7 Best WordPress Google Tag Manager Plugins πŸ₯‡ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Do you want one of the best Google Tag Manager WordPress plugins for your site?

We have compiled the best Google Tag Manager WordPress plugins. Each of these best WordPress plugins you find here has been created to seamlessly work with the newest WordPress theme.

Our goal was to help you find the most useful Google Tag Manager plugins. These plugins are also compatible with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce, and Google Tag Assistant.

Best Google Tag Manager Plugins for WordPress πŸ₯‡

Now let’s check the best WordPress Google Tag Manager plugins for 2022:

Tag Manager Plugin

Header, Body And Footer Code Insertion Plugin

If you prefer to use a tag manager that does not require any coding work but uses HTML tags instead, then the Tag Manager plugin can be advantageous to you. Especially if you prefer having more control over what your tags will be used for.

With everything from Google Tag Manager to AdSense, Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, and pretty much any other website that uses HTML tags, it will be able to work with the software.

The Tag Manager is no doubt very useful for website owners, although it isn’t so straightforward to use, especially since the codes can be embedded in just about any area on the website.

You can embed codes in several places, including the big top area, the entire post, the bottom of the post, the sidebar, or any subsequent places that seem appropriate.

If you are using this website to design your own websites you have the choice of hundreds of different plugins to integrate features into the features and functions. You can, for example, use Tag Manager to install features from the home page to your footer.

Plugins like this can simplify the process of customizing snippets for Google Analytics and if you are running it on more than one platform you can use these plugins for adding code and debugging code and enhancing the features and functions on the website.

It is the goal of this article to introduce you to a simple, straightforward tool that can be helpful to all aspiring bloggers who are considering ways to monitor their audience’s behavior on their sites.

The tool is free, so it will remain that way forever. What the creators ask in return is that you provide them with any feedback concerning improvements to the platform.

πŸ’΅ In addition to the Premium version, a Free version of the plugin is available for download.

Key Features:

  • A website can be created using custom HTML code
  • Alternatively, you can create a static splash page
  • A website designed by your company can utilize the Google Web Fonts
  • Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, AdSense, and so on can be enhanced with tags to collect valuable information

Google Tag Manager Plugin

Specific Google Services Addon For WordPress

If your business does not run under the XML schema, you’ll still be able to get the Google Tag Manager plugin for free regardless of whether you are working for Google or not.

Since most people will use the free plugin regardless of whether a premium solution is available in order to integrate specific Google services into their WordPress websites, it may not be very valuable to purchase such a solution.

With Google Tag Manager, marketers are now able to automate marketing processes across all of these users that participate in WordPress and, if you think about it, over 275 million WordPress users are also users of Facebook.

It has the ability to automate whole marketing processes on platforms such as Facebook, Pardot, HubSpot, etc, with a free tool that offers an intuitive user interface and is simple and straightforward to use.

In order to achieve this, you will be building an integrated platform that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing tools available to marketers and business users and will be able to help them to develop their own tools if they choose to do so.

As a result of the asynchronous availability of marketing tools for staff, they will be able to access marketing tools more quickly, thus decreasing the time it takes for pages to load, which will be a benefit to the organization.

Moreover, the extension will also allow users to check the analytics so that they can ensure that tags are being used correctly and that data gathering is completed in a proper way.

πŸ’΅ In the Pro version, you will pay $Free and 0 for the Lite version.

Key Features:

  • Tagging at the end of the marketing process wastes time and limits flexibility
  • Adding Google tags as well as tags from third parties
  • The asynchronous execution of your code will improve loading since the code will be executed simultaneously
  • Providing the tags have been correctly implemented and are performing as intended, there is no need to perform a complex procedure to test them
  • By firing only the tags needed as your page loads, your web pages will load more quickly
  • By uploading multiple marketing technology tags in one central location, it is convenient to do so with only a few clicks

Random Reviews:

  • There were other plugins that didn’t send me Google Analytics 4 information, but this one was excellent and simple.

    petterbrionesJan 2021

  • As long as it doesn’t have many complications, it works correctly

    Albeiro OchoaJun 2020

  • It doesn’t behave as it should, leads to the code snippet being placed in the wrong location and can’t be used by Google.

    McDragonDec 2015

Image Tag Manager by Bradley B. Dalina Plugin

Alt, Title, Caption and Description Creator Plugin in Images For WordPress

For those times when you need a WordPress plugin for managing images specifically, the Image Tag Manager by Bradley B. Dalina can be of assistance to you.

It gathers all the images from your post with their corresponding metadata, and it places them all into a single collection or theme you can customize according to your own preferences.

Additionally, the names of the files can also be changed in order to increase the likelihood that they will be found once the file has been given a meaningful name during the search process.

The meta tag manager does not have the same capabilities as the meta box manager; its capacity is only limited to editing the meta tags in the global settings section of the tool.

