8 Best WooCommerce Custom Notification Plugins πŸ”” 2022 (Free & Pro)

Are you trying to find the best WordPress Notification plugin but need help determining which one is best?

The best WordPress plugins for notifications are discussed in this text. We will give you some suggestions based on different scenarios as a final recommendation. WordPress plugins are mobile-friendly, speed-optimized, and will work with the top WordPress themes.

We compiled our list of WordPress plugins for notifications. The WordPress plugins also include plugins that can be used with WooCommerce Custom Notifications, WooCommerce Order Notifications, Custom WooCommerce Notifications, Live Sales Notification WordPress Plugin, WooCommerce Order Notification Email, WooCommerce Product Notification Plugin, SMS Notification Plugin, and Push Notifications Plugin.

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The following are the top WordPress plugins for Notification in 2022:

Advanced Notifications by WooCommerce Plugin

Easy Setup of u0022New Orderu0022 and Stock Email Notifications

Advanced Notifications allows you to send push notifications to users of your WooCommerce website about any information they need. Users can be notified about new orders, product stockouts, or any other information you want to communicate with them.

By using WooCommerce, you can communicate your sales data to your staff and your customers at the same time. Your suppliers will also receive notifications of your live sales and the stock levels of your products when you run out of a product.

Shippers will also receive notifications of any new products you have ordered from them. It is possible to create the recipient’s information and contact information using the WooCommerce Order Notification email plugin, such as their email address, etc.

Additionally to these WooCommerce notifications, you can send them any type of message you feel is appropriate for each product. Each product contains its information, and news can also be customized.

You can use this WooCommerce product notification plugin to automate your eCommerce website’s process and enhance your sales through an improved engagement rate.

πŸ’΅ It costs $29.00 with 12-month support.

Key Features:

  • Whenever your site’s users make a purchase, a notification is sent
  • Use WooCommerce order notifications for any notification
  • Refund requests will also be notified with Advanced Notification
  • Customer and supplier notifications can be selected from several options

Woomotiv Plugin

Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce Plugin

Woomotiv can be described as a live sales notification for Woocommerce sites. It allows new customers to see that your site is active and of trustworthiness to transact business with.

Using the live sales notification for WordPress plugin, you can customize the text and layout of the message to make it more appealing to your store’s visitors.

Your potential customers can see sales notifications for specific products and categories and proper orders with them. You can also display sales notifications directly on the product and cart pages. Beautiful templates are available to select from based on the design of your website.

If you own a WooCommerce store, you would likely like visitors to become customers as soon as possible.

The average online shopper will click around an online store for about 97% of the time without completing a purchase or using the service.

There is one problem that affects all online stores, and that is the lack of trust among customers. WooCommerce Notification can significantly improve this situation.

πŸ’΅ The Premium version is $49.00 and the Lite version is free.

Key Features:

  • The ability to display messages for reviews
  • Creates an urgent feeling within the organization
  • Reports tailored to your specific needs
  • Increases conversion rates, which is crucial for businesses
  • Displays the popularity of your Woocommerce store
  • Provides a list of products that are trending at the moment
  • Provides trust in your online store
  • Notifications concerning recent sales/random sales

Random Reviews:

  • It’s great to have the plugin! Thank you!

    JA2022Oct 2022

  • Worked well and boosted sales; thanks

    garangolApr 2022

  • Mr. Sabri created an awesome plugin for no cost, and I would like to thank him for that.

    johnadams1979Jan 2022

Email Verification for WooCommerce Plugin

Email Verification Integration to The WooCommerce Store

With Email Verification for WooCommerce, email verification is now available for your WooCommerce-based store.

Users can confirm their email address upon registering or visiting your site; for the first time. Additionally, unverified emails can be manually verified and resent through the dashboard’s intuitive interface.

Users may also ignore the verification process based on their role; for example, administrators are not required to verify by default.

Maintaining a clean user base and only retaining valid users is essential to the success of your business. Automating the process of removing verified users on a weekly or daily basis is a great way to accomplish this.

