7 Best WordPress Discord Plugins πŸ₯‡ 2022 (Free & paid)

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for Discord websites?

As a result of considering all Discord WordPress plugin requirements, we have compiled this roundup of top WordPress plugins. Each plugin is good for support and feature-rich. All plugins work perfectly with all modern WordPress themes.

Final thought to these WordPress plugins, we created this list for the Discord plugins. Despite this, these plugins also can be used for WordPress Discord Server, WooCommerce Discord, Discord Widget, and Discord Social Login.

Best Discord Integration Plugins for WordPressπŸ₯‡

Let’s take a look at this list of best Discord WordPress plugins in 2022:

WP Discord Post Plus Plugin

New Post And Orders Sending Plugin to Discord Channels

The WP Discord Post Plus plugin integrates WordPress and WooCommerce into your website so that you can configure multiple channels for each blog post (or each WooCommerce order) to be sent to a specific channel.

As part of the development of the theme, the developers have provided multiple channels through which different methods can be configured for handling WooCommerce orders, multiple blog posts, and I guess multiple blog posts.

In fact, this plugin provides a WooCommerce discord addon for your site that will help you in handling your orders and also in managing your online selling business.

As a final step, you need to ensure that the URLs you configure for the active discord channel enable it to post to each individual channel within the categories that you selected when you started the process;

In order for your posts to be sent directly to the channels that you authorized within the categories that you set at the beginning, you should complete several steps.

For posts that can be broken down into more than one of these categories, you will have the flexibility to select the default channel if your submission is able to be broken down into more than one of these categories by your submission.

We still have to configure your WooCommerce webhook URLs in order to enable Discord to receive orders automatically from WooCommerce in order for Discord to receive orders from WooCommerce automatically.

In order to do that, each category can be assigned to up to four different channels in the Discord website.

The second option is that you can set a default channel based on the first category that an order matches if it doesn’t match a category, it will be sent to the first category in the list If an order doesn’t match a category, it will be sent to the second category in the list.

WP Discord Invite plugin has an advantage over WP Discord Post Plus plugin, however, the disadvantage of the WP Discord Invite plugin is that it is not regularly updated.

πŸ’΅ There is no cost to use this plugin. It’s FREE.

Key Features:

  • Integrate your post into the Metabox
  • Post a new message in the Discord channel
  • Separate WooCommerce orders from blog posts in separate channels
  • The WooCommerce orders will be sent to Discord via WooCommerce

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin was good, but now it appears very broken after multiple discord updates and as it is a dead project. A fix is unlikely, as it could be very useful if it worked.

    Mex5150Oct 2021

WP Discord Post Plugin

A Discord Bot and Webhook URL WordPress Plugin

By using the WordPress plugin β€˜WP Discord Post,’ you can automate the delivery of your blog’s blog posts to your desired Discord channel once a new post is published on your blog. Your Discord bot and your webhook URL are required.

When you wish to customize the WP Discord posts, go to Settings, choose WP Discord Posts, and fill in the required details.

There are a large number of possibilities when it comes to the WP Discord posts, so you will need to go to Settings, choose WP Discord Posts and fill out the required details.

Besides being integrated into both Contact Form 7 and Jetpack Contact Forms, WP Discord Post additionally sends any form content you enter, as long as it is complete, to your Discord.

Additionally, as always, you will receive an email notification telling you that the form has been sent once it has been submitted.

The WP Discord Post plugin also supports WooCommerce, which sends a new message to Discord every time a new order is placed in your store, or a new product is added to your catalog, in addition to supporting Discord and WooCommerce.

Using this Discord plugin you will be able to send private details to Discord, including Posts Author identifiers, Contact Forms User identifiers gathered from form submissions, and Orders The customer identifiers and order information will be sent to Discord.

As a result, it should be pointed out that the plugin cannot read or delete any information from Discord that is sent by the user since Discord is the entity that is responsible for the information released.

πŸ’΅ This app is free!

Key Features:

  • Protocols based on Open Graph and Yoast SEO are supported
  • Compatible with subscriptions and memberships for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce sales reports are available on Discord
  • Discord notifications have been sent to you with regard to comments
  • WordPress notifies customers whenever stock and sales information changes
  • As soon as you sign up for the newsletter through MailChimp, you will receive a notification via Discord

Random Reviews:

  • Even though this plugin hasn’t been updated for 3 years, it is still an amazing extension!

    flojdmSep 2021

  • The code still works in WordPress’s latest version, you just need to know a little PHP to tweak it to your liking.