It cannot manipulate any other elements of the blog post, such as the title, header, or additional terms, although the meta box manager can manipulate some global settings in the global settings section of the tool.

It is indeed very powerful, as I have used it first-hand, so I can tell you it is a powerful plugin. In its current version, it is geared towards specifically allowing you to upload images to WordPress posts.

But I simply want to remind you that it is unable to store the images in a database, so if you are after that functionality there are very limited options available.

There is one problem, however, if you save data, then it leaves a record, even if the plugin is removed, the record will remain on your website forever, therefore be cautious before saving data.

πŸ’΅ A user can download the Lite version for free, but the Pro version costs money.

Key Features:

  • Whenever a specific phrase appears in the alt attribute, you can remove it
  • Attributes can be omitted when characters or strings are present
  • Make your post or page more visible by including a second category in the title
  • Provide string trimming functionality so that you can remove or trim whole or parts of strings from the alt or title attributes
  • By editing the alternative attributes of the image, you can add a category associated with the title of the post or page

Random Reviews:

  • Since the plugin description and changelog are very open, this plugin seems as will work perfectly I have recently installed this plugin and already made the necessary settings.

    healthcare nt sickcareJun 2021

  • Very easy to use and an awesome plugin. Great work for the developer. More plugins, please!

    Leandro Keene ManalonDec 2019

Meta Tag Manager by Marcus Sykes Plugin

Custom Meta Tags Integrating Plugin For WordPress

When you employ Meta Tags Manager to support your WordPress website, you will have the ability to be able to take care of all the metadata regarding all the items on the site.

Among these Google tag assistant plugin features is the option for the users to add their own custom meta tags, and certain character sets are supported for names, properties, and URLs for various products and categories of information.

When the plugin is installed, the user will be able to add meta tags to blog posts, as well as customize how the tags are displayed on the website once they have been installed.

In addition, users should be able to add universally applicable meta tags on your website so that they can appear on any page of your website, as well as on any article that you may also publish.

Moreover, Google and Yahoo have both been added as meta tags recently for Google, so that Google can check the pages from both of these search engines.

The plugin features an intuitive and easy-to-use visual representation of viewer statistics that is easily provided a visual representation of viewer statistics.

It allows you to add open graphs from Twitter, as well as any other social network websites that do not easily support search engine optimization SEO or meta tags through the use of HTML or plugins.

πŸ’΅ It’s free for the Lite version, and the Premium version costs $price.

Key Features:

  • Utilize Google Sitelinks, along with Sitelinks Search markup with Google Sitelinks
  • Enter a string for the type, such as β€˜name=”keyword”, or enter your own custom string
  • Open Graph information is displayed automatically on your home page
  • Depending on which Meta Tags you choose, certain CPTs, Taxonomies, or portions of your site can be attributed to those tags
  • Having configured your homepage will make it possible for you to automatically fill in Schema and Structured Data
  • The setting allows you to choose which Custom Post Types to support for adding meta tags to individual posts
  • Meta tags can be applied to items in various ways, including name, property, http-equiv, charset, and itemprop

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin does as its name implies, and the author responds quickly to bug fixes. I appreciate this plugin!

    jeffoviNov 2021

  • This has helped me a lot, so I strongly recommend it

    sabrinasoaresNov 2021

  • An excellent plugin. Easy to use.

    we-are-ferrisNov 2021

Metronet Tag Manager Plugin

Tracking Scripts Gathering Plugin In One Place

Getting Google Tag Manager integrated into your website is made very easy if you use the Metronet Tag Manager plugin.

It is a simple and easy-to-use tool that is available whenever you need it. Another advantage is that your tracking scripts can be organized and streamlined by utilizing the plugin.

Due to the unmanageability of the rules and the fact that all of the variables in the data layer must be set before the script can be executed, it is quite difficult for someone to create a script handler without access to the website’s source code.

Metronet Tag Manager comes into play in this scenario. It allows you to make your websites more sophisticated with the addition of more exotic features not available through ordinary coding.

The possibilities offered by Metronet Tag Manager can not be matched by ordinary scripts and codes. As well as making your website or blog function seamlessly, this plugin has many features that make its implementation unique.

It is not only capable of adding two variables for archives, but allows you to add as many variables as you like with regards to the data layer per post or page.

Using the six predefined variables will require you to upload them to your computer, where they can be edited, removed, or tested once they have been downloaded.

Once you have your variables on your computer, you can insert them as necessary into your essays. GTM is equipped with the TinyMCE tool in the WYSIWYG editor which allows hyperlinks to be marked up with identifiers and HTML events.

πŸ’΅ You can download the Lite version for free while the Pro version costs money.

