8 Best Wiki Knowledge Base WordPress Plugins 📙 2022 (Free & Pro)

Would you like to find one of the best WordPress Wiki plugins for WordPress?

This article will discover the best WordPress plugins for Wikis on the market today and helpful suggestions for unique situations. The plugins highlighted here come with out-of-the-box features and can be used with the latest WordPress themes.

Despite all that, all the plugins listed below are for the Wiki. You are trying to find the exact Wiki plugin, but it isn’t the same as the Wiki plugin? Those plugins are also functional for Knowledge Base, Wiki Dictionary, Documentation, Encyclopedia, and Knowledged base software. Choose the WordPress plugin that fits your site and levels it up.

Best WordPress Wiki Knowledge Base Plugins 📙

The following is the list of the best Wiki WordPress plugins in 2022:

Helpie Plugin

Modern WordPress Knowledge Base Wiki Plugin

Helpie WordPress Plugin is one of the most advanced and powerful WP plugins to manage knowledge bases and wikis. This is the first plugin with full-featured wiki feature integration, such as a frontend editor that anyone can use to add content directly from the frontend interface.

Revisions done by the users are displayed in the revision system. If needed, the administrator can approve any modification and revert to a previous revision. Also, you can configure capability settings for users such as ‘who can edit articles,’ ‘who can publish articles,’ and ‘who can approve revisions and articles.’

Apart from this, the site offers a variety of features such as life ajax browsing, features restricting user access, password protection, article voting, and a table of contents.

Among other valuable features, this plugin supports breadcrumbs shortcode, integrates with page builders like Elementor, and has numerous new templates.

Using this plugin, you can create a community and collaborate with your team members so they can make contributions to your support site. Moreover, provide your users with the means of participating in the support process, resulting in an integrated and community-led support process.

You can choose from many beautiful themes with this plugin. Choose from a variety of demo templates to develop your wiki site. Using the Elementor page builder, you can further enhance the built-in style options for the support documents.

💵 Plugin Helpie cost $600.

Key Features:

  • The ability to view, edit, publish or approve based on your permissions
  • The control factors are the logged-in status, the role of the registered user, the username, all, or none
  • Discover what people view, search for, like and dislike, and so much more
  • It provides an easy way for anyone, be it your team or your community, to contribute
  • Ability to easily plan without sweat and share your exciting event with your friends
  • Articles just by limiting the access granted on the topic, article, or global levels
  • Controls can easily be excluded and included based on these factors

BetterDocs Theme

Manage Knowledge Base Documentations For WordPress

BetterDocs Theme - Manage Knowledge Base Documentations For WordPress

BetteDocs is one of the several powerful WordPress plugins for knowledge bases that you can use to increase the visibility of your customer support section. When it comes to creating a complete customer service portal, it comes with the most comprehensive solution available on the market.

By making it easy for your users to find information on your support portal and turning it into a self-help section, you give your support team the time to focus on other essential issues to your business.

For the knowledge base section of your site, the plugin comes with a lovely ready-to-use design template that makes it easier and less time-consuming for you to do it every time.

Several shortcodes allow you to customize a particular website section per your needs through the website builder. By having a scrollable table of content, users will have an easier time finding content on the site. A feature also allows users to quickly perform a live search to find answers.

If you have created a complete knowledge base for your product or service, you can easily save hours of your time since your customers can easily find answers to most of their questions on your support portal once you have created it.

You’ll also gain the confidence of your potential customers by offering a comprehensive support portal. Start by installing a good support portal plugin like BetterDocs.


Key Features:

  • Document your knowledge base to reduce support tickets, increase productivity, and improve user experience
  • Use beautiful, ready-made layouts to make your documentation page look user-friendly and stunning in seconds.
  • Automatically generate a Table of Content in help articles by using bullet points.
  • Set your documentation page settings, or add shortcodes, widgets, and more to customize
  • Access your know-how base right from the chat window by providing your customers with access to documents

WP Knowledgebase Plugin

Knowledge base & Documentation Plugin

WP Knowledgebase plugin makes it possible to build attractive professional knowledge bases. There are many configuration options, and it is straightforward to use.

The WordPress Knowledgebase plugin provides a comprehensive set of instructions for getting started. All menu items are easily accessible in the dashboard sidebar after installation.

Several options for customizing this wiki plugin are available, including theme colors, sidebar layouts, and the number of displayed articles. For each section in the knowledge base wiki, sidebar widgets are also available for searching, sorting, and categorizing.

Furthermore, this knowledge base plugin is equipped to re-arrange articles and categories using drag-and-drop. As visitors type in the search bar, predictive text will improve navigation.

Users can place widgets to collect feedback, look at search analytics, and restrict content to specific users using the premium wiki plugin. You can customize your catalog presentation, including the colors, sidebar layouts, and the number of articles displayed.

There is also a drag and drop feature to reorder articles. This plugin helps you create categories on your site, integrated breadcrumbs, editable slugs, and a lot more—all of which are valuable features of the plugin.

💵 You can choose between a pro version and a free version. The pro version costs $74.00.

