7 Best WordPress Facebook Pixel Plugins 🥇 2022 (Free & Paid)

What is the best WordPress plugin for Facebook?

This article will show you some of the best WordPress plugins with some of the best functionality and preferences. These plugins will help you establish a presence in the overly-competitive field of social media by providing features and aesthetics. Our plugins are designed to work with all modern and popular WordPress themes and also to be highly compatible with them.

We chose plugins we believe are the best suited for Facebook. Even so, you can also use these plugins for Facebook Analytics, Facebook Pixel for WooCommerce, Conversion Pixel, and Facebook API.

Best Facebook Pixel Plugins for WordPress 🥇

Check out our picks for the best WordPress Facebook plugins for 2022:

PixelYourSite Plugin

Smart Pixel (TAG) Manager For WordPress

PixelYourSite is one of the most popular Facebook plugins and allows you to easily create a Facebook Pixel on any of your sites with just one click. This plugin can automatically track everything necessary on your site and send it to all your configured pixels (search, submit the form, comments).

In addition, as a site admin, you can add Google Analytics to your site with this plugin, which is a crucial tool for analyzing and analyzing the success of a site. Also, if this is possible for you, this is a copy that you can add to your website.

Manage your Meta Pixel (Facebook Pixel) plugin, implement Facebook Conversion API on your site, add your Google Analytics Universal or GA4 with one plugin. Add any other script to your website if necessary (Head & Footer feature).

PixelYourSite provides a signal event feature that allows you to track important events. The custom conversion or audience can also be tracked using these signal events. Also, it provides secure access to customer information, including name, address, phone numbers, and email, for a higher conversion rate.

💵 A Lite and Premium version of this plugin are available.

Key Features:

  • Automatically keeps track of all your essential data with global events
  • Supports A/B testing
  • Quickly activate your events and post them on social networks (Facebook, Google, Pinterest)
  • Well integrated with e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

Random Reviews:

  • Plugins like this are a must-have, and the support is great!

    vicheApr 2022

  • Because this plugin offers so much help, I highly appreciate it.

    ulmeanuaApr 2022

Pixel Cat Plugin

Conversion Pixel Manager Plugin

Pixel Cat is another powerful Facebook Pixel WordPress plugin known as a Facebook Conversion Pixel. This nifty product provides an easy way to add a Facebook pixel to your site in a small area.

Using the time delay setting feature, you can delete visitors by running a Facebook Pixel event. Also, you can select standard Facebook Pixel events without having to write a single line of code.

This plugin allows you to target specific audiences based on your predefined strategies for your Facebook campaigns and analyze their conversion after seeing the ad.

Pixel Cat – Conversion Pixel Manager, formerly known as ‘Facebook Conversion Pixel,’ tracks and sends you events such as reading posts, product visits, and more. It also allows you to re-target advertising campaigns.

This plugin offers users numerous event, segmentation, and customization options, which makes this plugin one of the best options.

💵 Version Pro costs $59.00, while Version Lite is free.

Key Features:

  • Provide WooCommerce Event Tracking, and WooCommerce Product Feed features for creating dynamic product ads and highly effective custom audiences
  • Create custom events to track your site behavior more closely
  • Let you set up Facebook Pixel for easy digital downloads with one click
  • Helps you create dynamic Facebook pixel events for WordPress

Insert Headers and Footers Plugin

Facebook Pixel In Header And Footer For WordPress

Insert Header And Footer allows you to insert code into the website header and footer by adding header and footer tags. You can add code such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and more in the header and footer of your WordPress site.

A significant function of this plugin is that it removes the need to edit theme files to insert scripts in the header and footer. Hence, it is an excellent yet straightforward plugin for inserting hands without dealing with dozens of different plugins.

You simply copy the pixel code and select its location from the header, body, or footer positions. Not only can you insert Facebook pixels, but any code or script into these fields without editing the theme files. This plugin is very user-friendly.

If you want to add something more than Facebook pixels to your website, this plugin is an excellent solution for you.

Unlike other WordPress plugins, this plugin allows you to use various CSS codes and HTML and JavaScript codes that you do not want or do not know how to insert manually on your site.

💵 With this plugin, there is no cost attached. It is available for FREE download.

Key Features:

  • Enter the Facebook pixel code on your WordPress website
  • Easy to use and insert script
  • Insert header code and/or footer code
  • Add Google Analytics code to any theme
  • Add custom CSS to your WordPress themes
  • Enter any code or script, including HTML and Javascript

Facebook for WordPress Plugin

Facebook API For WordPress

Facebook for WordPress is a very secure plugin that enables your eCommerce site to access Facebook Pixel. Follow your audience engagement on your Facebook page on your website.

Monitor everywhere, whether they see content, direct shopping events, add to cart or keep paying. Supports Conversion API from where you can submit events and analyze your visitor activity.

When sending such events directly from your page server with the Conversion API, you can add more contacts to your audience.

Other essential WordPress plugins compatible with this plugin include Easy Digital Downloads, Caldera Forms, Formidable Forms, MailChimp for WordPress, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, WPForms, etc.

