8 Best WooCommerce Login and Registration Plugins πŸ”’ 2022 (Free & Paid)

Would you like to find the best WordPress plugin for WooCommerce Login and Registration to use on your website?

So, without wasting more time, here are the best WordPress plugins. We have also made sure that every plugin works well with the latest WordPress release. In short, these plugins will work with all popular WordPress templates.

All of the plugins below are for readers who look for WooCommerce Login and Registration plugin. You are looking for a WooCommerce Login and Registration-related plugin, but It’s not the same as the exact WooCommerce Login and Registration plugin? In conclusion, these plugins can be used for WooCommerce Login Popup, WooCommerce Login Signup, WooCommerce Registration Forms, and WooCommerce User Registration Form.

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Best Login and Registration Plugins for WooCommerceπŸ”’

Let’s check the composed list of the best WooCommerce Login and Registration WordPress plugins in 2022:

MemberPress Plugin

Astounding WordPress Membership Sites Builder Plugin

MemberPress is extremely easy to use and is included with all of the necessary features that make it possible to set up membership sites on WordPress with very little effort. You can use this plugin for creating login popup forms for WooCommerce.

This plugin enables you to add registration forms in WooCommerce stores.

Furthermore, it is easier to use when using this plugin because it creates the user account, the membership thank you page, as well as the login page automatically. Additionally, this plugin requires only a few clicks to enable member registration.

Taking full advantage of the application users can also manage their account in many ways including displaying existing users, sorting by date, editing their profile information, as well as displaying reports such as statistics and reports.

New users will also be given the option of being redirected to a welcome page or being sent an automatic welcome email, upon their registration with us.

If you wish to incorporate registration forms into your website, you can easily use this shortcode for custom forms, which makes the process of incorporation that much easier.

Furthermore, the MemberPress platform can be integrated with WooCommerce via third-party plugins through which it is able to be done.

It is a popular plugin that is used by many website owners to create and offer online courses: creating a Members-Only E-Commerce Store, creating WooCommerce registration forms, sending registration emails, and more.

Due to the lack of canceling recurring payments through the interface, the MemberPress plugin does not offer the same functionality as the User Registration plugin. Manual cancellation through the Stripe gateway is the only method for canceling paid memberships.

πŸ’΅ This plugin was developed by a professional author for a price of $179.00.

Key Features:

  • Allows anyone to build and sell a course online in no time
  • Make your coupons easy to customize and sell more by keeping your customers
  • Using MembershipPress’ Access Rules, you can create a powerful and flexible WordPress paywall instantly
  • By timing content releases and terminating access to the content, you can keep customers’ interests alive
  • Creating a high-converting, dynamic pricing page is easy with one of the default themes

User Registration Plugin

Custom Registration Form, Login Form And User Profile For WordPress

User Registration enables you to easily create a classic-looking, front-end-style registration module with forms that can be dragged and dropped, without having to know coding, a comprehensive registration process without the need for complex coding.

Considering that the free version of this plugin comes with all of its powerful features, it is considered as one of the best lightweight user registration and login plugins on the market.

With the plugin’s Plus plan, you don’t have to purchase these features separately. Instead, you can get them with our upgraded plan for a discounted price.

With the Personal and plus plans, you can get premium features like email marketing, file uploads, and content restrictions. As for the Personal plan, it includes seven premium add-ons, while the Plus plan includes fourteen premium add-ons.

A free version of the plugin works wonderfully for small businesses that do not require too many upgrades, but those who require them should purchase the personal plan.

For what belongs to the free version of the plugin, you will be able to upload files, create advanced fields, and integrate them into WooCommerce. The premium version adds features such as Invites codes, LearnDash support, and field visibility.

This plugin is a powerful login and registration tool to be used almost immediately by your WooCommerce store website. It helps you effectively increase customer access to your website and increase conversion rates.

πŸ’΅ The price is Free!

Key Features:

  • User Registration is included in several form templates, saving time in development
  • Simple CSV export allows you to download user information
  • Allows you to position registration forms in columns, posts, and pages
  • Notifications are sent out both to admins and to users
  • Forms can be created in an unlimited number
  • A User Registration integration is also available for eCommerce sites

Random Reviews:

  • It provides a lot of nice functionality for free.

    Benedetto ForastiereMay 2022

  • With the free version, there are only basic features, but what it does it does effectively. The documentation is extensive, and the styles are well organized for customization.

    jprichardMay 2022

RegistrationMagic Plugin

Custom WordPress Registration Forms Plugin For WordPress

The RegistrationMagic system provides an effective and easy-to-use means of creating multiple registration options based on different user types. Thanks to a platform that provides a powerful set of registration tools, you will be able to fully control how users register for your site.

Thus, if someone is visiting your site, they will see different fields than someone else visiting the same site. You also offer the possibility to accept files to be attached to the user registration form. We are also pleased with the way in which you handle new user payments.

