8 Best Domain Name Registrars Compared (2021)

Are you looking for the best domain registration site? You’ve come to the right place. 

The companies that register domain names are the ones where you can buy one for your website. Reserving your website’s name on the internet for a set period is an integral part of building a website. 

You can get tricked in so many ways when it comes to choosing a domain registrar, which is why we will compare their pros and cons so you can choose the best one.

What is a Domain Name Registrars? 

A domain name registration company is a company that provides its customers with the ability to purchase and register domain names. 

All domain name registration companies are accredited and regulated by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit organization responsible for managing domain names.

Among the many domain name registration sites, there may be helpful tools that enable you to find the exact name that reflects your business. 

You may also be able to choose between different extensions, such as .com, .edu, and .org, among many others. 

By using domain names, websites can create addresses that are easy to remember, such as betterstudio.com or google.com.

Ideally, you should also know that the domain name that you purchase will only last for a specified period. Therefore, the domain registrar will be the one to keep track of the expiration dates. Later on, you can use their renewal services to ensure that your registered name remains in force.

Domain Registrars: How to Choose the Best One? 

Registrars may offer different services in addition to domain name registration. Some registrars may charge low prices as part of their promotional offers. In contrast, others may give free add-ons for attracting customers.

It is essential to verify some points before choosing a domain registrar. And they are: 

1. Pricing & Registration Period: Make sure you know each domain plan’s registration period before purchasing. It is also necessary to be aware of its renewal services, grace period, and expiration policy. 

2. Domain Privacy and Security: Make sure the domain registrar you choose will follow the guidelines related to WHOIS privacy. It should also provide protection against domain hijacking. The hijacking happens when the domain registration information is changed without the owner’s consent.

3. The ability to search for domain names easily: This is an essential feature every domain registrar should have. You can make sure the registrar offers the domain name you need. 

4. Good Customer Support: A site that registers domain names must assist you with inquiries or problems. For this reason, you should check the response time of its customer support before registering a domain.

5. Other Add-on Services: You can get some useful extra features with the domain, such as web hosting, email forwarding, email management, website builder, and a free SSL certificate.

Let’s take a look at the best domain name registrars and see how they compare:

Domain.com : Website Domain Names, Online Stores & Hosting Provider

In terms of domain name registrars, Domain.com obviously has the best name. But that’s not all they are good at.

With Domain.com, you can get hosting, SSL certificates, and email for an additional charge, as well as domain privacy and DDoS protection bundled together.

You get domain management tools plus free WHOIS, bulk registration, easy transfers, easy DNS management, email accounts, and email forwarding as well as other features you might expect from a top domain registrar. The company even offers web hosting, so you can purchase it there if you want.

Domain.com is more than adequate with 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support in terms of support. While it does not offer the lowest prices, it does provide a very balanced package.

The registrar lacks a bulk keyword search for domains, so you’ll have to hunt through the options more than some others that search for 50 or 100 keywords at once.

Key Features:

  • Pricing is affordable for the majority of domain names
  • They provide professional website design
  • WHOIS Privacy and protection
  • Website building tools
  • Telephone and live chat support
  • There are no discounts for multi-year plans
  • Online website and store builders

Bluehost : Domain Names, Web Hosting , Search Engine Optimization, Servers, etc.

If you register a new domain through Bluehost, you will be able to manage and market your website easily using WordPress and Google tools.

Having the ability to manage both your hosting and domain name in one place makes it one of the best domain registrars.

The reason for our recommendation is simple-they offer an easy way for anyone (regardless of technical knowledge) to create a website, and we highly recommend them as the best web hosts.

The search system on Bluehost makes it easy to find your preferred domain (or alternative options if your first choice is not available).

Additionally, you can protect your personal information with domain privacy, so all your profile info is hidden from public view (via Whois).

A few of our small websites are hosted by BlueHost. Their chat support is helpful when we need it, and they pre-install WordPress for us.

As part of Bluehost, you will also have access to Google Ad Services with security features, including free SSL certificates, malware detection, and automatic security updates.

Anyone can manage their domain names with the Bluehost domain manager via a simple dashboard. They also offer a free SSL certificate, which other domain registrars try to sell you as an add-on.

