A user can complete all required tasks using the front end, including registering for a project, submitting it, and creating campaigns. Monitoring statistics and obtaining a summary of their movements will be very straightforward.

As a result, the basic features are available for free. In contrast, advanced features such as Stripe Connect, analytical reports, email notifications, unlimited rewards, etc., are available as part of our paid packages.

💵 The Lite version of the WP Crowdfunding plugin is free. The Premium version costs $149.

Key Features:

  • The ability to estimate when your reward will arrive if unlimited tips are available
  • For configuring WooCommerce and other features, you may use the WordPress dashboard
  • Allows for real-time tracking, recording, and distribution of funds and is an alternative to Stripe Connect
  • Ability to receive email notifications and create analytical reports

Random Reviews:

  • The purchase of a pro lifetime license was a big mistake; months went by without critical fixes. Support response times were slow. No real progress was made.

    atechgAug 2021

  • All directions are clear and the team is quick to offer help

    oliongnichsJan 2021

IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding Platform Plugin

With Ignitiondeck, You Control Every Aspect of Your Crowdfunding Business

The IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding Platform is a powerful WordPress plugin with business-grade management and reporting system that fits your needs and a free widget.

This functionality allows users to create their own crowdfunding campaigns, allowing donors to make immediate donations or pledge money towards the user’s project.

Users can create campaigns that will enable real-time users to make donations and backer campaigns for personal and business endeavors.

Possibly, IgnitionDeck is the most effective fundraising plugin for WordPress. It is not simply a plugin but an all-in-one fundraising tool.

Essentially, IgnitionDeck lets you build an online campaign platform for users to manage campaigns and donate to those already existing. However, it can do so much more if you are willing to spend some money on it.

Ignition Deck provides a great deal of flexibility and freedom when utilizing data from your crowdfunding campaign. You can use the data to track payments and create shipping labels for your product.

💵 Versions are available in Lite (Free) and Pro ($149).

Key Features:

  • Allowing flexibility in the campaign dates and setting stretchable campaign goals
  • Defining a campaign objective and end date is possible
  • Provides social media integration so you can share your application on social media
  • Ability to upload videos, as well as a range of funding levels
  • Display templates, widgets, and embed codes are available for crowd-funding campaigns

Random Reviews:

  • It worked well with the installation package I bought with the plugin

    kelankaSep 2019

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    user421Aug 2019

Crowdfunding for WooCommerce Plugin

Adds Full Crowdfunding Support to WooCommerce.

The Crowdfunding for WooCommerce plugin offers complete crowdfunding functionality that integrates with the WooCommerce platform.

This plugin enables you to embed crowdfunding options into product listings in your store. This is one of the most accessible plugins you can find, and it is entirely free.

The plugin was developed by Algoritmika Ltd’s software development team. The company currently maintains a plugin repository that contains over 30 plugins, most of them related to WooCommerce.

Crowdfunding for WooCommerce has no learning curve; you can simply edit and add products in your store just as you would in a standard store. Additionally, you can customize pledge amounts, start and end dates, and button labels and even enable ‘open pricing.’

As soon as the campaign goal is reached, end the campaign when the campaign end date has passed. Additionally, decide which order statuses will be included in the pledge amount calculation.

💵 It is free in the Lite version and is only available for $49 in the Premium version.

Key Features:

  • The ability to update information such as deadlines, funds remaining, funding level, etc
  • Enable or disable email notifications on campaigns that have ended, been added to, or edited
  • Calculates your donation based on the current status of your orders
  • The ability to choose to display the customized HTML when no projects have begun or ended

Random Reviews:

  • There are no docs. There is no support. The design is horrible. As a user, I had to customize the typos and CSS. I will not recommend this plugin.

    leoboOct 2019

  • Currently, this plugin is the best crowdfunding plugin on the web. Additionally, the developers are incredibly supportive.

    ramsomsMay 2019

Givewp Plugin

 Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform

GiveWP makes it very simple to create and run campaigns on your website. It allows you to collect donations for one or more causes on your site. You do not have to worry about your visitors creating campaigns on your behalf.

Additionally, GiveWP provides options for recurring donations. If you wish to build your campaign around a subscription model, it allows text-to-give, so your donors can contribute via text.

The features of GiveWP include powerful contributor management tools and fully-featured reporting capabilities. Additionally, it is entirely free to use.

By using GiveWP’s robust donation platform, you can raise funds online for various causes. It simplifies the fundraising process, makes it easy, and ensures the safety and security of your donations.

Using our donation plugin, you can use it to collect donations for charities by incorporating customizable donation forms. You will be able to view donor data and fundraising reports and integrate with third-party services and gateways to efficiently manage your business.

💵 The Lite version is free, and the Pro version is priced.