There is the Autoresponder function which is beneficial to notify those who register, and MailChimp registration to build your email list, and you are notified each time someone registers.

The dashboard notifies you each time they register, and you are able to build your forms in a visual way without coding.

There are a number of free extensions included in the plugin, including the Export/Import, Magic Pop-up, and Visual Form Editor, which makes it an excellent option for businesses.

Those who subscribe to the premium plan will have access to additional features such as a token approval system, a manual approval system, and the ability to customize PDF documents.

As the plugin does not offer the same functionality as the Ultimate Member plugin, and the RegistrationMagic interface is not very visible due to the excessive use of light colors.

πŸ’΅ The plugin is free to use.

Key Features:

  • MailChimp and other email marketing tools can be integrated with the plugin
  • Administrators and users will receive email notifications following registration
  • ReCaptcha support, submission limits, and banned email addresses are included in the security features
  • Form manager helps you customize the form your users see before registering
  • Provides access to different forms depending on the user
  • design your form without any programming knowledge

Random Reviews:

  • My plugin worked great and the support was exceptional! I had a problem, and the support team helped me right away!

    quiztionMay 2022

  • Since they started working with Metagauss, no one has responded to any support tickets. I have a lifetime subscription, and it is not possible to download the latest version. No one is willing to respond to this issue, even after they acknowledge that I have purchased the lifetime subscription.

    webstudiojnsApr 2022

Ultimate Member Plugin

User Profile, User Registration, Login & Membership Plugin

The Ultimate Member WordPress plugin is not only highly rated and has a high download rate, but is also a great option for business websites looking for an easier way to manage user profiles, user registration forms for WooCommerce, and login options.

The custom form fields enable businesses to customize login pages, and then drag and drop builder makes it easier to make changes to existing pages.

With this free Sign Up/ Login plugin for WooCommerce, you can easily create a signup and login process for your eCommerce site. This feature is so important for big stores and users don’t need to enter the boring process of signup every time they want to buy from your website.

The user account pages, user conditional logic for forms and a member directory are some of the features of the plugin in addition to the many other terrific features built into the core plugin.

A major advantage of Ultimate Member is that even beginners and small companies can take advantage of its core features. Users wishing to upgrade can purchase additional extensions either individually or by subscribing to all extensions annually.

A number of extensions have been developed for the site, including ones that allow you to make content private, integrate reCAPTCHA into the page, and make it Instagram compatible.

In addition to its many unique features, such as the integration with Instagram and private messaging, Ultimate Member has been recommended for companies seeking a user registration plugin they can test and customize.

πŸ’΅ No charge is associated with this plugin. It’s free.

Key Features:

  • Provide general permissions and varying access for user profiles to generate user roles
  • Each user profile includes a biography, contact information, and a photo
  • Various registration actions and forms are available, as well as the possibility of selecting a role
  • A custom password reset link can be created to combat spam
  • It’s possible to sort members, have social icons, and view cover photos in member directories

Random Reviews:

  • The plugin has worked for me for two years, and in one instance, the support was quick in helping me.

    sabineveit09May 2022

  • My first login to WordPress.org in a long time, but I just had to do it again to give this plugin five stars. It has a huge feature set and is so easy to use. Well done, Ultimate Member Team.

    wpressboyMar 2022

Profile Builder Plugin

Front-end Login, User Registration Form Creator Plugin For WordPress

It has been made possible for users to manage their profile both within the Profile Builder plugin and within WordPress using both the plugin and the latter.

Among the many free functions provided by the plugin is a form builder that allows for drag-and-drop editing, as well as a module that allows the user login screen to be modified and customized as necessary.

As well as content restriction options, reCAPTHA is an additional feature that is free of charge with no requirement for payments to be made.

With this plan, you can access several advanced add-ons, such as social sharing, WooCommerce integration, bbPress, and repeater fields. Custom redirects and repeater fields can also be accessed for a small charge.

Profile Builder is not only attractive on the front and back ends, but also is fully customizable through its conditions, and its import and export functions allow you to organize your users in a more effective and efficient manner.

If you enjoy working with shortcodes, the Profile Builder plugin may be of particular interest to you.

Of the many forms and modules you can create with the plugin, all are provided with shortcodes for easy implementation on the front end. With the Core plugin, Profile Builder has a comprehensive set of features.

πŸ’΅ Free and free support comes with this plugin.

