7 Best WordPress Giveaway Plugins 🎁 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best WordPress Giveaway plugins?

This article will highlight the best WordPress Giveaway plugins and their key features and offer some advice on why you may choose to use each one. These WordPress plugins are highly efficient and have many features. They also work with the entire WordPress template library.

They can be used to create a Contest, Giveaway Builder, WooCommerce Giveaway, and Photo Contest.

Best Giveaway Plugins for WordPress 🎁

Let’s take a look at some of the best Giveaway WordPress plugins available in 2022:

RafflePress Plugin

The Most Powerful Giveaway Plugin for WordPress With Zero Extra Charge

RafflePress plugin is one of the most popular tools for creating giveaways and contests on WordPress. Integrated with key email marketing platforms, RafflePress is an excellent tool for running giveaways and building your email list.

This giveaway plugin can be used in various ways to attract contestants. These include encouraging contestants to visit a specific webpage, signing up for a newsletter, or following you on social media. The options are virtually limitless.

You can launch an online contest without any financial commitment with the free version. For Example, you can create your own viral giveaway contests and streamline the process easier using the drag-and-drop builder and the built-in templates.

However, As part of the Pro Plan, you can also log in via social media, receive an email confirmation, and access a prize gallery.

πŸ’΅ The Lite version is free, the Pro version costs $39.50.

Key Features:

  • Mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly widgets
  • Retargeting and success monitoring
  • Single-click entry and fraud detection
  • Promotional landing pages
  • Designs and customizations of giveaway backgrounds
  • Connecting with popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Using word of mouth marketing to increase visitor engagement and attract new visitors to your website
  • Optimization of site speed, SEO, and conversions through lightweight, fast code
  • Specification of the start and end times of the competition

Random Reviews:

  • In general, it is functional but when you have to use hacks to alter the default login button text or ways to enter or to move the header image above entry details content, something is missing.

    FSApr 2022

  • Setting up, navigating, editing my product, and quick setup for my ad was a huge plus. I would recommend Raffle for anyone looking for the same easy features.

    thejdmJan 2022

  • Excellent tool for increasing traffic by offering giveaways. Thank you.

    pbskumarNov 2021

Gleam Plugin

The Best Platform To Grow Your Business

Gleam is a Giveaway tool for WordPress, and It is considered one of the most effective. Access to the various marketing possibilities provided by Gleam can be highly advantageous.

The tool’s strategy will allow you to operate reliable contests, thus increasing traffic to your website and growing your subscriber base.

It is a very user-friendly product, but it does have some limitations. For example, the installation process is somewhat tricky, but the configuration wizard can help guide you through it.

This plugin has anti-fraud and detection mechanisms, as does RafflePress.

Despite its impressive features, the plugin still has a hefty price tag. As one of the most expensive giveaway plugins, this plugin’s online sweepstakes creator is also one of the most expensive options. That’s why Gleam’s competitors are gaining popularity.

Regardless, you can use social media to conduct online giveaways with this powerful tool.

πŸ’΅ Pro version costs $97/M, while Lite is free.

Key Features:

  • Accessible widgets for mobile devices
  • Confirmation of participation via email
  • A one-click entry system
  • Eliminating invalid entries
  • Refer a friend form with custom links to engage users and increase reach
  • Template customization for contests
  • Having an interface that supports multiple languages
  • Simplifying the process of selecting and displaying winners
  • Synchronization of data with Google Analytics

Random Reviews:

  • When I try to access the gleam site, many browsers cannot reach it

    aliomaisNov 2018

  • Embeds your Gleam promos easily. As a lead capture tool, Gleam is a gem. Highly recommended.
    Great customer support too.

    Tony CecalaNov 2015

  • It took me less than 2 minutes to add a competition feature; the free version has no restrictions, so I can play around a little before I decide to use the paid custom version.

    kazryllJun 2014

Rafflecopter Plugin

Easily Launch And Manage Your Next Giveaway Without Coding

Rafflecopter is a Giveaway Builder for WordPress that allows you to initiate and manage multiple giveaways; for any brand, on any website, without any coding knowledge on your part. The process requires nothing more than copying and pasting.

Many Fortune 500 companies, numerous blogs, independently-operating online merchants, startups, advertising agencies, and others use this plugin to manage their campaigns effectively.

The plugin allows websites of all sizes to organize giveaways globally. It is capable of handling 100,000 entries simultaneously.

Although, the free plan is limited, and you’ll need to upgrade to one of their paid plans for the whole experience. Also, this plugin is not compatible with iPhones.

Similar to RafflePress, Rafflecopter is an expensive product. A substantial sum of money will be needed to access all the features.

πŸ’΅ The plugin’s features are included for $13/M.

Key Features:

  • Establishing connections with your clients
  • Using social media channels to promote your product or service
  • Designed for scalability
  • Enhancing social media visibility by conducting market research in real-time
  • Compatibility with all major email marketing services
  • An easy-to-use widget that allows any client to enter and win a prize
  • Customized theming for any brand or occasion
  • Provides customers with contests tailored to their needs

KingSumo Plugin

Grow Your Email List With Viral Giveaways

The KingSumo plugin is designed specifically for launching giveaways in a WordPress environment. It is a straightforward, user-friendly solution that enables launching giveaways.