Key Features:

  • Ability to control your fundraising campaign data by exporting and reporting data
  • To receive detailed information regarding how your contributions are used
  • To filter reports based on date, form, and payment method
  • Using the WordPress dashboard, you can easily create custom donation forms
  • To customize donation form templates, you do not need any coding skills

Random Reviews:

  • Overall, I found this to be quite helpful despite a few limitations.

    nedlyjimMay 2022

  • Definitely a favorite – I use it on all my projects!

    KoriAMay 2022

  • Great job, continue to improve!

    aleksalex727Apr 2022

Charitable Plugin

The Top-Rated WordPress Donation Plugin

The Charitable plugin also contains an extensions library containing hundreds of features such as Stripe payments, automatic payments, Zapier integrations, anonymous donations, user avatars, comments, videos, and geolocation settings.

As a result, developers believe that collecting donations on the web should be easy and cost-effective. They created Charitable, the only powerful WordPress plugin that does not charge a transaction fee.

This plugin creates donation forms; regardless of requiring a standard donation form, you need funds to meet a particular demand or collect donations for a specific purpose.

It is possible for the campaign to suggest amounts or for donors to give as much as they wish. The donation forms should appear in a modal window, on a particular website, or on the campaign page.

The donation form can be placed on any page. You can only display mandatory fields in your documents to make them more readable and concise.

The Charitable plugin allows you to automatically maintain a donation’s status once a donor has completed their gift, depending on the rate set by the plugin.

💵 Lite and Pro versions of this plugin are integrated. The Pro version costs $119, whereas the Lite version costs zero.

Key Features:

  • Ability to resend emails regarding donations
  • Allowing individuals to organize their own fundraising campaigns
  • Adding dynamic, personalized content to emails is possible using custom email tags
  • Ability to customize the subject lines, headers, and content of your emails without spending time

Random Reviews:

  • I really appreciate the support the team provided me; I am new to coding and relied heavily on them.

    AceyaloneMar 2022

  • We encountered some tricky problems with Charitable and their support was great. I highly recommend the plugin and their support team, and I highly recommend the plugin.
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    dsaliterFeb 2022

Patreon WordPress Plugin

Connect Your WordPress Site to Increase Your Patrons and Pledges

The Patreon WordPress plugin integrates your patreon account into your website to allow you to manage and access your account remotely.

Using this plugin can quickly generate subscribers and pledges on your WordPress website. Your Patreon posts can even be imported into WordPress and automatically updated as they are published.

This plugin enables you to add Patreon logins to your website so that visitors can access your locked content and interact with the site without logging into each post. With this plugin, one position can be closed to all posts.

Unlike the other plugins on this page, this plugin does not handle the collection of pledges or tracking of commitments; Patreon is responsible for that.

This plugin allows you to lock posts and pages of your WordPress site so that only subscribers in certain tiers will be able to access them. You can lock posts individually or by custom post types.

Your Patreon posts will be imported into your WordPress site when the plugin is enabled. Any new Patreon posts will be synchronized with your WordPress site once they are published.

💵 Free access to all the advanced features of the Patreon WordPress plugin.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to log into their accounts automatically
  • Ability to select the author for synced posts
  • Upload images and videos to your website to make your posts more visible
  • Ability to synchronize categories and types of posts with the publisher

Random Reviews:

  • It was a smooth installation and a great service to our Patreons.

    wilbert1957May 2022

  • Plugins that are built for both patrons and public use usually lack the flexibility for deep restriction of post sections.

    copperbeechApr 2022

Civist Plugin

Petitions and Fundraising WordPress plugin

Using the Civist WordPress plugin, your supporters can sign your petition directly from your website once it has been displayed after the plugin is used.

It is one of the best donation, fundraising, and petition plugins for WordPress with many features. It is supported for most WordPress websites; it is regularly updated, making it one of the best plugins for WordPress.

You can manage your supporters directly from WordPress. With the Civist WordPress plugin, you can automatically add your supporters to the mailing lists that you contain.

Suppose you plan to accept donations from clients using SEPA and credit cards. In that case, you must include a donation form on petitions.

There is no limit to the customization of your petition. You can set goals, use catchy headings, upload background images, change form fields, or customize the design entirely.

Using its fast search capabilities, you can find supporters in your database and export your supporters’ contact information as CSV files for further analysis.

💵 While the Pro version costs a small fee, the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • Providing a simple fund-raising and communication system
  • Providing signature collection software enables you to collect signatures directly from your website
  • Using your mailing list manager, you automatically save your contacts
  • The ability to manage your supporters directly from your WordPress website

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks for your support, Fernando from Brazil.

    santoantonioNov 2019

  • You will be amazed at the support if you have a problem.

    boamonsterMar 2019

In conclusion

We covered the best WordPress Crowdfunding plugins in this text. They are highly applicable. With their assistance, you could have an excellent website.

Thanks for reading this list of the best WordPress plugins for Crowdfunding. We hope you find it helpful. As a result of our regular publication of articles on the best WordPress blog themes and the best WordPress plugins for bloggers, these are frequently voted for, referred to, and shared by our audience.

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