Key Features:

  • Access to certain content can be restricted according to a user’s role
  • Access to certain eCommerce pages can be restricted by syncing WooCommerce
  • Registration forms and editing profiles can be created in multiple
  • MailChimp and MailPoet can be integrated with the service to facilitate easier email marketing
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to manage forms and profiles
  • For signing up, managing profiles, and logging in, shortcodes are used

Random Reviews:

  • I thank you very much for your efforts!

    falk07Apr 2022

  • You just have to activate the plugin, nothing else has to be done.

    patriotas1600Apr 2022

  • This plugin is probably the most powerful one for creating custom profile dashboards.

    abdulsamad544Apr 2022

WP User Manager Plugin

User Profile Builder & Membership Plugin For WordPress

In addition to its many features, WordPress User Manager is a versatile and powerful membership/registration plugin that will adapt to a range of user-profiles and registration mechanisms. It supports everything from password recovery to customizing user accounts.

The plugin offers a wide range of free features and extensions as well as an extensive selection of paid additions. We recommend custom emails, MailChimp, and the social login sign-up feature.

A detailed description of WP User Manager’s features and upgrade packages can be found on the WP User Manager website. You can purchase individual add-ons or get them for free to some extent, though the developer does not sell yearly or monthly packages for all the features.

The following extensions are available as free extensions: Account deletion tool, Export of personal information, Username length requirements, Google reCAPTCHA.

Additionally, there is a wide range of free functionality associated with the plugin, such as SEO URLs, content restrictions, and custom redirects. Most importantly, it is one of the simpler and more straightforward plugins for user registration.

A user registration system can be easily built in a matter of minutes using frontend forms and user directories, reusable widgets, and designers.

πŸ’΅ With all its features and functions, it is Free!

Key Features:

  • Translations are ready for WordPress User Manager
  • Addons and extensions can be purchased separately
  • Forms and modules can be positioned anywhere on your website
  • Making the registration process simpler for beginners
  • Users can find and organize their contacts in one place using the user directories

Random Reviews:

  • Thanks, developers! Easy to use, practical, and efficient. Just great!

    Maxime_13Apr 2022

  • The company actually supports their users. They assisted me in figuring out how to override my email, which solved a big problem.

    mattcurneyMar 2022

YITH Easy Login & Registration Popup for WooCommerce Plugin

Quick Solution to Log In Or Register Plugin For WordPress

You can easily enable your customers to register for your online store with YITH Easy Login & Register Popup for WooCommerce. This plugin is elegantly designed and thoughtfully developed for WooCommerce users.

When visitors check out, you might think about adding a signup option to your checkout, or you might think about adding a link to your menu so that visitors can sign up by clicking on the icon. Once they click the signup link, a pop-up box will ask for their email address next to it.

In addition to allowing users to sign in via their Facebook or Google accounts, users can also sign in via an email address.

We can create a Pop-up form that appears on the right-hand side of your website. Our team can also customize the colors and sizes of the forms depending on your target market.

Additionally, there is an advanced password recovery system, which is superior to WordPress’ own. Lastly, you can allow members to place orders as a guest. While members are required to register, you can let them do so while not doing so.

It is in general a great plug-in that provides a comprehensive solution to managing logins and registrations for eCommerce websites, as well as making the process simple and straightforward.

πŸ’΅ Support is available 7-24-365. You can ask for help when you purchase the plugin since you get 12 months free support with the $€79.99 plan of the theme.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use Register/Login solution reduces cart and checkout abandonment
  • Allow users to recover their passwords and finish the checkout process without leaving
  • Provide customers with a simple and usable way to sign in or register at the checkout of your e-commerce shop
  • Reset your password with a solution that’s inspired by the one available on Amazon

WooCommerce User Registration Plugin

Custom Registration Form Creator Plugin for WordPress

You have an extensive range of customization options available when you use the WordPress User Registration plugin. This is particularly useful if you intend to include additional fields that will allow your users to submit additional information.

Custom fields are available for the WooCommerce registration form so that the user’s account will be automatically populated with data after they register. This feature is particularly useful if you are running a wholesale store and want wholesale customers to register separately.

In addition, you can prevent new members from purchasing wholesale products until they have been manually approved. Additionally, the email notification that is sent to you and to your members upon signing up can be customized according to your preferences.

It will allow you to create product-specific registration fields for collecting additional information from users; allow users to specify which role they want to fill, or whether they are a distributor, wholesaler, etc.

The whole process of accepting or rejecting new users can be automated, or you can specify whether you wish to accept or reject new users automatically. You may also specify the tone of the automated message of acceptance or rejection.

πŸ’΅ With $5.75, you get the excellent plugin, as well as 12 months of free technical support.

Key Features:

  • Additional information about your customers can be obtained by adding custom registration fields to your products
  • Modules and forms can be positioned anywhere on a website, assuming they conform to its format
  • The users would benefit from a choice of roles; for instance, distributors, wholesalers, etc
  • The user directories allow users to search and organize their contacts quickly

The main points we discussed

In this article, we have examined some of the best WordPress WooCommerce Login & Registration plugins available in 2022. If you want to improve your website, you may incorporate these plugins.

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We hope that these plugins will help you draw customers’ attention to your website.

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. If you enjoy the list, let your friends and family know about it via Facebook and Twitter.

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