Key Features:

  • With GTM TinyMCE, any content link can be configured to handle events
  • DataLayer provides six variables that can be modified, removed, and tested
  • With a click of a button, you can add as many dataLayer variables as you need to your posts or pages
  • Content links can be assigned a unique ID or class by selecting the GTM TinyMCE button from the WYSIWYG editor
  • Establish separate variables in the dataLayer for pages that are not posts, archive pages, etc

Random Reviews:

  • With this plugin, I was unable to verify the search console through tag manager. It places the code in the wrong place. Maybe I did something wrong, but that’s something you should investigate.

    paulbuikstraJul 2018

  • I am a Google Analytics trainer and students struggle with adding dataLayer variables. Your plugin simplifies this process – Thank You!

    laurieheerJul 2016

Google Tag Manager For WordPress Plugin

Analytics And Marketing Tags Manager Plugin For WordPress

For those who do not know where to put their money, you can use this Google Tag Manager for WordPress Plugin to deploy Google Analytics and marketing tags on your website automatically.

It has all the features you will need for professional website maintenance work. Introducing this innovative platform that enables you to edit the code on your website from the tool’s intuitive interface while at the same time;

The GTM plugin will take care of adding GTM container code for you as it supports multiple containers, which allows you to deliver enhanced functionality by incorporating additional container code.

This plugin allows you to manage all the tags on your WordPress website without learning to code or requiring the services of a developer. It integrates tag management solutions with an easy-to-use interface, so you are not required to know technical details.

With Google Tag Manager you can now automatically update your website with Google Analytics, so your conversions and website analytics continue to be managed more effectively.

Using Google Tag Manager, you can also keep the Google Analytics on your website updated automatically as it is dynamically updated.

Moreover, this WordPress plugin enables you to easily integrate third-party tags, such as those from Google and LinkedIn. It also incorporates several features that save you both time and money, including measures to improve security and error detection.

In addition, workspaces can be assigned to team members, and permissions can either be set up for specific individuals or a team at a national level. Additionally, multi-environment testing can be conducted simultaneously across multiple environments.

πŸ’΅ In the Lite version, the Google Tag Manager For WordPress plugin is free. The Premium version costs $price.

Key Features:

  • White-listing tags, triggers, and variables on your website can improve your website’s security
  • Provide users with access to current weather information via the data layer
  • Tags are triggered when a visitor scrolls down the page from top to bottom
  • GTM cannot use certain tags or variables, no matter how they are configured

Random Reviews:

  • There are few plugins as irreplaceable, or as critical, or with such few realistic alternates, as this one.
    The plugin works well. the developer is a really nice guy, going by his responses on the support forum, and the tutorials/how-to articles are everything one could wish for.

    superphysicsApr 2022

  • You’re welcome to use this free plugin

    faelmarcondeliApr 2022

  • A great plugin with great support. It works great! I would highly recommend it!

    toutpourmasanteApr 2022

Google Tag Manager For woocommerce PRO Plugin

Google Analytics And Tag Manager For WooCommerce Plugin

The GTM Google Tag Manager For WooCommerce PRO allows information about your products and services to be brought into the workspace, which is compatible with GA4 Commerce or UA Enhanced eCommerce.

Once the information is in the workspace, you can plug in any tool and utilize the data in any way you wish. The setup and execution of an integration normally involve a large number of variables and triggers, which is both time-consuming and difficult.

This extension contains pre-configured presets for four major tools on the market so that setting up and running the integration is remarkably easy.

Using Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce, your WooCommerce store is equipped with a container that facilitates integration with existing GTM installations, as well as the ability to inject GTM snippets directly into your WooCommerce settings.

Through this extension, you will be able to embed GTM directly onto your website without requiring any additional installation.

Once the extension has been activated, and GTM has been embedded onto your website, the extension starts generating eCommerce events within a dataLayer.

These events are compatible with both GA4 and UA formats, and they can also be adapted for other tools, such as Facebook Pixel.

GTM allows virtually all integrations, so anywhere data is needed to be sent from your shop for analysis and optimization, GTM can serve as your gateway.

This extension allows the import of packaged GTM presets into your workspace enabling data flow from GTM to specific tools with a few simple clicks while eliminating the need for a user to manually create every variable, trigger, and tag in GTM.

πŸ’΅ The price is $49.00, including all features plus 12 months of support time, as well as all plugins plus 1 year of updates.

Key Features:

  • With one extension, all the eCommerce events you need can be captured, emitted, and recorded
  • Within three clicks you can integrate Google Analytics GA4, Universal Analytics, and Facebook Pixel, along with packaged GTM settings
  • Prior to the transmission of any data using this software, the consent requirements set forth by the law must be manually entered by the user
  • The integration process is streamlined in order to prevent data repetition and ensure data consistency
  • The WooCommerce GTM platform is capable of integrating virtually any analytical and optimization tool


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