The verification link can also be sent separately or in the email containing the WooCommerce notification β€˜Customer new account.’

The verification email does not need to be added to the custom email created by a third-party plugin. You can add a third-party plugin to the email if you do not use a third-party plugin.

Should you send the verification email separately to the customers, you may delay sending the β€˜Customer new account’ email until after they have verified their accounts.

πŸ’΅ A Pro version for $39.00 and a Free version is available.

Key Features:

  • Re-verify email activation link manually by admin
  • Unverified users can be deleted
  • Registering new users requires email verification
  • Select roles can skip email verification
  • Allow email verification for existing users
  • verification messages can be customized

Random Reviews:

  • This plugin has great free functionality – the support was excellent and very helpful in solving a customization issue.

    MasidusNov 2022

  • When the user logs in, it will appear 502 Bad Gateway when the email verification is enabled on registration.

    PeterOct 2022

WooCommerce Notification Plugin

Using Real-time Orders As Social Proof and Buyer Validation

A WooCommerce Notification allows you to display custom notifications for WooCommerce about recent orders in a popup window for more effective order management.

The plugin also allows you to display customer information such as a photo, a name, a product image, and the time an item was purchased in the notification popup. It also provides shortcodes for displaying any information you choose.

Furthermore, you can easily create social proof for your shop by displaying orders on the front end. You can show orders in real-time to develop a sense of urgency and increase customer loyalty if you already receive a high traffic volume.

It can be used with categories or based on newly launched products to create counterfeit orders. Suppose you want to attract customers to newly launched products. In that case, you can use the plugin to create fake orders for your recently released products.

Using the WooCommerce order notification plugin, you can monitor WooCommerce orders remotely and set up several messages to be notified when an order is placed.

With the plugin’s powerful customization capabilities, you can customize your notification’s background color, image position, border radius, and more. There are 22 template options available. Select the template which is most appropriate for your website.

Likewise, advanced users can select which pages will receive notifications and delay the appearance of popups through a notification sound.

πŸ’΅ With $30.00, you will get 12 months of support for this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Display virtual orders in the order book
  • Templates with 22 pre-built feature
  • Support for multiple information shortcodes
  • Show WooCommerce orders in real-time
  • Dismiss notification at the right time
  • CSS support for notification customization
  • Reports for live sales on pages

Random Reviews:

  • I am very grateful for this great plugin. It has helped me a lot, and I am thrilled with it. It is always up-to-date, and it has good code quality. Translations are not problematic. Thank you, and keep up the good work up.

    Eclipse16VDec 2021

  • My sales have increased in the past month due to this plugin. I will recommend it to all of my friends and colleagues. Thank you a lot for this outstanding extension.

    abs-holdingsSep 2019

YITH WooCommerce Sms Notifications Plugin

Maintaining The Loyalty of Your Customers WordPress Plugin

The YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications plugin provides your customers with instant communication regarding changes to their order status via SMS. The plugin utilizes Twilio and Clockworks for SMS gateways.

You can also receive notifications for every purchase to ensure that everything is handled efficiently and accurately with just one click.

Additionally, notices can be sent to a different telephone number, allowing you to delay messages for orders on hold until you are ready to receive them again.

Several variables in the system can be utilized to customize messages. Customer telephone numbers are automatically converted into an international format, and administrators can add custom variables. Third-party plugins can be customized more easily with the help of a filter.

Since we use multiple gateways, such as Twilio and Clockworks, for the delivery of these messages, it is also possible for you to receive them.

Click a button, and you will receive an SMS notification for every processed purchase or order that went wrong in your store, enabling you to stay informed at all times.

This WooCommerce Custom Notification plugin has everything you need to increase sales and ensure your business’s success.

πŸ’΅ With this plugin, you can get 12 months of support for $€59.99.