Key Features:

  • Provide your users with the opportunity to comment on your knowledge base articles
  • Get a handle on what your users search for on your documentation website.
  • Provide a list of related documentation articles at the bottom of an article so your users can find answers to their questions
  • Instead of the theme’s default template files, use any template files in your folder.
  • Specify what roles or individual users are allowed to access your documentation

Random Reviews:

  • I recommend this plugin for maintaining a KB and for the fast, friendly support it comes with. Many, Many Thanks!

    javierobcnNov 2020

  • Making a knowledge base, guides, encyclopedias, etc., is easy. Br> It is easy to ad articles. Br> And they provide great and fast support for their customers! Br>

    daszaNov 2020

  • Fantastic support – great plugin

    chiemseerocksNov 2020

WP Glossary Plugin

Encyclopedia, Wiki Dictionary For WordPress

WP Glossary is one of the best glossary plugins for WordPress that can create a glossary of terms on your website that can serve as an encyclopedia, a lexicographer, a knowledge base, and a dictionary.

Due to a custom post type, you can access an entire editor with this plugin. In addition to your existing post types, the new post types can be used for your existing ones.

One of the unique features of this plugin is the ability to display glossaries with animation effects and hyperlinks to terms and post pages for improved SEO functionality. This plugin display tooltips to visitors who hover over the content using a variety of custom styles and shortcodes.

Using WP Glossary, you can create your glossary of terms and include them in your online encyclopedia or Wiki site. This type of plugin allows you to create custom post types, as well as be able to edit your posts.

Unlike the default English alphabet, it provides users with a set of customizable filter letters and alphabets, making it easier to use. It is possible to add filters for other languages and the English alphabet.

The plugin can be used with any theme or plugin that works with WordPress. Moreover, it automatically links back to a separate term definition page after selecting highlighted terms, providing an optimization benefit for search engines.

💵 Take advantage of the advanced features of WP Glossary’s plugin for $11.25.

Key Features:

  • Added support for custom/existing post types
  • Create unlimited glossaries on your website easily
  • Use any existing post type instead of the plugin’s default
  • Changing the glossary term slug/SEO keyword is possible
  • Choose the format of the glossary terms listing page
  • The listing filter allows you to enable/disable empty alphabets/categories
  • allowing you to index terms alphabetically or based on keywords accompanied by nice animation effects

Random Reviews:

  • I love the support team. Best plugins.

    snahmetkayaMar 2021

  • Br>Best Glossar plugin and fast support.

    werdesmarterMay 2021

  • One of the best plugins in this category.

    ahmetekinlerApr 2022

Wikiomatic Plugin

Automatic Post Generator Plugin for WordPress

Wikiomatic Automatic Post Generator Plugin for WordPress is an advanced plugin used to import Wikipedia posts into WordPress, ideal for automatic posting on Wikipedia.

Combined with Google Knowledge Graph API, Wikipedia API turns your website into a money-making machine or a blog that automatically blogs for you. The goal of Wikipedia is to make it possible for anyone to edit articles.

Of the top ten most popular websites, Wikipedia is the biggest and most popular general reference work on the Internet. Your business will likely benefit from the site by generating traffic and gaining prospects.

Wikipedia’s database allows users to import posts with articles, images, videos, and sounds. You can automate the creation of posts within WordPress by using this plugin.

You can use Regex to parse imported content and then use the information to create customized variables (like getting the date of birth, location, etc.). This plugin is supported by Google Translate, so you can type your articles in the language of your choice.

With the support of Text Spinner, the generated texts are automatically modified by changing the words with their synonyms promoting SEO, which is a great advantage.

It has an option for customizing the developed post status (public, draft, pending, private, trash). With this plugin, you can easily automate the generation of post categories or tags based on items on the marketplace.

💵 With this plugin, you also get free support for 12 months. The Wikiomatic plugin is priced at $29.00.

Key Features:

  • Automate the process of creating a featured image
  • Edit the title, content, and shortcodes of posts (with the integrated wide variety of post shortcodes)
  • The ability to enable or disable comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks for the generated post
  • Generating posts, pages, or other types of custom posts
  • The ‘Keyword Replacer Tool’ is designed to substitute your affiliate links for keywords anywhere they appear on your site
  • Put some constraints on publishing: no posts without images, short/long titles, and content
  • Adding categories or tags to posts manually

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin works perfectly for me and has excellent support from Szabi. Recommended.

    HenrikFAug 2020

  • This script’s support was the best I’ve experienced buying scripts on CodeCanyon. Fast and courteous responses to questions at all times. I highly recommend this script.

    zonzJan 2019

Echo Knowledge Base Plugin

Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs

WordPress sites can be integrated with Echo Knowledge Base, a popular freemium knowledge base application with unbelievable features for its users.

With such an easy-to-use plugin, it is simple to take advantage of any layout you wish, thanks to its setup and basic configuration. The basic version of Echo Knowledge Base is available for free.