Getting a Bluehost bundle to get a free domain name is a good idea if you’re starting a website. However, you’re not sure what you’ll do after the first year.

Key Features:

  • The first year of hosting comes with a free domain name
  • WHOIS privacy protection
  • Email hosting Microsoft 365
  • With live chat and 24/7 phone support
  • With competitive rates for domain registration
  • Excellent value hosting bundle deal with live chat assistance
  • 100% money-back guarantee 30 days
  • To decide whether to renew a domain name automatically
  • Pricing starts at $2.75 per month
  • Services include marketing and website design
  • Complimentary security features and marketing functionality

HostGator : Domain Name and Web Hosting Provider

HostGator offers various services, including web hosting and domain registration. As a domain registrar, it offers over 100 TLDs that you can choose from, including .com, .store, .biz, and .org. The domain extensions .io and .org are not offered by HostGator.

You can quickly find a domain name suitable for your business with their domain search tool. There is a very user-friendly and well-documented area of their website for domain management, making it easier for you to transfer your domains.

Each HostGator plan includes several features, including WordPress one-click installations, unlimited disk space, and free WordPress/cPanel website transfers. A free SSL certificate is available with unlimited bandwidth, and 99.9% uptime is guaranteed with this domain registrar.

HostGator also gives you a free site transfer for your first year, as well as a free domain. If you are interested in advertising, an extra $150 of credit can be used to get started on Google Ads.

Key Features:

  • Free site transfer
  • A free domain name for the first year
  • 100% uptime
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • They offer bundles of web services
  • Live chat and phone support 24 hours a day

NameCheap : Domain Name Registrar

NameCheap is a domain registrar based in Phoenix, AZ, hosting over 9 million domain names. They have around 2.5% of the market share.

Namecheap is known as one of the cheapest registrars. They will also help you transfer any domains you may have registered with another service.

NameCheap provides free WHOIS privacy for domain registrations as long as you use them as your registrar. NameCheap charges extra for DDoS protection and SSL certificates. Additionally, the company offers services like web hosting, VPNs, and email for an additional fee.

This is why NameCheap is one of the best domain registrars. Free domain privacy, fair registration fees, and low renewal costs make NameCheap an ideal domain registrar.

In Namecheap’s billing system, prices are clearly displayed in the shopping cart, as well as the option to turn off auto-renewal. You may contact Namecheap by calling their live chat line during business hours if you have any questions.

You can create professional email addresses with your domain name using email forwarding. Keep all your messages in your primary Gmail account or create another free one.

It has an excellent knowledge base that is helpful and thorough. Domain buying and setting up isn’t something many people know how to do. The process isn’t something you do regularly.

Key Features:

  • Domain for free for the first year
  • One year of free Positive SSL certificates
  • A wide range of add-on services
  • Friendly, knowledgeable customer service available 24/7
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Several dedicated hosting options are available
  • It’s easy to purchase a domain name on Namecheap
  • A simple and intuitive domain management panel is also a plus
  • A VPN service can help you keep your privacy
  • The quick and simple checkout process
  • Full DNS management access
  • With free email forwarding

Network Solutions : Web Hosting and Domain Names for Any Business

A domain name should be locked down as soon as possible. You want to own your prime property on the web without worrying about renewals with a domain name.

Unlike other registrars out there, Network Solutions lets you secure your domain for anything from one year to 100 years.

Let’s be clear – no one knows if the internet as we know it will be around in 100 years, let alone your business. Whatever the case, this is an indication that Network Solutions goes above and beyond to protect your online presence.

Many companies with brands or identities tied to their domains fail to renew their domains daily. If they choose to redeem their domain, they can spend around $200 or more to buy their domain.

As one of the largest domain registrars, Network Solutions offers services such as website building, security tools, business email addresses, online marketing, SEO, and even IT support.

It also shows you premium domains in the search results. Use the tool to quickly see available domain names.

You can use major credit cards and PayPal at Network Solutions, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, you are not eligible for a refund if you have already registered the domain name.

While Network Solutions offers SSL certificates (although they can be purchased separately), it does not offer as many free extras as other registrars.

From the point of presenting an offer through to transfer of the domain name, Network Solutions takes care of the entire process. This is presented anonymously and with no payments to the seller until the domain is transferred.

