8 Best Form Builders for WordPress (Free & Paid)

Best form builder for wordpress

re you looking for the best tool to build forms in WordPress? We tried and tested the most popular form builders in the market to see what they have to offer. In this guide, we list out the best WordPress form builders so that you can pick the right one for your site.

1. WPForms

WPForms is hands down the best form builder for WordPress. You’ll find dozens of templates that are ready to go. Plus, it comes with a drag-and-drop interface making it easy to create and customize any form you want.

With WPForms, you can build contact, signup, registration, booking, billing forms, and more. You can even run surveys and polls on your site.

Added to that, the form comes with smart features that make it easy to automate and manage your forms. So for instance, you can set up automated email notifications to alert your team when a form has been submitted. At the same time, you can also send the user a confirmation email that you’ve received their submission.

You can make your forms conversational, show/hide form fields based on user input, and save partially-filled form data.

The best part is that every form you create has built-in spam protection. To amp up security, you can even add Captcha protection to them with just a few clicks.

WPForms has a free and premium plugin so you can get started with this form builder no matter your budget.

Take a look at these powerful features of WPForms

  • Drag and drop visual builder
  • 100+ form templates
  • Responsive mobile-friendly designs
  • Smart conditional logic
  • Instant notifications
  • Email integrations
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Easy entry management

Get started with WPForms!

Free version: Yes

Premium plugin: Starts at $49.50 per year with a 100% no-risk moneyback guarantee

2. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a powerful form builder that lets you build simple forms to complex multi-page forms. Aside from regular forms like contact and registration forms, you can even create directory, calendar, and listing views.

You can add file uploads, conditional logic, and calculations to your forms. You can also make your form fields dynamic where they automatically populate fields with saved entries and user metadata.

Formidable Forms is also developer-friendly with customizable HTML and 125+ hooks.

Here are the key features of Formidable Forms

  • Premade templates
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Save and continue
  • Star ratings
  • Advanced calculations
  • Built-in captcha
  • Multi-page forms
  • Repeater fields

Get started with Formidable Forms

Free version: Yes

Premium plugin: Starts at $39.50 per year with a 14-day unconditional moneyback guarantee

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the best lead generation tool for WordPress. If your focus is on getting more leads and subscribers, and driving sales, OptinMonster is the tool for you.

You can create optin forms inside popups, floating bars, scroll boxes, and more. Then you can add display rules to target your users at the right time and place.

These rules are so powerful, you can target users based on their location, device, interests, and behavior on your site. To give you an example, you can set up a popup that detects when the user is exiting your site and they have items left in their cart. The popup can then appear offering the user a discount if they check out now.

Like this, you can target users if they’re visiting your site for the first time, if they’re browsing a specific product or page, and so much more.

Here are the key features of OptinMonster

  • 100+ templates
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Dozens of campaign types
  • Powerful targeting rules
  • Onsite retargeting
  • Email intefrations
  • A/B testing
  • Built-in analytics

Get started with OptinMonster!

Free version: No

Premium plugin: Starts at $9 per month with a 14-day unconditional moneyback guarantee

4. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a visual form builder for WordPress that lets you create custom forms and flows. You can capture leads, automate workflows, and collect payments.

If data security is a priority, Gravity Forms is the form builder for you. It has state-of-the-art security measures to keep your data safe.

The downside is that there’s no free plan, money-back guarantee, or trial period. You can request a demo of the form builder.

Free version: No

Premium plugin: Starts at $59 per year

5. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms makes form building easy. It has a user-friendly interface that’s easy for anyone to use without any coding skills whatsoever.

It comes with all the form fields you need including radio lists, confirm, recaptcha, star rating, and more. If you need more advanced fields, you can buy add-ons like conditional logic, layout and styles, multi-step forms, and save progress. With addons, you can accept file uploads, payments, and donations,

Every form you build will easily match your WordPress theme’s design.