Those who wish to expand their knowledge base can browse the developers’ website to find information about them and their library of paid add-ons. Add-ons available for these tools allow you to control access rights, analyze search metrics, etc.

There is the option for multi-pronged purchasing of add-ons when purchasing this plugin. When you use this plugin on your site’s support section, you will find it very helpful while working on it.

This plugin enables you with all the necessary functionality to create your knowledge base for your product with all the information you require.

Suppose you decide to use the Echo Knowledge Base plugin. In that case, you can fully customize the design of your support section, which can be seen on the support page. Several different themes and color schemes are included to ensure that your site will be entirely suited to your requirement.

💵 There is a Free plugin named Echo Knowledge Base.

Key Features:

  • Create Frequently Asked Questions with shortcodes and templates
  • Access control, as well as other features, are available as add-ons
  • Easy frontend editor lets you customize your theme without coding
  • Results displayed in a fast search bar
  • Organizing articles and categories alphabetically, chronologically, or in any other manner
  • Documents can be tagged or have breadcrumbs, back buttons, and comments added
  • Create five levels of hierarchy for your articles and categories

Random Reviews:

  • The support team helped me until I fixed a problem with this plugin. I am very thankful.

    streamingdevideoApr 2022

  • Good Support and good basic features

    frankeeeMar 2022

  • It is easy to use and intuitive, and even if you have a question, the support team will be there to help you quickly and professionally. I would give it more stars if I could. Thank you for this great plugin!

    sandraschmidtMar 2022

Encyclopedia Plugin

Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki For WordPress

Encyclopedia WordPress’s free WordPress plugin allows you to create an encyclopedia, a wiki, a dictionary, and more on your WordPress website. The knowledge base tool will allow you to create, manage, view, and present your knowledge base in any format you prefer and integrate seamlessly into your WordPress website.

The plugin will allow you to crosslink your website content and maintain your glossary, which will help you optimize your search engine rankings.

Among its other features are auto-generated index pages, an SEO-friendly URL structure, the option to tag and categorize items, and support for WPML multilingual plugin so that your content will appear in your choice of language.

This WordPress content management system offers you many intelligent features, including automatic crosslinking for each of the articles in our content and an easy way of managing your content using WordPress.

Putting a prefix filter on the results can generate an auto-generated index with all items at the top, ordered alphabetically. Each item has its web page, so their URLs are all unique.

With the help of tags and categories, you can classify your items in various ways. Your tags and categories are then separated from those attached to the posts that you have created. In your post and page, you will be able to see links automatically appear between the items (crosslinking).

It is also possible for you to define the window target for the links when viewing the list of automatically linked articles.


Key Features:

  • All the articles appearing in your post and page contents are automatically linked by crosslinking.
  • A unique URL is associated with each item.
  • Provide a system of automatically associating related items based on their common tags
  • All UTF-8-compliant languages (including Latin, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and Turkish) are supported.
  • An alphabetic A-Z filter above single view and archive index pages allows letter-by-letter item filtering.
  • Structured URLs that conform to SEO guidelines for all types of pages

Random Reviews:

  • While the plugin is excellent, the support is nonexistent, and the programmer is outrageously cheeky. I’ve never encountered anything quite like it before!

    nielsalbrechtApr 2022

  • There’s no free version. It’s limited to 12 entries, so it can’t be used. It’s just an advertisement. The paid version costs 49 euros, making it one of the most expensive plugins. Save time, don’t download.

    athabaskaApr 2021

BuddyPress Docs Plugin

Collaborative Work Spaces For WordPress

Another exciting plugin we can name is BuddyPress Docs. This plugin is the right choice for community sites powered by the BuddyPress community plugin and looking for the best wiki plugin. This plugin has different privacy settings, making it one of the most comprehensive plugins for WordPress.

It’s possible to link it to a group, a user with a customized privacy setting that you want. There are several reasons why you might wish to use the plugin. One is to allow you to upload private documents to share them with other users or groups on the site while they are not accessible to the public.

When managing an intranet site through BuddyPress, you might be curious about the option of sharing documents with groups of users. BuddyPress comes with version history to keep everyone on the same page as they manage the project and make it easy to go back and forth between them.

Groups and users may be assigned documents linked to each document with varying levels of privacy. This plugin includes the ability to upload documents in fully private mode. Also, documents can be sorted and filtered based on their tags.

The other exciting feature of this plugin is that installing that, detection and auto-saving of idle time, one-at-a-time protection against overwrites, and editor-at-a-time is easier than ever.

💵 The plugin is free of charge. There are no costs involved.

Key Features:

  • It prevents overwriting by letting only one editor work at a time, plus idle detection/autosaves
  • Filterable and sortable data for documents
  • Uploading fully private documents
  • Manage the site admin’s documents through the admin dashboard
  • The ability to link documents with groups or individual users, with various levels of privacy

Random Reviews:

  • Thank you very much for this awesome collaborative documents plugin. It works wonderfully. Best regards.

    wplike75Oct 2021

  • Another request: allow friends or specific persons to read, edit and comment on documents.

    dfr01Dec 2020

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