This plugin allows you to integrate social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger with your account to publish your content. Additionally, you can connect this plugin with your mailing list and email services.

In addition to choosing your own prizes and optimizing the plugin for mobile devices, it has a variety of features; For example, the ability to set start and end dates for future giveaways.

πŸ’΅ With $198/Lifetime, you can get the plugin and 12 months of free support.

Key Features:

  • Update your plugins for free
  • Create unlimited giveaways with ease
  • Include a picture of the prize next to the description
  • Utilize Facebook’s pixel to analyze your Facebook activity
  • Feel free to upload your own logo
  • Contact the customer service department at any time

Simple Giveaways Plugin

Boost Your Business With Viral Sharing And Word-Of-Mouth

Simple Giveaways is a WordPress plugin designed specifically for contests. The plugin provides giveaway widgets and shortcodes to promote your contest page, as well as the option to have your content hosted on a separate page.

An automated contest process can be easily performed on your website with this easy-to-use, accessible, and well-known software.

Like Gleam, Simple Giveaways also implements fraud protection; however, it also implements a Match CAPTCHA and provides basic contest tracking reports.

Even though this plugin does not offer a wide range of entry options, it supports Facebook, Twitter, and a few email marketing services.

It is possible to obtain a free version of the Simple Giveaways Plugin; however, the free version of the plugin is restricted in functionality and customization options. To use the premium version, you must upgrade.

πŸ’΅ There are versions intended for $49.99 (Pro) and free (Lite).

Key Features:

  • Automated timing and selection of winners
  • Providing referrals and confirming actions
  • Timer for the countdown
  • Fantastic templates for giveaways
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Designed to be fast and efficient

Random Reviews:

  • I found your β€˜Simple Giveaways’ plugin exactly what I was looking for. I introduced a small tweak to one of the actions to the support team and they resolved it immediately. Very friendly, helpful, and polite support team. I’m thankful I found this plugin.

    Fill My TimeDec 2020

  • The author provided great support in the form of an excellent giveaway plugin.

    bjrnet21Oct 2019

  • A very useful and cost-efficient giveaway plugin.
    – I wish the documentation was more complete
    – I wish there was more customization of the pages
    I won’t downgrade the rating from five stars for these, though, since it does a fantastic job for a free plugin. I’ll probably upgrade to the premium version later.

    pepperfOct 2019

WP Contest Creator Plugin

The Exact Contest Software You Need

WP Contest Creator is an exciting choice mentioned in this article. It helps you run WooCommerce Giveaways quickly and track entries through social media channels.

Unlike the rest of our options, this one is a bit different. Instead of asking you to buy a prefabricated plugin, they create a customized version that uses the base plugin.

For those who desire a customized solution but lack the time or expertise to design it themselves, plugins such as this are available.

Although WP Contest Creator provides some design options, they are not as straightforward as those provided by the other plugins on this list. The backend of this plugin is also rather complex, resulting in difficulties for beginners.

πŸ’΅ It costs (Needs Quote). You get 365-24-7 support for one year.

Key Features:

  • A tool for gamification that displays the highest scores
  • Using email messages to maximize the chances that a participant will win
  • Completion is guaranteed within three to five weeks
  • A customized solution following your needs
  • Easily integrates with popular email services and social media platforms

Woorise Plugin

The Most Powerfull Lead Generation Platform For Giveaways And Contests

Woorise is an incredibly versatile platform that can be used for many campaigns, including Photo Contests, quizzes, and surveys.

It provides templates and themes that you may use to create a contest, or you may use the contest builder, which allows you to drag and drop things onto the page.

Woorise offers several features, but the most exciting ones are only accessible to premium subscribers.

For instance, you can use social media to grow your followers and engage them. Also, you can monitor campaign performance using analytics and identify your competitors in a particular country.

πŸ’΅ The Pro version is free to use, but there is an upgrade fee.

Key Features:

  • Detection system for fraud
  • Adapts the visitor’s experience using conditional logic
  • One-click random selection of winners
  • Compatible with email solutions such as Mailchimp
  • Mobile-friendly widgets for giveaways
  • Giveaways are offered in a variety of languages
  • Results are exported in CSV format
  • Built-in templates

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks a lot. Woorise is a great user-friendly platform and a powerful one at the same time. It is wonderful for a little nonprofit such as us! It makes serving people better.

    yj000018Apr 2021

  • With Woorise, you can add forms, quizzes, contests, polls, etc, all in one place.
    This is an amazing tool to add if you have WordPress and are thinking about lead generation.

    taco9Nov 2020

  • With WooRise you can get started quickly and find success with its list-building features. Even a newbie can get started and start finding quick success with WooRise.

    Travis PflanzNov 2020


In this article, we reviewed the best WordPress Giveaway plugins. You can use them to build your website impressive.

We hope this list will help you improve your site and meet your business objectives. I hope you are happy with your new plugin for your website. We recommend that you also check out the best WordPress themes for blogs.

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