Key Features:

  • You can register a domain for up to 100 years
  • 24/7 customer service available online or over the phone
  • It’s the oldest domain registrar around
  • You get a free email for your business
  • Site builder included
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Beginner-friendly

DreamHost : Domain Names and Web Hosting For Your Purpose

Among DreamHost‘s hosting options is WordPress hosting, which is priced the same for website hosting and WordPress migrations, with private registration and WHOIS privacy for free subdomains.

It’s no surprise that Dreamhost offers hosting as an upsell. You’ll receive domain privacy for free, but there are no options for DDoS protection. There is email hosting available and the option to transfer your domain.

For $8.99 / year, you can register a domain name with them without having to purchase hosting, including free private registration.

DreamHost offers more than 400 different TLDs and comes with all the tools that you would expect from a large provider like DreamHost when it comes to domain management.

Domain registration from Dreamhost is cheaper for the first year, but renewals are expensive. It might be an attractive option if you also plan to use Dreamhost for your web hosting.

Key Features:

  • Easy access to pricing information
  • Free domain privacy protection
  • Free WordPress migration
  • Free SSL certificate
  • A fair price for the .io extension
  • Managed WordPress hosting from DreamPress
  • Ranked #1 by industry experts
  • 100 percent uptime
  • For a minimal renewal fee

BuyDomains : Find a Premium Domain & Open Your Doors

There are other companies on the list, but BuyDomains only provides premium domains and not domain registration! Premium domains are pre-registered domains that are now available for purchase through third-party domain providers.

It’s more like an auction site for former domains with a high value. Therefore, if you cannot find suitable domain names and have the budget, you can search BuyDomains for a premium domain name.

In the case of a domain name that is available on other domain registrars, Buydomains will not show you that name. Instead, you will see similar domain names that are available for sale.

You must move your domain to a regular domain registrar after purchasing the one you want from BuyDomains for privacy and renewal.

Buying a domain name from BuyDomains is an excellent option if you are looking for a premium name that was previously registered. You can find some great domain names for businesses, and you can get some good deals on the site.

Key Features:

  • Domains that are unique and difficult to find
  • No add-ons or upsells
  • Branding potential Domains that are unique and challenging to find
  • Domain Search using smart filters
  • Receive customized domain name alerts when they are updated

Hover : Domains Name Registator

It’s a relatively new domain registration site that offers full WHOIS privacy with quick and easy domain service. You can choose from hundreds of appealing domain names with Hover.

It was founded in 2008 by Tucows Corporation, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, based in Portland, Oregon, Canada.

Occasionally, Hover offers discounts on specific domain extensions. You can register a domain for up to ten years, but bulk renewals are discounted by Hover.

So, with a multi-year plan, you can save on 10 or more domains after the first year (reductions apply to multi-year plans as well). For example, if you register 10 domains for two years each, the second year for each domain gets a discount.

There are three email-related extras to choose from: email forwarding at $5 a year, a 10GB email account for $20, a 1TB inbox with file sharing, a calendar, and more for $39.

In addition to accepting a variety of credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay, they also offer an array of payment options as well.

You get access to account bonuses like email forwarding, vacation autoresponder, and anti-spam/virus tools if you choose to use Hover as your domain’s email service provider. Hover supports IMAP, POP, and Webmail accounts.

Support is available via email and chat, but not 24/7. It is available between 8 am and 8 pm (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday and 12 pm to 5 pm on weekends.

The discount for bulk domains from Hover makes it an excellent choice for those who need more than one domain.

Key Features:

  • Private Whois information is included for free
  • With bulk domain registration
  • Fair renewal pricing
  • Free domain privacy
  • Email service provided by a professional
  • Telephone and live chat support
  • Changing fee schedule for domain transfers
  • There is no website hosting
  • Filtering for search results


Our team researched the most popular domain name registrations, and we have gathered the most suitable domain registrars regarding them. Choose one of these registrars that is the best fit for you.

However, we recommend Domain.com for its best features and services.

The purpose of this post is to assist you with finding the provider that will work best for your needs.

If you have any questions, let us know right here in the comments section. You can also share this post across your social networks to show your support.

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