When installing this powerful plugin, you can follow your customer’s moves to become a trusted customer. Use such conversion experience to run advertising campaigns for your audience and make them interested in your site’s loyal customers.

Facebook for WordPress includes built-in support for the most popular plugins, including WooCommerce, Ninja Forms, Easy Digital Downloads, GravityForms, and more. Using Facebook for WordPress, you can install Facebook Pixel on your page. Allows you to track the actions of your website visitors.

It also helps you better understand your visitors to do the conversion process safely. This plugin is compatible with the conversion API, so you can submit events directly from your page server.

💵 Download this free plugin here.

Key Features:

  • Tracking your customers to be your trusted customers
  • Increase your conversion website rate
  • Adding more contacts to your list while sending events from your page server
  • Compatible with the most of famous WordPress Plugins
  • Monitoring every step of the visitors

Random Reviews:

  • Previously, setting up pixels was a pain, but now it seems easy enough and there have been no issues so far

    nandreyMay 2022

  • Although it works on my website, I am unable to test as it has not been updated for 7 months
    Thanks for your help!

    denmarianoApr 2022

Facebook for WooCommerce Plugin

Facebook Pixel WooCommerce Plugin

Facebook for WooCommerce is a well-defined plugin that connects your eCommerce store to Facebook. With this incredible plugin, you are able to easily create an online store on Facebook or Instagram and customize its overall look.

Let your knowledgeable audience respond to your posts and their source of access to them. Run an advertising campaign to get more traffic and measure its performance through the Conversion API.

The rapid growth of the business while starting to sell its products on Facebook. Facebook for WooCommerce helps your e-commerce website track your visitor or customer data, enabling you to optimize your website and marketing strategy.

This plugin is easier to set up than other plugins; however, it covers all the essential functions in the free version and all the specialized roles in the professional version. (Such as dynamic remarketing events)

This plugin is suitable for developers. Easy setup and lots of filters for very flexible customization. It is made by performance marketers for performance marketers. The accuracy of the data is high, and as a result, campaign optimization is one of the best (if not the best).

💵 When you purchase the plugin, you’ll get 1 year of support and updates.

Key Features:

  • Helping your business to grow so fast
  • Ability to create your own store on Facebook or Instagram
  • Provide accurate data for your business
  • Integrating eCommerce store to your Facebook account
  • Provide lots of filters, so you can customize your WordPress website so easily

Tag Manager Plugin

Header, Body And Footer Builder For WordPress

Tag Manager is another plugin that lets you enter Facebook Pixel code into your website. Using this plugin is entirely free. Using this plugin, you can place your Facebook pixel in the header, body, or footer.

With this plugin, you can add code/snippets for various services, including Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, etc. You can also do this for Facebook Pixel to improve your marketing and sales.

This plugin gives you many capabilities to make the site user-friendly based on your taste. Helps to create your advertising campaigns on Facebook and ultimately grow your business.

Another advantage of this plugin is its lightness and high speed, and compatibility with other WordPress plugins. If you need a free plugin to add Facebook pixels to your website and create advertising campaigns to make your business successful, this plugin is a good choice for you.

💵 This plugin is free to download. You can use it at no cost.

Key Features:

  • Ability to delete some pages based on user role
  • Ability to delete or add page code with the page ID
  • The ability to insert multiple codes per section of your site
  • Provide many features for creating powerful advertising campaigns
  • Increase your capacity to grow your business

Remarketable Plugin

Facebook tracking Pixel For WordPress

Remarketable plugin is a Facebook tracking pixel that enables you to easily add Facebook pixel standard events to each page or post. With this product, you have the ability to add Facebook Dynamic product ads without paying any cost.

You can quickly implement set-and-forget marketing features at the site level with one click. It’s a simple matter of copying the Facebook Pixel ID and pasting it into the plugin’s settings! That’s all you should do.

Although it provides an easy-to-work plugin, It enables you with the most powerful tools you can utilize in order to grow your business, increase your website traffic and eventually increase your trusted customers.

It has a strong support team that ensures you can solve any problem related to this plugin whenever you encounter it. Remarketable provides you a feature where you can track your visitors, so you can decide what to do according to their behavior on your site.

You can track which terms your customers search more and how much time they spend visiting your site.

So quickly, by this plugin, you can easily add Facebook pixel events to each page/post and grow your business as soon as possible.

💵 Free and a fee for the Pro version.

Key Features:

  • Tags and categories can be tracked individually or automatically
  • The duration of the visitors’ page view will be automatically added to the ViewContent event
  • Track the title of every post or page viewed via the ViewContent event
  • Ability to add the Facebook Pixel to every page within minutes
  • Automatically sending the search term that a user uses when searching on your site

Random Reviews:

  • It fixed an incompatibility with another plugin within hours. Incredible!
    The plugin does exactly what it claims. Easy to use.

    sondrakinseyApr 2017

  • It works as advertised, and support is fast and helpful. Thanks!

    KokomoApr 2017

  • Thanks for fixing my issue within a day.

    alexkappelOct 2016

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