    Akira LeirJun 2021

  • I am very satisfied with this plugin. I like the way it works. The installation process is very simple … Thank you for this nice plugin.

    Phil0671Dec 2019

Connect Paid Memberships Pro to Discord Plugin

Discord Online Community Connection Plugin

It’s easy to communicate within your online community with Connect Paid Memberships Pro to Discord Addon, a platform for enabling your members to interact using Discord. Members can be assigned roles based on their membership level in Discord.

For members to manage their roles within Discord, an intuitive user interface with a simple setup, clean visuals, and a simple user interface is available.

When members’ discord accounts are connected to their PaidMembershipPro accounts, members will be assigned roles according to their paid membership level as a result of having their discord accounts connected to their paid membership accounts.

In case of a change in the roles of the members of the site, this can be done by the site administrator, or the role can be removed from the members of the site.

If a member’s membership expires, their role will be updated whereas when a member’s membership is canceled, their role will be updated.

It is possible for admins to specify which default role will be assigned to all new members once their Discord accounts are connected to their membership accounts so that the admins can apply for a role.

Whether they should stay on their server or be canceled depends entirely on the administrator, as it is his or her decision whether memberships should expire or be canceled when they expire.

You can connect to the WordPress discord server using the discord_connect_button by adding a shortcode to any page that you have on your website.

New members will be given the default role as they join the website discord server, provided they accept the default role in the settings.

πŸ’΅ You can download it for FREE.

Key Features:

  • Plugin settings can be used to change the button style of a plugin
  • After membership is canceled, the roles of the members will be updated
  • Inform members via direct message if their memberships are about to expire
  • Members’ roles on the site can be changed or removed by site administrators
  • By using the shortcode discord_connect_button, connect/disconnect buttons can be created anywhere on a site
  • In the event a membership ends, the roles of members are updated

Random Reviews:

  • Excellent plugin, no bugs. Great automation for discord with woo payments. Thanks.

    andredevilz1Feb 2022

  • The plugin links members with Discord roles so nicely. I contacted the developer this morning and asked for a feature that doesn’t kick people off the Discord if they disconnect their account, and someone responded immediately saying it will be added soon. Amazing people.

    tommoirlDec 2021

  • This plugin is great. The support is very prompt and courteous. I highly recommend it!

    osaxelyDec 2021

WP Discord Invite Plugin

Vanity URL Creation to Your Discord Server Plugin For WordPress

By using the WP Discord Invite plugin you can quickly create a vanity URL for your Discord server which displays when your website appears through your Discord server.

A new URL is added to the WordPress Administration page when the plugin is activated that is used to redirect the users to a predefined invitation link and passes the parameter to the plugin before it performs the invitation process.

A Rich Embed plugin enhances the look of your embeds so that they appear great when they are displayed in Discord and social networks like Facebook.

It also provides a preview of how it will appear when it is embedded, so you can see what it looks like when it is integrated.

The app provides a webhook that discord can use to tell you when a particular link has been clicked on, along with some other useful statistics. The program has an active link click count as well as some other useful statistics.

The staff in charge of administering Discord servers have the authority to determine whether an expiring membership should stay on their server or should be deleted.

In the event of a member cancellation or expiration, the administrator will determine their default role. They can also change the role they choose for themselves by editing to membership in the Manage Users section of their WordPress dashboard.

πŸ’΅ The plugin is free.

Key Features:

  • The roles of your members are updated following the cancellation of the membership
  • Reports related to WordPress sales can be found on Discord
  • As soon as the membership of a member is terminated, the membership roles for that member are updated
  • The WordPress platform provides the option of notifying your customers of changes to stock or sales information
  • Separate channels should be established for WooCommerce orders and blog posts

Random Reviews:

  • Exactly as described with custom colors, specific descriptions, and quick redirects. Thank you!

    skald1May 2022

  • Is there a way to allow only customers to view the invitation link? This would be very useful.

    zhexxMar 2022

Simple Discord SSO ( Single Sign-On ) Plugin

Login to Your WordPress Website By Discord Account WordPress Plugin

Users who possess a Discord account, whether verified or unverified, can access and subscribe to WordPress websites through the Simple Discord SSO plugin.

By using hooks provided by this plugin, you can hear a number of events during the login process, you can even adjust and even customize the login button to suit your needs. This plugin even allows you to unhook the login button using your own code.

In case the page /discord-login uses a cached version within your WordPress installation, you will be able to discover that this plugin uses a custom rewrite rule to display the login page instead of using the one from WordPress itself.