Key Features:

  • Notify the status of the order on time
  • Allow all users to access the service
  • Inform others about admin changes
  • Choose from over 30 services to send SMS notifications
  • Maximize SMS characters to 160
  • Changing the sender’s configuration with fictitious data

Push Notifications for WooCommerce Plugin

User Engagement Enhancement Plugin for WooCommerce Store

Push Notifications for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin for eCommerce websites that allows you to increase user engagement.

With this plugin, you can send targeted Push Notifications to your website visitors to keep them engaged. The plugin is simple to use and will assist you in keeping visitors engaged on your site.

The PushPro plugin can notify all website visitors when new stock becomes available, when sales begin, or when new inventory is added.

Moreover, you can schedule your Push Notifications, so they are sent when needed. You can create user segments and customize opt-in messages for visitors even after they leave your website, resulting in higher engagement and conversions.

If your website visitors wish to receive Push Notifications from you, they must subscribe to receive Push Notifications. The website provides a custom opt-in form for subscribers to subscribe to receive push notifications, or they may follow the browser prompt to subscribe on any device.

πŸ’΅ With this plugin, you’ll get 12 months of free support. It costs $90.00.

Key Features:

  • All types of devices can be notified based on their type
  • Easily schedule your notifications to be sent out at certain times
  • The style features you need at your fingertips
  • Click-to-action buttons that are customized for your business
  • Set up your opt-in form in a way that suits your needs

YITH Live Push Notifications for WooCommerce Plugin

Unlimited Push Notifications to Engage and Loyalize Your Customers

It is now possible to send unlimited notifications to your customers using the YITH live push notification plugin for WooCommerce. You can advertise discounts and coupon offers to your customers and notify them of another customer’s purchase using this plugin.

By displaying what other customers have bought on your website when they visit your website, your WooCommerce plugin will assist you in earning their trust.

This will cause a pop-up push notification to appear whenever someone visits your website, creating an urgency to act and purchase your products as soon as possible.

The use of email marketing and SMS marketing is considered old-fashioned since they do not display unless they are opened. This may also be annoying for some individuals if they receive such messages.

It is claimed that push notifications are 50% more effective than email or SMS marketing in addressing this issue.

More and more WooCommerce owners are now using push notifications to solve this problem. This plugin is also one of the best you can use to reach your business objectives.

πŸ’΅ Adding a YITH Live Push Notifications for WooCommerce plugin to your website will cost you $€79.99, and you will get 12 months of support.

Key Features:

  • Create urgency for your shop discounts with coupons and messages
  • Gain trust by showing your visitors only positive reviews
  • Notify customers to purchase again if they previously purchased
  • Visitors gain more confidence by seeing ordering notifications on your site
  • Promoting favorable policies on your site and encouraging customers to share

NotificationX Plugin

a Unique Approach to Influencing a Purchase Decision & Converting Visitors

NotificationX is an excellent plugin for increasing conversion rates for WooCommerce promotions. It provides live updates regarding the sale’s progress.

Suppose you are selling through your WooCommerce store. This plugin will alert your customers when a sale occurs, increasing customer trust and credibility.

As part of the live sale notification, you can also display the number of downloads or the history of downloads you have received.

In WooCommerce live sale notifications, you can display recent customer comments, customer reviews, and notification bars. However, if you decide to go pro, you can also show a contact form and form for email subscriptions.

The notifications you receive can be customized to appear wherever you like or be excluded from specific pages.

In addition to supporting both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, this WooCommerce live sale notification plugin is also cross-compatible.

Using the pro version, you can integrate your site with advanced integrations such as Zapier, Freemius, Envato, etc. Additionally, advanced analytics will allow you to track conversion rates and set roles for notifications and analytics integration.

πŸ’΅ With $49.00, you can have an open-source plugin with many documents and 12 months of support for free.

Key Features:

  • A notification bar is displayed on your screen
  • Digital downloads and WooCommerce live sale notifications
  • Displaying social proof popups on your website
  • Integrates with the Elementor theme
  • Timer for counting down to the end
  • Analyzing advanced data in real-time
  • The ability to customize notifications

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