Here are the key features of Ninja Forms

  • Beginner friendly
  • Customizable templates
  • Mobile friendly
  • Export to PDF, Excel, and Google Sheets
  • Accept payments and donations
  • Easy GDPR compliance
  • Sharable public form links

Get started with Ninja Forms

Free version: Yes

Premium plugin: Starts at $49 per year with a 14-day 100% moneyback guarantee

6. HubSpot Forms

HubSpot Forms is a free online form builder. It’s called a WYSIWYG builder (What you see is what you get). This means you can design your form as it will appear on your site.

If you’re using HubSpot CRM, you’ll love syncing this form builder with your CRM account. Every time someone submits a form, the info will automatically be added to your CRM database.

The free version of this tool will bear the HubSpot branding. If you want to remove it, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Here are the Key Features of HubSpot Forms

  • Conversion-ready forms
  • Customizable call to action
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Automatic CRM filler
  • Analytics

Get started with HubSpot Forms!

Free version: Yes

Premium plugin: Starts at $45 per month to subscribe to the Marketing Hub

7. Formstack

Formstack is a drag and drop form builder with powerful automation features. You can set up workflows to collect, review, edit, and collaborate on form data.

This is more of a data collection and management tool. If you’re looking to collect leads, then WPForms or OptinMonster is the better choice.

With Formstack, you can use prebuilt templates to create your forms. Then, you can automate the creation of PDFs, Word docs, and other files.

You can pull form data into documents, collect signatures, send files into storage, and much more. This tool will help you slash admin time so that you can focus on growing your site.

Here are the Key Features of Formstack

  • 300+ templates
  • Automated workflows
  • Conditional logic
  • Easy embed and share options
  • Centralized data management
  • Integrates with Zapier, Google Sheets, & Microsoft


Free version: 14-day trial

Premium plugin: Starts at $50 per month

8. Forminator

Forminator from WPMU Dev is a form builder that’s easy for anyone to use. You can set up and add forms to your site in a few clicks.

It lets you build simple forms like contact and registration forms. You can also use it to run interactive polls, quizzes, and calculations. It even lets you accept payments, donations, and down payments.

The form builder is free to use. If you want the eSignature feature, you’ll want to upgrade to the pro version. When you buy the premium plan, you’ll also get access to the full WPMU Dev Hub with other pro plugins like Defender Pro, Smush Pro, Snapshot Pro, and more.

Here are the key features of Forminator

  • Multi-file upload
  • Multi-step forms
  • Easy form management
  • ReCaptcha and hCaptcha
  • GDPR ready
  • Plenty of third-party integrations


Free version: Yes.

Premium plugin: Starts at $7.5 per month with a 7-day free trial

That’s our list of the top WordPress form builders. We’ve covered plugins that help you collect leads as well as tools to collect and organize data. Next, if you’re still wondering which one to choose, we’ll give you our top pick.

Which is the Best WordPress Form Builder

Every form builder in this list has something unique to offer. Our #1 pick goes to WPForms.

It’s easy to use and comes with advanced features that you can benefit from even if you don’t have technical skills.

It’s free for anyone to use so you can get started without dropping a penny for it. As your blog grows, you can upgrade to higher plans depending on the features you need.

With WPForms, here are a few of the things you can do:

  • Maximize lead generation with contact, registration, appointment forms, and more
  • Collect data with surveys and polls
  • Automate workflows like email notifications and confirmations
  • Make your site interactive with conversational forms
  • Use conditional logic to show/hide form fields to relevant users
  • Save partial form entries
  • Integrate your email marketing accounts
  • Sell products and collect payments

With WPForms, there really are no limits You’ll get great customer support too if you ever face any issues. So we give WPForms a thumbs up.

For more on this plugin, see: WPForms Review for Bloggers: The Best Form Builder?

If you’re ready to get started right away, you’ll find our tutorial helpful: How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress [Step-by-Step].

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