As long as the user does not already possess a user account, they will automatically be created one when they sign in to the site using their username and the discriminator field when they first register for an account.

If you enable the default scope of identifying email, then all the data from your site’s discord server will be stored in your WordPress database and can be used for various purposes related to discord, including for more advanced manipulation of discord server data.

Several actions will be available in the application, such as the ability to change the redirect URL after logging in, to change the scope of discord tasks, or even to stop the login process and redirect the user afterward based on the user’s profile information.

In case you do not wish to listen for login events, here are some hooks that will allow you to hook up before the redirect. The intent of the action set and filters is to provide plugin developers with the ability to customize the plug-in according to their preferences.

πŸ’΅ You can get this well-documented plugin for FREE.

Key Features:

  • When you hear an attempt to log in, hook into the redirect before it occurs
  • Actions and filters are numerous and diverse
  • Customization is possible so that the plugin meets the needs of each user
  • Check to see if the email address associated with this account has been verified
  • A custom rewrite rule is used to display the login button on the webpage

miniOrange Discord Integration Plugin

User Restriction and Role Mapping WordPress Plugin

The MiniOrange Discord Integration plugin allows you to integrate Discord user login with WordPress in order to enable your users to set restrictions and roles as per their own needs when they use their own Discord profiles to login to your WordPress site.

Furthermore, the system is equipped with several capabilities which are integrated into it, such as the assignment of roles, attribute mapping, registration restrictions, identification, and description of users.

It also involves the mapping of avatars, profiles, and images, as well as the synchronization of roles based on the tasks the various departments of the organization perform.

If you choose one of the beautiful custom login buttons, you will have a variety of options to choose from. You don’t have to be a computer expert to customize it, so you can have it however you want it.

Within seconds, you will be able to activate the discord login and widgets, display the discord social login icon on your website and synchronize that data with your WordPress account that is taken from the Discord login your service provider provides you with.

It provides a safe and secure way to access your account by utilizing authentication and authorization protocols such as OAuth. You can select from a wide variety of designs and themes Select the color and size that fit your preferences.

As an additional benefit, Discord allows WordPress users to be assigned roles during registration In addition, you may embed the discord social login icon anywhere you like on your website.

Using shortcodes, you can integrate the Discord login icon into your website. To activate your Discord account, you will need your Client ID and Client Secret.

πŸ’΅ The premium version of this plugin is $24.00, and the free version is zero dollars.

Key Features:

  • The text on the Discord login icons can be customized
  • With Shortcode, you can display the Discord login icons on your website wherever you desire
  • The activation of your Discord account is completed by entering your Client ID and Client Secret
  • Support can be contacted via email and through the plugin form
  • Users can be assigned roles via Discord during the registration process for WordPress
  • The custom discord login icon will be previewed before being published on your website

Connect MemberPress To Discord Plugin

Discord Social Login WordPress Plugin

The Connect MembersPress To Discord add-on will allow your subscribers to share their server tasks with their fellow MembersPress subscribers based on the level of membership they currently possess.

It is also very easy to configure the role of members within Discord, as well as the user interface, is very intuitive and simple.

Allow any member to connect their Discord account with their MemberPress membership account. members will be assigned roles in Discord as per their membership level.

The site administrators have the ability to update the membership roles of members through the admin area whenever members cancel their memberships or when their memberships expire.

Similarly, the site administrators can adjust the membership roles whenever a new member joins or when an existing member cancels their membership.

As soon as their Discord accounts are linked to their membership accounts, an administrator may decide whether to assign all members the same default role and whether to continue supporting them after a membership has expired or been canceled.

Using the WP manage users page, a user can delete or expire their membership, or modify the default role by editing their profile. The administrator, too, can modify the membership by editing the user’s profile.

The chance of sending direct messages to members of Discord after their membership has expired is only available if the option Allow Non Members is enabled and advanced settings for Direct Messages have been enabled.

The Connect Paid Memberships Pro To Discord plugin has an advantage over the Connect MemberPress To Discord plugin, however, one disadvantage of Connect MemberPress To Discord is the long loading time for the plugin.

πŸ’΅ Free access to innovative features.

Key Features:

  • Using MemberPress, members can easily link their accounts with their discord accounts by using the provided link
  • A connect/disconnect button can be displayed anywhere via the mepr_discord_button shortcode
  • In the plugin settings, you will find a button style option that can be used
  • Depending upon a member’s level, he or she receives specific roles in Discord
  • Administrators have the ability to change members’ roles or remove them from the website
  • Direct messages can be sent to members of Discord whose membership has been revoked

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